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EPISODE 38 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Are you looking for somebody to help you create the results that you want in your life?


“A mentor is someone who has proven to get results for others, not just themselves.” – Trevor Crane

A mentor is someone who has proven to get results for others, not just themselves.

“If they charge very little, it’s probably very little.” – Trevor Crane

If they charge very little, it's probably very little.


Choose a mentor.
Find someone who’s created results for others.

Look at the results they’ve helped others get. If you like those results, hire them. Go to their website, buy their book, join their webinar and ask for their help. Buy their BEST stuff. Do what they say, when they say it.


Today, I talk about how to choose the RIGHT MENTOR.

What happens when you pick the wrong mentor? You waste your TIME, MONEY, ENERGY and RESOURCES… and get the opposite of the results you want.


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How do you pick the right mentor? Man, this is a big thing. If you pick the wrong mentor, you waste your time, money, energy and resources and get the opposite of the results that you want.

Let’s get into it.


All right. Now this is something that seems to be, I think, is a GIGANTIC choice that you make when it comes to MENTORS. And I have hired the wrong coaches. I’ve hired the wrong mechanics. I’ve hired the wrong roofer. I followed the wrong leader.

And it’s really important that you choose wisely when it comes to picking the mentor that is going to help you create the results that you want in your life. And dude, it means, when you look, when you’re new in town, I just moved. I’m looking for a new dentist, looking for that referral like “Hey man, who do you know that’s a good dentist in this area? Who do you know that’s a good pediatrician because we just had a new baby? Like, who do you know?”

And that’s a really good question to ask is, like, Hey, WHO DO YOU KNOW? You can always ask other people who have created amazing results like if you see somebody has transformed their body and you’re like “Wow, man, you lost a lot of weight.” This is pretty natural right? This is why social media and all the things we have on reviews.

If you go on Amazon, you go look at the reviews that says somebody like this product. And then you get to talk to the person who all of a sudden lost all that weight or got really buffed and you’re like, “Hey man, how did you do it? Who did you work with?” And this is a cool thing that happens naturally.

Even my daughter, when she was seven years old, I had her writing her first book. And we needed to hire an editor. We needed to hire a designer or artist to do some of the design because her book was called THE THREE NINJA KITTIES. She made it up and talk to her first book into my phone.

And then when we were on fiber.com to go ahead and try to find an artist that could draw some of the pictures for my daughter’s book. She went ahead and I had my daughter do the shopping. And she knew she could look at the reviews and say “Hey, this person has a lot of reviews. This person has no reviews.”

And that’s one of the ways that you can pick – is just you ask for advice from people that you know have gotten results. So that’s one way. But here’s the key thing that I think is important when you’re trying to find a mentor.

And oftentimes we find people that are inspirational and inspiring. And they, you see the results that they’ve created in their own life. Like you, you find someone who looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie or whatever it is, you find somebody who that’s all about physical appearance, right? And also you find someone who has created amazing results in business.

One of our friends and clients named Lisa Chastain, and I say our, she started working with my wife at first and then I helped her with her book and some of the marketing. And Lisa had found a good friend of hers, who was doing really well in the financial advising industry. And Lisa wanted to get into that.

And so this girl was making let’s say a quarter million dollars a year or something like that. And Lisa went to her and said, “Could you help me?” And Lisa really like this person. And this girl was, this woman was really good at creating that result of getting the quarter million dollars a year.

So Lisa followed her, tried to do everything that she was doing and basically failed. And was spending time, money, energy and resources every single month, basically not creating results. And she felt like an idiot. She felt like this sucks, you know. “What’s wrong with me? Look at my buddy, my friend, my pal who’s doing so well. And for some reason I’m just not able to do the same thing.”

So what she did is, she went out and picked her mentor based on proximity, based on someone she liked, based on someone she saw the results that they were getting. But the challenge is this person, God bless ‘em, did not, their experience was not helping others create results. Oftentimes you go to see a chef, a great chef, and they might know how to make a great chocolate cake but that doesn’t mean that they’ve helped other people create results.

So I think that the mentor you’re looking for, the RIGHT MENTOR for you is someone who isn’t just good at creating results themselves, but they have gotten results for others. See when you work with a professional coach or mentor. And this is my personal example. I had gotten my first Anthony Robbins events and I started volunteering. And I started changing a lot of things in my life. And I started learning about the whole concept of the personal coach and professional coach. And I hired some. And I worked with some. And some of them, all of them were great. All of them were nice. All of them gave me helpful hints and tips.

But the day that I invested a lot more money, like a bigger, it’s cost me a little bit more to hire a business coach, I went from 20 grand. I was making at the time about $20,000 a month. And I’m pretty proud of that because there was a lot of profit in that. So I was real happy with that new business. But within four months, my first professional consultant that I hired, who was a mentor to mentors. He was a mentor to business owners. He helped a lot of other business owners make a lot of money, lo and behold, inside of four months, I went to 80 grand a month.

There was a SIGNIFICANT difference between a coach or consultant who is great at creating results for others as opposed to just following somebody who said, “Look at me. Look at all the cool things I have done.” It does not mean that they are professional. That they know how to help others, that they had created a track record of people who have created phenomenal results.

So if you look at the students and the clients, of the mentees of your mentor and you look at those results and you like those results, then that’s a great indication of who you should select as a mentor.

It’s one of the reasons why when I share on social media, put out blog posts and things, I will talk about my own successes. People didn’t want to know about that but quite frankly, they are more impressed and care more about me. And I look cooler, quite frankly. Don’t look like such a douche, always talking about myself, when I talk about my clients, when I tell you about Lisa.

Lisa was losing money every month. I think she was negative about $300 a month, if I got the story right, to making over $15,000 a month. And it was right out of the bat, right out of the gate, the first month she worked with my wife, I think she made 10 to $12,000. First month!

Now, my wife is amazing. But one of the reasons is that my wife has created phenomenal results like that for many women. My wife works with female entrepreneurs specifically, and a lot of women in the financial planning industry because my wife used to be in there. And it is like an everyday occurrence that people that work with my wife create phenomenal results in 30 to 60 days, like within the first week.

They hire my wife because she gives them tangible things that just frickin work. That not just worked for her, but they work for others, they work for her clients and those results are hard to argue with, you know. When people read my wife’s book on how to make, well it’s called MAKE MORE MONEY HELP MORE PEOPLE.

And the women that read that book or the men that read that book and they hear the stories inside that book that talk about the results that countless clients that my wife had created results. They just can’t help but hire my wife or if they don’t hire her, they want to work with her because she’s talking about results that she’s created for others versus just the results she’s created for herself.

So my challenge to you is to try to, again and I think on yesterday’s podcast, I talked about how, it’s you have a choice. You know, your results are going to come from one of two places, mistakes or mentors and you get to choose. There’s the hard road and there’s the easy road.

But then you can also hire a coach who is broke or hire a coach who says, “Do as I say, not as I do” or hire a coach who just went through a challenging divorce or other challenge in their life. And hey, I’ve been through some of those things I’ve lost all my money. I’ve been through poor relationships so I’m not knocking it.

I’m just saying that you know you want to make sure you’re paying attention to people who are creating phenomenal results in their own lives. Yes? But have also done that for others. So that’s the real measure. I don’t care if somebody’s going through a hard time right now. Man, we all have hard times. That’s not something to shy from. But I want you to be selective when you pick your mentors based on a criteria that is higher than you like them or that they’re nice.

I saw a lot of people in that when we started the personal development journey myself. And Tony Robbins was my first event I ever went to. And then I met hundreds and thousands of people and many of them became coaches. They’re like, oh man, there’s this personal coaching thing. I mean, there’s hundreds of thousands probably millions of coaches right now.

You know, Tony started that personal coaching world. But I met a lot of people who shouldn’t have been coaches, you know. There’s a saying that therapist should heal thyself. And a lot of people that are going through struggling, challenging times will often say, “You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna become a coach.” So be very cautious.

And part of the way you can go ahead and measure is whether or not the people you’re hiring charge very little. If they charge very little, it’s probably crap. It doesn’t make me a crap, that is think about it. If you pay very little for a car, are you buying a nice car? Or do nice cars cost nice money, you know. Because big money typically big results typically cost big, cost a lot.

So that’s one of the measures you can use it when you go out there to pick your mentor. And it’s not that the cost is disproportionate in the fact that the more money that you spend on your mentors, the more money that you spend on the people that you hire, the exponential results that you’re going to get in return. Half the journey is done when you have, when it costs you a significant amount of time, money, energy and resources to go ahead and pony up and pay somebody like half the journey is done for you.

So anyway, that’s a whole another conversation but check this out. I want to you to try to do this, make a commitment. Yesterday I said, try to find an area of your life that you want to improve so that you can find a mentor.

But today I challenge you to go out there and find somebody who’s created results for others. Look at the results that they’ve created for others and say, do you like those? If you like those, then call them up. Call them up and say, “Hey, can you help me?” Buy their program. Go to their website. Buy their book and start to engage with them. Go to their webinar and and hook it up so that you can create phenomenal results.

All right. That’s how to find a phenomenal mentor, in my opinion.

And make sure that you do whatever you can today to make your life magnificent. And I will talk to you tomorrow on another daily dose of greatness quest.

All right. Have an awesome one.

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