What it is that really holds people back and keeps most people from following through?

I think the challenge is that we allow challenges and problems to stack… one on top of another.

Many of the problems and challenges that keep us from following through are those day-to-day things that seem to jump out of nowhere.

We have everything planned out and then – life gets in the way.

Before we know it we are mired in all kinds of ‘stuff’ that distracts us.

Often times, it’s our personal stuff, the things outside of our professional commitments that stack up and start to overwhelm us.

Sometimes, it’s our personal mind trap of guilt, responsibilities and other tricks our mind can play on us…
I know, because it happened to me this weekend.

I’ve got five very distinct projects that I’m working on right now. This weekend, I felt a cloud of overwhelm descend on me.

All the projects, all the stuff I needed to do, and all the people that I’m accountable to. Plus, all my personal and family commitments were closing in around me as well.

I started to feel frustrated.

I started to feel overwhelmed.

I began to feel like I was making any progress at all.


I just had to stop.

Here’s what I did next… This is the first key:

I went through a process called FLOODING.

Now flooding, a concept I learned from my friend Tony Robbins, is when you focus on all of the positive things that you have in your life… instead of on all of all of the problems.

Here’s how it works:

It’s pretty simple…

First, you just start asking yourself ‘great questions.’

(Instead of focusing on all of the stuff, right?)

The questions start with things like,

“What are you grateful for?”

Then, you answer. Now, here you don’t just list your answer passively… You really experience the emotion associated with it. You really focus on and feel the emotions, and celebrate and feel good and grateful for your answers.

For me:

I’m grateful for the fact that I’m married and in love with my wife. I have great health. I remind myself of how great it feels to have energy, vitality and people in my life that I love, like my daughter, my friends and my family.

You don’t just list these things, but take the time to experience how good it feels.

It’s a flooding exercise that washes away all the junk. You don’t stop there; you keep on going, and ask:
“Who loves me?”

As you ask this question, you add all these positive emotions to how you feel, like a flood of emotion that gets rid of the junk and the overwhelming cloud you’ve descended into.

It gets your mind right. It connects you.

Now here’s another thing you can do that will help you follow through.

It’s the second key called MEASURING.

Most people don’t measure their progress.

Most people set a goal that they’re gonna go from ‘here’ to the ‘top of the mountain.’

That’s great.

But, I’m gonna recommend that you make sure you regularly and consistently:

Measure Your Progress (or performance) – because you know for a fact that your path will lead you UP and DOWN…

If you’re not keeping track, it can feel like you’re not making progress. (Especially during the lows)

You’ve probably felt like this before… as if you are on a journey from here to there, and you’re just walking and walking and walking, and seemingly… going nowhere. It doesn’t feel like anything ever changes.

When you are going on a long journey, you want to be able to look back, and say,

‘Wow! Look at the distance that I’ve gone.’

So if you’re not tracking your performance, you won’t realize you’ve moved ahead.

Instead you’ll feel you’re stuck on the path. Your journey can become a never-ending journey.

It won’t feel like you’re getting any closer and it can be overwhelming.

Here are a couple of examples:

I exercise everyday. Instead of just doing that… I’m tracking it. I write it down every single day. So, I know that today, I have exercised more than 1,200 days in a row.

This way, on any day I might start feeling down or maybe I think my exercise wasn’t enough that day, I can look at my progress and I’m like, ‘Dude, 1,200 days – in a row? That’s awesome!’

The best part is, you can use this ANYWHERE in ANY project, in ANY business or ANY goal (fitness or otherwise) that you have.

My wife uses this with her financial planning clients.

Robyn is known as the money and relationship coach. She works with people on their relationships around their money and their honey. (That’s what she calls it.)

One of the KEY things she does is to help people track their money – every single month.

Most people don’t look at their net worth. Her strategy is to work with her clients every month and have them focus on their money.

Several things happen when she does this. First, they begin to feel more comfortable about their money. Many people don’t have clarity around their money, and it causes significant stress.

The result? Most people start saving more money. Their net worth grows. They even make more money… and it all starts by just measuring and looking at it every month.

It’s the same with other areas in your life.

Simply set up a strategy to track your progress. You can keep it in a journal.

You don’t have to make it perfect. You don’t have to do it daily, but just do it!

So, track your progress and capture those magic moments.

The subject of this section is to focus on how to finish what you start and conquer overwhelm.

The first key I gave you was how you clear the mind out, so you can be grateful for the things and people in your life, to get clear of those overwhelming clouds that envelop us.

The second key is to measure your progress.

(That’s gonna help you tremendously.)

So, let’s talk about the third key: Finishing what you start.

So, check out this strategy: You get it all in just three numbers and six words.

So write down: 6, 3, 2.

The six words are, “Do one thing at a time”.
The three words are, “Do it right”.
The two words are, “Finish it”.

This weekend, I found myself overwhelmed with those five projects I’m working on. There were a lot of people I need to communicate with, a lot of independent commitments I had made and needed to follow through on.
So, I went through this process.

1. I flooded.
2. I looked at the progress I’d made because I measure myself. I had to go back and actually take some more steps. I wrote some things down so I could celebrate my progress.
3. Then, I did 6-3-2

When it comes down to it, you just have to: Do one thing at a time. Do it right though AND Finish it.
Simple, right? So there you go.

Hopefully this was valuable for you today and I challenge you to go out on your own greatness quest to become your personal best. Take your life and your dreams to the next level. Remember, as long as you’re alive, you have the power to rise.

So eyes up, chest up, step up. Go out and make your dreams a reality and I can’t wait till we meet again…

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