Not taking responsibility for your actions and words can lead to a world of pain. In this episode, Trevor tells his story and aims to help people avoid some of the mistakes he made.

Trevor Crane is a 11-time #1 bestselling author and the founder of Epic Author Publishing. Trevor helps business owners, speakers, coaches and consultants become IRRESISTIBLE to their ideal target clients, and consistently grow their LEADS, SALES and REVENUE. Host of the Greatness Quest podcast, Trevor can help you build your IDEAL BUSINESS so you can live your IDEAL LIFE.

Time Stamped Show Notes

[1:50] Trevor’s story is about learning the lesson of taking responsibility instead of blaming others for your own circumstances.

[3:25] After getting a habit of failing before he wins,Trevor now is an author, has his publishing company, and over the last few years, his life has gotten great again. That’s because he chose discipline. Doing anything is hard, so choose what’s worth having.

[9:09] It was 2007 and Trevor had it all, a loving family and his business was doing well. That lasted for two years, when in 2009 he lost it all.

[11:08] His red flag was when he got bored of his business and stopped talking to his business partner as a self-sabotaging measure. Then his partner got upset and that was the beginning of the end.

[13:26] Trevor didn’t take responsibility of him not liking what he was doing and thought it was easier to not confront his business partner.

[14:40] Due to Trevor’s poor communication, his partner though he was doing something wrong, forged his signature in a new contract and made Trevor lose his clients. Then Trevor struck back and sued him.

[16:00] It took two years of fighting, losing the woman he was dating and his daughter, losing everything. It got worse before it got better but Trevor found he was the common denominator and began to take action.

[20:25] It’s when we take responsibility of what happens to us that we get in control and understand that what happens is only up to us and the result of our actions.

[23:53] Failing Forward Segment


  • Why did this failure experience happen to you? – “I needed it. Mistakes are repeated until lessons are learned. This was not a bad thing, this was something that I needed; some of that painful stuff is what we need to go through so that we can actually find and define our greatness.”
  • What is the single most important lesson you learned from this? – “The faster that I can own my role and responsibility in something, the sooner I can set myself free.”
  • How do you protect yourself from failing in this way again? – “I don’t protect myself in this regard at all, I don’t think there needs to be protection. I play full out. Maybe my mechanism is to be completely vulnerable and authentic. I have found power in that vulnerability.”
  • Who do you turn to when you need help? – “If there’s a result I want that I don’t have, I seek a mentor to help me with it. I love Tony Robbins, so I like to go to him. I find a mentor physically but also with my mindset, I call it my round-table and Tony Robbins sits at the head of this imaginary table. I will bring my challenges to the table, speak out and then answer in what I believe is their tone and their advice to me.”
  • What advice would you give to someone in a similar position? – “I’ll give you three things. One is you can be right or you can be rich. You can be right or you can be in love. You can be right or you can be happy. I know I’ve made my choice, I don’t really care about being right anymore. And I find myself sometimes running old patterns and then stop trying to be right. Choose rich, choose being in love, choose being happy. Number two is a question I ask myself to save my life: “What’s the gift in this?”, assuming that there is one. This was the common core question that kept showing up for me so that then I embrace the feelings and I cry, but I knew there was a gift in there, I knew it was getting better. And the third thing is that if you want something, you don’t have, for the love that all that is holy, get help.”

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[38:23] Trevor’s final thought: “Results come from two places. They come from mistakes and mentors. And what you guys have chosen is to try and embrace both. Say who are the mentors that we are gonna learn from and what are the mistakes that they learned from.”

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