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(How To Speak To Sell)

EPISODE 56 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


“If you can speak to sell, you will never go hungry.” – Dan Kennedy


Are you a SPEAKER? Or do you deliver WEBINARS? Or do you ever make SALES videos  or write SALES copy? 

Which would make the BIGGEST difference to you: Delivering a POWERFUL  PRESENTATION as a SPEAKER, WEBINAR, SALES VIDEO, or SALES COPY? 


Pull out your success journal and plan a ​POWER PRESENTATION​.  

It could be a webinar, a PowerPoint, a Facebook Live episode, something… 
Use the structure of PROMISE, PROBLEM, PROOF. 
Or if you like the frame of: BEGINNING, MIDDLE, and END.

Then, add a CTA (Call To Action) at the end – and you’re ​GOLDEN​.


On today’s episode, I share a simple the three-step process to deliver a ​POWERFUL  PRESENTATION. ​Here’s a short summary:

PROMISE​ – Make a big, FAT promise.
PROBLEM​ – Call out the PROBLEM by sharing a story of the challenges and setbacks you  went through.
PROOF​ – Share stories of your success, your client’s success, or even FAMOUS stories. 


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One of the coolest things I get to do is help my clients create powerful  presentations that change lives. Today we’re going to talk about how you can deliver a  powerful presentation. How you can create one really quickly, and then deliver it really  fast so that you can move people.  

I know you’re going to love today’s show. 


All right. Today’s episode is about ​POWER PRESENTATIONS​. Now, I’ve been  doing a lot of homework around this, around the power of storytelling. Being in the  publishing business and helping people tell stories and present and speak on stage. And  coaches, consultants, speakers, doctors, people who are brave enough to go out there and  face that big fear of public speaking.  

But it doesn’t matter whether you are crafting a webinar, if you’re crafting a sales  letter, if you are going to present your information to another human and you’re going to  communicate to them and you want to be a powerful influence. I think you’re going to  love today’s little 3-step process. 

Now, this is something that I share with my clients all the time. One of my clients  who I’m helping with her book right now, her name is Kirsten, and she was about to go  give a presentation where she wanted to make an offer to the room. And she was  framing, she was talking to me about what her conversation was going to be about, her  talk was going to be about and what she wanted them to do. And then I gave her this  little 3-step process.  

And she went out and killed it. I trained it in like three to five minutes. It was  really fast. She wrote down the components. She decided that this was a better  presentation strategy than what she had. She redesigned her entire talk, which you  would think is complicated. But because it was such a simple process, she was able to do  it really fast. She killed it at the event. She was able to get leads from that event. And  then I don’t know she’s close sales from it yet. But I do know that this strategy works. And the strategy close business.. 

I did, I shared this with my wife one time. And my wife will sometimes counsel  and coach me and sometimes I will counsel and coach her. And this is one of those times  that she asked me my help because she was going to give a presentation and hold on. She  did this several times. When she first published her first book, she went out and  delivered a presentation using this strategy. It was a presentation in New York City at the  New York Power Team Meeting. There’s about 50 people in the audience, 52,54 people  something like that. She delivered her presentation.  

Now she had just published her book so she had a lot of confidence. That was an  important part of it. But she used this system and she closed $50,000 worth of business  out of that room. And then she went ahead and if I got my numbers a little bit off there.  My wife is probably listening to this. “No I didn’t, Honey, I closed 54,000.” Or 38,000 or  whatever the number was.  

She closed big money out of that room. Because when you speak to sell, when you  give a presentation that influences others, and then you’re giving them permission to buy  your stuff, you’re setting yourself free. And you’re actually helping the people in the  audience. She followed up with that group. And they came to one of her events. She sold  them something at that first event when she met them. And then they bought, I think  they all bought a phone call from her and then she upsold them. That’s how she made the  money. 

And let’s just say that I’m exaggerating. And she only made $20,000, like oh my  gosh. Like that’s an amazing result to go deliver a free talk to a group of people. But the  follow up from that event earned her another big chunk of money. And I don’t even want  to mention it because I don’t want to exaggerate here. I don’t remember the specifics. My  wife gives me hell when I get the numbers wrong. But it was over, it was over 20 grand,  two times in a row.  

And so here’s my point, what I’m about to share with you can be if you want to  make money, it can be about, all about the Benjamins. I’m reading a book right now by  Dan Kennedy. And in the book he says “​If you can speak to sell, you will never go hungry ​ .”  I’m gonna say that again. This is my Dan Kennedy quote for you today, “​If you can speak  to sell, you will never go hungry. ​ ”  

Dan Kennedy is a multi-millionaire and mentor to many of the most  successful entrepreneurs and business people in the world today.  

He is a phenomenal marketer. And if you haven’t taken some of his programs, you  probably should. Dan Kennedy is a very powerful influencer.  

But he said that if he was asked, and often he is asked if he was to start all over  from scratch, how he would do it. He would speak. He would use the principles in his  book called ​Speak To Sell ​ to go ahead and start over from scratch. And learn how to  deliver a powerful presentation, one that influences others. And one that gives people  permission to buy your stuff, hopefully a burning desire in there to buy your stuff. So  hopefully, I’ve been, built this up enough for you. So you can get these three parts. 

So here they are, it’s really simple. My build up is actually gonna be longer than  my content. But I’m going to make sure I totally over deliver for you here. The three  parts are​ ​PROMISE​, ​PROBLEM​, ​PROOF​. Promise, problem, proof, these are the three  steps, the three functions, excuse me, the three parts of a powerful presentation. 

So I took a course from T. Harv Eker. He is the best-selling author of the book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. And he was, he built an entire training environment, a  phenomenal business called Peak Potentials that eventually built up and sold. And every  weekend, he would sometimes have, well, not every weekend, but many weekends in a  given year. And oftentimes 2, 3, 4 weekends in a month, he was delivering presentations.

He was having his ​Secrets of the Millionaire Mind ​ event being taught not just by  T. Harv Eker, but by the other trainers that he had trained. And so, he sometimes had 2, 3  trainings going on at once. At each one of those weekend trainings, he was making  millions of dollars, 2, 3, 4, $5 million per weekend. And what he talked about, the first  thing that he told trainers to speak, one of the first things he shared with them how to  present was ​TO MAKE A BIG FAT PROMISE​. It’s typically the name of your talk.

So I’m giving you step number one. When you make a ​PROMISE​, like I have a  program my wife and I teach, called Advanced Sales Mastery, basically giving you a  promise in that. I say, here is the name of my talk, Advanced Sales Mastery. My book, one  of my best-selling books is called ​Big Money with Your Book Without Selling A Single  Copy ​ . The promise is big, selling big money with your book. And one of my books is  called ​How to Write The Right Book Fast ​ . That’s my promise. And I make that really quickly. 

So it’s probably the topic of your presentation, whatever it is that you want to give  or deliver. It’s the, it’s done really quickly. In the ​Secrets of the Millionaire Mind  template that T. Harv Eker gave us, he said, “Welcome”. Part of this process was to say  “​Welcome to today’s talk”​ title. And then you need to insert the talk title, the ​Secrets of  the Millionaire Mind. Okay, that’s number one. And then you kind of describes the  result that people will get from your thing.

The second step is to jump right into the presentation of what is the ​PROBLEM​. So  you’re going to make a big fat ​PROMISE​ to say your presentation is about losing weight.  And you say, “I’m going to show you how you can get six-pack abs.” or “I’m going to show  you how you can have a 10-minute orgasm.” Like that’s the ​PROMISE​.

But now as soon as you give it, a big ​PROMISE​ like that, “Hey, I’m gonna help you  attract more leads, make more sales, deliver a powerful presentation.” I need to also  share with you the ​PROBLEM.​ Like what is the bullshit that rises up inside of your  audience’s head. Or what are the challenges that you went through. 
Because probably, if you’re sharing something with from your heart, if you’re  sharing something with conviction that you’ve actually been through before, you  probably had some kind of setback or challenge. So if you just share that vulnerability,  you’re not now just this jackass braggart, braggart I think that’s how it’s pronounced,  who is just telling people about how cool you are.

So you made the big fat ​PROMISE​. I can help you make a million dollars, have a  10 minute orgasm, get six pack abs, whatever the promises. But now you get to share  your ​PROBLEM​, your journey. And when you get to tell your story from a place of  conviction about how you’ve really been through something or the challenge that you’ve  had with a client going through something that was challenging, you get to connect with  everybody in the audience who calls bullshit. Basically it’s a, what you call out the  elephant in the room. 

Most people think this is impossible. Most people think this is hard. Most people,  when I first heard that myself, this is what you would say you’d say something to the  effect of when I first heard that myself, I didn’t think it was possible. I thought the person  that told me that was lying. Whatever it is, you now call out the ​PROBLEM​. And if you get to share your own story of vulnerability or someone else’s, you’ve captured your  audience because you’ve made a promise, you’ve now delivered a problem.

And now the third step is to just ​PROVE IT​. See, a lot of times when I first was  giving presentations, and I tried to influence people, I just wanted to give them more  information. So I spend time giving them more content, more content, more content.  Another tip, 13 tips, is more of this, more of a doo doo doo doo doo doo doo. And it was  overwhelming for people.  

And I had a hard time making any money or making any sales because I didn’t  follow a simple process of building the gap, of sharing with people the promise of what  they would want, focusing on the challenges they need to overcome. And then telling  them stories, real stories that capture their imagination, their heart, their love. They go  into a trance when people listen to a story, and you prove your points of content,  whatever you want to teach them.  

You don’t, I don’t recommend that you just deliver 13 points of awesomeness. You  can attend some boring seminar, a presentation and powerpoint on your own, it’s fine. If  you’re going to entertain and engage your audience, teach your content through ​PROOF​.  Share with them how you did it, and teach them 1, 2, 3 steps. And ideally, that’s how I like  to chunk my information is in 1, 2, 3. Bigger than that, that’s typically how people chunk  information is 1, 2, 3. And then the fourth level is too many.

That’s typically how people can process information. So if you now ​PROVE​ your  three points that you want to teach, maybe with three different stories of you, or a  client’s success, you now get to share with them a journey, of beginning middle and end,  which is a powerful storytelling strategy. By the way, I teach this to little kids, I teach this  to entrepreneurs. I teach this to nuance authors that a powerful story has three basic  parts as a three part narrative.
I shared this Casey Neistat on one occasion just recently. There’s a three-part  narrative. Every good story has a beginning, a middle and an end. And to go ahead and  add a little bit of this to you from what I’ve been learning through my power of  storytelling. This is, again this came from Casey Neistat, that is, the basic beginning is the  SETUP​. That’s the ​PROMISE​. Hey, here’s the setup for here’s what’s going to happen.  Then there is the middle part, which is the ​CONFLICT,​ which in this case, is the PROBLEM​ where you’re like, “Oh, no! Oh, my God, what’s gonna happen? I don’t know  what’s gonna happen.” 

Every great story is like this, there’s some kind of conflict that has to be  overcome. And then the end is the ​RESOLUTION​. Yay, it’s a happy ending. And in this  case, it’s the ​PROOF​ that you provide in your presentation. That doesn’t sound like you  are telling and preaching and having to sell to anybody. But when you can tell a story  about the ​PROOF​ that other people have had, using this process, whatever it is, you’re  trying to share with people, you are now communicating from a place of conviction. 
And there’s a big difference between confidence and conviction. I should do this  on another podcast. So maybe I’ll do this tomorrow, I’m going to talk about the difference  between confidence and conviction. Because when you have conviction, it’s already  done. And confidence has its own challenges, although it’s a pretty important part as  well. Okay, so those are my, that’s my three-part process for you today. 

So my challenge to you today is to actually use this, you know, to go ahead and  pull out your success journal and plan a presentation​. It could be a webinar, a  PowerPoint, a Facebook Live episode that you you put on to. To write your own story and  have a beginning, middle and end. A setup, a conflict and the resolution, a promise a  problem and proof. And then the last part of your presentation should be, to have a call  to action, a direct response. Dan Kennedy is renowned as being a direct response  marketer. you put out marketing that requests a response. 

So if you’re going to share presentation with someone, don’t just give it to them to  give them more information. You now need to give them something to do. Notice at the  end of each of my podcasts, I typically have a challenge for you. I asked you to go do  something. Maybe it’s to go to my website. Maybe it’s just to train you to go to your  journal at the end of every presentation. 

At the end of every podcast, I typically call you into action. I want you to do  something. I want you to use what you learned today so that you can learn it at another  level. I’m also a training you to do this for yourself. And also training you to respond to  me if and when I make you an offer to say, “Hey brother, hey sister, come here and buy  this stuff. Some training you’re always have a call to action. 

And if you’re going to speak, to sell or deliver a powerful presentation, you need to learn how to move people. And if you deliver a presentation like I just described you  today, you will be someone who moves other humans and influences other humans. You  can either be influenced or you can be the influencer. I don’t know about you but I know  where I, what part of that scale I want to be on.
Alright, that’s all I got for you today. A little longer than I thought it was going to  be. But I love you and I want to support you. And every single day, I am bringing you  something else to help you take your life and business to the next level. Try this with  your kids. Practice it. Take some action.  

And make today friggin magnificent. I will see you tomorrow on another  daily dose of greatness quest. 

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