So here we go. This is Trevor Crane, setting you out on your own greatness quest to become your best. And remember, as long as you are alive, you have the power to rise, to make your dreams come true.

So if you can look up, you can get up. So eyes up, chest up, step up and go out and take your life to the next level. I’ll see you again next week!

P.S. – My wife and daughter and I just got back from Disney World… and we saw those words right up there on the sky for the whole world to see…

Disney World – Where Dreams Come True.



The first thing that you need to do to ignite your drive is to:

#1: Engage your PASSION, your purpose, your dream!

That’s the reason I talked to you about dreaming and most importantly dreaming like a little kid. It’s best if you dream about something that’s bigger than you because let’s face it, most people are more willing to do something for someone else, than they are for themselves.

Now, let me give you an example. The Declaration of Independence was actually signed by 54 people who had a vision. They had a passion. In fact, they were not just willing to act by putting their name on a piece of paper. That was just the beginning, the ignition. They each gave you a different example to follow. They came from all walks of life and when each one wrote their name on that paper they ignited a drive and passion that led to the formation of this country.

They risked everything for the passionate dream they held. In the process many lost all of their property, all their wealth. Fourteen of them actually gave up their lives. They made the ultimate sacrifice. All because they had a vision, a dream, a drive, something they wanted so badly, that they were so passionate about.

So how did your dreaming go last week? Even if you didn’t dream last week the way that you really wanted to dream, that’s okay. The truth is, when I did the same exercise I asked you guys to do, a lot of limiting beliefs came up for me. It was probably the same for most of you. Just pick something, something that’s better than what you already have. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just pick and watch it grow.

Now, the second and third things you’re gonna need to ignite your drive, to ignite your personal power and get you to take action are like two sides of a coin. #2 PAIN & #3 PLEASURE.

It’s so easy to use ‘softeners’ and say, “hey, everything’s fine or I’ve at least got it better than the next guy.” There are a lot of these excuses, rationalizations or just plain lies we tell ourselves. I’ll just lump them all together and call them ‘softeners.’ It’s a trap that is easy to fall into. You’ve got to really consciously associate to the reality and not fall into the trap of all these ‘softeners’ that keep you from igniting your drive to take action.

#2: PAIN

For me, and this is a challenge, ‘cause I always see things as being really awesome in my life. I’ve really got to challenge myself to associate to the truth and not use these softeners. My biggest fear is not living up to my potential. To me it’s like death. I think it has to do with my little girl. If something were to happen to me and for some reason, I didn’t leave behind a legacy where I lived out my dreams; it could leave her believing she couldn’t make her dreams come true. That would be a fate worth than death!

I am definitely not proud to say this, but me not living up to my potential – not taking action has cost lives. Now, I’m about to share with you something that scares me to death to share with you.

I had a dog named Isis, who was the smartest dog in the world. For 2 years in a row, I had a goal to teach her about traffic… but I didn’t do anything. That’s not exactly right. I wrote it down. I put it on my goals. But I did nothing about it, and she was killed by car when she ran into the road, right outside my house. I carried her dead body to my backyard and buried her.

Now you might say that that’s not my fault, but the truth was, I could have stopped it from happening. I could have put up an instant fence that would have maybe cost me 200 bucks and saved my best friend’s life. This was the friend who taught me about unconditional love. You know, if you’ve ever had a pet, a really great pet in your life, you know what I mean. I could have used the leash. I could have trained her.

But the truth is, I didn’t act…

Several years later, I had a friend who committed suicide.

Now I know that it really wasn’t my fault. The truth is I’d been working with Tony Robbins for years. Year after year, I would go to his programs where he would do an intervention with someone who was suicidal. The first intervention I was personally involved with was when I helped someone who was suicidal… it was transformational…

Every year, I would hang out with Tony, as he worked with and helped people conquer their desire to commit suicide… And, instead feel excited about giving life another chance… and going out and living a powerful life…

When my friend committed suicide, it shocked me. I knew that I could have helped him. I knew that I could have stepped up in my own life, and shared some of the gifts I had with the people around me… but I didn’t.
I realized that, I was not really living up to my potential. I wasn’t living out my dreams. I was just playing it safe. I wasn’t walking in my greatness. I had failed to act, to help, to use the skills I had learned from and with Tony. That there were people around me, who NEEDED me; and I wasn’t there.

Now I know that suicide wasn’t my fault, but I also know that I had and have the power to make a difference.
To me, when I fail to make a difference, when I fail to step up… to me it’s the same thing as seeing my friends, my family, the people I love who are suffering… and do nothing, like I don’t care… so ignore them… like I just go to sleep, or watch a movie, or lay on the couch.

As if I walk away – and do nothing.

I can’t live with that. That’s me hurting people – I could have helped, but I wouldn’t get off my butt , and get over my fears… to actually get up and do anything about it – to help…

So that was/is my pain.

Time is short. It is scarce. We only get ONE life.
We aren’t the Wolverine. I just saw the movie the other night and that guy lives forever. As much as I’d like to think that I’m invincible and could live forever, that’s not true. So I’ve got to… YOU’VE got to GET UP, GO OUT, and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!

Now, let’s go on to that happier side.


The third thing that you can do to ignite your drive to get up and take action immediately – is to be pulled by this thing called “pleasure.”

Pleasure is a “compelling future” that PULLS you towards the direction of your dreams. It’s something you look forward to. It’s excitement. It’s anticipation. It feels good… J

The ultimate pleasure to me, is actually living out my purpose.

It’s making my dreams come true, about experiencing that reality,. Pleasure to me is helping as many people as I can. That’s what brings me pleasure, and what I’m most passionate about. It’s living my life without limitations.

Oh… when I can help someone ignite their passion? Now, that REALLY ignites my passion!

Pleasure for me is showing my daughter that she really can be, do, have and give ANYTHING she wants in this life.

What brings me pleasure? The opposite of my pain.

So here’s the deal. It’s simple to find your drive. It’s simple to find your why.

It’s about using your passion, your pain and pleasure and using them as tools, as resources.

It’s about focusing on them and associating with the ‘authentic’ feelings we have, and not using ‘softeners’. Then you can act and create the results you want. And, you can do it NOW – instead of procrastinating.

Like Les Brown said, “You might as well shoot for the moon, ‘cause if you missed, at least you land amongst the stars.”

So, I’m challenging you to go out on your own greatness quest and become your best and remember, you know as long as you’re alive, you have the power to rise.

So if you can look up, you can get up. So eyes up, chest up, step up and go out and take your life to that next level and I’ll see you next week. I can’t wait.

The idea is to get you to take action now!

To create the results you want in your life now instead of waiting.

Remember action is power!

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