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EPISODE 60 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


“Nothing Happens Until The Sale is Made.” – Thomas Watson Sr., one of the greatest  capitalists that ever lived.


Do you know what the greatest contributing factor to the success or failure of most  businesses? 

It’s LIFE or DEATH for your business. 

Any ideas? (Before I give away the answer?) 




It’s “do” or “die.”
The key to sales success? 


Sales is a skill that can be learned. 

A well trained sales team has a greater impact on revenue than any other single activity. 

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Write your own script and sales system using what we talked about today: 






On today’s episode, I share a simple strategy to help you​ close deals with high-paying clients​. It’s the Hi-Why-Try-Buy formula.

Hi​ – Take time to say hello.

Why​ – Find out what they want and how you can help them.

Try​ – Make suggestions and recommendations.

Buy​ – Close the deal by scheduling them to the next step. 


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Hey guys, welcome back to another daily dose of greatness quest. I’m Trevor  crane coming to you on my roof today, which I know is completely nuts. But today’s topic  is about what to say, to go ahead and close clients, ​what to say to close high paying  clients​.

And I’m going to share with you three, excuse me, four simple steps on what to  say and what sequence you got to get people to buy your stuff, especially if you want  high paying clients.  

I know you’re gonna love the show. 


Hey, hey, hey. I’m gonna be recording a session today on my roof and so I figured  I’d bring you with me. And I’m going to share the ​four little secrets​ of ​what you should  say to close a high paying client. 

And let me see, I want to give a gift away today. If you guys want, I’m going to give  you my free book. This is my first book and it helped me 10X my income. If you want to  get this book, go to ​trevorcrane.com/freebook​ and I’ll send you this book for free. And it  comes with some of the strategies I’m going to share with you right now. But I want to get  on my roof because I think that’s just completely silly and ridiculous. Hey brother, good to see you. But go get this, to get the book ​trevorcrane.com/freebook​.

And I’m going to jump up on my roof. This is my office, by the way, because I had  it just repaired. And my roofers just are finishing the job. And I haven’t gotten to see the  final progress. I know don’t make this, won’t make you sick hopefully because I think it’s  crazy and it might get somebody’s attention. 

And I’m recording a daily podcast right now. And once a week, I want my podcast  to actually be a video so you guys are gonna be making this with me live today. And why  the roof? Because it’s creative and crazy. And if you want to go to the top of your game,  you’re gonna have to climb the ladder. I don’t know, does that make sense? 

All right. So why am I shooting this episode up on my roof? I know that that’s  totally nuts. But recently, we had a hurricane come to town. And I say recently was  probably six, seven months ago now. And I had my roof damaged and water damaged it.  And the roof of my house crashed in. And then I had the roofers up here making repairs,  and they did a really poor job at first. And then I call them back, kind of got an argument  for a little while, and then they’re just finishing it up now. And they actually did a  phenomenal job. 

I’m actually shooting today’s podcast from the roof of my house, just to be a little  bit different because I thought, who the hell ever does that? Nobody. But also, just to  make sure I got your attention today because you have to pay attention to the little  details.

And today’s script is about ​what to say to close deals​. I teach an event called  Advanced Sales Mastery ​ . And by the way, we have one coming up next month. That’s a  live event here in Tampa. I’ll invite you to my house. If you’d like to come see, you can  come join us in the swimming pool. There’s a jacuzzi. You can come hang out with me  and my wife for two days. And we’re teaching this event. It’s called ​Advanced Sales  Mastery​. Go to ​trevorcrane.com/sales​ and you can learn all about that event. And you  can get a ticket and a discount. Free call with my wife, if you want some help with that. 

But at this event, we’ve taught it now for years and people will typically say,  “What do I have to say, Trevor, to make a sale?” And the question is not really what you  say. It’s what you should be asking. So the real secret here, I’ve got a little four step  process. Write this down. It’s ​Hi-Why-Try-Buy​. Those are the four steps, Hi-Why-Try-Buy​.

And I’ve now taught this to thousands of business owners. And when you  implement this, if you’re a salesperson, or you want to make, help influence someone,  think about the process here. This is your script and actually all I’m gonna tell you a story  about where this came from. 

My wife and I were getting married and she went to get her facial done. She’d  never done her facial. She’s getting her nails done things like that. And she got a gift from  her girlfriends to go get it done. And she went there and she was really worried about  the way she was going to look on her wedding day. 

And so she was asking questions to the people doing her facial saying, “Hey, how  do I make sure I look beautiful on my wedding day?” And they did a good job giving her  a facial. The advice that the gal gave her was to go to Google and search for different  creams and things like that. So my wife left and she was happy. And she got her nails  done, her face done, her hair done and all that. 

But she really wasn’t that happy because she had a problem and it was not solved  by this company. And you would, it was crazy because her girlfriends had given her this  gift certificate. And then the company did nothing to help actually solve my wife’s  problem. They helped her that day. And they my wife was asking questions and it didn’t  get answered. 

So then my wife ended up buying a Groupon like, you know, whatever, fifty,  hundred dollar thing, whatever it was, to get like another hairdo and all of that. And  instead she had a completely different experience. She was asked questions during the  process. And then based on what she wanted, my wife said, “Hey, I’m getting married. I  want to make sure I look great. I want to make sure my skin is great. What do I need to  do?” Basically, the woman asked the questions and then made some recommendations to  my wife.
And what happened is, my wife left that one Groupon event by spending maybe  500 bucks on products. And she was happy. I wasn’t as happy because she spent 500  bucks. But as a client, she was happy. Because it’s not what you say to someone, it’s what  you ask. 

So the first part of this as my assistant Amy was going to follow up with people who download my app. And so she looks to see who is engaging and downloading my  app. If you haven’t gotten my app yet, text message, the word ​Trevor​ my first name,  Trevor​ to ​36260​.

And when you start clicking on things on my app, and you go sign up. Sign up for  a webinar or you download my book for free or whatever you do, my team, one of my  teammates right now, her name is Amy, will follow up with you. And she’ll shoot you a  text message. And she asked me today, “Trevor, what should I say to try to get them to  become a client?” 

So she’s gonna follow up with you. If things work out, she will follow up with you.  And she’s gonna ask you some questions. But instead of trying to sell you something, it’s  about what you ask. So I gave her this little four-step principle. It’s something that I teach  in several of my courses. So she’s taken the course, but she was still asking the question,  because she wants to make a sale. She wants to help you. And the best way to do that is  to ask questions.

So the ​Hi-Why-Try-Buy​ system. I’m going to give you the, break that down a little  bit more for you. ​Number 1​ is “​Hi​”. So the first thing you want to do when you connect  with anybody via text, or a video or whatever it is, or you get a business card from  somebody need to follow up with them in the future is ​take the time to say hello​. Like,  literally, you just need to do it. And here’s the thing, we get freaked out. We don’t know  what to say in a different time frame. 

And so, if you’re teaching salespeople to reach out and just make sales, you also  want to make sure there is a step about ​building rapport​. You say hello. “Hello, Joe. It is  me. Here’s where we met. This is what happened.” Like I noticed. “Hi, my name is Amy  and I’m following up with you because you downloaded Trevor’s app.” That’s hello.  

That’s just creating the frame of the introduction, which I know seems really  obvious. But it’s often not a part of people’s script or system. So it needs to be part of  yours. And I really, when I do this with my clients, when I have my own conversations  with clients, I’ll write this down. I will go ahead and have and write down, “​Hi​.” And  make sure I spent time building rapport for just a minute or two.

So then the second thing I do is I now I’m going into “​Why”​. So “Hi” and “Why”.  Now again, this came up because my wife was at a salon and she was worried about looking great for a wedding and the women, the woman who was helping her asked her  why she was there that day. So if people download my app, and my assistant follows up  with you, she’s going to say, “Why did you download the app? Why did you sign up for  the webinar? Why are you here and how can I help you?”So it’s not again, it’s not what  you say to convince somebody because what influences people. 

John, thank you very much, brother. Because I’m doing this on Facebook live right  now. And he just sent me a message. I will talk to you next week as well. 

So when you want to influence somebody, you want to find out what already  influences them.​ And so you might as well just ask them questions to find out what they  want and why they are there. Now you know what to give them. So it’s “Hi.” And then  “Why” and about 70% of my conversation is typically with somebody in the “Why”. I just  want to find out what they want and how I can help them and then you go to “​Try​”.  “​Try​” is where you now make a suggestion.

So think of yourself being at a back to the wedding. If at my wedding, we had  somebody serve hors d’oeuvres and we had all these great hors d’oeuvres. There were  shrimp stuff, there was steak stuff there was vegetarian stuff there, cheese pops. I don’t  know what the hell was there but pops. I don’t know if there’s a cheese pop. But we had  the helpers walking around with a plate giving hors d’oeuvres and he said “Hey, would  you like to try one of these?” 

So once you discover what somebody wants and why, now you make  recommendations.​ Like, hey, maybe you should check out this book. Maybe you should  check out this webinar. Maybe you should check out this training. Maybe you would like  to do a phone call? Maybe you would like this. And I’m not measuring. I’m not getting,  feeling judged if they say no. I just found out what they want. I assessed it by asking  questions.  

And now I’m going to, “Would you like to try one of these cheese puffs?” And  they’re like, “Not, not into cheese puffs.” Like, “Okay, well, we have chicken. Oh, I have  something big you can get. I have something little you can get. I almost fell off. I just  gonna roll down. So it’s ‘Hi”. It’s “Why”. It’s “Try.” And if they say, “Yeah, I think I might  like to try this, the steak. I might like to try that cheese puff. I might like to try your  product, service, whatever.” 

Now you gotta close the deal. And closing the deal just means moving them to the  next step. Yes, that could mean collecting the money. I love collecting the money. I’d love  to collect your money. I’d love to help you with something if I can, usually. So you should  give me your money. I’m really good at helping you turn that investment into more  money. But what’s most important is not to collect somebody’s money because they don’t  want to be sold. But they do want results.  

So if you can just help them go to the next step. That’s closing the deal. Sometimes  it’s just booking the next appointment. I call it BAMFAM, Book A Meeting From A Meeting  book a meeting, bam, fam from a meeting. Because when I’m talking to a client, I want to  make sure I just move them to the next level. We schedule the next appointment.  

And in fact, I learned this when I was doing some network marketing. When I am  having a conversation with a client I make sure that I book the next appointment. All I  gotta do when I do the ​Hi-Why-Try-Buy​ formula is I schedule the next step. If I have  their permission to schedule it, like I put them on the calendar, then I’m being a  professional. And I can even, even if they’re like, I don’t have time, they’re like, dude,  come and follow up with me in a month. Then I will still put that on my calendar to  follow up with them in a month. And then I didn’t have all these follow ups that wasn’t  happening. 

So that’s my training for you today. My challenge for you is to write this down. To  write down the ​Hi-Why-Try-Buy​ formula and to think about your own systems of  influence. And I say a system because you should have a script and a system. About the  climb down my stairs right now, my ladder. You should have a script or a system so that  when you plug a hole on your roof, that when you have a sales call with someone you  don’t leave leaks. When you have a team of people who are going to, I’m now just  realizing what an amazing analogy this could be. If you don’t have a frickin system, you’ll  have a jacked up roof. 

You know, you should have seen how ugly this roof was, when they first did the  job. They apparently didn’t have a good system of checks and balances to have their  team come in and look and say, “Look, this is a shitty job.” So if you don’t have a system  when you’re communicating with people, it’s going to be messy. 
The job I’m looking at right now is phenomenal. I see that they plugged all the holes. They made it look great. It’s polished. It’s perfect. And they have, their manager is  about to come climb up on the roof with me and see how I like it because there is a  process in the system. You should have one for your sales influence of system as well. 

And if you’d like to join me tomorrow on other daily dose of greatness quest and  make sure you go to ​greatness quest.com​, check out ​trevorcrane.com​, go to my podcast  link. You can check it out on either one of those. And I can’t wait to see you tomorrow on  another daily dose of greatness quest. 

So if you’re still watching this, or you’re just tuning in, and you’re seeing this on a  recording, you should not be worried about me falling off this ladder. What you should  be doing is taking some action with something that made sense for you. Because if all  you’re doing is listening, you’re not going to apply anything. 

So I love you very much. Make sure you check out my podcast, go to  trevorcrane.com​ and click on my podcast. I get a daily podcast. Like I said, once a week.  I’m doing a video there. And I always have a daily question, a daily quote and a daily  challenge. My challenge today is to use what I just gave you. 

That’s it. I can’t wait to see you next week. And I’m gonna get down off this roof  because I don’t if you can tell, but it’s hot, not Africa hot, but it’s pretty hot later. 

To get even more awesomeness, which means all my best stuff, download my app  by texting ​Trevor​ to ​36260​. It will show up right on your cell phone.