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EPISODE 61 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


“The future belongs to those who prepare for it today” – Malcolm X


  • Do you complain when it rains, or do you dance in the rain?
  • When it snows, do you complain shoveling your driveway or do you build a snowman?
  • Where in your life do you worry about things that are beyond your ability to control?


Write down in your journal where you complain or worry about things that are beyond  your ability to control. 

Where in your life do you need to prepare? Where are you potentially weak right now?


I love all kinds of weather. Rain, snow, hot weather you name it. 

On today’s show we talk about whining or complaining about things that are beyond our  control, like the weather.  

And bad weather is coming. Whether we like it or not. In your relationships. In your  business. In the economy. Etc. 

It’s time to prepare for it. 


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I love the rain​. Today, it’s been raining cats and dogs here in Tampa, Florida. And  today’s show is all about how you can prepare for bad weather. And bad weather is  coming. And what I mean by that is the bad news, the bad economy, the challenges that  you’re going to have personally, professionally in your life. And you can be prepared for  when that stuff comes up.  

I know you’re gonna love the show. 


Welcome back. I really do love the rain. I was just interviewed on a podcast by  two days ago. And someone was asking me, the host of the podcast Christopher Wirth, I  believe, was saying like “Why do you like the rain?”, you know. And I’ve always loved the  rain. But I’ve always loved the snow. And I’ve always loved sunshiny days. And I’ve  found a way to go ahead and party and have a great time in all those different kinds of  weather. 

But I’ve also found times where I was suffering in the sweaty heat and dry heat of  Phoenix, Arizona, where I grew up. Where sometimes in the summer, it was so freaking  hot outside that, and I lived in a situation where sometimes we didn’t have air  conditioning over the summer, and I would be sweating. It would be sometimes 120  degrees at night and I’d be sweating in bed and not able to sleep. 

And I remember getting up when I was a teenager and just so, just uncomfortable  and going for a run because I just wanted to go to sleep. And I couldn’t sleep because I  was too hot and sweating. And so, I went for a run in the middle of the night, in the  middle of the desert. Just to go out and exhaust myself enough so that I could go to sleep.  So, I have found ways to enjoy the weather. And I found myself in times when I didn’t  enjoy it.

And here’s what I want to talk to you about today is ​preparing for the weather​.  Because you can bitch when it rains, or you can dance in the rain. Or as what Fred  Astaire said to you, you know, “​I’m singing in the rain.”

And today, I’m out on my lanai, which is a small area outside my swimming pool, outside my house. And in Florida, they have this little caged-in areas where all the  mosquitoes won’t get to you. And that’s what I’m inside right now. And it’s lightly misting  rain down on me, well then, my jacuzzi. I am finding ways to enjoy the rain. But quite  frankly, I don’t. I like actually being in a downpour. 

I wanted to record today’s episode in a downpour. And do it on a video because I  thought that would be fun. But that didn’t happen today. But how can you prepare  yourself? And here’s actually the first question I have for you is: ​Where in your life do  you complain about things that are beyond your ability to control?​ And one of those  for example is the weather. Or here’s another question for you. ​Where in your life do  you worry about things that are beyond your ability to control? 

When I started dating my wife and before we got married, I recognized that my  wife was worried about things that I never even considered the possibility of worrying  about. Like I just don’t worry about stuff. Now maybe that’s because I had so many bad  things happened to me, I just I just don’t want to worry about things that aren’t going to  happen. 

I read a book years ago, I think it’s by Dale Carnegie called something about not  worrying. I don’t remember what it is, Stop Worrying and Start… I don’t remember the  title right now. But it suggested that 99% of the stuff that we worry about never comes  true. And basically, maybe that just helped train me years ago to just not worry about  stuff that’s beyond my ability to control. 

Now this isn’t necessarily a good thing. I might be, I maybe take it to an extreme.  Like I don’t like to fret about or worry about things that are beyond my ability to control  or things I believe that I’m just not willing to put my energy towards making a change.  And one of those things is power politics. Like, I don’t pay attention to politics. I don’t  want to pay attention to politics. It’s ugly to me. I don’t like all the conversations back  and forth. It’s a disgusting thing for me to pay attention to. I don’t like paying attention to  the news. And so, what ends up happening is, unfortunately, my pattern has been  because I don’t want to plug into negative news, I’ll plug into no news because I don’t  want to hear people bitching and complaining. 

My question for you again is when it rains or when it pours, or when it’s snowing,  are you out there bitching because you have to, you know, what is what when, in the northeast, when it snows, you have to shovel your driveway. Are you bitching shoveling  your driveway or you build a snowman? 

And I know that myself when I was living in New Jersey for about six years, I  frickin love it when it snowed. I felt like I was the only guy outside excited shoveling  snow. First of all, I got to work out in, then I just, I grew up in Arizona and spent a lot of  time in Florida and in the Caribbean, and a lot of hot, hot, hot, frickin weather. I didn’t  get to spend much time in the snow. I still feel like a little kid in the snow. 

So how do you behave when it comes to your worry? And when it comes to just  what things are you bitching about instead of doing something? And again, this is part  one of your challenge today. To capture, to write down in your journal where it is that  you are complaining or worried about things that are beyond your ability to control. And  then step number two is to look at your life and to say, “Where is it that I need to  prepare?” Because the bad weather is coming? The challenging economy is coming. The  personal loss and the things that are going to like bad is going to be happening to you or  around you. 

And you’ve got to be prepared for it. Because if not, you’re going to suffer. You’re  going to suffer when it’s too hot. You’re gonna die when it gets too cold. You’re just going  to suffer when it’s raining instead of being prepared with a raincoat and an umbrella.  And you know what? The rain isn’t that big of a deal at that time. So step number two of  your daily challenge today is to think about where in your life do you need to prepare?  Where are you potentially weak right now? 

And I’ll share with you just what, as I’ve looked at my life and I looked at my  business and I looked at how I’m showing up so far where I need to prepare. And I was  looking at my social media very specifically, I’m looking at my fellowship on Facebook  and Instagram and Twitter and LinkedIn and YouTube and you name it and looking at it.  I’m saying this is not what it should be. I am not prepared. I am not prepared with the  right media. I’m not prepared with the right content. I don’t have the right fellowship. I  haven’t invested enough in these channels. 

And so it is time for me to invest. It is time for me to find new mentors and hire  new people that are either mentors and are people that gonna help me build this. I’m in  the process, the hiring process of finding people that can only do this. And I’m learning so I can do it myself and then find people that will give me the best advice so I can make  it happen. 

And in the real near future here, you’re going to see that I’m going to double down  on massive content. Part of the reason that I have a daily podcast is that I have a new  audio podcast channel for you so that I can communicate in one of the only the only  three methods that we can create more content, share with people. And it’s basically the  written word, no audio and video. And I’m planning an attack. I’m planning a campaign  to do all of that and to double down on all of my content because we are a media  company. 

I’ve been studying a lot of grant, excuse me, Gary Vee lately. And he talks about  how each and every one of us in business and in life, that we have a personal brand that  we are building. We have an opportunity for free to grow our own TV show, to have our  own newspaper or a magazine. A video blog and the TV show, obviously on YouTube and  every other video channel that we have access to, and your audio when it comes to  podcast, not to mention that with Instagram and photos, and you name it. 

And so this is where I recognize that I have a weakness. And it is time for me to  double down and make it a strength. So I know that’s where I need to focus because that  will give me the biggest win. 

And so that’s my challenge for you today. I’ve got a quote for you today as well.  And this is from Malcolm X. “​The future belongs to those who prepare for it today ​ ”  And say that again, “​The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

So where do you want to be in the future? And how do you need to prepare  yourself so that you are set up for when the times get tough? 

That’s all I got for you today. I hope you liked today’s show. And if you did, make  sure you share this with somebody that you care about, so we can help them take their  life and business to the next level. This takes more than me. I’m hoping to work with you.  I’m not asking for you to follow me. I’m asking for you to stand beside and lead with me. 

And I can’t wait to see you tomorrow another daily dose of greatness quest. 

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