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Today I talk about the the most dangerous phrase you can utter that will guarantee your failure. The phrase, “I already know that.”

I know the DANGER of this phrase all too well. Today, I’ll share an experience with you, when a mentor fired me on our FIRST phone call… after I’d paid him $10,000.

This phrase has, and probably is, sabotaging your success.


Where in your life do you say “I already know that.” But, if you’re HONEST with yourself, you’re not LIVING and DEMONSTRATING in your life?


“Your results are a reflection of your rituals.” -Trevor Crane

Your results are a reflection of your rituals.


Where in your life do you say “I already know that.” But, if you’re HONEST with yourself, you’re not LIVING and DEMONSTRATING in your life?

This means, you’re NOT DOING the things that you know you are supposed to be doing.
Give yourself a grade on how you’re doing…
As a parent
As a friend,
As a spouse,
As a boyfriend or a girlfriend,
As a businessman or a businesswoman.

Check in with yourself, and see if there’s an area in your life where you should get some help. If there’s a RESULT you want, that you DON’T have, then reach out to a mentor and ask for their help. HIRE THEM. And do what they say to do.

And then take the “I already know that.” phrase (or whatever version of of this question you are using) out of your vocabulary and out of your focus.


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Welcome back to another episode of a daily dose of greatness quest. I’m Trevor Crane and today we’re going to talk about the most dangerous phrase you can utter that will virtually guarantee your failure. I’m going to repeat that so that you get it. What phrases that you utter or I utter that virtually guarantees our failure.

And I’m going to share with you how I made this mistake myself and about how one of my mentors refunded my $10,000 deposit after one phone call with me because I heard this phrase. I know you’re going to love the show.


Okay, so what is this phrase? And in fact, there are two phrases I think that can, are virtually going to guarantee your failure. That you’ve you’re trying to accomplish something, especially something amazing and you know, you’re going to need some help getting there like this. These two phrases are the ones that will just completely sabotage you. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to teach you with one the most dangerous phrase I’m going to talk about.

Tomorrow’s episode seem to show up for that. But today I’m going to talk to you about the second most dangerous phrase. I mentioned it on the podcast yesterday. So I wanted to go ahead and bring it to you today. And I’m going to start with a story.

So I was in my working in my business, my wife and I are trying to take our business to the next level. And we knew we needed to do some marketing we needed we knew we needed to do some paid advertising marketing. We were really good at what we were doing.

But we were struggling in our business right around the six figure mark, and a little higher, and we looked at our finances and our bills and everything. And we were kind of we were actually in debt, we had some credit card debt. We’re looking at it, we knew we needed to invest.

And so taking my own advice because I often say that if you want a result you’ve never gotten, you need to ask for help and find somebody who can support you. So I started doing some research to find a mentor who could, who I could hire and this mentor basically cost me I think it was a 50 to $60,000 industry.

Money and investment we did not have. This was definitely a time when we were all know that we were struggling. But we were barely getting by. And we were certainly not getting ahead. And so this was a big, big decision to make. And so I put down my first payment, my first of six payments of $10,000.

And like I said, it might have been five payments at $10,000. But regardless, I jumped on my first phone call with my new mentor and I was recording it had my wife listening in so I could get all the goods and she and I could benefit from the amazing wisdom that I would glean from my new mentor.

And my mentor, by the way, had one of my measures of finding a mentor is to find one who’s already created the results that you want for his other clients, his or her other clients like to really look at the measure of a mentor. It’s not their accomplishments, but the accomplishments of some of the other clients and people they worked with. And it looked at those results and I was like, this is the guy. So I hired him.

Our first call and I was as vulnerable and as authentic and I just was trying to just be present and tell the truth and find out how he can support me. And the call, the call did not go well. Basically, I made this deadly error.

I kept in my conversation with him while I was being honest and frank and authentic and genuine and telling him what I thought it was great at telling him where I thought we had our challenges, and my wife and I run separate businesses, but we still have some overlap, certainly where we do mastermind together that we basically give everybody all of our stuff but at the time, I was just seeking that mentorship for me.

And the phrase I uttered was a version of “I already know that”. “I already know that”.

And my responses were always with that like answer and question in my head. Like I he would tell me stuff and I’m like, dude, I already know that. But see, there’s a gigantic difference between what you know and what you were doing and I will start not living it.

And that was part of my problem is I mentioned him. I’m like, Well, I know this stuff, but I’m just not doing it. And at the end of the conversation, he basically cut me off at one stage.

And he was like, dude, I don’t think I’m your mentor. He’s like, No offense, you seem like a great guy, but I’m not and I already refunded your money. And I jumped, I got off this call. I didn’t jump off the call. I got off the call with my tail between my legs and realize that I was such a deep that are being such a different Not that I was a diff, but certainly demonstrating that I couldn’t even pay somebody 50 grand to help me who is really good at helping people.

I was just too full of myself. I have my cup was full. And he kept giving me simple advice and he’s like, we’ll just go do this thing. And then I would second guess him. I second guessed him the entire time. See this phrase, “I already know that” is absolutely a poverty statement. When you hire somebody and you find a mentor and this has now happened to me.

As a mentor to others and I have talked to other friends and mentors of mine who say that it is the craziest thing that we have all done it and now our clients are doing it sometimes with us as they say, Hey, what do I need to do? Man I will do anything. Just tell me what to do. And then instead of like taking the advice in the book, or the course or the program or the seminar, whatever it is, we go ahead and go “Okay that’s nice.”

We feel good because we’ve invested some of our time and some of our money to pay attention to this information, whether it’s a YouTube video but then for some reason we will say to ourselves and I see this on my Facebook feed in the comments that I get when I post my my greatness quest episode is I oftentimes see the comments coming in of like, “Oh, yeah, I agree. I do that all the time.”

Like I’ll make I’ll mention these things that I’m currently working on that I’m experiencing some level of success with and I’ll say, “Hey, this is my journey, which is what I’m sharing with you today.” But then I will go ahead and post and people will oftentimes they will of course you’re pretty cool because you said that and I already know that I am doing that too.

But I would guess that most of us when we say that are full of shit. I know I am. and I know that I still have the tendency to say that to my mentors. Like what the hell are we doing to ourselves? It is one of the worst possible phrases you can order when you’re seeking advice and help.“I already know that”.

I went to a Peak Potentials event. This was when the company was run by T Harv Eker and it was called Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. This was years ago, 15 years ago, I don’t know if its 20 years ago. And I went to this event and and T Harv Eker basically says this in the first hour of the presentation. He’s like, hey, you’re going to learn some things here. And one of the phrases that he’s going to come up for you that is going to sabotage your success is “I already know that”.

And just recognize that that is the part of your ego and you’re the part of your survival brain that is sabotaging your success and throw that shit out. And it’s one thing to give it lip service. And we all not it in the audience Oh, that makes so much sense. Oh, and he goes on to say that and whatever trainer because he had a phenomenal business model where his trainers would often teach his seminars as well because he brought them up to be little T Harv Eker’s.

And it was a great business model and great value because he could help so many people this way. But they would then say if you find something that you like and you want to apply, write it down and do it if you’re not living it you’re not you don’t know it.

And I now teach that if you don’t teach it, you don’t know it which it came from another mentor of mine, which I think is a pretty good statement. But and he said, If you hear something that you don’t like, and you don’t want to apply, just throw that stuff away.Like if you don’t like everything that I say you’re not supposed to. You’re supposed to agree with everything. I believe you need to pick the stuff that you’ll and apply that.

So my challenge for you today is to look at your life and see where you are still full of shit, where you are still looking at the course of the program or the video or the book or listening to my voice. And there’s something that you are not applying it. You were thinking that you were doing. You’re lying to yourself and you’re saying yeah yeah yeah I know that. I do that. I know that. I do that. I know that. I do that.

Okay, if that’s the case, just just do a little check in and like look at your bank account because most of the people that I lead or that at least follow me or someone who wants to improve every area of their life and that includes your bank account that includes your emotional bank account and your financial bank account.

And so check in. Check in with your, give yourself a grade on how you’re doing as a parent and how you’re doing as a friend and how you’re doing as a spouse and how you’re doing as a boyfriend, a girlfriend a businessman and businesswoman. How are you doing? And then look at your bank account actually count up the little dollar and cents.

Measure where you are. Because your life is a reflection of the amount of deposits that you make. Your life results are reflection of the amount of hard work that you do. Your life results are a reflection of your beliefs and your behaviors. And just check in and see if there’s something, a place in your life where you actually need help.

And then for the love of all that is holy, reach out to a mentor and ask for their help. And then check this out. When they give you some advice and you find the right mentor. I’m not talking about the bargain basement, cheap coach or consultant that just got their they just got started and they don’t know what the hell they’re doing.

Find somebody who has a measure of results they’ve already gotten for other people hire them. Don’t just ask for their free advice, hire them spend your money, make an investment in them and then do what they say. My clients that just do what I say and we have the least amount of that I had that I just described that.

I came to the call trying to be so good. But I was so scared and so scarcity minded and so full of shit and full of, also full of myself that I got fired on the first phone call. I couldn’t even give this money to go ahead and help me.

He’s like, I don’t want your money. You’re going to be a pain in the ass. You are a pain in the ass on this call. You are not willing to do what I say. I just gave you the advice. Why are you second guessing the I am not your mentor. I didn’t think he was a little bit of a about it. It was a little rude, but he also just got robbed if we look at it, I jumped on the phone call with them with all the intentions to be a good coach. And I was and I robbed him of his time because of this one phrase, “I already know that”

So hopefully you can take that “I already know that” phrase and just take it out of your vocabulary or take it out of your focus. Maybe you don’t say those exact words, but maybe a version of it is what you say. Like, I didn’t tell my mentor at the time who fired me. I didn’t tell him exactly those words. I didn’t say that. But in essence, that’s what I said with every utterance of my second guessing.

Alright, so that’s all I got for you today. Make today magnificent.

Like, I’m not trying to bust your balls here. I’m trying to give you something that will help you. And when you show up tomorrow on our show, I’ll share with you the number one most dangerous phrase that can guarantee your failure today was actually number two Australian TV on it.

Actually what happened is I started the show when I started recording. I think it hold on. This is not the most dangerous it is the second most dangerous because there’s another phrase that will completely sabotage your success. Oh, and I can’t Oh, that’s going to be an exciting one tomorrow.

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