What stuff do you need to let go of to get to the next level to become your very best???

At the moment, I’m all dressed up in a business suit, having just gotten out of a networking event. I was meeting with some business owners; some I’ve never met before and some I haven’t seen in years.

Here’s what I found. All these people no matter who they were, wanted to get more clients.

(No surprise, right?)

They wanted to network/interact with each other so they could do more business. But, I kept hearing them tell stories that were more about their LIMITATIONS and about all the REASONS WHY THEY WEREN’T GETTING AHEAD than I heard about solutions or desires or – anything else!

In a freaky déjà vu kind of way, it was about all the same “stuff” I’d heard them talking about before… they were telling the same stories this year as they were 2 – 3 years ago.

SO HERE’S MY QUESTION TO YOU: What is it that you need to let go of?

Which is why I’m here in my attic. ‘Cause I thought what a perfect place…

Sometimes we store or horde stuff, right? We think we need to keep it for some reason… as if that old high school letter-jacket from 1988 is going to suddenly come into fashion again!

So, we’ve got this ‘baggage,’ that we don’t wanna get rid of, so we take it with us, right? As if, we’re going to take it with us to… some sort of ‘promised land.’

Once we get there, THEN – we’ll be where we need to be. Right?

But what happens is that we can only carry so much stuff before it gets to heavy and weighs us down… and holds us back.

My challenge to you is to really take a look at what it is you have stored “in your attic” that’s holding you back. (In this case, your “attic” is made of your beliefs and behaviors that are not serving you at the highest level.)

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