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EPISODE 158 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


How do you make 6-7 figures with a book?

The strategy I share with you today is something that can help you make your FIRST, or ADD an EXTRA 6-7 figures to what you’re doing. ​And I speak of this from personal experience.


What’s the best way to make 6-7 figures with your book?


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Mistakes or mentors. You choose.


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How do you make six to seven figures with your book? This is the subject of today’s episode. I’m going to do my best to get this down to 10 minutes or less.
So take notes, because this is everything I’ve got. 


Okay, like I said, I decided to challenge myself to just give you the formula for how  to make this happen.  

And if you haven’t heard my story before, which, if you’ve been following my  podcast at all, you’ve probably heard it. I struggled for 20 years to get my first book  written. And it wasn’t until I met a man who published his first book, I was actually  interviewing him on my podcast, and I was talking to him and trying to uncover his  awesomeness.  

And at the time, I think he had 10 or 11 number one best selling books. And he  told me the story about the first book he’d ever written. And he didn’t get it done until he  was going through cancer treatments. He was scared that he was going to die and leave  his wife and son, and then he wouldn’t have much of a legacy.  

And so when times were as bad as hard as they could get when he was going  through cancer treatments, and vomiting into a bucket every day, and having this hair  fall out in the combination of challenging things. He said, screw it, I’m gonna write a  book.  

And this makes a difference to me. And it’s going to make a difference to my  family. And so he pulled out his phone and any hour a day that he still had some lucidity  and focus left. He just told his story into his phone. His story became a number one, that  book became a number one best selling book, it helped him build a seven figure  business, he repeated that he repeated that he started training people to do it, coaching  the do it.  

And I just thought it was like a slap in the face of that I was making bullshit  excuses. And so if he could do it, I knew I could do it. And so I hired him. This is my big  secret is like, if you want to do something you’ve never done before, then hire someone  to help you. 
And he helped me with these massive secrets in these massive advantages, so that  I didn’t make some of the deadly mistakes I’ve been making for 20 years. I thought the  book was easy. And I wasn’t getting it done, because I kept going about it the wrong way. 
So let me give you the first part of this, if you’re going to make six to seven figures  with your book, it’s really important that you understand that the best way to make  money with your book is to go ahead and have something to sell behind it, a book sells  for about $1, maybe $10, maybe if you’re crazy, you can go ahead and get $100 for your  book. 
But the truth is, is that $1 stuff and $2 profit stuff like that’s going to be really  difficult for you to make the kind of money that you’re going to need to make that  mistake seven figures. But look at it, you have to sell 100,000 of them at $1 profit to make  just six figures, and most traditional publishers and whatnot, that’s going to be a very  tough path for you to go on. 
And by the way, when I was working with Mike and he helped me write my first  book, not only did I write my first book about inside the first 12 months, my wife and I,  she wrote a book also were able to 10x our income. 
So when I say that, this strategy that I’m going to share with you today is  something that can help you make six to seven figures. I mean, it because I speak from  personal experience. And so I just want you to make sure you know that what I’m  sharing with you today is the full monty You know, I’m not not leaving anything out, then  there’s only so much I can cover in a 10 minute call, but our podcast with you.

But the first thing you need to know is that ​you’ve got to have products and  services beyond your book​, if you want to go ahead and make big money, I’ve got a book called ​Big Money With Your Book Without Selling A Single Copy.

And in there, I tell a couple of personal stories of myself, a family, couple clients.  But mostly, it’s a story of five different people from different walks of life from different businesses, who are also killing it with you with their book, because they didn’t just say,  hey, I’ve got the I’m going to work on this book. And once it’s done, then I’m going to sell  it. And that’s how I’m going to make money and help people. 

That’s not how it is, those are all people that are using their book as their most  powerful marketing tool, and to transform those new communications as new  relationships into clients and the people who buy their products and services.  

So let me share with you something I don’t think anybody else is actually teaching  and sharing on a strategy that just people are not using. This is basically the core  foundation of our epic author system. And why I created epic author publishing. Most  people get this backwards, and they get it wrong.  

They think in order to make big money with their book, in order to establish their  authority and credibility, they have to sit down, and most people will write their book,  then do some marketing then hope that they make some money. And then at the end of  it, they’re like, Oh, my gosh, well, if I do that, all that that would help me feel good,  because I’ve met my mission.  

So with that book, author publishing, we flipped that entire thing upside down.  And this is the system this is what I want you to learn is that we do it differently. We, we  work from the bottom up, we work for the end to we reverse engineer what the success  is going to be to you.

So number one is ​we focus on your mission​. So it’s really important for you to get  clear about why you want that book in the first place is probably to attract clients, it’s  probably to get more speaking gigs is probably to get more attention and credibility and  positioning in the marketplace.
So you get extremely clear about what your mission is first, and then we work up  from there. From there, you go to what is your money making system. Like, there’s two  core questions I’m asking you is, ​who do you want to help when it comes to working  on your book?​ And then ​what problems do they have?​ ​What results are you going to  deliver?​ This is you deciding what you’re going to sell.

So we’re gonna talk about that a little bit today on the podcast, but you come up  with your money making plan, like how you gonna sell this, what are you going to sell,  who are you going to sell it to, and understand that, because this can shift your book is actually for because it’s now built on the foundation of your mission. And what’s most  important to you. 

Then we reverse engineering your marketing. We actually start marketing your  book and leveraging your book, my couple of books that I’ve written up around this  subject I really love. And if you haven’t checked it out yet, you totally should. One of them is called ​Big Money With Your Book Without Selling A Single Copy. And the other one is ​How To Write The Right Book Fast.

Like in these two, I outlined the strategies you can use to, to, like, implement those  types of things. I’m telling you now, I have obviously a training program at  epicauthor.com​. You can go there and just get my training about how to go from blank  page to bestseller in 90 days or less.  

But again, what we’re doing today is just reverse engineering, how you can make  six to seven figures add an extra six or seven figures to what you’re doing. And it starts  with mission money making plan marketing plan. And then the last thing you do is write  your book.
And if you’re thinking will travel, how does that mean that I made six, seven  figures of my book, like what I don’t understand when does the book come in the book  comes in at the very beginning. Because once you have a blueprint plan, and highly  suggest that before you start building a house, you have a plan and the blueprint to go  ahead and tackle it, you know. 

You wouldn’t go down the Home Depot and just by would go into your backyard  and start building a dream house. I don’t care how good how crafty you are at the  kitchen table crafting out your blueprint, you probably hire an architect, if you’re going  to build a house that you’re really proud of. She want people to move into her, you can  entertain guests.  

So what you want is a plan. That’s the blueprint. And you want to start with that  once you’ve got that you start the marketing to sell your products and services. And you  leverage the power of your book in there. So in our system that I use with Epic author  publishing, which again, and you can just check out that training at epic author. com,  you can go ahead and see how we start to promote and have you profit from day one  with your book.  

And you get to promote and profit because you’ve got an idea of what you can sell.  And I’m going to cover that next. So you have an idea of what you can sell beyond in  behind your book. 
This just happened with them. One of my new clients named Brandon. And he’s a  pretty great frickin action taker. He applied module one of my epic author Academy  system, I got his first blueprint plan, I got a private call with me. And we went ahead and  he took action in the next less than 30 days, he generated $17,000 a month in recurring  monthly income.  

Now by taking the entire program not by writing his book, not by finishing up, he  doesn’t even know this. And certainly the title of his book yet he’s playing with a couple.  But he was able to leverage the marketing and money making into something that got  him pay. I don’t know about you. But I think that’s a pretty cool result.  

And I would love to that is not the only result I’ve got tons, I just don’t have time  on today’s session. So let’s jump into what you can sell to make seven figures. 

First of all, I think when you are making offers beyond and behind your book, you  want to have three core offers. Okay, a small, medium, large a hold on a small, medium,  and large. And then I also like to have an all of the above.  

So think of small offers of anything less than $1,000 a medium offer of anything  less than $10,000 a large offer, and this is going to depend on you and where you feel  comfortable. But that might be 3050, $100,000, it just depends on your market. And then  an extra large would be the all the Obama package where you say, I’m gonna throw  everything in the kitchen sink at you. And that would be whatever number you feel is  appropriate. That could be over 30 grand over 100 grand.  

And depending on your marketplace, you might be significantly more than just  kind of depends on your mindset. But you want to know what those offers are. If you  don’t have clarity around what you sell, and to whom you want to sell it to, you’re going  to have some big challenges making any kind of money.  

And this is the problem. Most people focus when it comes to getting their book  down and making big money with their book, they think I need to focus on getting this  book done. And they don’t remember that they need to sell the real money behind your book, or the products and services that you offer. beyond that.  

And to give you a quick example, My daughter is 11 years old. She’s 10 number  one best selling books. She has three more that are in the works right now. And that she  has been making sales to her super kids book workshop beyond her books. 

And so just recently, we taught a course over this summer. And she had I think  about half a dozen or a dozen kids in this classroom. And we taught these kids how to  publish books. And my daughter made $1,000 in a two hour workshop that we went  ahead and on and talk these kids these great strategies. 
I don’t know about you. But that’s pretty cool stuff of an 11 year old can do that,  then you can too. Now granted I’m the one they’re driving the bus on the strategist, I’m  helping with this whole thing. She didn’t come up with the business plan and the  marketing plan and all of that.
I get it. We’re cheating. You know, she’s she’s using my leverage. But she’s  actually using the same leverage that I make available to you. I don’t recommend that  you do it on your own. I don’t recommend that you go try to burn this pass through the  jungle, all on your own. There’s quicksand, and all kinds of challenges, and all kinds of  things that hold you back. I’ve already got the path and I will hold your hand and help  you with it to make it happen.  

And that’s all I got for you today. I just wanted to look at the clock here. It looks  like I’m a little bit over. I’m about 12 minutes into this podcast. So looks like I went  beyond the 10 minutes window I challenged myself with but that’s not that how to make  an extra six, seven figures with your book. And this is without even selling it.  

Your book is a positioning tool. It’s a lever and a piece of leveraged help you get  something you want that’s bigger and better. And more than just the book. It’s probably  to make a difference in someone’s life. It’s probably to help change the world, help solve  problems, help deliver results to help position you in your marketplace as an authority.  

And you probably want to improve the way you communicate with the world and  probably improve the way that you have people coming into your business. And if that’s  the case, you need to get a book then you need to get a book that will turn your message  and your most powerful marketing tool.  

And your book is that tool if you write the right book, my mentor veto the first  three ideas and maybe even four ideas I had from my first book, I came I came up with  things that made a difference to me. And that saved my life or really inspired me and  move and I wanted us to be my first book but going through the process with my mentor  like I volunteer to do with you. 

I will help you pick the right book in the right message. So when you publish it,  you can have immediate when like so many of our clients have. So check out epicauthor.com​. That’s my only challenge for you today.

Because if you check out that video you’re going to get I say it’s a video because  I’ve got a webinar there that either do live or depending on what we could get it It might  be a replay but you really should go out and check that training because it can help you  go from blank page to best seller in 90 days or less. And really break down our blueprint  dinner system for you so that you can have success.  

Okay, I went on a little bit long there. I yes, but I wanted to make sure you  understood I’m here to help you and support you to share your message with the world  so you can make a difference and improve somebody’s life. That’s our duty and our  responsibility and I’m tasking that to you today. So go check out epic offer calm.
And I can’t wait to see you tomorrow on another daily dose of greatness quest.
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