EPISODE 54 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


“Where your focus goes, energy flows.” Tony Robbins

“Don’t ever leave the side of a goal without doing something towards its attainment” Tony Robbins


What are you doing today that is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow?

And if what you’re doing today is not getting you closer to where you want to be  tomorrow, then you need to shift things. You need to shift your focus to something else  that you should be focused on. And then you should make sure you take some action.


Focus on the positive​.

Or focus on the bad thing that just happened and find a meaning behind it that’s more  empowering and can move you forward.

Write down in your success journal.

Write down what this new positive empowering meaning is.



On today’s episode, I share a 3-step formula so you can ​LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST.

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

What are you going to focus on?

What does this mean?

What am I going to do?




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Welcome to another daily dose of greatness quest. Today’s topic is about ​LIVING  LIFE TO THE FULLEST​. I’ve got a little 3-step formula here. I think you’re going to love  it. Can’t wait to see on today’s show. 


Alright, welcome back. How can you ​LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST​? Lately, I have  talked about the power of the dark side, the power of the light. And that we need to use  both of these to our benefit. We talked a little bit about, shared some Love Guru insights.  I’ve talked to my 11-year old daughter, a couple of times on this show. 

What I want to share with you now is a strategy that you can use. It’s a little 3-step  process. And we’re asking an answer to these 3 questions all the time, anyway. I’m going  to give them to you without any hyperbole or without any real fanfare. I’m going to tell  you where I came up with these and how you can use them right now. So you can just  jump right into it and keep today’s show really tight so you can get something valuable. 

So basically, these 3 questions are: What are you going to focus on? What does this  mean? And what am I going to do? So write those down real quick. What are you going to  focus on? What does this mean? And what am I going to do?

Now you’re constantly always asking these questions anyway. ​But when you’re  conscious of them instead of unconscious, you now get to go ahead and choose​. See,  where your focus goes energy flows. When you focus on the positive of things, when you  see the glass as half full as opposed to half empty, you’re typically in a better state. 

Now you and I might have hardship. It’s gonna come up, the dark side, right?  We’re gonna have some shit come up that we’re not gonna like. Now we can focus on  how this sucks. But see, ​successful people who are ​living life to the fullest ​will find a  way to focus on the positive​. Now sometimes there is not a positive. Sometimes,  something happens and somebody dies. And something happens and it just sucks. And  that’s okay. Like I think that it is silly to go ahead and pretend like things aren’t what  they really are. And if you’re gonna focus on something, man, then give it your attention.  Focus on it. But now, what you’re immediately now trying to figure out is, what does this  mean? And oftentimes, we think it means that it’s something really bad. Or we think what we’re doing is getting us some kind of incredible result. 

My question for you today would be to ask yourself if what you are doing  today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow​. And if what you’re  doing today is not getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow, then you need to  shift things. You need to shift your focus to something else that you should be focused on.  And then you should make sure you take some action. 

Well, how are you gonna take some action and what does this mean? What are  you gonna focus on? So when you focus on something, you know, you have to now create  a meaning for it. Now, we do this naturally, and we think that these meanings are set in  stone. But one of the things that has been one of the most powerful gifts I’ve received in  my life is the ability to reprogram the meaning that I have for things. 

So when I filed my bankruptcy at one stage, I thought that meant I was a loser. I  thought that meant it was the end. But then I thought that meant a whole bunch of  things. And it made me cry, made me get upset and made me want to slit my wrists, and  it was sucked. I was never really suicidal, but I was really. And I felt really bad about  myself. 

And then I had to transfer, I got the gift to transform that meaning. I thought,  what else could this mean? And maybe it meant that this was a time to start over.
See, now I look at that bankruptcy. I was telling this story to my buddy. He and I  were talking into, been awhile I was sharing with him that ​on the day I filed my  bankruptcy was the day I made $2.2 million​. Like what a powerful meaning  transformation. See, I had a lot of debt and I was pretty upset about it. And then I  learned about debt and what it meant. And I thought I would go to jail. I thought when  you didn’t pay your bills, you went to jail. That was stealing. I thought that I was a liar  and a lot of things that were not necessarily positive. That I was just confused and  scared. 

And so I found out that I didn’t have to pay my bills. I mean, they’ll try to take  your house and they’ll try to take your car. And they did. And they did take that stuff. But  I didn’t go to jail. I mean, I did get some very, very consistent phone calls. People who  wanted me to, to pay them back, you know, the credit card companies, you know. And  they came and got my Hummer. I drop that off at the airport and call them to come pick it up and they were. But who cares?  

You know, I learned that there was a different meaning in it. And the day I walked  into that judge and the small little room and he wrote off my $2.2 million in probably 5  minutes, I realized was the day that I made $2.2 million. It was a very rich day because I  wouldn’t have had to pay all that back. I’d had to go out and make my next $2 million just  like everybody else. 

And so how you focus on, what you focus on, what’s the meaning of those things  are. Could be anything. I broke up with a gal, and I was in love with her. And we had a  daughter together. Like, this was the worst. This was the worst. And I was losing all my  money at the same time. I’m like, man, life sucks. This is the worst.  

But actually, it was a good thing. It was one of the best things that happened to  me. She left me, you know, she said, “Trevor, you suck. I’m going to leave you now.” I had  been struggling with the relationship for a while. There are times I wanted to break up  but I didn’t want to break up because I was in love with her. And we had a baby together  and blah, blah, blah. Finally, she left me and I was all upset. Oh no. I cried. Oh, this is so  sad. She’s leaving me.  

But then I realized, “Hold on, there’s a gift behind this.” Like maybe we weren’t  meant to be together. We were struggling like finally she had the damn courage instead  of me. Maybe this was my, maybe this was meant to be like, but we have a daughter  together. And what if there’s another man in my daughter’s life and she’s gonna go in  there might. This woman was gonna, my daughter’s mother was gonna date another man  and there’s another man that’s going to be raising my daughter. 

And I remember I was talking to Tony Robbins one day. And when I say that, I  meant I was watching one of his DVDs and he was talking to me and I was talking back to  him. And someone else then made up a similar fear. And they said that going through the  divorce or getting your or breaking up with his, I think it was his wife, that he was scared  that someone else, another man would probably raise his kids. 
And Tony said “You’re right. They will. Like that’s gonna happen if you leave  them. That’s one of the things that’s going to happen”And it seemed like it was the end of  the world for him when he was thinking of it. It is certainly felt like that for me. But then  I realized that maybe I could create a powerful meaning around it instead. 

Now I’m married to the right woman for me. And we just had our new baby boy.  And my daughter is now 11 not 2. I met her right at the end of this whole, of this  madness. See, what are you going to focus on? And what does this mean? So you can wait  for it to be all happy puppy in the end. Or you can create a positive empowering meaning  in what you have right now. And what the things are that you’re going to focus on. 

This happens with my daughter, my daughter will get all upset. Oh, she’ll get  upset, something will happen. And this means whatever it means. And she’ll typically get  upset when she gets really tired. And then she needs to go to sleep. But then she gets  upset. She gets depressed. And she goes down this thing. 
And I shared with you recently this fun little thing with drama. If you didn’t listen  to the Love Guru episode, you should totally check that one out. It’s kinda funny because  my daughter was talking in the background. But we distract her from something and get  her to focus on something else. See, focus is important. As I said, what are you going to  focus on? What does this mean? And then what are you going to go do?  

Yesterday, I talked to you about the power of like shifting and overcoming, what  did I say, overcoming overwhelm or obliterate overwhelm and how to deal with  confusion. And I said that you should find a mentor. When I said that you should find, so  you should just take fast action.
Today, I’m talking to you about now that you’re going to focus on something and  now what does it mean is at the end and the beginning. So you get to choose. And then  you get to choose what you’re now going to go do. And I suggest that you take fast action.  I suggest that you get some frickin help. I suggest that you live life to the fullest. And  focus on the positive.  

Because you can do the opposite, you know. Whatever the fucking hell the  opposite of that is something that sucks. Don’t live life to the fullest and focus on the  shitty shit. Like why would you want to do that, you know? Live life to the fullest and  focus on the positive, man. And then, now figure out what you’re gonna do. Don’t sit  there kumbaya-happy-puppy. Bullshit. Do something. Get your ass up and go do  something. Hire somebody, get some help, read the book, take the program, follow their  instructions. Don’t just start it, finish it.

Lately I’ve had some causes and people are getting one of my books called ​How to Write the Right Book Fast.​ And they show up on their first coaching call session with  me and their frickin halfway done with their book. Like they followed the frickin  instructions. They’re done with their title, their table of contents. They started their book  launch team, they just followed the frickin instructions. It is so amazing. And then I get to  help them with the next level. And holy crap, we create fast results when that happens.  So successful people maintain a positive focus in life, no matter what is going on around  them. 

So I would challenge you today to try to focus on the positive. Or focus on the  frickin shit that just happened and find a meaning behind it. The yucky stuff. Find a  meaning behind it that’s more empowering and can move you forward. That’s my  challenge for you today and then write that down in your frickin journal. Write down  like what this new powering alternative, this new positive empowering meaning is and  then you gotta get, you gotta put your 2 feet in in motion. You gotta walk about, you gotta  take some action. You gotta do something. 

I shared this also recently and I love this quote by Tony Robbins, where he says,  “Don’t ever leave the side of a goal without doing something towards its  attainment.”​ So take some action. Do something. Don’t wait. Do something now. Do  something tomorrow, you know. Show up tomorrow’s another daily dose of greatness  quest. Take some action. ​LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST​. Become your best.

See when my grandfather passed away when he was 92 years old. He died on his,  in that bed that he never got out of, with some regrets. And he died with some magic  memories, some moments. And I know that he would, he could remember the things that  made him happy. He was focused on those two things, his magic moments, the things  that were the greatest things he did in his life. And those things that were his biggest regrets.
One of his regrets was not publishing a book. He had a story that he wrote called  The Painted Pony​. You know what, I’m gonna have to now publish that book. He never  published it. I should publish it for him. It needs some major editing because it was not  ready to publish, but that was his regret.. 

And that’s one of the reasons why I now started a publishing company that helps  people tell their story. And helps people tell their story in a context that goes ahead and helps build their business, their brand. And makes a difference and helps people. I have  kids books. I have a program for kids books. I have a program for greatness books, which  I think are those of us that have books that can make a difference in the world. And  entrepreneurs, business owners, lawyers, doctors, financial advisors, coaches,  consultants, I help you with the greatness book to get your greatness out and share it  with the world. So people can start to experience more of their own greatness through  your help and your stories. 

And then I help people with legacy books. I’m working with 2 people right now.  One is a cop. He hasn’t started yet. But he was roommates with Dr. Martin Luther King  growing up and in college. I hope we get to work on that book. I’m really excited to tell  that story. 

And then another young woman who’s 90 years young. Who wants to tell her  legacy story about how she grew up in the 20’s with ADHD. And that combination of  challenges as a colored woman dealing with a lot of the mental challenges that she had at  the time for being that. What she’s calling her book? It’s called ​The Habit.​ And we’re  working on that book. 

So here’s my challenge for you today. I’m not going to repeat myself. You already  know what the challenges. Go kick some today.  

And I can’t wait to see you tomorrow on another daily dose of greatness  quest. Make today magnificent.
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