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EPISODE 87 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


I have “back-fat.”

And, no, it’s NOT pretty. ​On today’s podcast, I talk about a little “challenge” I’ve been  having that well…

I just didn’t know I had…  

Sure, for a while now, my daughter and wife having been teasing me about my little  “donut.”  

In my mind, this “donut,” was a “tiny” little bit of “insulation” I had just on top of my  “chiseled 6-pack.” 

I don’t think this is the same thing my family was seeing.

The term “donut,” probably stems from an “accident” that occurs every once in a while,  when I “accidentally” eat a whole box of donuts. 


It’s the damned donuts.  

SERIOUSLY, they shouldn’t be allowed in my house. 

Anyways, understand this people –  

“Sometimes, I have the ability to see things that are just, well… NOT THERE.” 

EXAMPLE​: When I used to drink, I’d all of sudden get:


And just so we are CLEAR on this…

ALL of those things I AM NOT.
Certainly not when I’m drinking. 

But enough about that “lie” I used to tell myself…

Up until today’s “EPIPHANY…”

I didn’t even know that there was a thing, called, “BACK FAT.”  

So here’s how it went down… 

I decided to take a REAL close look at myself in the mirror the other day.
I didn’t suck anything in. 

I didn’t puff anything out. 

I didn’t pump up my chest. 

(Like I normally do.) 

I just stood there. 


And let it all hang out. 


I was SHOCKED by what I saw.

As I turned around, ​ogling​ myself from every conceivable angle…

I stopped. 

“What the hell?”

“What in the FUCK is that?”

Ladies and gentlemen, I already told you this, but… “I HAVE BACK FAT.”

All is not lost!!! 

On today’s show I share with you a simple little strategy that you can use (and I am in the  process of applying in my life), to SEE EXACTLY where you are at TODAY…

And use it as FUEL.
Possibly, you can use this as FUEL to take your “back-fat,” or whatever the equivalent is  in your life, that you want to change… 

And, use it to make a PLAN to get you WHERE YOU WANT TO GO.
I hope you enjoy the show. 

(And my humiliation.) 

My daughter just pointed out that I have FACE-FAT.
Thank you honey.

Oh, and one more thing…

If you’re thinking,  

“Fuck you, Trevor. You’re not fat. F-U-C-K… Y-O-U ”
Well, it’s all relative. 

And I get it.

Then again, and I mean this…

If I offended you – I’m sorry.
The point is to LOOK at YOURSELF and find something that you’d like to change. 

Get REAL about it. 

Then do SOMETHING to change it. 

(And fuck you too. XOXOXOXOXO) 


“I am ashamed to admit it, but I have BACK FAT.” – Trevor Crane

I am ashamed to admit it, but I have BACK FAT


FIRST – Pick an area of your life you want to improve: ​Body, Being, Balance or Business​.

NEXT – Take action with the steps below. 

Step 1: Look In The Mirror

Where are you TODAY? Right now?  

Don’t pretend. Don’t make it WORSE than it is. And don’t see it BETTER than it is. Just keep it simple:

WHAT ARE THE FACTS ​that are looking back at you in the mirror? 



Step 2: Look To Your Future
Where do you want to go TOMORROW?  

1 year, or 3 years, or 10 years in the FUTURE?  

Keep it simple:

WHAT ARE THE FACTS ​you want to see looking back at you in the mirror?



Step 3: Do Something 

What’s something you can do TODAY that will commit you to actually doing  something to TRANSFORM your personal “back-fat” situation? 


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Today is 2779 days in a row that exercise every single day. But the subject for  today’s episode is I have back fat.  

I’m going to talk to you about a problem I’ve been having, a challenge that I just  recognize. And I’m going to show you a simple strategy today about how you can see  exactly where you are and then make a really good plan to help you get where you want  to go. I know you’re gonna love today’s show. 


Okay, so number one, I strongly advise that what you do today is that you look in  the mirror. Few years ago, over 2779 days ago, I was coming off the back of a bankruptcy  Jose New gal who I really like. And I was kind of surprised that she wanted to hang out  with me because I lost everything. I saw the $2.2 million bankruptcy.  

I was homeless at the time staying at friends houses, either on their one in the  attic in the basement and my friend’s mom’s daughter’s bedroom, kick the daughter out  like that. And I was looking at my life and I knew what I wanted to create. I knew that I I  was looking at the woman I was with and thought I really like to spend the rest of my life  with this gal. This is the first woman that I was genuinely considering asking to marry  me. And I was grateful to be with her. But I didn’t have a pot to piss in.  

And so 2779 days ago I was asked a question in a book and the question was just  about discipline. And it didn’t really ask me a question. It just talked about the value of  discipline. 

I found myself getting caught up on like, What? How, how to define it. Like, I  didn’t even know like, I couldn’t even read the assignment because I hated discipline so  much at the time, I’d had this internal mantra that I am consistently inconsistent. And I  like being somebody that could commit to something for 30 days, 60 days, 90 days a year,  or whatever it is.  

And then I couldn’t wait for the diet to be over for the discipline to be over for the  consistency to be over. So I could go back and have some freedom. So I didn’t recognize  what discipline was I in some regards, taking it out of my vocabulary, so I might be a little slow, but for three days, I stumbled and I Fred and I got confused and I sought for  an answer of what disappointment to me but what I wanted it to mean to me and I  decided that what it meant was something very simple.
I believe it took me three days to figure it out.  

But it was that it’s doing something every day. But it’s not just doing something  every day. Like I brush my teeth every day. I take a every day like that wasn’t it? I was  like, Well, what, what does discipline really mean? It’s doing something that is good for  me, good for others, and good for the greater good. And then I thought that that  discipline really meant was the consistency of doing it every day.  

So then I was looking at this new definition and I recognize that I didn’t have this  in my life. You know, I had had little flickers of it in my life when it showed up. But for  the most part, that’s not what I was demonstrating. And my pattern of I’m consistently  inconsistent was something that was absolutely 100% sabotaging my success. So I  decided that I needed to draw a line in the sand and that I would just pick something that  I could be committed to and discipline to it. 

At the time, I just decided I was going to do it for 90 days. Like that would be a  challenge for me. And a buddy of mine named Jason Khayyam, who lives in Hawaii had  just started this p90x 90 day workout challenge or something like that.  

And I remembered I was jealous because I found him. And he was on day 70, or 80  or D 90 of his 90 Day Challenge.  

And I was like, Man, I wish that I was like Jason, I wish I had committed to a  workout like he’s ahead of me, he’s winning and I need to commit to something and what  would be good for me good for others, good for the people I care about and good for the  greater good and I needed again to come up with something simple. And so what I came  up with was just exercise every day I heard Tony Robbins say that speech one time when  he was younger man, he decided he was going to commit to exercising every day in a  given year.  

And so and I thought that was ridiculous in the time like it’s not appropriate for  you to exercise every day you need to rest and not not love Allah said all this. internal  dialogue, but I said it, I’m just going to do this thing. So I decided to exercise every day.  And I made myself really simple rules that I I exercise that meant that I was going to focus on my health and focus on moving my body and focus on doing something healthy  for it, whether it’s running, you’re exercising, you’re doing martial arts or playing sports  or whatever it is for 20 minutes a day. So thus began my journey and I got really attached  to this number and I and, and, you know, lo and behold, a lot of things have changed in  the last 2779 days.
I’m married now to that woman I just told you about. I have a phenomenal  business. We live in a what I think for my wife and I is a dream house. We live in a great  community right now. I’m walking around a golf course. Well, and talking to you and just  everything around me is beautiful.  

My son is now for almost five months old. My daughter’s 11 years old and 10  number one best selling books, I have 11 best selling books. Like I can go on and on and  on. Most of these things come from a ripple effect that took place when I decided to draw  a line in the sand and say enough is enough.  

Then I said, I’ve created some things that I’m proud of, and that I’m happy with and, and whatnot.  

But just the other day I looked in the mirror and I didn’t look in the mirror flexing  up my chest, which I often do and and look at me from the front and I still can recognize  a couple of ABS at the top of my old six pack. I sent a six pack or an eight pack of ABS and  I I try to portray myself as a healthy guy.  

I talked about how I exercise consistently and you know, I carry myself in such a  way that I wear clothes that are form fitting, and so I don’t think anybody would would  say that I’m fat, but I decided the other day to just tell the truth. And look in the mirror  and see what’s really there.  

Because where I’m at today is not even close to where I want to go, like not even  close. Like I am so proud of where I have come and I know the recipe that has helped me  create the results that I’ve got. But for me to become the man that is going to lead my  family and have the discipline to make a difference in my life, other people’s life in the  greater good, I must grow.  

I just watched that movie 300 the other day of this maybe about a month ago now  about the Spartan warrior is going to war and I recognize that I want a 300 x growth of  where I’m at and what I’ve accomplished for myself, my family, my friends, my community, the greater good and so I decided to just look in the mirror because I’ll tell  you I do not have sport naps and as a I started to look in the mirror at the lines on my  face. The thinness of my hair is the fact that I have around my middle. Now, here’s the  thing. I am not. And I’m not complaining. 

That is not what I’m talking about.  

I am suggesting that what you do today is that you look in the mirror and be  proud of what you have accomplished and where you have gone, but be real and be  authentic. and list the facts what are the facts, look in the mirror and don’t don’t  sugarcoat it, don’t flex it up, and try to make it better than it is look at what you  really got​.

So I actually looked at my body but and I looked at my abs, I looked at my strong  sides back and everything and I didn’t stand up with my chest out, shoulders back. I  stood there and I looked at what I really had, and I have backpack and it’s more back fat.  Then I actually have her I’ve been looking at my little donut that I senttimes tease. It’s  right around live belly button.  

And nobody frickin cares about this. But I do because it’s a standard that I do not  want to hold for myself. I don’t want that there. Now, if I didn’t give a about that, then  that would be one thing. And it’s not about whether or not you see it. Nobody’s seeing my  abs. It’s just that it’s not a standard that I want for myself.  

And I have diluted myself for 2779 days or something to that effect.  

The my exercise for my relaxed exercise that I’ll go for a run or walk at  Disneyland could be an exercise one day or sometimes I’m doing push ups at the airport  because I am traveling and I’m doing something whatever it is that that was enough, but  that does not push me to be a Spartan warrior. That does not push me to go to the next  level of where I need to be. That’s just a fact.  

And as I looked in the mirror, I didn’t like everything that I saw. I love that guy  that I saw in the mirror and that’s great. But here’s what I strongly advise you do it. 

Here’s your challenge for the day. And actually, I’ll give you a daily question  Where are you today? And recently, I’ve been working with the wake up warrior  movement and Garrett white and being focused on it. He talks about four areas of your life, body being balanced and business. So take a moment and look in the mirror,  genuinely, maybe start with your body and describe what you see what are the facts and  what are the feelings that step number one t​o go ahead and recognize where you are  so you can plan where you want to go​.

And so factually, I’ve got a donut around my tummy that doesn’t even close to the  back fat I have on myself, and then it makes me feel like a loser. It makes me feel like I’ve  been lying to myself. Now it doesn’t discount the fact that I’ve created some amazing  things 2779 days. I keep saying that because I just looked it up on my phone. I keep track  of it. They’re my daily calendar. And I’m very proud of that.
So see, I’m recognizing the fact that I’ve accomplished amazing things. And I’m  really proud of it. And I should be, I should be proud of what I’ve done. And I’m happy  about where I am. I am extremely grateful about the the world that I see around me, my  son, my wife, my daughter, and all that I’ve accomplished, but it’s not even close about  where I need to go.  

And so I’m writing down the facts and the feelings that I have around where I  really am today. That is step number one and that is my challenge for you today. Look in  the mirror and tell me what the facts are and the feelings you don’t need. Tell me you’re  telling yourself and write this down in your journal. 

Now, step number two, it’s actually this crazy about this Oh, and by the way you  do that in body being balanced and business being is your your your connection with  your spirituality and happiness and purpose in God and whatever it is that you believe in  balance is your family.  

The people that you love your significant other, your family, or your kids, your  friends, whatever your circle of influence is that is immediately around you. And then  business is obviously business.  

Typically, I’m working most people to pay attention to what I’m doing our  entrepreneurs, business owners, or they’re trying to break out and become  entrepreneurs and business owners,entrepreneurs, and they just, they still hold a  standard for themselves. And even though they work with another company, that they  are running their own business inside the company, they take responsibility for their  position in their lives. So body being balanced with business. that’s step number one. Step number two is the hardest step. And this is freaking insane, because it doesn’t seem  like it should be. But step number two is ​where do you want to go?​ Like, ​what do you  want moving forward?​ And I think you need to be very clear and just do the same thing  with facts and feelings. What are the facts of where you want to go and how will that  make you for. 

Now just recently I did an exercise like this one, I went to a seminar event and  I’ve been going to a lot of seminar and seminars and events lately I haven’t done that for  about 15 years where I’ve gone to them consistently like every month every quarter  going to an event going to an event going to event.  

One of my first the first personal development seminar ever went to was to a Tony  Robbins event and it changed my everything and for the next two years basically every  single month I was on the road at an event with Tony tr Becker some personal  development program and training and seminar somewhere and and that changed my  life. So I recognize that what I need to provide in my business is an opportunity to help  connect with people, my clients and give them an experiential experience to help them  Quantum Leap their results. 

And I’m doing this myself.  

I’m traveling once or twice a month. I’m going to events around the country. I’ve  been in Vegas, I’ve been in Texas, I’ve been in California and I’m going to events and at  one of these events. I was challenged to consider what are my goals and what is it that I  want. And what’s crazy about this exercise is that it’s not as easy as it might seem, for me  at least. 

So that’s one of the reasons why I think you should work with a mentor, go to  events, find somebody to help you figure this out. But you can also do this on your own.  So you know, just have your own come to Jesus meeting meeting with yourself. You can  close your eyes, you can try to visualize and create what you want.  

And if it takes you a couple days to figure it out. That’s okay. But I want you to get  clear on are the facts of where you want to go. And you can also pick this in your body  being balanced in business. 
Because if you know where you are, all you really need to now know is where you  want to go. But it’s the facts and the feelings. How are you going to feel when you’re there. Now I was going through one of these exercises to try to figure out what I want  and I remembered a vision that I had for myself.  

Over a decade ago, before I had my daughter before I knew my wife before I had  created the touch of success that I have in my life today. And I used and I had created  this vision for what I wanted and there and I imagine a villa or some kind of house that  was on the side of a mountain in Europe.  

And it was I could see this huge mountain up on one side, and then if the  Mediterranean Sea on the other and then I landed in a helicopter on top of this villa, and  as I walked down the stairs of the of the villa to go into the house, two dogs greeted me  on the way and they were not dogs either will happen to see him, my two dogs greeted  me. And then I walked into the kitchen where this beautiful light was streaming into the  kitchen and I kissed the lips of my two children, and they were eating breakfast. Then I  could taste the strawberries on their lips from the strawberry pancakes and Mada nanny  that we had working for us took my kids into the other room and took care of them, and I  ravished my wife in the kitchen.  

Now this is a dream that I had that I would sometimes go through and visualize  when I was probably late 20s or 30s. And I would just vision I decided to create a result  of what I wanted in the future as a vision to pull me forward.  

And I haven’t thought of that vision for years, but it just came up to me recently.  So what I would highly recommend you do is describe the facts of what is going to be in  play in different areas of your life and come up with a very visceral, real experience of  how that’s going to make you feel the man I am to create that reality or the man that I  need to become to create that reality is really important to me.  

And it’s important to me because I know that it’s important to my family, the  people that i from to myself, the people that I care about, and the greater good. And for  the first time in a long time, I am compelled and being feeling pulled forward to try to  make that dream a reality. 
And very, in a very real sense, ladies and gentlemen, I plan on doing this in the  next two years. Inside the next few years, it is game on my have my my son, I have my  daughter. Now, in the in the in the visual visualization. I had two young children, not my  11 year olds, who at that time will be 12 or 13, but we will see.

But what I strongly recommend that you do is step number two. If you know  where you are, and you’re genuine about it. That’s why I said look in the mirror, then  make sure that you get really clear about where you want to go and why you want to get  there and it’s just the facts in the feelings and step number three, step number three do  are all part of your challenge today this is kind of a big one and and I’ve been talking for a little bit here so I commend you for hanging with me.  

But I highly suggest you do next is just think about I want you to: 

Step number 1 – is you look in the mirror​.

Step number 2 – is that you look to the future.
Step number 3 – is the look at the people that you care about, and the people that  you want to make a difference in their lives​.

I shared recently that a friend of mine, a client of mine committed name of Steve  went by Stephen actually. And now I didn’t know he was suicidal. I didn’t know he was  going through the challenges he was going through. He seemed to smile every day that I  knew him and he seemed to have a positive outlook on life. And he stepped in front of a truck and took his life. 

And so when I look around me to the people who I care about, it is everyone that I  have the privilege of. coming in contact with it truly is. I love people always have I, I find  a way to go ahead and fall in love with people. When I was dating checks, man, I fell in  love with everybody. When I made a little kid, I fall in love with them. When I made an  old person, I fell in love with them.  

When I talk to someone about their business in their life and what they want and  where they are, I fall in love with them. I’m just love bug and i want i want i as I look  around me, I see that I have the ability to connect with and communicate with and to  make a difference in people’s lives.  

And maybe if I was playing my game at a better level at a higher level I would  have been able to affect Stephens life so he didn’t take his own or maybe I would have  inspired somebody who has the story to to write their book and to connect and reach out  and step outside of their comfort zone and connect with the people around them that might have saved Stephens life or more importantly, will save someone else. 
Is life see I’m really grateful about what I do today I’m… I’ve been a business consultant now for years, I’ve helped people make more money and grow their business.  And when I wrote my first book, I 10 x my income. My wife wrote her first book in  between the two of us, we added a zero to the back end of our income in the next 12 months.  

What I realized is that the power of storytelling is one of the coolest skills that we  can offer people and it is everything. It is what moves us as what moves me it’s what  builds brands, it’s what builds marketing and I now get the chance to help people with  their storytelling and how to make a message craft and create a message that matters  and create a profitable path to help people monetize their mission.
And the cool thing about that one of the coolest things is that this helps us impact  the world this I believe that We all have the duty and responsibility to figure out how to  tell that story to create a message that matters and create a profitable path to monetize  our mission because we can’t be out there broke and make it and help people. We’ve got  to create abundance in all areas of our lives.  

So that’s it. That’s all I got for you today. And I’ve got back fast, not happy with it.  And I’m glad I’m not happy with it. Because it told me I gotta up my game today. I got up  at four 430 in the morning I went to go exercise I was exhausted. I crashed in the cast  before I can get my day started. I’m not trying to tell you Oh man.  

So cool that I don’t up. Like I probably shouldn’t have gone back to sleep this  morning. But when I did my exercise today, I pushed not only did I run on the treadmill  for 20 minutes, because I got my 20 minutes in the middle of making sure I run more and  I get more Cardiovascular work. But then I work out with weights for another 2030  minutes I’m pushing myself at the bare minimum of what I’ve done for 2000 plus days in  a row is not enough. 
It’s time for me to take it to the next one level so that I can become 300 times the  man that I am today. The leader that I am today, the father that I am today, the lover that  I am today, the husband that I am today so that it makes a difference in my kid’s life in  your life and in the people that you and I have the privilege of coming in contact with.  

That’s all I got for you today. I’m going to be sharing with you some of my most scary vulnerable stories that sometimes I am the I’ve rarely shared so the next week or  so instead of there being all happy. Pappy. I’m going to talk to you about some of the  most challenging I’ve ever gone through some of the stuff that scared the out of me to  actually share with another human because it is time for me to come clean.  

Whatever the that means. Just for me, this is a gift for me.  

You want to be on this journey with me then join me tomorrow and another daily  dose of greatness quest and I’m going to share with you not just something that shares  with you my story but what I’ve learned about it and how that’s inspiring me to take my  life and business to the next level.  

That’s what this show is about. You having more.  

All right. That’s all I got for you today and I can’t wait to talk to you tomorrow. 

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