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EPISODE 83 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


“I care enough about you to speak the truth, regardless of whether or not you like me.” – Trevor Crane

I care enough about you to speak the truth.

“Go where you’re celebrated, not tolerated.” – Eric Thomas

Go where you're celebrated, not tolerated.


Are you productive on the potty? ​Let’s, we’ll find out!

Today, I was sitting on the toilet (my second office) and I realized… ​“I GIVE A SHIT  WHEN I GIVE A SHIT.”

What do you do when you sit on the toilet? Are you on Facebook? Instagram? LinkedIn? YouTube? Watching funny cat videos?

Seriously, what are you doing with the time you spend on the POTTY every day?

BETTER QUESTION: ​How could you use this time more wisely? 


Start doing something productive with the time you sit on the POTTY. Yeah, I said  “potty.” (Can you tell I have a baby in the house?) 

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Alright, your back and you sign up for kind of a crazy show. It’s called ​I give a shit  when I give a shit.​ And I’m a little worried about you. Because why don’t you tune into a  show like this? When I give a shit, I do. But I’m actually really excited that you did and I  can’t wait to share it with you. 


Alright, so there’s where I came up with this. Actually, I’m gonna let you guess.  Where do you think I came up with this idea that over today’s show when I give a shit, I  give a shit. I’m just gonna let you guess. Now I’ve got a couple of offices in my house. I  want you to think about which office this might have come from. Hmm, doo doo doo doo  doo doo doo. This is Jeopardy music. Doo doo doo doo doo. I’m going to give you an idea.  I was sitting on a porcelain throne and I came up with this idea because here’s okay.  Yeah, I was. I was taking a yeah. No, not pretty. You’re like, dude, you actually went  there. I went there and that’s what I thought of this.  

But here’s the thing I actually take time when I’m on the the my throne in one of  my favorite rooms of the house to give a and. Okay. It’s that I mean look, come on there’s  a book called everybody poops. So everybody poops. I get it. But what are you doing with  that time? What? That’s daily question today. ​What are you doing with that time that  you spend on the potty every day? 

You know, now my wife is in and out. She like when she goes to the No, I this is  probably way too much information for you. But I’ve never seen or even heard of a  human. They can make a deposit in the bathroom faster than my wife. Like, I am still  peeing. While my wife has has has dropped the kids off at the pool. Yeah, that’s this  show. But when I’m sitting there, I don’t know it’s it’s I don’t know why. But I spent a  little bit of time there. I’m a guy come on. I spent a little bit of time and I actually pull out  my phone and I tried to something productive with my time they’re there. Now, I  mentioned this on my show about time management hacks and they gave you one of the  tips and it’s called net time. Like, what is the no extra time that you can go ahead and add  more productivity in your day?  

Now, I imagine you weren’t thinking that I was gonna be talking about the porcelain party, but I am but it’s not just that, like, when I give a shit, I really give a shit.  

And you know what else? I don’t give a damn. If somebody doesn’t like it. I don’t  give a damn. If somebody doesn’t like me, or someone doesn’t like my advice. I care  enough about you. And I care enough about people to tell the truth and not care whether  or not you think about me. It’s not a popularity contest. Oh, say that again. Because I  want to give you this as my daily quote. ​I care enough about you to speak the truth. I  don’t care whether or not you like me. 
And here’s the thing but when I give a shit and here’s the thing I do give a shit.  When my potential clients call me up, and they, they want to talk to me about working  with me, and they want some help with their with their book because I’ve got the  publishing company and helping people publish their book so they want some help with  their business or want to help with their marketing or just I care and I care whether or  not someone has I care regardless of their financial situation. If somebody is time and  they’re just nice and they asked nicely for help. I talked about this yesterday, I really care  and so this whole concept of like I give a is a lot of people don’t give a like if you  comment on something that I post up on social media and I’ve been really religious about  this when it comes to Facebook. And I need to improve my feedback when I’m  connecting and communicating with people on LinkedIn and also on Instagram. Those  are my three main channels right now and actually YouTube’s another one but like I  respond and reply Facebook has been my primary social media channel of choice and if  somebody gives me a comment or like a comment I like them back now. Maybe I don’t  comment on every comment. But I religiously, like, go back and I look at anybody who  cared enough to look at my stuff and leave a comment. And it makes me feel good  because I know how important you are and how important people are and how  important it is that people know that they are appreciated. And if somebody has the  courage to reach out and say hi or ask the question or to ask for help, like I care I really  do care and this whole concept of of I give a when I give a is that when I’m in the  bathroom I’m taking that as extra time at in my day to go ahead and connect and so I  look on social media now I’m sure you do too. I’m sure you maybe check your emails but  I try to use this as a very productive time and you know you can do this when you’re in  the car you can do this when you’re the boss you just wandering trading do whatever but  I have something about like it’s called a dream 25 list. And I learned this from a guy named Ryan student and he took This from a little idea that what’s the name Chet  Holmes who wrote the ultimate sales ultimate sales guide and this is the ultimate sales  machine and Chet Holmes is the late great Chet homes he’s actually passed away now but  he had this concept of of targeting 100 ideal target clients and then just sending them a  regular communication message to just never stop targeting them and he was sending  them gifts he advises that you create a very very strategic and well thought out campaign  that targets your person now a one of those examples is Tony Robbins like Chet homes  first decided at one of the people he had on his list was Tony Robbins so he tried to  connect with Tony Robbins for like 12 years until finally Tony acquiesced Chet homes  talking about it is you keep marketing to somebody until they either die or say yes if  they’re really on your dream 100 now when that was how fast paced things are these  days, Ryan Suman gave it to us and like he’s like look, just pick 25 people, you can follow  up with 25 people every day. And instead of trying to just communicate with them about  how awesome you are, and selling them your stuff, just reach out to them and say hi, just  reach out to them and engage with their content. So one of the things when I’m sitting  there doing and having extra time, can I keep bringing you back to that image is I reach  out and I’m actually looking for Yes, people who are commenting on all of my  awesomeness, which I just think is always great but I’m also following certain people that  I just want to engage and connect with and that’s only have to do it takes five seconds  maybe takes 20 seconds because you look at what someone else’s posting and all you do  is comment and engage and I’m actually doing this with I’m just starting this with a list of influencers that I really want to up my game with and connect with.  

And I’m going to start interviewing people on my new show called Secrets of  Social Media Superstars. And I’m turning that into a book and turning that into a little TV  show where I interview Viewing people from YouTube and Instagram, these amazing influencers, because I want to connect and communicate with them, I want to find out  their secrets of what makes them tick.  

And instead of just sending them a message, which I will send them a direct  message, I have a whole campaign for this. And I picked out the people that I’m most  want to connect with. And I’m about to send this campaign, but I’m also going to do is  just reach out and engage with and connect with them on their content. Remember  moon, my wife, one time was talking about Seth Godin. And she was saying that she really wish you could connect with him. And I gave her the advice to just reach out on  Twitter and connect with this content, maybe even asked him a question.  

And so she did, and she did it like two minutes after I gave her the advice, and  Seth Godin replied in about 10 minutes, so she was 12 minutes away from having a back  and forth connection with Seth Godin. It was awesome. And so if you have somebody  that you want to connect with, I highly advise that you take some extra time, no extra  time and give a shit when you give us when you’re given the shit. 

And that’s all I got for you today, try to find some extra special time where you  can go ahead or how you can best spend your time on the potty. I know that that’s odd.  But hopefully you’re getting some value from this. And there’s something that you can  take and apply for your day. So if you’ve got the balls or the courage or whatever benefits  but to do it you don’t have to tell anybody you’re doing it you don’t have to be that crazy.  Nobody wants to know that that’s where your messaging them from would you can use  that as your extra time. Maybe catch another couple minutes in your day of some  productivity to reach out to somebody and show them that you care. 

All right. And if somebody is judging you and you were scared about putting a  message out to the world that you’re scared about what somebody might think, I highly  advise that you don’t give a shit about what they think. They care enough to speak your  truth because when you do, you’re going to be able to connect with an audience that  actually connects with you. 

And my friend but a mentor of mine I have met him yet personally His name is et  he’s goes by that the title et the hip hop preacher if you haven’t checked this guy out on  social media you should et stands for Eric Thomas and he made this use this phrase that I  just love. I will include this as one of the daily quotes: “You should go where you’re  celebrated not tolerated.” 

I’m sure if you’re still listening to this you’re probably thinking like dude I don’t  know that this is most appropriate show if you’re talking about and sit on the toilet but if  you’re listening to this you probably have the the mindset that you really don’t give a shit  and you think that part of that was funny and you know what the people that actually  give a and they don’t like my that thing is probably gonna never follow me again and  they’re not gonna like the fact that I curse too much and I do a variety of the things that I do but I am choosing to go ahead and be me and go rum celebrated not tolerated that’s  the Eric Thomas. 

Alright so that’s all I got for you today. In the next couple of days I think it’s gonna  be tomorrow I’m going to talk to you about the power of no. I just yesterday was going  over a podcast on the power of yes and that’s one of the most powerful words you can  use in your vocabulary for your business for your life for your kids and to expose you to  new opportunities and things that you would never do if you just had the courage to leap  and to take a risk we’re also going to talk about the power of frickin know and that’s  we’re going to talk about tomorrow it’s going to be hot I can’t wait to share it with you  and I’ve learned a lot about this and they didn’t tell you some stupid story or something  that I did that I’m a little embarrassed by it but I’m willing to share it anyways. 

Alright so that’s all I got for you today. Make today magnificent. I can’t wait to see  you tomorrow. 

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