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(How to prepare yourself for ​success​ and not be
overwhelmed by ​chaos​.)

EPISODE 4 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” – Confucius


Where in your life, (personal or professional) do you need to simplify?


  1. Find the area of your life you need to simplify. Be specific about it. Write it down. Get clear about the result that you want around it. I’ll give you a tip about how to simplify that in a second.
  2. How are do you going to systematize that? Break that into a system, into a process, into a checklist, into a one, two, three.
  3. Make your system good enough to get somebody else to do it.


Our lives and work are filled with so much to do and so little time, making for complications and challenges. What if we could really simplify our lives?

What if you only focused on what really matters… and let the rest go?

Sure, it’s not easy.

But the reward is great enough to make all the effort worthwhile.


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Well, all right, all right, all right. This is your boy, Trevor Crane, bringing another  Daily Dose of Greatness Quest. Today’s episode is about the hospital horror show. Really,  what’s most important about this is…

How to prepare yourself for success and not be overwhelmed by chaos.


All right, well welcome back. Today I’m just leaving the hospital. You guys don’t know it yet. My son was just born, and so I went into the hospital on a Monday, or excuse me, went into the hospital on a Friday. It’s now been three or four days. I’m leaving the hospital on a Monday, and I’m leaving before my wife. My little baby boy, little Maverick Caleb Crane is still in the hospital. He’s been in the NICU, the emergency room or, that’s for observation or whatnot, since he’s been born.

You can imagine that, on Friday we went in and my wife was pregnant and she was way overdue. I think she didn’t deliver until she was 11 days over her due date, and we’ve had a lot of chaos. And we had a lot of things to prepare for. We had originally gotten prepared for this trip. We were going to do the whole birthing process at home, so we did all of the homework on hypno-birthing, and natural childbirth and we had a midwife team come and join us at our house. We did the whole idea of doing an underwater birth and a lot of natural things we were going to at a birthing tub or a swimming pool or the Jacuzzi or something. Then everything changed.

Oftentimes, everything does change. Leaving the hospital just now, and going from hospital room to hospital room, the last four days has been crazy town. It has been a horror show, from like one thing to the next.

I’m not just talking about witnessing the birth. If you haven’t seen that before, oh my God, I can’t believe what women have to go through to make this happen. Thank God for epidurals, because that’s what my wife got for this event. I’m not even going to get into that. That not about today’s episode.

Instead, it’s about all of the chaos we had, from room to room. The hospital staff moved us along, from into the first suite we were in, which was kind of a really pretty suite, overlooking this ocean, over at Tampa General Hospital. It was gorgeous, but we had so much crap. I couldn’t hardly fit it into the room. I had my stuff, my wife’s stuff. We had sleeping bags, pillows, blankets, clothes, extra clothes, extra food, food and food, and stuff for my wife, stuff for my daughter and like a million things.

Then just bringing all this stuff, we completely were so unorganized, and we didn’t know what to expect, so we brought way too much crap. Then we had to move all that stuff from one room into the next room. In fact, after the baby was born, we were basically given two hours to deal with all that madness and everything they got to do with measuring and testing and all the poking and prodding, and all that stuff that happens. We had two hours to get out of the hospital room, we’d just been spreading out and making a mess at in, for two days.

Then we had go to another little hospital room. We were in there for a little while. We had our own little private room, which was really nice, but it was a little cell. It looked like a jail cell compared to what we were in. Then we had the whole family trying to be in there. Again, anarchy. Then to get all the stuff from that room into the NICU, because my son had to go in for observation, a real issue, that they just wanted to make sure lots of different things about his breathing and about his blood sugar and a million things.

Here’s the deal. I have felt overwhelmed by the chaos, instead of being prepared for success, and this happens all the time. When does this happen? It happens when we’re not properly prepared, and we don’t see the road ahead. This is one of the reasons why I like mentors so much, is that they’ve already … If you find the right mentor, they’ve already not just been down the path before themselves, but they’ve helped escort other people through it.

The doctors and nurses have been our mentors here at the hospital, and they’ve been escorting us through the process. Of course, they don’t help me pack my bags, but instead I packed my bags, which takes me two, three hours to get from room to room, or just now packing up half of our crap to get it home and take it home, before the baby even comes.

We had room in the car for all the crap that we’re bringing, and I get out to the car, and I don’t even have my damn car keys, because I’m so unorganized. I don’t have my places and systems and processes in place, and I can’t even remember where I put my keys. See, normally I don’t live at the hospital. Normally, I go home, and I hang my keys up. When I’m in the car I know where my keys go. When I’m walking around, I know the keys are in my pocket. Those are the three places the keys are, but this isn’t my pattern to go to hospitals and hang out for the better part of a week.

I’m going to go back. I’m hoping we’re going to check out later today or tomorrow, but here’s my question for you. Why is this important to you? Does it have anything to do with your success? Because I think that this happens in our lives when we’re not prepared, when we don’t see the road ahead, we don’t and this system in place. So before a give you a challenge today. Let me ask you questions first.

Where in your life are you unorganized and feeling overwhelmed by stress and just maybe too much stuff going on? Where in your life, more importantly, do you need to simplify?

I look at my own life, I can see some specific areas that I need to simplify, because I’m just doing too many things. As far as that, too many plates I’m trying to spin, like I’m some kind of puppet master, and some kind of mad magician, and I got to keep all those plates spinning and spinning and spinning and spinning, and they all need my help. Then, as soon as I don’t pay attention to one of them, it’s going crash.

My question to you is, where in your life, personal or professional, and be specific about where it is, do you need to simplify?

Then the second question is that … I’ll give you some cool ways just in a second here about how you can simplify that. So first of all identify where you got to simplify. Then understand that, if you can just get rid of some of the stuff that you need to there and make it simpler, then you can go ahead and systematize.

Just like in the hospital, they have a whole team of people helping, in every little department, to do every little thing, and they have a system. They have a checklist. They have a process where they hand off from nurse to nurse and doctor to doctor. Everything goes on a chart, that system. Everything is written down, and thank God, because they’re dealing with my wife’s life and my baby’s life and a million other people’s lives that are there at the hospital.

Whatever it is in your life that you need to take care of, that is important to you, but you’re overwhelmed and you’re not simplifying, you need to figure out a way to simplify it, and then systematize it in such a way that someone else can do it.

Here’s the three things.

First, my challenge to you is to find the area of your life you need to simplify. Be specific about it. Write it down. Get clear about the result that you want around it. I’ll give you a tip about how to simplify that in a second.

Number two, how do you going to systematize that? You want to break that into a system, into a process, into a checklist, into a one, two, three. When I was going for a helicopter flying lesson, I stopped there, next to the pilot and instructor. He pulled out his checklist system, and he walked through the system, one by one and checked it off.

I’m assuming that when you’re in the hospital and the surgeon’s going through his process there, the checklist there, their system. They wash up. They scrub up. They do things in a certain way and in a certain order, so they don’t leave clamps inside of human beings when they’re doing the surgery, right?

Then the third thing is, is your system good enough to get somebody else to do it? It is quite frankly, thank God we had all of the support and help from this team of people that are helping in this hospital, from the people that were cleaning our room, to taking care of the laundry, to making sure that we had all the proper supplies. Gosh, if you ask for something there at the hospital. If you need ice packs for this, for your butt or the va-jay-jay, because you just passed a 9.4 pound out of your hooha, they’ve got it.

They’ve got a system in process, and thank God there’s a team of people. One person can’t do it. Too often times in our lives, we’re thinking, “It’s gonna be. It’s up to me.” Instead, what you need to be is, be really specific. Find the thing in your life that is next, that you need to simplify. Systematize the process to get the result that you want, in such a way that you can get the recipe every time. Then you can get somebody else to do it. This is also part of the formula of the entrepreneur’s job. I’ll talk about that on another episode for modeling, got most of the steps here.

Here’s the thing. That’s my challenge to you. Go out and find those areas to simplify. I’ll give you the tips right now about how to actually help you to simplify a little bit. Like I say, you decide there’s an area in your life, something specifically that you want to simplify, that specific result that you want to get. Let’s say it’s improving your marketing and results you’re getting with Facebook marketing.

You could say that it’s sales or whatever it is in business, or whatever it is in your personal life. Let’s say, how you’re going to do your meals at home. Doesn’t matter what it is. Be specific about the results you want. Let’s say it’s meals. I want to eat healthy food. I want to have plenty of it around me, so I don’t eat all the junk, and I want to make sure that the food is giving me fuel and it’s making me happier and smarter and all that crap. That’s from eating good stuff, right? Good food.

What do you need to? Well, get specific about the outcome. “I want to have healthy food.” Now define what healthy food looks like. That’s getting specific, okay? Then you might go ahead and take an assessment of all the crap that you have in your fridge and in the cabinets and all the junk and stuff that you got, and all the recipes and yada, yada, yada. You’re going to start to capture all of things that you’re going to need to do. You need to throw away some stuff. You going to need to do some shopping. You need to get some clarity about your menus and recipes. You’re going to get all this … It’s capturing all of this junk. Then when you’re down to your project management on this, you’re going to now plan for your meal.

What I’m going to challenge you to do is, find the stuff on this list that is not the priority. One of the easiest ways to start simplifying things is to delete and delegate. Deletion, I think, is one of the first cool things to do. As you capture all this stuff, start finding the things that you can just throw out, throw away and take off of your to-do list. This is going to give you more time. All of these ideas and all of this capturing, all this stuff that you think you need to do can be brought down into something really, really, really, really simple if you just stay clear.

At first your minds are crazy. We go to the hospital and we bring too much crap. We packed too much stuff in our backpack when we don’t prepare, because we don’t know where we’re going or what we’re going to expect. So instead, get clear about the results first and then start deleting.

Then if you can have in any way shape or form, get other people to help you and create some results for you and do some things. Find some things you can delegate. Those will help you simplify massively.

So, at any rate, that’s today’s episode. This was the horror hospital show, or the hospital horror show was really more about our unpreparedness and about how we dealt with it. Now, we’re simplifying and systematizing for the next time we have another child. Just kidding. I’m not sure that going to be the case.

But I can tell you, the next time I am going to go on one of these journeys, I am going to bring less crap to the hospital.

So at any rate, hope you enjoyed it, and I’ll see you on our next episode of Greatness Quest.

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