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REVIEW THIS! ​(Mother F*er!!)
How To Get More 5 Star Amazon Book Reviews

EPISODE 94 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


How important are Amazon book reviews?
Is it IMPORTANT to get more 5 Star Reviews on Amazon?
Today, we’ll talk about, “How To Get More 5 Star Reviews” and Discover What Smart  Business Owners Are Doing To Get More Customers From The Internet” 

Do you know that your business is ONE REVIEW away from having a negative reputation online? ​This is a scary fact that most business are not paying attention to or  protecting themselves from. 

The internet has created a whole new economy that we call the reputation and  relationship economy, and it’s forcing businesses to operate differently. 


“You’re never truly successful until someone you ‘don’t know’ doesn’t like you.” – Trevor Crane

You're never truly successful until someone you 'don't know' doesn't like you


Would you be a SWEETHEART and review one of my books today? 


Now… I’d LOVE to GIVE you something to “incentivize” you reviewing one of my books on Amazon. 

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Do this – and I’ll say THANK YOU.  And… maybe – if you play your cards right…
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Here’s a link to my article:

How To Submit A Review On Amazon:

Customer Reviews Guidelines Frequently Asked Questions from Authors

Here’s a link to an ​interview​ I did with Mike LeMoine, the #1 bestselling author of the  book, ​“How To Get More 5 Star Reviews”


Reviews are important to the Amazon Marketplace, providing a forum for feedback  about product and service details and reviewers’ experiences with products and  services—positive or negative. You may not write reviews for products or services that  you have a financial interest in, including reviews for products or services that you or  your competitors sell. Additionally, you may not provide compensation (including free or  discounted products) for a review. Review solicitations that ask for only positive reviews  or that offer compensation are prohibited. You may not ask buyers to modify or remove  reviews. 


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Hey, hey, hey. Hey, this is Trevor Crane and today we are trying something new  on the daily dose of greatness quest. For today’s podcast, I am doing a video screen  capture using this new tool online. And the subject of today’s episode is basically Hold  on, wait for it, wait for it. I’m going to show this on the screen review this how to get  more five star Amazon book reviews. We’re gonna talk about the value of reviews how  you can go ahead and get them how you can give them I’m looking forward to today’s  show. I hope you are too again it’s about review this second. 



Alright, welcome back. Hopefully, you can see my face right now. And you’re  watching this on Facebook. You’re watching this on YouTube, I’m not sure. But if you are  watching the computer screen, you will see that I’m on my Amazon account. And if you  don’t know this already, Amazon has an author account for their authors. 

And so what you if you’re not you’re not looking at it, then you can just imagine  that there is an account on there for authors. And I’m looking at that right now. Because  reviews are really important. I’ve been doing some research about what I wanted to  share with you and I’ve been doing I’ve been trying to help my clients who all published  books are trying to help them make sure that they understand the importance of  reviews. 
So I wanted to go ahead and share the screen with you a little bit because I want  to show you just the difference that reviews make. When we look when we look at just  quality. I don’t care whether you’re searching for toilet paper, the new electronics  gadget, a book a product, whatever it is a service we are really caught up on reviews. My  daughter was seven years old when she wrote her first book and it was called the three  ninja Katie’s or is called between educators have one here for you. If you’re watching my  video. Hold on a second. 


Okay I just grabbed one so I’m holding up for those of you on audio I’m holding up a pic one of my daughters books called the three ninja Katie’s now when she told me her  story of the 300 kitties remember, she was seven years old. She just, basically I recorded  it on my iPhone. And I had to tell me the story. Then we had an editor that had to go  through it. And I’m going to raise my hand I did a lot of the editing and writing and  helping her cake, her story and putting it in the book.
But we also needed to get some design work done. And so I sent my daughter to  fiverr.com​ and it’s a place where typically get things created for five bucks. And so she  hired somebody to do the artwork for her book. And what happened is they did their  their first kitty drawing or whatever was for the book. And my daughter liked it a lot.
And then the person sent something back and said, I know we told you as $5, but  instead is going to be $40 $45. And my daughter was. Because this was my daughter’s  own money. Because you’re going to put towards this. I don’t think you actually said she  was. And I she said, because they’re trying to jack us, which is just telling me what kind  of language shooters in the house. Sorry, bad daddy.  

So at any rate, what we did is we had looked on Amazon to try to find out Amazon  on fiber. And I said, Honey, who do you want to hire. And so she looked at the BIOS, you  look good descriptions. And seven years old, she knew that she wanted to hire one  person over another for one key characteristic. And that happened, that was how many  positive reviews they had. My daughter knew she wanted to hire a girl. And she knew  she wanted them to have a lot of reviews. But however, then she fired this person from  doing all the artwork in the book, because she jacked up using my daughter’s language  on the press.  

And so then my daughter said, I can do a better job in ways she doesn’t really  remember that. That’s the what she said. But if you’re watching the video, you’ll see some  of my daughter’s artwork that I’m holding up on the video right now, assuming that you  can see the screen and my daughter did all of the artwork for her book. And then we had  somebody else that can artists come in and color it. But reviews are everything.  

If you’re looking at the computer screen right now, you’ll see that I’m on the inside  of my Amazon author account. And if you ever click on an author inside of the Amazon,  you can go to their account like this. And you’ll see that I’ve regular blog posts up here,  you’ll see all the books that I’ve published, some of them are kids books, because I did some of these with my daughter. But my first book was called High Paying Clients.  

And I’m going to show you something embarrassing right now. Because when I  first published this book, now, right now, if you’re looking at it, it says, if you look at the  reviews, it says it has 87 customer reviews, which is awesome. I’m really grateful for  that. And let’s see, let’s look the scroll up. Now the computer just gave me a new view, it  says that the average ranking of my book is 4.4 out of five stars. So there’s some people  that liked it, and some people that hated it.  

So now let’s click on these reviews. And I’m going to not admit to you guys but one  of the problems come on sort of work my video or maybe it’s just kind of in and out in  and out on maybe that’s one visa the technology we’re using right now. But what  happened is the first place review that I ever had that I ever got on my book was a one  star review, see, I had uploaded the wrong file from my book is published to everybody.  

And although was good content is formatted awfully and had a lot of misspellings  and I had people raked over the coals so if you go into look at reviews, you can you can  see all the reviews. I think I’ve had over 150 reviews on this book. But sometimes  Amazon pulls them because people don’t know how to leave a good quality review.  Sometimes they’ll say that they if you have a personal relationship with the with the  author, Amazon will pull your review I think my dad tried to review my book and said  I’m so proud of my son.  

If you leave a great review for somebody you can’t tell Amazon that you are  anybody son friend or whatever or they’re going to pull it they’re going to say this isn’t a  good quality review or some people will leave a review and maybe they had read the  physical copy of my book but then they won’t have a downloaded it online on Amazon  and Amazon on things that you might have spam that that you might be spammy that  you might be a liar.  

So they even though you read the book, the fact that you didn’t review it on your  Amazon device like using Kindle like you have a Tim free Kindle app you can put on your  computer your phone if they don’t see that you’ve actually read the book and skim  through it and that your commentary about the the book is something genuine like  sounds like a genuine or book review like hey I like this I did not like that whatever it  then we’ll see that legitimately then they will boycott you with us. I have lost hundreds of reviews from genuine people have reviewed my book and thought it was awesome  without a whatever but Amazon will pull them and it’s really important that you know  how to leave a great review for someone that you love.  

So as an exercise today and and and no self worth self promotion way  whatsoever. I just want to help you learn to leave a five star review that Amazon loves. I  have an article I am going to give you instructions on going to give you and you should  go to my website and look up this podcast and download the the PDF and take on the  challenge today of leaving a great review on. 

I just pick an author but today I’m going to just use as an example Trevor Crane,  pick any one of my books and leave a great review and download my instructions about  how to leave a great a five star Amazon review so that you understand how your review  can be accepted by Amazon and see that it gets posted. 
Now by the way, there are some rules we got to go over on Amazon posting. And  that is that we’re Amazon reviews. It is not appropriate or a within the rules that you can  incentivize Amazon Amazon reviews. So I’m not allowed to bribe you which is something  I used to think I could do. I could say hey, if you leave me review I’m going to do this cool  stuff for you. So instead because I’m a sweetheart out of the goodness of my own heart,  I’m going to give you access three of my books today for free.  

Yep, I know just because I’m a sweetheart and I’m a really good guy. And if you  are really good guy or gal and you wanted to be a sweetheart to meet you could if you  wanted to leave me a review on one of my books. So just go to Trevor go to Amazon go to  Trevor crane. Pick a book you got to buy it and download it I think I have all my ebooks  on there for like two or three bucks so you can just pick a book that you think it’s gonna  be cool for you.  

Download it on your Amazon device device or Amazon app on your computer or  your phone or your iPad or whatever scroll through it read it and then leave a genuine  review to think it sucked tell me is thinking suck it didn’t it was awesome tell me to do is  awesome now we are able to ask for reviews but we’re not able to incentivize but I can  give you anything I want some just giving you some of my books as a free gift so if you go  to ​trevorcrane.com​ you can get my free book High Paying Clients.

If you go to ​trevorcrane.com/big money​ you’ll get my my book and I’m going to send some on video here which focuses on you’ll get my book my my clients book my  book called Big money with your book. So if you want to make big money with your book  without selling a single copy, you should go check this one out. That is  trevorcrane.com/big money​.

And then if you’d like to get my book How To Write The Right Book. Holy cow, I’m  so excited about this book. Very few people are leveraging the power of this because it  can might some of my clients that actually get this and read it just get their books done  like they call me and they’re already like four months along the path. If you want this  book, you have to send me an email to ​support@trevorcrane.com​.

So you can just go download one of those books, get them for free. But as the  challenge for you today is learn how to leave a great quality with you literally even if you  don’t do it for me do it for somebody find a book that you like, and leave them a great  review. And you can download like I said the details on this podcast or ​trevorcrane.com​.

So you should download the little instructions about how to leave a review that  Amazon will love how to leave a five star review. Amazon will love you can leave  whatever review you want. But here’s what happened when I published my book, this  book, high paying clients that we’re looking at on my screen. And I did a bad job. I made  it, I reformatted it poorly.  

My first review was a one star review, which by the way, if you haven’t published  a book before, you probably want to get five star reviews. You don’t like one star reviews  that feels like a punch in the nuts. It was like a kick in the nuts. And then my second  review from another troll who didn’t like what my content was, was a one star review. 


And so it was like I had my friends and my mentor had told me how important it  was to ask your readers to review your book and give them a good reason to do so.  Which is why I’m trying to do some of that now. But I’m also trying to save your. Because  if you ever put anything up on Amazon, or you or your company or ever and review  anywhere, even a seven year old, my seven year old daughter knew that it’s better to hire  somebody or to buy something with good reviews on it versus bad reviews. like holy, you  can just see it.
And what happened is I found that I cleaned up my book so they didn’t have the typos and I put in the right file. So I didn’t I didn’t look bad. But what I also found them if  you look for all my reviews, I’m going to read some of the bad ones for you that are kind  of embarrassing, but I really don’t care because when you put something out some  people are going to hate it. And some people are going to love it. And I’m not going to go  ahead and celebrate with a little bit and then cry when they hate it. Because I don’t want  to be on that or emotional roller coaster.  

So instead I choose to celebrate all of the reviews. In fact, what I have done is  there some books I’ve I liked so much. I’ve gone back and read 2, 3, 4 times I will take  those books. I’ll go on Amazon and find them just to read their negative comments.  Because I know even though this is a book I love for a lot of the reasons I love it or the  same reason somebody else hates it. And on the same day with people I do not know I  have gotten a five star review or they say oh my gosh this book was amazing. I love you.  Yeah I love this book have been awesome.  

And on the same day I’ve gotten a one star review sameness cruiser few sucks so  check this out on March 21 2017 with this title other things so great don’t trust this book  all it is is just witty banter which is just so awesome I didn’t know that I had the ability to  put witty banter into a book but this person apparently says so and then your comment  is this if I could give it zero stars I would all this book is is witty banter. No information  on how to turn prospects into leads, then opportunities, then clients. All it does is  relentlessly try to make an account looking at your book both of bonuses don’t even  show doesn’t even show anything. This guy Trevor, don’t trust him. 
So this is so freaking funny. Because the book in my opinion delivers all of those  things in spades. And this person didn’t want to give my book bonuses apparently  because I’ve got a ton of book bonuses in the book, High Paying Clients like there, I put so  much effort towards putting book bonuses in. But apparently he didn’t want to give me  his email. He or she didn’t want to give me his email for that. And so two people found  this one star review helpful.  

And there’s 13 critical reviews this if there’s another one here. Don’t trust this  book. All this really banter that one I love Oh, it’s just water down dribble. There you go.  So if you put something out, somebody’s going to kick in the teeth and say they don’t like  it. It’s an on edited book with the stream of consciousness, regurgitation of basic  customer service. So here’s the thing. I also did this one of the people that left me a poor review. I sent a message back and I said, Hey, thank you for your review. 


Because it was somebody wasn’t just being a. They gave an honest review saying  that there were some valuable things but they didn’t like it for whatever reasons. So I  aligned with them. I sent them a private message on Amazon. And I said I could I took  what you said to heart and I made the corrections. So if you want, you might want to  check it out. And so this person did check it out.  

And then they revised their comment and it went from like a two or three star  review to a five star review all because I interacted with them and see what’s another  one. That was just a ploy to get your email rehashed, an outdated basic self help sales  that’s so hype without substance, find another author. Don’t waste your time.  

So here’s the thing I got 13 reviews that are less than awesome but I don’t care  because you’re going to I would rather go warm celebrated than where I’m tolerated. At  the same time. I’ve got Look at this. This is now it deserves five stars. This person like this  is the person I’ve just mentioned in 2005 I sent them a message they left me a bad review  at one stage and then a new review and they say now Mr. Crane Bravo this book  deserves five stars. 
So here’s the thing, some people are just going to and complain but other people  have said this focus changed their lives there could redo all the amazing with us but I’m  not here to to tell you how cool I am what I am here to do is give you a cool gift to be a  sweetheart you can get my book High Paying Clients or hold it up for those of you looking  for more. 


I give my book High Paying Clients if you want as my free gift go to  trevorcrane.com/freebook​ and you’ll get that book if you go to Trevor crane calm  forward slash big money I’ll send you my free book about how to get make good money  with your book and then if you’d like to get my book how to write the right book for free  just send me an email to ​support@trevorcrane.com​.

All I’m asking for you to do with it any this is only if you’re a sweetheart you know  and you want to review one of my books and if you don’t want those books and go pick another one on Amazon but download my instructions I’m going to show you what this  looks like on to I haven’t you haha how to leave a five star review that Amazon will love.
For those of you who are still looking at my computer. You can see I’ve got this  downloadable PDF and instruction guide. And it shows you what the criteria of what  Amazon wants and what they don’t want to leave an amazing review.  

And so with that, that’s about all I’ve got for you today. This is looking at it where  it’s 17 minutes for today’s podcast. But I love you guys. I wanted to give you something  cool today. They’d be valuable review reviews are everything. And if you know  somebody in like them, and you care about them, and you like their content, you should  believe them amazing with you.  

And at the same time. If you think somebody give some you something sucky, then  you can become one of those haters that gives them a review you don’t like which is  totally fine like I this guy was somebody gave me a poor review on Amazon. I’m looking  at that account again. And then I sent them an honest message saying I made a mistake.  And I updated the book and just check it out. And they did and said went from a hater to  a lover.  

And by the way, there’s all kinds of instructions in the article I’m going to put  around this on my website. I’m going to give you the frequently asked questions that  authors have asked about what you can and can’t do on Amazon. So I’m going to make  that link available to you. And then I’m also adding a link about customer reviews in  general on Amazon. So there’s a lot of cool stuff in today’s episode.

If you just go to ​trevorcrane.com​ and if you haven’t done so already, make sure  you get my app because I’ve got cool things that are coming with a 30 day challenge. And  also some cool stuff about helping you write your book in 30 days or less. I’ve got a book  of the month program that’s going to be coming out. I keep teasing you about stuff that’s  coming in as an out yet, but it’s going to come out soon.  

That’s all I got for you today. You know, we’ll come up with a cool daily quote on  something that I shared here or whatnot when you look at the content of the podcast, but  be here tomorrow. Oh, and leave a review on iTunes. What the hell am I thinking? We’re  listening to a podcast right now.  

For all that is for the love of all that is holy!!! 

Please go to iTunes and like this, give us a comment and review on iTunes.

We really need it for the greatness quest podcast.​ I haven’t asked for reviews and  therefore, I haven’t gotten many.

And, for that matter: the NUMBER ONE strategy I’d share with you about how to get  reviews is to: ASK FOR REVIEWS. 

There’s also a great article I’m going to link you from a friend of mine who wrote a  book about five star reviews, his name is Mike Lemoine. I can’t remember it right now  off the top of my head I was going to go in and find it for you.

Here’s a link to an ​interview​ I did with Mike LeMoine, the #1 bestselling author of  the book, ​“How To Get More 5 Star Reviews”

You can go to my website to get my book, High Paying Clients, right now. And  inside that book, you get the FREE BONUSES I give away inside a free-membership site.

And, yeah, like that guy on Amazon… only if you want to give me your name and  email in exchange for your “high quality information.”

In there, I’ll give you a bunch of ​cool stuff​ that will help you grow your business  and there and I’ve got that article of the How to leave the Amazon review guys.  

Okay, that’s all I got for you right now and can’t wait to see you tomorrow for  another daily dose of greatness quest. 

To get even more awesomeness, which means all my best stuff, download my app  by texting ​Trevor​ to ​36260​. It will show up right on your cell phone.