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EPISODE 150 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Today, I share with you another strategy to help you publish your book on Amazon and having a BILLION dollar company as a PARTNER with you by marketing and selling your book to new people. 


How important do you think BOOK REVIEWS are for a book? 

“It’s extremely important that you properly position your book on Amazon so that they know to promote you to the world.” – Trevor Crane

It's extremely important that you properly position your book on Amazon so that they know to promote you to the world.


1. Go to my website, trevorcrane.com​ and search for, “Amazon reviews.”
2. Download the article I posted about this, so you know how to leave a REVIEW that  AMAZON will love.
3. Leave a review for somebody’s book that you love.


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Welcome back to another daily dose of greatness quest. We’re going to talk today  about Amazon reviews and how to make sure your review If you leave the front of the  book does not get removed. This is really important.  

And it’s also important if you publish your own book, how to go ahead and tell  your readers to give you an amazing review. So they’re not removed have hundreds of  them are over the years removed on my own content. And this really sucks I’m going to  give you some insight into it today. 


Okay, so welcome back. I like talking about books and book publishing, because I  can give you some things I’ve learned over the years. And one of the things that I had  only given lip service to when I first got started and published my first book.  

My mentor, and book mentors told me, Trevor, if you want to publish your book,  you’ve got to have a major review campaign. And if you don’t do that, you’re going to go  ahead and trolls will come out and have somebody negatively review your book. And it’s  going to really suck.  

And I said, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, that makes total sense. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I gotta have  a campaign that asked people to review my book, because if you don’t ask is going to be  tough to go out and get a bunch of reviews on your book.  

So of course, this was one of those examples where I’m telling you to do as I say,  not as I do, I thought that made a lot of sense. I nodded my head and said, Oh, sure, I’ll do  that. That makes a lot of sense. But I didn’t do it.  

What happened is, I put my book out and I was so busy getting it done, and  rushing to make everything else awesome. My book came out, yeah, yeah. And I want my  book came out, but it didn’t win. Because what happened is, I just completely forgot or  didn’t take time to go get reviews.  

So my first review on my book was a one star review. And it was about a week or  two after my book had come out, and I swear to God, it felt like a punch in the nuts like it  was really sucky feeling have your first review on this book that you really put your heart and soul into, to just be in turned in them nothing. 
And then another person jumped on the bandwagon and said, It sucked. So my  first book that helped me 10 x my income. My first couple reviews were one star reviews  and it really suck. And I want to make sure that this doesn’t happen to you.  

So if you have your own book out there, make sure that you have a campaign and  a plan to go ahead and get people to review your book as fast as possible, hopefully give  you some good reviews. My situation was one where when I first published my book, I  made a mistake and uploaded the wrong format. 
And so the first review is probably an authentic review where someone was like,  hey, this book sucks, because it’s got typos. is poor, formatted poorly. Yeah. Yeah,he’s still  a jackass, though. They gave the review. And then controls came in and started saying  the same thing.  

But if your first reviews on your book are actually positive, that’s really going to  help but like, how can you make sure that your reviews, they get up art ones that are  going to get pulled. And this is really important, what you’re looking for is a verified  review unit verified, verified purchase.  

So what you want to help people do is actually buy your book and then download  it on their app or computer or whatnot, and then review it on their computer or their  their Kindle app, whether that’s on their iPhone, iPad, or laptop, whatever it is, if this  doesn’t happen, what can happen is you can get a whole bunch of positive reviews,  which I have had hundreds of positive reviews on multiple books of mine. 
And then after a week, or a month or two months, or whatever it is somehow that  Kindle apple or excuse me, Amazon box, do some kind of algorithm and they say these  researching reviews are going to be removed. That completely sucks.

So what you want to do, if you go to my website, go to ​trevorcrane.com​ and I just  want you to search for Amazon reviews. I’ve done articles about this, I’ve written a little  template, a little downloadable piece.  

My point is, and I instead of just trying to tell you on this podcast, it’s just really  important that you know how important reviews are when you leave them for others.  And when you are getting them for your own book and make sure you’ve got something you can actually apply this, make sure you go to ​trevorcrane.com​ and download that  blog, read the read the little 123 on it.  

And it’s going to help you a ton because it’ll help you learn how to leave an  amazing review for someone else that Amazon will love. And keep up as opposed to  taking off and saying this sucks. And this is spam. And we don’t think you’re a real  person. 

Okay, one more thing before we finish up today. And this is just about making  sure that when you do finish your book, and you do put it up on Amazon, which is the  biggest shopping center in the world right now to go ahead and help people buy stuff.  Hopefully, your stuff here real soon.  

With your book, it’s extremely important that you properly position your book on  Amazon so that they know to promote you to the world. You pick the right categories for  your book. It’s super important. I know we’re going to talk about reviews.  

But a friend of mine just came out with his book. And in the last 24 to 48 hours, he  has added 145 positive reviews on his book, I’m going to talk to you about this in  tomorrow’s podcast. I’m super excited about this when I tell you about them and ask you  to go get this book if you would be a massive value to you. But I was just doing in this  little recording.  

And he had over 100, it was like one stage was 87 and I recorded the episode. And  it was like 145, but he’s got all these new sales. And Amazon doesn’t know about it. Yeah,  Amazon doesn’t know about it. They got all these reviews as well about his book.  

But what happened is it his book hasn’t been properly positioned on Amazon for  them to go ahead and help promote him to the world. Because I’ve mentioned this on my  previous episodes. When you first launch your book, Amazon wants to help promote  you.  

And if you pick the right categories and you pick the right keywords for your  book, you just partnered with a billion dollar company that can’t wait to tell the world  how amazing you are. And they will go ahead and try to find people that will buy your  book and all over the world enough whether if you position it internationally as well as  nationally. 

And my buddy just missed out on this or last couple of days because his book isn’t  positioned in those categories. I’m going to show you that tomorrow I’m gonna do a  screen share video I just actually I was recording and I didn’t want to release it today. I  wanted to tell you some of this just about the Amazon review stuff today see and  something real quick. 

And that’s all I got for you. My challenge for you today is go download that article  so that when you love somebody’s book, you can leave a review for them that Amazon  will love. When you have your own book come out, you actually know the process. You  can coach other people about it as well. And I know you’re going to love tomorrow’s  show.

And make sure that you tune in and you can check that out on ​trevorcrane.tv​ if  you want to watch the video or you can check it out on Facebook as well. And if you’re  following us here on Facebook and this is where you’re consuming our content. We’d  love to go ahead and get YouTube comment below. 

And if you do, I’ve got a new training that’s coming out that I can’t wait to give you  a private invitation to and we’ve got some bonuses as well I’m going to give you this  really cool book and audio book that I created called the meal and magician well to get  another another stage makes you to. 

Make today magnificent and I can’t wait to see you tomorrow on another daily  dose of greatness quest.
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