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EPISODE 23 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


What’s your BIG goal for this year? 


“There’s always an opportunity to DO more, to HAVE more and to GIVE more. To do that, you must ​BECOME MORE​.” – Trevor Crane

There's always an opportunity to do more, to have more and to give more. To do that, you must become more.


Here’s my CHALLENGE to you today…​ Pick a BIG GOAL and commit to it.

What’s a BIG 12 Month goal you REALLY want? _______________
Then, break it into smaller chunks. Next, pick a 12 Week goal. _______________ 

Now pick a 30 Day goal. _______________ 

Download my new APP and click the button to ​take the 30-Day Challenge!

Let’s make ​progress​ over the next 30 DAYS together… And make this YEAR your ​best  YEAR ever! ​LET’S DO IT!!! 


On this episode, we asked the question, “What’s your BIG GOAL for this year?” 
In order to achieve that BIG GOAL, you must first commit yourself to achieve it. Break  the BIG GOAL into smaller goals you can commit to. You can break the goal into each  quarter of the year. Or you can break it further into a 30-day challenge. 


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Welcome, welcome, welcome. Good morning, good afternoon or good evening,  depending on when you’re listening to this. Uh, this is morning time for me and my  question for you today is around “​What’s your BIG goal for this year?​”

We’re in April, 2018 and I’m recording this. And a quarter of the year has already  gone by. So we’re going to talk about what you can do to go ahead and get that big goal.  And I’ve got a challenge for you today that I think you’re gonna like a lot.

All right. Welcome back. I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching, I’ve been doing a  lot of planning of big goals. I’m doing a research for my new book about how you can get  any goal. And I’ve been doing a lot of studying and a lot of interviews. And what came up  to me today was just, like, the idea of challenging you to come up with a, yes if you have  clarity around a goal, just pick one. ​What would be a cool big goal for you for 2018?  Maybe set it at the beginning of the year. I know I set some goals for myself at the  beginning of the year. And I looked at my, uh, I’d already told you this on another one of  my episodes here, that I didn’t take, I didn’t hit the benchmarks by April. So I’m like, all  right, I gotta get back on the horse and pick what that big goal is.

That’s my question for you today: ​What’s the big goal you’re going to accomplish in 2018? ​And then I would like you to break it down into different chunks.  Like I tried to make, break my goals down into quarters. Like what am I going to do in  the first quarter? Which is why I’m keeping track of how many weeks there are in the  year and how many quarters we have already gone by. So I have clarity. 
What I created a while ago was a program, um, around a 30-day challenge. And  when I was filing for bankruptcy, and this was back in 2009. 2007 is when I started  getting in trouble, but 2007, 2008, 2009 was when I finally filed the bankruptcy. I have  had this pattern of asking a question in my life. And I’m sure that with you, so far as  you’ve been listening to any of my shows, uh, that the core question that helped save my  life was, what’s the gift, like,​ “What’s the gift in this?”

And so that was actually the first book I ever wanted to write. I thought this thing  saved my life, or at least it helped me be very happy during the, during the frame that I  was losing everything around me. And I’ve shared before that I wasn’t just a happy idiot.  I was actually experiencing my emotions. If I got mad, I get mad. If I got sad, I get sad.  But we all face these obstacles and I wanted to choose to celebrate these obstacles that  were in front of me. And, and, and choose them to be my, a benefit and my feature story  about how I overcame adversity in order to accomplish something phenomenal. So I  don’t know at what stage you’re at, in your life, whether you’re at a, a peak or a valley. ​I  don’t know if you’re at the top or the bottom, but most of us want more. 

I mean, you showed up here to have more. That’s what I want to actually call  today’s show as like ​”HOW TO GET MORE”​ cause that’s been, like, the question I’ve been  asking since I was a little kid and felt like my family was broken because we wanted  more money. ​But that’s not our outcome in life. Our outcome is like who we become.

It’s not all the cool stuff we have, to truly become along the way. And I have  become a better man. ​I’ve become a better man, a better father, a better leader, a  better friend because I’ve gone through some of these challenges. And so, uh, here’s  my challenge for you: I want to give you a challenge: ​to pick that big goal that you  have and then commit to a discipline. Like, ​let’s set a goal. ​Let’s break it into  smaller chunks.
What’s a 30-day goal that you can have that will get you closer to that? And I’m right about to launch a new program for FREE. I will coach and consult you about how to  do this. I’m going to give you a strategy about how you go make it happen. Um, I guess, I  may have to give you a website. So go ahead and do that, you know, and just go do, find  me on social media. Go to ​Trevorcrane.com​. Um, book a call with me or just you just,  um, just reach out to me and say you want to join the 30-day challenge. And for FREE, I’ll  let you join the 30-day challenge.  

You have to send me a message in any way, shape, or form. Send me a message  you can do through us, through my, through my app. If you’d go ahead and text message  the word: ​TREVOR to: 36260​, you can find my app and get my contact information.

Send me a text message and let me know if you want to join the 30-day challenge.  And I’ll coach you for a month. Cause here’s the thing, I want to showcase new results in  my new book about goal setting. And I’ve already created a phenomenal 30-day program  that I’ll give you a simple action step to take every day. Questions to ask, action steps to  take. When you do a little bit of work in the morning, like 5-10 minutes, a little bit of  work in the evening, like 5-10 minutes. And that’s it. ​And what you’ll find is, after 30  days, you’re going to have a transformation​. And I want to improve this program,  that’s the, one of the reasons, an improved writing in the book, how to get any goal, like  any big goal, but this is just like a little micro goal. OK? 

And you know, nothing great was ever created alone. It takes a team. It takes a  village. And I want to be part of that village. And I want to create a little community here  of people that can support you. And I’ve got this cool new APP! It’s not the app I have just  given you to do the text message thing to, but I’m going to give you free access to this app.  And this is what I’m gonna use, as I’m evolving my business into this core app that I’m  creating for my clients – where I’m going to coach and consult and put you on an  accountability team.  

If you join my 30-day challenge, I’m going to give you a gift. You’re going to get  several gifts, but I’m going to give you, if you complete your challenge, you’re going to get  my new t-shirt that I’m printing called “UNSTOPPABLE”. I’m really excited about that. 

So there’s all kinds of cool things that are come with this challenge. My challenge  to you today is to just, you know, ​pick something​. What’s your 30-day challenge that you can go ahead and commit to? And then reach out to me, send me a text, download my  app, and again, you have to just text message: ​TREVOR to: 36260​ and you’ll get my app  and then, uh, and then you have to request to be added to the 30-day challenge. It’s not  going to put you right into it, but even if you say screw Dr Ronald Lauder as part of your  program, that’s fine.  

Take your 30-day challenge. I think you should do mine because, what the hell,  this is a phenomenal free course and program, because I want to showcase your results  in my new book. Did I mention that yet? If you go ahead and take my 30-day program,  I’m going to go ahead and once, whatever result it is that you create, I want to showcase  in my new book. 

That’s why I’m giving this gift to you and I want you to go kick-ass because I need  to be able to share, hey man, people doing this and look at the results they got. So if  you’re going to be in my new book, go do that and that’s it. Have a fricking phenomenal day!  

What is it that you want? You were put on this planet to have more. Have more,  but to be more, become more and to give more. Come on, get it on! Make today fricking  magnificent. And I can’t wait to see you tomorrow on another daily dose greatness quest.  

And if you liked this episode, please share it with someone you know, like, and  care about. Give me a comment and a thumbs up on iTunes. That’s the iTunes, And gladly  share this with somebody else who, man, wants a little bit more in their life. ​All right, talk to you soon.