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EPISODE 147 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


This formula that just frickin works.

Here’s a tactical HACK that you can use to create ​phenomenal results​ and create amazing ​dream mentors and promotional partners​ who are the top of their game.

It’s a success hack to help you get ANYTHING, and everything YOU WANT. 


Who is your IDEAL Client? I have 3-basic criteria:

1. Are you cool?
2. Are you coachable?
3. Are you committed?

Are you ready to become a PHENOMENAL success story for your mentors? ​I hope so.

Because, if you are… your mentors… the most successful people you know, (or want to  know) WILL BEG to promote you to the world. 
How cool would that be?

So… who are your favorite mentors?

“Decide to do something and just go do it.” – Trevor Crane

Decide to do something and just go do it.


If you say you’re going to do something, just go do it.


Find a mentor you like, who can lead and teach you how to get the results you want.

Borrow their belief and their strategies to create ​massive momentum.​ They will  LOVE YOU FOR IT.

So… who are your favorite mentors?

STEP 3: Be cool. Be coachable. Be committed.

And go get that result and become their best client.  


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Welcome back to another daily dose of greatness quest. Today’s subject is how to  get anything you want. And I am super excited for today’s show. And I hope you stay  tuned.  

So whatever you do, if you’ve been listening to any of my shows, this is one you’re  going to want to pay attention to. I’m going to give you a formula that just frickin works  and a couple of hacks that you can go ahead and use to go ahead and create phenomenal  results and create amazing partners like dream clients not not not dream client dream  mentors like mentors and promotional partners that are like at the top of their game.  

I’m really excited to share this with you. So please stick with me. I know you’re  gonna love the show. 

All right. Now, where did this come from? I just them doing I’m doing my morning  walk and talk. And what that means is that coach myself in the morning and I get up  from so let’s say for 20, 30 minutes. Sometimes the longer I talked to myself, like a  complete crazy person out loud. And I record it and I coach myself a little bit myself.  

And then I have this internal mentoring team I called my Central Intelligence  Agency. And I imagine them like King Arthur in the round table. And then I talk out loud.  And sometimes my team talks back to me and I put all my favorite mentors around this  table. And I can truly go to them and have a conversation with them.  

So I know that that sounds nuts, but I do it every morning. And I like it, and I’m  also listening for the voice and listening for the the insights that are that that exists inside  of me, so that I know the path to follow. And this has been really valuable for me. I’ve  just started started it with consistency here every morning before I start my day, and I love it.  

So if you want to adopt that, you can. I’m just going to share with you the shift that  seems to be working for me. But this morning I came to some realizations. So there was a  point in my life where there seemed to be some momentum like I eat, you guys know, my  backstory, I grew up feeling kinda poor, because we didn’t have as much money as everybody did around us.  

We my parents struggled to pay the bill oftentimes. My parents got divorced. And  then I had their more financial challenges. And then with the different step parents I  had, but there’s a step mom or step dad and brothers and sisters, and there’s like 11 kids  in the house.  

Like we struggled financially, it was kind of a common theme. Money was  oftentimes his argument. And I was very scared of the son of a horseshoe, and my  stepdad was a roofer. So as a son of a roofer, and he seemed like some incredibly labor  intensive jobs that suck because it was hot in Arizona, and I just was scared, I never  amount to anything.  

So there came a time though, when I just decided to buckle down. Like I wasn’t  happy at home, necessarily, because we’re always with a with eight step brothers and  sisters that lived at this one house with us with my mom, you know, it was it were at  home, I was in trouble. I was having to do chores and houses, always a rack, and we’re  always getting yelled at and stuff. So it’s like, I didn’t even want to go home.
So I involve myself in all the school sports and clubs and activities. Like basically,  if I could join the club, I figured out how to join all of them. And I and I decided to focus  on some sports. Because I enjoyed, I enjoyed playing and I loved always loved team  sports.  

And then I also thought that one of the keys out of this rat race of having to do  hard labor in order to win was an education. So even though I didn’t like school, I tried  pretty hard to be a good student. And I sometimes say that I was really bad student.  

I don’t know if that’s the case. It’s just that I felt like I had to work harder than  everybody else. I always felt like I was the dumbest kid in the room. And that is hard for  me to learn. Again, I’m not quite sure that that was the case. But this is how I felt. 
So in high school, towards the end of our senior year, I had no idea what I was  going to do next. You know, I knew that college was a possibility. But uh, I kind of always  know when I would go to college. It was just kind of this thing, but I done zero  homework. I had absolutely no idea at the time I somehow get by somehow skip the  essay. 

I think there was a transition here and I graduated from high school in 1989. So  you’ve completely date me, but I somehow got out of taking the 80s and getting into  college at decent enough grades in high school that I could go to Glendale Community  College on an academic scholarship, which was right up my alley.  

So I didn’t have to pay for books and are for tuition. Maybe I had to pay for books.  But a good friend of mine Sean reader was going to go to school there, and he was going  to go play football. He got a scholarship to do that, but faster.  

And so I got an academic scholarship to cover just the basics. He got a little bit  more because he was an athlete, and I tried to be an athlete. So I went out for the college  football team and I failed like I tried, I worked out with them for about a month maybe  two months. 

I did all the two days we worked really hard and I really tried hard to make the  team thought I could go ahead and be Superman but apparently I as fast as I was. And I  always thought I was pretty quick these kids with sometimes pass me as though I was  standing still. 

Hold on. How is this relevant to your life hack for today? And the success hack  about getting anything you want? 

I want to share with you that this might just was real, I connected some dots  today. This is where it’s coming from. So I started with this belief of I can’t. And I started  with this belief that I’m not good enough. And I started this belief that I want out. And so  what I did is I wanted out of my circumstances and situation and I didn’t enjoy being at  home. 

So decided to challenge myself and do something else. I got involved and I started  to to focus on sports and anything that was fun. I didn’t have to be at home working stuff  and actually excelled a little bit at some of those sports, like I did well wasn’t the  quarterback and I didn’t win MVP. But I was I enjoyed it. 
And that was a key member of the team. He like to think I was the star was never  the stuff okay, so I had some successes. Like if I put my head down and work even  though a little even though I was younger than everybody else, because as young for my  grade, I still did well. So I got some reward.  

So check this out. I felt some pain. I took some action. I got some reward. And then  it made me want to do more of it. And then when I completely was oblivious to what was  next. I went to Glendale Community College to follow my buddy.  

Like I just I was scared to death. And I knew I needed to transform. I knew I  needed I couldn’t stay in high school. I was graduating I needed something else. And I  didn’t know what to do. So I pick something and then I went all in I picked something  and I picked two things that pic school with my buddy because it was just comfortable,  right. I didn’t know where else to go. And I was like, so grateful. I could hang out with  someone else who kind of had more more clarity than I had.  

And so I went and so I think this first key thing is that oftentimes we don’t know  the right answer. And I didn’t know the right answer. Then I wasn’t prepared to sell them  prepared. I felt like I couldn’t Hey.
And so I went to school with him. And it worked out like I got my scholarship  there. And when I finished two years at my Glenda Glenda affinity college, I transferred  to Arizona State and they kept my scholarship. I kept my grades up enough so that I  didn’t have to pay for my tuition. At least at Arizona State.  

By the way, they didn’t pay for much else. I don’t think there was money for  anything else. There was a whole drama a lot how I had enough money to pay for school.  But But my my classes were covered because I did well enough. But I also just told you  that I tried a sport. I went out for football and I failed. 
Now here’s the thing though, like I didn’t make a decision. I went after it. And I  failed. I didn’t make the football team and I felt kind of bad. But see, I had failed before.  Like that really wasn’t an issue. Like I didn’t feel that I can. 
So what I did is, I started playing intramural sports. I wanted to start playing  indoor soccer, which I ended up loving and doing pretty well at satellite indoor soccer.  For my while I was in college. And I felt great playing sports. And in college, they give  you classes each semester. And I didn’t know what to do. But I would just make a choice.  

And I would sign up for the classes that were available. Even though I was scared,  I would just make some choices. And I would go and whether it was a history class, or a  tennis class or whatever. It was a piano class when I was in college, you know, 17, 18 years old at this stage. I was clueless. But I had a list of choices. 

And I only had so much time in the day. And I just pick and so what I did is I  learned to play piano and not well, but a few songs. I can play a few songs, I could trick  you for a few minutes to make you think that I’m a piano player. And I can go hold a  tennis racket on the tennis court and pretend like I can play and I can hold a golf club  and make it make you think I can play for just a little bit because I’m just good enough.  

What I did is I signed up for the class, I took the class I followed the instructors  lessons. And I want I asked the class I got a good grade I learned how to become I took  some amazing classes when I was a Cornell Community College. And I won in that I just I  got into the habit of winning of like, not having a frickin clue about what it was right. But  I just make a choice.  

And the cool thing about being a student is they give you a curriculum, and you  see their pass fail, or A,B, C, D, whatever it is. And so they’re they’re measuring and  tracking. And I didn’t want to look like a dip shit. I didn’t want to lose my Scout, I was  extremely struggling with finances while I was in college. But I was having a blast. And I  knew I could do anything. And even if I failed at something, you know. 

One time I took a finance class that was early in the morning, and halfway  through the semester, whatever it was, I was doing really poorly. And I hated it. Because  if so early in the morning, I just quit the class like I dropped the class has more lessons  around that I won’t get into right now.  

But like failure really wasn’t an issue wasn’t a big deal. Like I was not doing well  in the class. I dropped it didn’t drop another class, because I figured that was such a  significant waste of time. 

But here’s the thing, I just am walking right now I’m doing my walk and talk  around the lake. And it’s a small little community Lake around outside the gym. I go to  the YMCA here. And there is a tennis court here. And I really wanted to play sports.  

And I recognize that now as an adult is a few years later, I’m skipping some time.  Obviously, there are some things that I’ve just been scared to do or and, and, and I didn’t  think I was scared. But like I haven’t gone back and played sports now for a long time,  not consistently. 

And there’s a tennis court right outside my gym. And I haven’t just gotten a tennis  racket and gone out and started playing. I just got out of the habit of seeing something I  want and taking action to go make it happen.  

Now, that’s not true. Because there’s a bunch of stuff that I’ve created in my life. I  publishing books I’ve created courses have done a whole bunch of things of travel and a  whole bunch of stuff. So I’m not trying to kick myself in the nuts here.  

But I’m recognizing that there is a pattern that is been a challenge for me, there  are things that I want that I am not doing and not going after. And there are certain  patterns that I have that are not serving me today.  

And if I go back to when I was younger, and I look at some of the things that  happened and patterns I was running back then I was able to take multiple classes,  trying new things. I decided to do something, I would just go do it and check it out how to  get anything you want.That was my formula. 

I felt like I was uncomfortable where I was. And I wanted something new. Okay. Then I decided I wasn’t sure what because I could do anything. So I’m like, Well, I don’t  know there’s all these choices. But too many options in too many choices can be  paralyzing. I know that. But I had made a decision.
And so this is a really cool formula. So you got to pick something and then move  and then it’ll move you forward. But when I was in college, I had this pattern of success.  It’s like when I was a senior in in college, my friend was going to go out for the rugby  team.  

And I was like, Man, what do you mean you’re going after the college rugby team.  And he’s like, Oh, I played rugby. And so as a as a senior, I went out and tried out for the  rugby team and different from college or football.  

When I started off at going to college, I made the team and not only didn’t make  the team I did really well I made first string and then as that score more touchdowns and  they call them tries in in rugby than anybody else on the team. And I was the smallest  guy on the team. But I was also the quickest or one of the quickest. And I had a heart. 

I found that rugby was really good score for me, because it’s a combination of of  different things. And one of them was just will and heart and hard work and desire versus skill. OK, so rugby work.  

And then my buddy was from Singapore. And then we started a business and I  was like, let’s start a business. Let’s start this campus vision calendar. So my senior year  of high school football, two years of college, we started the calendar and I started the  business. We sold the marketing and advertising, they put it into this calendar.  

And I launched the successful calendar, campus vision calendar. And we did  really well with that. I’m very proud of myself. And a year after college, I had my own  business and then my buddy, it was okay. It wasn’t great. But it was okay. My buddy was from Singapore. So he decided to go back to Singapore.  

And I was like, dude, we’re going to Singapore. And he goes, Yeah, you know,  there’s a whole world out there you have here in Arizona, I’m going to go back home. I  was like, man, so I bought a ticket to go abroad for the first time. Now, I’ve been to  Mexico a few times, because I lived in Arizona. 

So I’ve been across the border couple times. But it was kind of scary. I didn’t know  really what to do. So I bought a three month plane ticket. And it took me to Australia,  New Zealand, Fiji, and Hawaii. So the for the first time in my life, I’m traveling alone and foreign countries.  

Now everybody speaks English. That’s kind of safe. But it was a big trip. For me. I  was 20 years old. And it was exciting. And I went to had this amazing experience of  adventure.  

And so when I came home after those three months, and being the first time in  Hawaii, first time in Australia, first time in New Zealand had the most amazing  experiences ever. I spent a little bit of time back at home and look at my circumstances  and said, I don’t want to go get a job, a corporate america job, this is going to suck.  

I really like this travel thing. Let me buy another let me continue it. Let me  continue the adventure. So I bought a one way ticket to Paris, from Phoenix to Paris. And  I came home I didn’t come home ever really. I worked there for our live there for almost  two years, year and a half, something like that. 

And when I was in Europe, and I was carrying a backpack around doing different  things, I would just see something and I go get it. I didn’t know what to do. So I just picked something I didn’t know where to eat lunch, I’d pick something.  

And then when I would go eat lunch at this museum and meet some people. And  then for the next two weeks, or the next two months, I would hang out with them. And  then I decided I wanted to get a job. I wanted to I wanted to learn to ski and we’re going  through the Alps in the summer.  

And it was really pretty and someone said, this is a beautiful ski resort. Unlike I  want to get a job here. I want to learn to ski I was in Arizona black ski. But see I was  having this pattern of like, I can do frickin anything. And I don’t know necessarily what it  is vows waiting for the universe to kind of tell me I was waiting for me to find my  passion is waiting for me to say like, I’m going to do it. And then I would just say it and  do it.  

And next thing I knew winter came and I frickin went to that he resort. And it was  hard. I didn’t know how to see I couldn’t speak French. And then and and it was not easy.  But I ended up getting a job that supported me for the winter. And I learned to ski from a nice little ski instructor girlfriend that I found. And so like, what happened is I had this pattern of wins.  

So we make a decision. Even when sometimes we don’t know what the decision is,  we’ll make a decision. When we take some action, we started to get some results. And we  start to get some results. It starts to make this we’ll go faster and faster and faster.  

Now hold it all this crap happened to me when I was in my 20s. And from past  that there was an other successes, right. Some other things that happened for me that  went well, and things that didn’t go well. But I was just recognizing this pattern this  morning. And there’s something else going on.  

So you and I are in the information age boom, right? We have access to so many  people who can give us the how to how to be successful on LinkedIn, how to be  successful attendance, how to be successful Mom, how to be a successful dad how to be  successful business person, you know.
And when I was in college, and I signed up for a class English Lit one on one or  whatever it was, there was a curriculum and because I my my ass was riding on the line  my scholarship for me looking stupid of me getting a bad grade and someone was  measuring I focused on the curriculum.

And I did just well enough to pass or just well enough to get an A or just well  enough like each you see the pattern here. Like what happened is fucking sign up for a  class. And I finished somewhere along the path in the last decade or so I think we’ve  gotten so much content, so many people that are so many options, it becomes confusing.  

And you and I are in a position where we can probably afford some stuff like you  can buy a program you can Yeah. And if you can’t find the program that you want to buy,  which I highly recommend that you buy a program and commit and follow through.  

And I’m going to give you that little formula here in a second. Because I want to  give you that marketing hack that that that really successful hack that can move you  forward. I’m pretty excited about this. I’m gonna share this with you next. Like I said,  there’s a lot on today’s session.  

But what happens is I think oftentimes we get with too many options and we will  buy some programs will sign up for the class will sign up for the course will sign up for  the coaching. What we’re distracted with a million other things. And we run our  patterns. And I’m running my pattern in my fifth walk around this little lake. 
My pattern has been to not go pick up a tennis racket enjoy and start and start  playing tennis. I could as a tennis instructor in there. It’s just I haven’t decided to do it.  And it’s not like I haven’t decided to do it. I think I probably mentioned one of my  podcasts. I am going to start a sport. I’m going to start a sport, right everything. But then I  go back and I run my patterns.  

Few days ago, I had a podcast episode about what’s the biggest lie you’re telling  yourself today. And I just realized that maybe the biggest lie I’ve been telling myself is  not necessarily a conscious lie that I say outside or even say to myself, but it’s the  decisions I make about how I use my time and that I’m doing it effectively. 

Because there are things I want that I don’t have the next level of success in my  body, being, balance and business. And one of them is fun. And the fun factor comes in.  And sports comes in. And I haven’t been doing it. And there’s other things right, we can  focus on the other stuff that seems more important when it comes to money making and  mission, stuff like that.  

But just walking around this lake, I’m confiding in you that I am certainly not perfect. And I’m recognizing that I need to see the lies that I’m telling myself. And one of  them is just the hound spending my time everybody gets 24 hours. And some people are  billionaires and some people are ditch diggers question is How are you using your time.  

And the way I’ve been using my time has gotten me to level on that frickin  awesome. And it’s not it’s a shadow of where I’m going to be. And that’s the truth. And  part of it is just remembering what it was when I was a kid. But it was when I was  creating some successes.  

And it’s just this pattern of like, if you say you’re going to do something, do it. It’s  like making a decision, taking the class the course with them, whatever. And then  finishing because one of our challenges is you and I can buy stuff. So buy stuff on  Amazon, we buy courses and coaching programs and, and whatever. And then we don’t  finish I know I’m not the only one who’s bought a class and not take it. 

And I just had a client of mine. I’m gonna tell you the story tomorrow on  tomorrow’s podcast. But he got started with Epic author publishing. And he took his  bonus session. I do a blueprint session with people to create the plan about how they can  go promote themselves profits and publish the book we do promote population profit in  that first session. And he went out and in the next he just took action the next week.  

So we got off our our bonus session, which was a planning session. And he got  that as a bonus, because he just took that actually with me actually charged a bit of  money for that. But let’s just go ahead and move forward. He got the first call with me. And he took action.  

And that is the first week he took some action. And he said he was scared he didn’t  he wasn’t sure about it and make him feel good. But he did it anyway, he liked to signed  up for the coaching. So he took it and he took action.  

And he went out and he made some sales and the next week he closed some sales  and then we kept it close themselves and got busy because he had some new business  and in less than a month he closed $17,000 worth of new monthly recurring income. 

I’m going to tell you more about him on tomorrow’s podcast because I think this is  really cool story. But check it out. He he basically just he wasn’t sure he was a little  concerned. But he signed up for the program. And then he took some action. 

And then he went out and he even though he was unsure he did it anyway he  trusted the process just like you and I have when we have one and we signed up for the  class whether it was math or English Lit or or how to become better at whatever it is. 

And then he took the action and he fit and he’s finishing he then went through my  speed read my my entire epic author publishing course you’ve listened to it all all the  videos on high speed he said he couldn’t listen to it that fast because I talk pretty fast. But  he’s able to go like one and a half times or something like that. 
And he went through the content really quickly. And he did the net he’s this book  is in like a week or two like he has most the hard work done, he gained $17,000 worth of  new clients. Check this out.  

So I’m and I’m going to tell you story tomorrow, which is bringing up my point of  this huge hack of where you can borrow some massive momentum from some of your  favorite people from some of your favorite mentors. Become a dream client for your  mentors. Like go sign up for the their their biggest best program, go sign up for the one  that’s the most expensive. Go buy something from someone of your friends and mentors.  

And if you can’t afford the big one then buy their small one, but then become their  best client. Oh my god, this is the coolest thing like sign find a mentor that you want to  follow from that you want to follow who you think is cool who can teach you how to get a  result now go get that result and become their best client because they ain’t nothing  gonna get their attention, your mentors attention that you being a phenomenal case  study and success story. 

Like I tell the same stories over and over and over again about some of my  favorite clients and my best clients and then a naked famous I talk about Lisa Chastain  and all the time I talk about just Todd’s all the talk about Stephen Napolitano. I thought  about me me score.  

And I have some of my clients who just recently had someone say, hey, Trevor, I  don’t want you to share my story. She’s scared. She scared of me promoting her and  marketing her and saying you know that these are her challenges that she went through.  And these are the results that she got. 

I’m like, I respect it. Now if you don’t want me to, I won’t. But I think it’s silly. Because Holy moly, I want to scream about your successes from the mountaintop. Like I  will use that in my marketing. I will use that it makes me feel good. Like I’m contributing.  And I just realized all the courses and all of the mentors that I’ve hired over the years has  sometimes I’ve taken their content and done good within.  

Sometimes I finished and gotten a result. But I haven’t ever committed to  becoming their number one best case study of clients and my guy, some of my mentors  that I listened to now. In fact, not some all of my mentors, all of them, Tony Robbins,  Richard Branson doesn’t matter who it is, you know, that I that I that I like, and that I  follow. 
They can’t wait to tell you the success story of someone else they’ve helped in their  life like it is what they want to communicate. So if you want a massively awesome  partnership with some of your favorite people on the planet, all you gotta do is buy their  stuff and then implement it and then tell them your success story, then the better you do  see when I was in college, hello.  

The better you do, the more they’re going to promote you how to get something  started with my mind. And I can’t, I can’t I don’t even finish the thought in college. I  didn’t want a class still don’t love like schooling necessarily. I love to learn. But I and I  love to win. But I never liked the classroom.
But what I learned is that if you went to the instructor and every instructor was  different in every class with different I would go meet the instructor and my little hacker  how to win in college was to go to them and say, what’s it take to get an A in your class,  because that’s all I wanted. I wanted that. 

And I didn’t want to waste time on this. And I didn’t want to waste time on that. I  just want to know, like, what does it take to get an A in your class. And I would find in  one class they had three tests, and you have to get an A on all retest. And it was like  there’s a there’s this one, there’s a midterm.  

And then there’s the fun you need a SOS there’s nothing else your grade is based  on some of the classes you had to show up in class, or you didn’t get points or whatever it  was some of the classes you didn’t need to show up in point.  

Some of the classes had quizzes, some of the classes at homework, some of the  classes, group projects, it just depended well what I went in, as I said, Hey, what’s the formula win. And then sometimes I hit it. And sometimes I wouldn’t, like I missed a  grade sometimes by one or two points, or one or two questions or percentage points that  happened.  

But here’s the thing is that your mentors, the people to teach you these courses  and programs and, and, and, and your coaches, they are going to, they can’t wait to give  you the success formula. I don’t hold anything back from my clients. They get it all. They  get it all as fast as possible.  

I give it to them in audio, video digital, I give it to them on an app, I give it to you  on on a template, I give you a checklist. I give you a swipe file, I shopped a coach you I  give you a team. You know I do everything and and I’m really great at what I do. But I  have mentors that do something similar. And they do they, they they give me all the help  and support. But it’s up to you and I to frickin finish and we have a million options  available. 

So I’m going to give you an but but we have to choose and even though you’re not  sure which one is the right one. Just pick and finish treat it like school. We finished that  shit in school and treat it like I was treating my life at a time when I said you know what  I want to I want to learn to ski boom done when I was in out and I was I was a member I  was in the Alps.  

And I was working as a chef. I don’t know how to cook by the way either. But I got  a job as a chef because it has found a way to make it happen and get creative. And so it’s  cooking at this chalet English alley in the French Alps. And I was sitting in there drinking  a cup of tea looking out on the most beautiful mountain scape ever.  

And just looking at my life think of what’s next. And I was like, well, what’s  different from this What’s another adventure I could go on a company I started after this  by the way was a called adventure guides was a business that I started to later after this.  I definitely like the word adventure in my stuff and just sitting in the mountains.  

And I thought you know what I’ve always wanted to I really enjoyed scuba diving  like when I was before I left Arizona, I decided I was gonna learn to scuba dive. So I  signed up for class. And I finished it and then became a scuba diver now sitting in  announced like this was really cool.  

You know what I had met a guy who was working as a scuba instructor in the Caribbean and in the Bahamas. And I was like, Oh my god, that would be so cool. I want  to become a scuba diver, I scuba instructor and go live in the Bahamas. So that’s what I  did.
I moved back to Florida, I moved back to United States. I went to a scuba school, I  became a scuba instructor. And then I looked around what the jobs were. And I wanted  to work for a cruise lines. I went, I got a job with the cruise line.  

Next thing I know I am working as a scuba instructor in the Bahamas like I was  there was a pattern when I was in my 20s when I would just see something and it was  like I would just fire and go boom, I would just like a frickin rocket ship and make it  happen. I’ve certainly done that in business and in life in some capacity. 
And there’s also a comfort zone that we fall into. And the next level of this fit for  me is to become my mentors, Dream clients, I want to become their greatest success  story. Because some of my mentors know me from them. I’ve met some of whom I shared  a golf cart with and cool stuff, but to become their one of their greatest success stories.
This is my act for you. I want to give you all this background. Because it was really  just my mantra of like, of me, teaching myself about these patterns I just recognized and  also to share with you the gap so that I’m not telling you that I’m better than anybody  else. But also to give you my new action plan and formula. 

How cool would it be for you to pick a mentor, pick me if you want to be one be  work with me pick someone else you want to work with someone else then become their  greatest case study and success story. Wouldn’t that be freaking cool.  

And then they’re going to go shout from the mountaintops, your story. They’re  gonna they can’t wait to help promote you and help you become more successful.  Whatever it is that you want. Like, this is a really cool thing.  

So I’m going to give you the three C’s I have for what make a dream client because  I am relatively picky when I work with people. Because I don’t I love everybody. So that’s  the challenge is that I, I would love to get everybody all of my time and just work with  them work with them. 
And I’ve worked with a lot of people one on one. And it has come to the point  where I just can’t do that with everybody. Because not everybody has. I just can’t I just can’t have the abundance and the freedom that I want. If I only work with people one on  one. It’s like Tony Robbins has these big events. And he puts 10s of thousands of people  in a room and he works with the entire group.  

And that’s how we can have a bigger impact. And you and I have the same ability.  And so when I’m looking for my best clients, they have these three C’s write these down  these are cool and the wrap up today’s show I’m looking for somebody. 

Number one if I’m going to spend my invest my personal time with them if they  buy my book and if I’m a course not talk to them, then they don’t need to meet these  criteria. Although I wish they did. But I’ll give them to you because I’m repeating them to  myself so that I make sure I’ve got them in my body. 
And then I’m going to go become this for some of my dream mentors and can’t  wait to become their new success story and borrow this same strategy.

Okay, so number one is ​I want them to be cool​. Like and cool to me doesn’t mean  that they were the coolest clothes and the coolest car it’s just that I want to like hanging  out with them. I don’t want to work with jackasses. I don’t want to work with people I  don’t like there was a time of my life when I would pick any client if they had a heartbeat  and like I said I fall in love with people easily. 
So it’s not like I couldn’t find something about him that I like but sometimes  people are just a some people I’m sure you know it but they kind of suck and and they  focus on sucky stuff. And as much as I love them they dragged me down. They weren’t  they didn’t want to get to the finish line they were too hard to work with.  

They’re a pain in the ass and I know I’ve been a pain in the ass before so I  understand that they have a great heart and great soul but I don’t need to work with  everybody I’m not that you’re or anybody’s savior and I used to think that that was my  job. But that is not my job. I would much rather work with people who are committed to  their own success. 

And I’m going to get there regardless of whether or not I help them but with my  help they get there with like lightning speed and that badass that’s what I want to be  that’s who I want to hang out with someone who I would pay to hang out with because I  think they’re cool because I like them so I think you should be cool try to find the people  that you resonate with and work with them. 

Number two ​you got to be coachable for me to really want to work with you.​ If  you’re smarter than me and you second guess all of my strategies which I have done with  mentors before and I’ve been fired I paid my some of my mentors big money one in  particular and he fired me on my first session because I wouldn’t shut the hell up.  

I was not coachable. I was not teachable. And I was not willing to take his advice  without giving them lift and I didn’t mean to be I wasn’t trying to be rude but he’s like  dude this doesn’t feel right and he fired me. 

So are you cool? And are you coachable? Because if you’re not coachable, if you’re  not willing to jump on when they say jump you know then it’s tough to be led you don’t  get to second guess the frickin teacher you get fired and kicked out of the class. So are  you coachable and teachable? 

This is a really key thing and I just recognized in myself that I’m not finishing  some of the courses and programs that I took on and I didn’t talk to the instructor and  commit to becoming a success story and winning that crazy. 

So I just found this out that that was my pattern when I was going to school and  that was the instructor and I said hey what’s it take to get what’s it take to make a million  dollars What’s it take to go ahead and become one your success stories that you will  promote like what a great question. 

Okay number three. Are you committed? Because I’m also done with working  with clients that aren’t committed to creating a result. It pisses me off. And it has come  up a few different times. It came up with in painful ways, I’m not going to get into it,  from time to time.But I want to know that someone’s committed because if they’re not  committed to finishing let’s not even get the party started.
So are you cool? Are you coachable? And are you committed?

And then this next one I already gave you is ​are you committed to becoming a  phenomenal success story for them so that they can promote you to the world? 

Like this would be badass to have a new promotional partner who loves you,  loves hanging out with you, knows you’re coachable. You took their content. You applied  it like mad. And now they can use you in their promotion as a success story so that other  people will ses that is possible. 

Dude, this is a little bit longer show there’s a lot of stuff that I covered today I told  you a lot of my personal background here as far as parables that you understand where  this came from, but I’m talking about things that have absolutely worked for me. 

And I’m also talking to you about the challenges that I’m currently facing that are  holding me back from my next level success and and giving me my action plan and also  my my little internal thing about how I choose my clients so that you can hopefully those  will show up for you and will resonate with you and you can try to become that ideal  client for your dream mentor and then become their greatest success story who got this  is pretty cool.  

Alright, hope you liked today’s show. If you’re getting some love from if you enjoy  it, please give us positive comments on Facebook and on YouTube and on iTunes is really  be appreciated. Love you so much. Can’t wait to go ahead and help you with some of  your success.  

If you want some help just reach out and say hey, because I’d love to connect with  you and help you and have you become one of my dream clients of the book done help  you grow a really successful business. The mission that I have with our company is to  help people build an ideal business so that you can live your ideal life and I’m going to go  into gym and do some workout stuff right now.  

Make today magnificent and I can’t wait to talk to you soon. 

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