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EPISODE 110 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


While I was in the Bahamas, I almost​ cut my hand off,​ and got ​attacked by GIANT fire ants,​ while I was ​STUPIDLY cutting into fresh coconuts with a ​HUGE (rusty) machete​.

Yes, I’m a genius.
To see the silliness, and how close I come to dismembering myself, you should REALLY  check out this video. 

WARNING: ​There are some WEIRD video snippets we added in the edit of this video,  including a song about, ​“Coconuts up your butt.”

*Which is now, my new favorite song.
Enjoy the SHOW… and the FIRE ANTS… and the LESSON(S) about how to do the WRONG  thing. *And still have fun in the process. 


Where in your life are you cutting the wrong side of the coconut? Are you using the right  tools? How often do you approach a problem from the wrong side?


“150 people die every year from being hit by falling coconuts. Not to worry, drug makers are developing a vaccine.” – Jim Carrey

150 people die every year from being hit by falling coconuts. Not to worry, drug makers are developing a vaccine.


Look at your life and see where you are approaching your problems on the wrong end.  And ask yourself whether you are using the right tools to solve it.


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Welcome to another daily dose of greatness quest. Again, I am in the Bahamas so if you’re only listening to this on audio, make sure you go to ​trevorcrane.com​, check out  the video. 

The title of today’s episode is HOW DO YOU CUT YOUR COCONUTS? I know you’re  gonna love this show. 
So I’m going to cut something off then you might not want to watch this right now. Or if I do cut something off. I’m definitely posting it comes up and cut off. I’m definitely  posting. 

Okay, and if you’re wondering and still on audio, I’m holding a big old machete in  my hand and two ice cold coconuts. I know you’re gonna love the show..  


So real quickly I will show you some footage that I’m actually embarrassed by. I  just went, we’re in the Bahamas. I’m in the Exuma and I was upstairs that our little condo  thing and I was trying to cut up in the coconut. And I cut open the wrong side of the  coconut. And I was all scared of chopping off my hand cuz we got this gigantic weapon  here, this gigantic machete. 

I was also scared that I was going to cut into the coconut and damage it. And so I  just end up and it was just like a little the way out of whittled away at it little away at it.  And it was embarrassing because I got tired and I got weak. I was videotaping the whole  thing and my daughter was sitting there waiting me like deliver her some delicious  coconut and it took me like 30 to 40 minutes to cut into this thing.  

So what I realized when I got the bottom of this coconut is that I started on the  wrong side. So where in your life are you cutting in the wrong side of the coconut?  

Now I just learned the hard way I pulled out a machete I didn’t ask for any help. I  just asked for a machete from one of the game the game I didn’t look at any coconut,  cutting it to exercise videos I didn’t do I didn’t ask the locals for advice about how to best  cut into coconut but I just kind of sucked at it. 
Now I’m kind of doing it again here. I wanted to go ahead and show you I cut in this tonight’s coconut. The sun has already set. I know the lighting isn’t perfect here but  it’s the best I’ve got. And I’ve got nice tree stump here to go ahead and hopefully cut into  the coconut really quickly and not lop off my hands. 

And that’s all I got for you today. It’s just, it’s our last night in the Exuma. We’re  going to go to Nassau tomorrow. I’m just wanting to drink to the coconut water and eat  the coconut that I got out of the tree. 

And I just thought that how often in our life we just approach the problem from  the wrong end? And that if we would approach it from the right side, which I’m gonna  try to demonstrate for you tonight on coconut time, it can be much easier. 

So it took me 30, 40 minutes before, I didn’t know what I was doing. I’m trying to  get this done before dark so I don’t cut off a limb. So let’s see if we can make it happen.  

And my challenge to you today is to approach a problem or something that you  want like this delicious coconut right now, from a better angle. Hopefully we’re gonna  try another side. Well that my daughter’s coming up. She wants me to film. 

There you go. seeing what’s up in the lighting. Isn’t that awesome? So we’ll see.I  hope so. Here we go. So let’s try to do this a lot faster. This time, can you hold the video  camera. 

Yeah, right. Am I using a stump with ants in it? That would be hilarious. Oh my  gosh. It feels like a lot. 

That’s what my daughter was saying. Yeah,and he’s on my leg. We’re gonna go  over here ran out online. 

Okay, we had to reposition, we almost got attacked by ants. And so the sun has set,  all the lights gone. The only light of God is that up there and it’s shining on this beautiful  area here. There’s my people, Mav and my daughter Phoenix. 

And so we’re still going to make this thing happen. Here we are, you’re not going  to hang with me? So he kind of panicked about this fingers just hurting. 

Oh my god we got into it already. Okay so my daughter got it right I almost did it  wrong the second time. I don’t think.  

Omigosh, I’m in. I’m in. And this is a younger coconut so I think this is gonna be better. Feel that? 

So I know cuz they got so I got in that would it take me three minutes after we got  out of the ants. You see? Let’s get a different angle for this next one says dangling from  the tree like that. And apparently the coconut hangs out at me. 

Okay bye. Are you impressed? 

Another analogy I have for you is in cutting open your coconuts, are you using the  right weapon? Because the right weapon, right tool makes it a lot easier. 

Okay so I’m in for look what happens when you open it up. Oh perfect. Honey,  take this. Take this amazing coconut which actually why don’t you drink solve that and  then you are cracking to coconut is a bigger coconut. This one fell off the tree over there.  I’ve done so far and actually the one I did upstairs that is cut him out of the tree. 

Now this thing is like a more solid. This is a much harder thing. I don’t even know  how to cut. I just know that don’t want to cut anything off. 

So if you think I’m going to cut something off, then you might not want to watch  this right now. Or if I do cut something off. I’m definitely posting it and if I don’t come  something caught up. I’m definitely posting it.
I’ve got a bunch of coconuts, they are standing in a row.See, I don’t know why I  know I could cut into this thing right now, but I just kind of want to see this coconut big  guy playing right now. 

Oh, happy coconut. See them apples? that didn’t take me too long and look I got a  little spot right there to get into see anything I do it did you and your thought I’d cut off I  didn’t do either those things all right 

That’s all I got for you today. Make today magnificent. 

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