Aren’t you guys just sick of the moaning, the groaning, the whining, the negativity, people making excuses, the haters and the complainers. I’m at the point where I don’t even like to watch TV.

I can’t even watch the news, because all I see is negative news coming at me all the time.

Behind me in my office at home is a wall where we put up our family photos showing awesome things, like my daughter flying in the air in Hawaii… I mean, isn’t that awesome?

This past weekend, we watched the new Lego Movie, with my six year old daughter, and in it, there was a really cool song… I’ll play it for you now… and… we are going to dance.

Get ready for it… It’s going to ugly, but I’m going to do it. Ready!

Ha! All right! Here’s the truth of it. Wouldn’t you rather live in Awesome, instead of SUCK? Instead of focusing on all that negativity?

Too many people are settling for less than they could be, leading a life that’s less than what they really want.

When you have a positive attitude… everything changes.

The main character in the movie we just saw, and it’s so funny… no matter what happens to him BELIEVES everything is awesome!… What a great way to live life.!?

When you have a positive attitude it affects your work, it affects all your relationships, in fact, it affects everybody around you.

I mean, are you the kind of person that lights up a room when you walk in? Or, are you the kind of person that brings everyone down when you walk in?

What kind of person do you want to be?

Now I suspect since you’re watching this, you’re probably someone that lights it up.

My challenge to you is to go on an awesome-atarian diet.

That means no suck for 30 days. No matter what happens, you can’t dwell on suck.

Now, if something comes up that you don’t like –

BE AUTHENTIC about it…

Things will come up, things that are going to be less that awesome…. That’s fine.

Don’t ignore that stuff, don’t pretend it doesn’t affect you… it does; just don’t live in it…
Your job, is to find the positive meaning.

So here’s something I’ll give you to make that really easy. It’s so easy to do… it’s just one question you can ask, that will help you guide your focus.

Questions are great, because that’s what they do – they guide your focus. So here’s an easy question that has to do with awesome… check this out.

What’s awesome about that?

Simple, right?

So, whatever happens, (no matter what); your job is to ask this question, “What’s awesome about that?” and keep asking it, until you find an Empowering Meaning.

What is an empowering meaning? Well, it depends… that’s what you have to figure out.

Your job is to find it.

I don’t care if somebody gives you a box of… cow poop, I want you to find out what’s awesome about it…

Or, you decide to look inside of it, dig around a little bit… and find what’s awesome. “Who knows, maybe someone buried a ring in there or something… a really precious diamond ring? It’s just underneath some of the cow poop!”

I don’t know… figure out what you can do with it… “maybe you turn it into fertilizer for your lawn” or something! But keep looking and find the awesome in it!

For 30 days that is my challenge to you! Figure out, a positive EMPOWERING meaning, no matter what happens.
Now, I’ve reprogrammed my mind to live in awesome for a long time…

I mean, I’m a freak, because sometimes when people are laughing, I’m crying…

Often, when people are crying or upset, I tend to laugh or get excited…

Because… I’m always looking for the AWESOME, (or the Gift) of their current situation. I see past the BS… to the other side of it. You know what I mean, AFTER people get through and get to the other side of the pain…

I get excited for them and happy for them, it’s crazy.

You can do this for yourself – by training yourself.

Train yourself by going on an AWESOME-ATARIEN DIET. (Like a vegetarian but an awesome-atarian diet INSTEAD).

Change your attitude – or at least improve it and… the world can literally transform around you.
Here’s my guess: You’re probably already awesome.

Or, you wouldn’t be here right now… I’m just challenging you to cut out the suck for 30 days.

Now, here’s my WARNING to you… there’s a DARK SIDE to awesome.

Darth Vader, voice right… like, “huuchhhh, LUKE… I am your Father.” That’s not a very good Darth Vader but here’s the deal; the dark side of awesome is that, even if the world’s falling down around you… and you don’t change…

You sit in suck… and call it awesome.

That’s not cool. Now, I’ve had personal experience with this. I’ve lived that. At one point, and you probably know my story by now… I lost everything; I lost my business, I lost my money, I lost my houses, I lost all my stuff. I even lost the people that I loved.

They left me because, basically, they said you suck, and I probably did.

I was living in suck, it wasn’t very awesome. However, the weird thing was that, in the middle of my bankruptcy, and losing everything… I had this pattern of still asking great questions and I would focus on what’s awesome. (It was good in some ways, but in retrospect, there were also times when it held me back.)

So check it out, I ended up being one of the happiest broke, bankrupt people you’ve ever met! But, the challenge (the DARK SIDE) was that the world was literally falling down around me and I hadn’t changed my focus… I hadn’t learned to turn the POWER of that situation into new action that would help me CHANGE the situation.

I really wasn’t telling the truth about how uncomfortable and unhappy I was in that moment.

You find the awesome in it… and you use that focus to NOT change.

When you fail to get uncomfortable enough – to shift yourself out of it… that’s the DARK SIDE of awesome… It’s when you FAIL to use this dissatisfaction as FUEL to move you, shock you, propel you into action and create something else…

Look, I know you.

You have this desire… a desire to fly, right?

When life is NOT the way you want it, in the moment, and you tell yourself a LIE, or you use SOFTENERS to explain away, excuse away your problems… you’re hurting yourself.

So here’s my challenge, not only are you going to go an awesome-atarian diet, but you’re also going to begin to:


Like this: When “stuff” happens, stuff you don’t like, take a moment to associate to it. Feel honestly how it makes you feel… DON’T AVOID IT. Dive into it.

If it doesn’t make you feel good – that makes sense. It’s not there to make you feel good. It’s designed to hurt… and to shock you into action.

This is your opportunity to turn your pain into your power – so that it moves you into action. So, don’t deny it or stuff it down and pretend like it isn’t going to bother – you when it bothers you… associate to it. Utilize it.

Turn your pain into your power for the next 30 days. Turn everything you don’t like, everything painful, into your power – and take action and go out and change your life.

So, I challenge you to go out on your own greatness quest, to do whatever it is you got to do, to become your best.

Remember a positive attitude is everything.

It can change your world. Plus, if you can associate to all your pain and USE the stuff that you don’t want… to fuel you… you can transform things – FAST.

Now, I don’t know where you are right now. Maybe you’re NOT in pain right now. Maybe you’re comfortable at the moment…

But I challenge you to DECIDE what it is that you want, so that you have something that creates that dissatisfaction with where you are, so you can get yourself into action, you are your power, so go out make what you want – happen!

Turn that power, that pain, into your power.

I challenge you to go out on your own greatness quest and to become your best. Go out for the next thirty days… and no suck for thirty days.

If suck does show up, that’s cool… don’t ignore it… just use it and associate to it, turn it into rocket-fuel… and then move on.

Remember everything is awesome!

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