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EPISODE 199 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


For over 20-years I ​FAILED​​ to write a book.

Oh, I had the ​DESIRE…​​ Just not the CLARITY or the HOW TO.

But, once I got CLEAR about WHAT the RIGHT book should be about…

And, WHO I was writing it for…

And, WHY anybody would care…

I got my first book done in 24 hours.
It became a #1 bestseller.
It helped me 10X my income, in the next 12 months.

Believe me, you really can write a book fast.

But, what is the right book? Today we’re going to talk about it. 


What would becoming a bestselling author do for you? ​​Take action!

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“It all begins with your blueprint.” – Trevor Crane

It all begins with your blueprint.


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Welcome to another episode of greatness quest. This is Trevor Crane and today is  a video episode. 

What we’re going to be talking about today is HOW TO WRITE THE RIGHT BOOK  FAST. And I’m going to give you a simple breakdown of the steps to get this done really  fast. 

I know you’re gonna love the show.


Don, I met my first book mentor. And he told me about how he got his first book  done. But he had put it off until he got cancer. And he wasn’t sure he was ever going to  recover. And he was looking at his legacy. And he said, “​This sucks. I want to get my book  done.” 

And that first book ended up becoming a number one best selling book. He wrote  it while he was going through cancer treatments. And he just wanted to make sure it’s  something that he was going to give back to his family to leave for his son and his wife. 
And then he also built a seven-figure business on the back end. So when I talked  with him about it, I just felt really stupid that I hadn’t got my first book done. So I finally  just said, “​Can you help me?”

And I hired him and I went through his program and he assisted me and now  that’s what I do to help other people. Because what happened is I went to him with my  first book idea and he asked me some core questions about whether or not this was the  right first book for me.
And it wasn’t and then I came up with the second one and then the third one, and  so forth. And it wasn’t until I came up with my fourth book concept that I came up with  the right book. 
And what happened is, I wrote that book following the steps I’m about to share  with you. I did it in 24 hours. In fact, I did it 24 hours back to back, not the way I  recommend doing it. That was really difficult. And that was a lot of stress.  

But what happened is I then 10x my income with that book in the next 12 months.  And that book I’m holding in my hand is called ​High Paying Clients. And this book is  phenomenal. I’ve got almost 100 reviews on Amazon about this book. 
Like I said, I 10x my income not because people actually bought a million of these  books, but because I had a whole bunch of people coming to me wanting to buy my  products and services.
So let me show you how this works. So you can get the step by step. I’ve got a great book and if you haven’t gotten this yet, you totally should get it ​How To Write The Right  Book Fast.

But I’m going to go over the steps on today’s podcast so that you’ve got this short  version and we can go ahead and fly through this. So real quickly, I’ve got a phenomenal  training about this. Let’s go through it one step at a time.

The first thing you want to do, hold on, is is to ​make sure you don’t just go out  and start writing your book​​. Like one of the ways to get your book written is not to go  start writing right away, but it’s ​to get clear first​​.

So the first step here is ​strategy​​. So get your strategic plan ready first, like I told  you, I didn’t have the right strategic plan. I went to my mentor and he said, he asked me  questions.
And then I realized that’s the wrong strategy. I was reading the wrong book. I  wasn’t doing it the right way. I was trying to take different things I’d written in the past  or different trainings that had or different things in different stories that I’d accumulated  and push them all into a book.
And it was just confusing, is confusing for me and is potentially confusing for my  readers. And I never got that book done. So get a strategic plan first about your money  making plan, your business plan.

Like what’s the mission behind your book? Like what we do with ​Epic Author  Publishing ​ is quite different. A lot of people think you need to write a book, do some great  marketing, then you go off. And once that marketing happens you might make money.  That’d be really cool. And then wouldn’t it be great if you met your mission? 

So we want to flip that upside down and get clear about your mission first, then  your money making strategy, then the strategy, why you’re going to market this. And  then write your book. This doing it backwards is going to go ahead and totally support you.

So ​get real clear first​​. This might take an hour. This might take a month. It might  take three months. It depends on the clarity. But once you understand your strategic  plan, which is the first step that I actually go through when I’m working with my clients,  they work with me personally, and I help you craft that.
Plan it. Think of it like a blueprint for house you want to have the blueprint before  you just hire all the builders and they come and start building they’re not going to know  what to build. So ​get a strategic plan.

The second step once you’ve got clarity about your mission and the money making  plan, how you’re going to publish and how you’re going to get it written, you then  structure your book.  

Now structure is really simple. Think of it like an outline. And if you’ve and you  could go ahead and this could take you a long time to get an outline done. Or you think of  it like a treasure map. Like if you were to develop the table of contents for a phenomenal  book, what would you do for for like helping people get from where they are to where  they want to go?  

What are the steps along the way? Think of it as you just drawing out a map like  okay, here’s where you are. The first thing you need to do is this. The next thing you need  to do is that because ​your book should make a promise​​. Ideally, your book, ​the right  book is making a promise to deliver results​​.

So you want to meet the reader where they’re at. That’s chapter one or the  introduction. And then you want to walk them through the different steps they need to  go through. This is a table of contents. This is your structure. 

Because after they do, the first thing that they did, the second thing, think of it. I remember there’s a great example about like a dating niche and you know, like there  was this really famous market campaign they did really, really well, made millions and millions of dollars. 
And there were books written about it and whatnot on. Like, how to teach men to  date. Right? How to how to how to find their the perfect mate. But before they could get  married, they needed to teach them like, how do you talk to a girl? Like how do you? 
Where do you need to go to the girl? And when you first meet a girl out at a bar,  wherever you’re going to meet her? What do you say? And then what do you say to get  her a drink? What do you say to get her phone number? What do you say to get her first  that first date? What do you say on that date?
So they broke it down into steps and then they walked people through it. That’s  your table of contents. That’s your structure. And think of it again is that treasure map  step 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10. Let’s say 10 chapters in your book.
You know, you don’t need more than 10 or 12 chapters in your book. You You  might want to write down 15 chapters to get people from where they are to where they  want to go and then throw out three of them because you don’t need that many maybe  even throughout five. 

Because you want to find the fastest path to get people from where they are to  where they want to go again. Hopefully your book is solving a problem. Okay? Now, if  you have your strategic plans, you know how you’re going to get this done. And you  understand who I’m going to give you some.
One more thing, this is really key. There are four questions you need to ask an  answer when you’re planning your book. What is it? ​Who is it for?

This is one of the most important ones. I could go on about this for a day. But who  is your book for your ideal reader? ​What is it about?​​ You need to be able to describe  that quickly.

And then the third question is, ​why do they care?​​ Like if you’re going to write  this book for teenage girls? And you know, this book for a 40 year old men or 40 year old  businessmen? It just depends on who you’re writing for. What it’s about?

So that it’s in their language and they understand it. Like a quick little two  sentence thing about what it is. And most one to two sentences and then three, why do they care? Now, why do they care is really important. This is about problems and results. There’s two reasons, two parts. Why? What are the problems your book will solve? And  what are the results your book will deliver?

So one of the results of my book will deliver is how to position yourself as an  authority, how to attract qualified clients, how to build your brand, how to increase your  income and do so effortlessly.
Now those are all results focused promise focus things, but what’s the opposite of  those things? If you’re not an authority, what are you? You’re unknown and nobody  knows you. If you’re not attracting qualified leads you’re probably repelling them or you  haven’t chased them.
So the opposite is oftentimes the problem or the result. Okay, so you need to go  ahead and think of those things. So now we are ​strategy​​, ​structure​​, ​story​​ is number  three, two stories number three.
Oftentimes, this is where people start. They want to write their book about how  they got hit by lightning and survive or how they found a bankruptcy and survived or  how they created whatever and so I highly advise that is not where you start.
Most people start with story. Instead, if you’ve done the Table of Contents right, all  you need to do is now fill in the blanks of like what are the best stories to prove your  point inside of each section.
And now since you’ve only got 10 to 12 chapters you go ahead and you pick two  three stories per chapter that meets your promise. Each chapter should be moving  people along the the benchmarks and where they need to go. 

And so now instead of throwing in every story in the kitchen sink and how you  were raised and everything else you now thinking only the best choice stories. Think  about this is also being how you would pack for a trip.
Like if you pack last minute you probably throw too much shit into your luggage  and then you’re you find yourself on vacation and you pack way too much and  everywhere. Like why did you bring, why did you bring so much stuff?
Because you didn’t have time to plan it out and you didn’t pay attention to only what you needed and bring only the right ones. Like if you’re going to go ahead and  travel and you’re not going to pack up, pack a bag that you have to check. You’re going to  just like a like a check on a carry on.
You need to be efficient. You need to make sure you only put what you need in  that bag. So plan ahead. And now you’ve got keys to the right stories instead of every  story in the history of the world that has come to happen for you. 
So only the stories that are necessary. Now that’s basically most of it. Once you’ve  got clarity around this most important next step is that you ​set a date.​​ There is nothing  like a deadline to help you get this done. 
If you’re going to get a book written fast, you need to have a date and a deadline  that you commit to the world with world for. What we do with ​Epic Author Publishing ​ is  we help you pre-launch with Amazon with choose me with Amazon and Kindle.
So we go ahead and help you pre launch your book where Amazon they set a  deadline and a date and you have to make this declaration and now you have a deadline.
And hopefully you’ve, you pre-launched and pre-sold your book to dozens or  hundreds or thousands of people who now need your book and you promised that your  book is going to go to. 
And there is nothing like the pressure to make sure you get your book done. And I  didn’t tell you to start with that. I told you to get strategic about your plan. So you know  how you know what the content is because you went through the structure. 

You picked out the best stories that go in each chapter 1, 2, 3. Stories that you can  go ahead and tell. I haven’t even had you pick up your pen to start writing it. The next  thing you do is you set a date, so you know what’s going to happen.
Now, there’s three steps left. And this is super, super cool, because you don’t have  to be a great writer to write a great book. A lot of people think you need to. But instead,  what you want to do is use speak scribe source.
Now you probably can speak. I’m guessing most of the people that are watching  this right now have the gift of verbal language. And you can speak so maybe you don’t  want to speak your story out but just think about how cool this is. You can transcribe your words speak scribe sources.
See, if you get clear about your strategic plan, the structure, the stories that you’re  going to be telling and then you set a date, hold on my daughter is is is bombing my  video, there thank you very much. There’s I just had to show you that what I have to deal  with my 11 year old daughter. Okay she’s gone. Sorry about that. 
So if you get the strategic plan first before you begin, then setting a date now you  just got to speak scribe source that sucker out so you can get a team you can use  technology. I will oftentimes advise my clients to teach a webinar or a tele class or to  transcribe an event that they have, but to speak your story out and get it out.  

One of my friends wrote a great book, I could go over here and grab it, but it  would be just a distraction for you. And I interviewed him for one of my book. Hold on,  I’ll just go out and demonstrate it. Give me a second. 

I wrote a book called Big Money With Your Book Without Selling A Single Copy  and this is a poster I have up in my office for it. And for this book, I interviewed five  different authors who are making big money with their books.
And not by selling the book. They’re making big money with their book because  they understand how to position it in their business in the end and what they’re doing in  marketing. 
And a buddy of mine and a client, a buddy mine in a client named Pat Petrini  wrote this book, ​The Miracle Morning ​ for network marketers. And he got 80% of this  book done once he got clear about the strategy structure story he got it done in about a  two hour walk around his community.
So he was struggling to write this book for a long time without this type of clarity  and then he went out and he wrote this book 80% of it in two hours after he got clear  about a strategy, his structure and then the stories that were going to be inside of it. 

And he went out and he just spoke his story into his phone that was speaking it  out then having it transcribed. And then getting some help sourcing is that you find  someone to help you write it, edit it, model it. There’s just finished the book.  

Again, if you’re going to build a house, you’re probably not going to do it on your own. You’re going to have a plumber to do plumbing and electrician to do electrical. And  you’re going to do you know, all of that you’re gonna do, you’re gonna need a contract  guy and a roofer and a painter and the AC guy and all that stuff and probably a gal  there’s gonna be someone come in and do folk painting, right?
So there’s the thing is, once you get clear, you can pound this book out really fast.  So get clarity first structure your book, pick the best stories set a date, and then you  speak scribe source and you can pound your book out really fast. 
Now, overall, the number one piece of advice I have for you is to get help. If you  are going to try to get this done, a self published book, a book that you write the building,  you’re getting your blueprint from an architect on your architect. 

And I have a new program that helps just about anybody at any time, price point  help you get your book done. The first step is to get this book ​How To Write The Right  Book Fast. ​ Now, I give you a link in the transcription of my notes on the show.

So if you go to ​trevorcrane.com​ and you look at today’s episode, you should be  able to find that. But I’m going to give you the domain so you can just go and get that  book right now go to ​epicauthor.com/freebook​, ​epicauthor.com/freebook​.

I’ll give you this book for free and so now you will have the template of how to get  this done. Now this is the beginning. This is the framework I highly advise though, that  you contact me, that you enroll in our Epic Author Academy Program, that you sign up  for our free training, that I go ahead and support you. 
And then you might choose to have me come on your team in this fortune getting  this done because I like to get a book done with the team. It’s so much easier.
So that’s all I got for you today. My challenge for us to download this book.
And honey please don’t come here come here since you’re already in here this is  my daughter to good and bounced so that they see on the trampoline today is this  Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix. So nice. Okay, this is my daughter who has done 10 books that  all became number one best selling books. Thank you very much. You can give her some  applause Are you going to stay? Are you going to leave? Okay, she’s done.
And so my challenge for you is to take action, download this book, go watch my free training that I have at this for this call. Go to ​epicauthor.com​, you watch the free  training, get this book. But enroll in our program take I’m sure I’ve got some kind of call  to action on the webinar and on the training and whatnot to go out and have you you  take action. 

Reach out to me on social media and say you want help with your book. And we’ll  start with the blueprint to help you get clear about your strategic plan. I don’t care where  you are in the process. If you think your book is written or if you are right at the  beginning and you’re not sure what the right book is for you. Let’s get you clear. It all  begins with the blueprint. 
Okay, so that’s all. We got through today. Come back to join us tomorrow for  another daily dose of greatness quest.
To get even more awesomeness, which means all my best stuff, download my app by texting ​Trevor​​ to ​36260​​. It will show up right on your cell phone.