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How To Increase Your Happiness

EPISODE 25 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


How happy are you right now?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you and how happy are you on a regular basis?
If I could share with you a strategy that could help you ​INCREASE YOUR HAPPINESS​, whether you’re mad, sad, happy, depressed, or however happy you are right now… would you give me your attention? ​I hope you do.


“It’s hard to be grateful when you’re living in FEAR. When you change your focus to  GRATITUDE, fear disappears.” – Trevor Crane

It’s hard to be grateful when you’re living in fear. When you change your focus to gratitude, fear disappears.


Here’s my CHALLENGE to you today…​ ​The next time you get ​mad​ or ​depressed​ or ​pissed off, get out of yourself. ​STOP being selfish! STOP focusing on yourself!

Instead, focus on ​GRATITUDE​.


Step 1: Think about someone most important to you. Write down as much as you can  about why this person is so important to you.  

Step 2: Then share what you write down with that person. Call them up. And read it to  them. Let them know how you feel about them.  


How does doing that that makes you feel? 


On this episode, we talked about a simple strategy that will make you happier.

And I cover a really simple exercise that will help you ​EXPRESS and FEEL GRATITUDE​.  Just by focusing on someone who is important to you.

What I think you will find, is that by focusing on something or someone other than  yourself, you can DRAMATICALLY change the way you feel.

And… this exercise of ​EXPRESSING GRATITUDE​ will increase your level of happiness.

Try it out! 


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Welcome, welcome, welcome. I have a question for you. ​How happy are you  right now?​ On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you and how happy are you on a regular  basis? And if I could share with you a strategy that could help you ​INCREASE YOUR  HAPPINESS​, whether you’re mad, sad, happy, depressed, or however happy you are  right now, would you stick around to the whole show? I hope you do. 


All right, welcome back. Now this has been a focus of mine for quite some time  because in the past I rarely felt happy. I rarely felt joy. I felt different emotions like try to  be an achievement. I felt angry, I felt frustration, I felt like different desires, but I have  had a lot of challenges in my life, as I’m sure you have too, and I realized that I didn’t  want to spend my life suffering. 

Tony Robbins talks about this and he said that he has had different mentors in his  life that helped him focus on the questions that he asks himself in what he can do to  change his focus​ so he can have a more ​joyous life​ and have ​more happiness ​in it.  Even though he might be frustrated because he’s got a lot of challenges going on with like  a million companies that he’s got or or whatever it is. 

So I want to give you strategies a day or two actually that have worked really well  for me. That helped me when I was at some of my lowest times and this is something that  I did a little bit of homework on. I actually did some scientific research about this. So  check this out and then follow along with me and do this exercise for yourself. I think  you’re going to see it as a great challenge today. 

I have a 30-day goal-setting challenge that I do with some of my new clients who  come in and I’ll bring them in. And I’ll even give it to you as a gift if you wanna join me.  It’s a 30-day challenge and this is one of the challenges from one of the days or at least part of it. And I think you’re going to like it a lot.  

Now, scientists have proven that one of the greatest contributing factors to your  overall happiness in your life is how much​ GRATITUDE​ you can show and oftentimes  when we’re suffering, when we’re angry at something, when we’re upset about  something, when we’re anxious about something.  

Just the other day, my daughter was crying, big alligator tears because she thought  I wronged her and she was really upset and mad at me. So she was crying and upset and  I had to use some different strategies to try to help my 10-year old daughter, which is  surprisingly can be more challenging than sometimes I have with my clients. 

But anyway, when you’re in that state, one of the things you’re thinking of is  you’re basically just thinking about yourself and you’re thinking about all of these  challenges you have. And the truth is, is that it’s hard to be ​GRATEFUL​. I​t’s hard to be  grateful when you’re in anger or fear. And when you can change your focus to  GRATITUDE​ instead of some of these other emotions, fear disappears. They can’t  live in the same place.​ But I mean just getting into a happy place when you’re mad or  depressed is easier. When you’re mad or depressed or pissed off that is not the thing you  want to hear. Certainly not my daughter. So here’s the thing is that I would challenge you  to ​get out of yourself,​ to ​stop focusing on yourself ​in this situation.

In fact, my wife and daughter and I just watched this movie called the “Love  Guru” by Mike Myers. And in the “Love Guru”, he’s got this silly, he has this tattoo on the  back of his hand called DRAMA. And the first part of him helping somebody starts with a  D letter, that’s the acronym for how he helps somebody and he was helping the character  in the movie. And the first thing that he helps people with is ​DISTRACTION​.

Like if you’re focused on ​YOU​ and you’re focused on whatever it is that you feel,  like loss, less or something that is making you suffer, then you’re just focused on ​YOU​. It’s  a very internal thing about how you lost something, about how the scarcity or whatever  it is that you’re angry about. And so the shift is to ​try to get your focus on something  else​. 

So that’s really cool to do with the questions that you ask. So follow along with me  here and instead of just telling me this, why don’t you just do it with me. Step number  one is to close your eyes and I want you to think of someone who is really been  influential in your life. Somebody who did something really amazing or important for  you. Somebody who you would look at and go, that’s a person who changed your life or  really cared and contributed, to your life at some stages. Imagine that person real quick.

And then here’s what I want you to do. Your challenge today is to ​write down as  much as you can about why this person is so important to you​. And I did this just  yesterday, I took on the challenge and I’ve done this several times because I put this in  one of my books. Like I said, and I wrote about my dad. And I wrote about how my dad  has made a difference in me and how he always believed in me.
And I had two fathers, I had my birth father and then a step father. My birth  father always believed in me. My stepfather is oftentimes a big jackass and say not nice  things about me and what I was capable of and both of them motivated me in different  ways. One was like pulling me towards what I could be and the other was like I just  wanted to succeed in spite of him being a jackass. So here’s the thing, I want you to  imagine who it is for you. Who is that person? And then I want you to write one page  about why this person had this impact for you. And when I wrote about this with my  dad, I remember a time when I was 11 years old and I needed to pass this presidential  physical fitness test. And it was that you had to do push ups, pull ups and sit ups some  whatever it was. 

And in school, you know, I was pretty competitive and some of my friends had  been doing pretty well. We do these physical challenges during PE or something like that.  And then they keep track of it and then we get scored and whatever. So I went to my dad  and I was real upset because some of my friends were able to do 10 pull ups and I was  like, man, I, there’s no way I’m going to be able to do 10 pull ups. I’m going to look stupid.  And so I went to him and my dad gave me this great strategy about how I can increase  my pull-ups. At the time I didn’t even know how many I could do. I went in and I only did  five and my dad gave me this formula: “SEE IT, SAY IT, FEEL IT” formula.  

And I was able to go ahead and overcome. And I ended up doing 10 pull ups on  the day that I needed to do the 10. But I didn’t want to do that, I wanted to do 11. Inside  of a month, I was able to do 11 pull-ups.

So he helped me ​DOUBLE​ my success. Now I’m not here to tell you that “See it, Say  it, Share it” formula. If you follow me or if you join my 30-day book challenge or 30-day  goal-setting challenge, then I’m going to go ahead and share that with you so you’re going  to get that story. But what I want to share with you, this is what I wrote about my dad  because at a time I was really stressed out and he was working. My dad was a horseshoer  and it was really hot in Arizona and he was bending down underneath the horse trying  to shoe the horse. He was there for me and he believed in me and he gave me a strategy  that I was able to implement and then it changed my life. It made me believe that I could  do just about anything. 

So these are powerful things. So when I wrote this letter, it shifted how I felt. And  then in this study, they went ahead and I saw this Youtube video and you’ve got to check  this out. You really should join me on the 30-day challenge. By the way, you can do that,  you can get in touch with me and just asked to join the 30-day challenge. Download my  app, text message: ​TREVOR to: 36260 ​and then they should have my contact information  in there. You can get in touch with me on social media or I think you can even get my  personal cell phone number. And you can text message me if that’s still available there or  someone on my team and we’ll put you into the 30-day challenge for free and you can  check this out. 

So after you write this letter and the intention is that you now share it with  somebody else with the person that you that you wrote about. And on this video that I  shared with you in the 30-day challenge, it makes you cry, it makes you tear up, you see  all these people that went through the scientific process of how happy they were before  they wrote this letter. How they felt after the letter and then how they felt after they  communicated to this other person.

So ​EXPRESSING GRATITUDE​ ended up ​increasing​ people’s ​happiness level​ by  like 20 percent or up to 20 percent just by writing a letter about the things that you appreciated about somebody else and then sharing it with them. 

And I did this yesterday on Facebook. I posted it publicly, about my dad and then I  went ahead and I said I would rather do a video form and share it with him. I haven’t  shared it with him yet. But that’s my goal today is to share it with him and to read it to  him. And I’m going to make a private video for him so he’s got it. So it’s not just a phone  call. That’s my strength. That’s what I’m going to do. But here’s my challenge to you is to,  let’s take you back to what I learned from the Love Guru.  

First thing is if you’re focused on yourself and you’re focused on something that’s  pissing you off and get you upset, you need to ​DISTRACT​ yourself. I think it’s a great  strategy. In the movie they did a whole bunch of fun things and with my daughter, I’ve  done a lot of different fun things. 

At one stage when she was real upset, I would just show her a funny cat video  because it would ​DISTRACT​ her into something else. My daughter likes cats. If she’d start  laughing and then I could get her to focus on something new.
For you, you can do whatever you want to distract yourself with, but let’s pick  something that’s healthy and good for you. And in this case, try this exercise. So again,  I’m just going to remind you who is it in your life, who’s really, really influential to you.  And then your challenge today is to write them a letter, at least one page, and then  instead of just mailing it to them, call them up and then share it with them. 
Read it to them and see how it makes you feel. So this is something that’s available  at your fingertips. It takes a pen or pencil, you get to write it out and then pick up a  phone.

And what you can find is that ​this focus on someone else instead of just you,  can make you feel better​. It’s the ​EXPRESSION OF GRATITUDE​.

And anyway, that’s all I got for you today.

What makes you happy?  

You answer that question for you and try to use this exercise. I think you’re going  to love it. And when you share it with this other person that you care about, and I think  they’re going to really appreciate it too.  

Make today freaking phenomenal!  

And if you liked this episode, please share it with somebody.  

Please give us a thumbs up and a and a comment on iTunes and I can’t wait to see  you on another daily dose of greatness quest ​tomorrow​!