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EPISODE 2 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


“​The clients you wish you had are out there ​right now…​ ​waiting, and hoping and  praying …​ that someone JUST LIKE YOU would please – for the love of all that is holy –  show up and help them.​” – Trevor Crane


Q1:​ ​What could I offer that would best serve my clients and give me more freedom?
Q2:​ ​Is it sellable?
Q2:​ ​Is it scalable?


Create a high ticket offer.

First do the homework real quick​: Or double your fees and then double it again.

Answer these questions​: ​What value would you have to add to make what you currently offer worth that number? How can you best serve your clients and give yourself more freedom? ​Hint​: If you want more freedom, make sure your new offer is: ​sellable and scalable.

Next​: Increase your fees and offer your new package.


Today’s subject, is ​HIGH PAYING CLIENTS.

Why you ​need​ them. How to ​get​ them. How you can ​increase​ your fees. And how high paying clients will ​save you and your business​. 


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Hey there, welcome to another Daily Dose of Greatness Quest.

Today’s subject, is ​HIGH PAYING CLIENTS.

Why you need​ them.

How to ​get​ them.

How you can ​increase​ your fees.

And how high paying clients will ​save you and your business.

All right, talk to you in just a sec.


All right. ​Well, today’s subject is near and dear to my heart because this completely saved my bacon​, understanding that I have value, and that I am worth the fee to go ahead and charge, a high amount, anything over $1,000 is what I call a high paying client, saved me from struggling, and barely getting by, and ​it brought me back from my $2.2 million bankruptcy.​ Because at the time, I was trying to sell very low ticket shit. I was trying to sell stuff …

If you can believe it, I was selling an energy drink that was the cost of ONE dollar. ​If you do some math… you got to sell an awful lot of those energy drinks to be able to make any kind of real money. How many do you have to sell to make a million bucks? Well, I’ll tell you what, a hell of a lot more than a million of them, because I didn’t get all that buck. It cost … We had to do … Create the product and do all of that stuff.

What happened is I was struggling significantly in my business, and trying to become success, and doing all the cool things to build myself back, and high paying clients saved everything.

I remember when I finally shifted my business, and I kind of almost fell into it accidentally, my first client paid me, I think, $2,500 for a one day consultation. I remember it was a doctor, we were in Las Vegas, I was doing this amazing … I was teaching people to use this medical device and I had never really sold my consulting skills. In the past, I had been … Sold some coaching and consulting a little bit, but I’d  always felt guilty for charging a lot of money.

This changed everything for me. Because if you can imagine the difference between a $1-sale selling this energy drink, and then I made a sale for $2,500 to sell my consulting to this doctor for one day, what I found was absolutely remarkable. Everything shifted in my business in my life when I started packaging and pricing my products and services actually higher.

My client on that day was extremely enthusiastic about the value that I brought into her life and it began my stage of charging more than I’m worth. This is extremely relevant to me today because my wife is going through … We’re just about to give birth to our brand new baby. I say, we, I think that is kind of an exaggeration because it’s not me. I guess, it’s my wife entirely. It has nothing to do with me, other than I have a pregnant wife who is now six days, I believe, six days overdue on delivering our baby. Now why is this relevant to you now? My wife has this phenomenal business. Last month she … Or excuse me, last week, so this is … She’s nine months pregnant, and last week she was still doing a little bit of business, even though we … She doesn’t really have to, she wanted to, and so she was meeting with some new clients, and she had four client conversations. Now my wife’s average ticket price is, let’s say, over $10,000.

It’s definitely over $10,000, but she met with four different clients last week, and they went through … They got her book, and they probably went to her webinar, and they did whatever they do to go ahead and be indoctrinated and know that they might want to work with my wife. She’s positioned and systematized her business in such a way that people value her service, and she values her service that she offers to other people. To give you a little background on my wife, years ago when she launched her coaching and consulting business, her first year she did 500 whopping dollars. That’s right, she made $500 her first year of her own consulting business. Not that impressive, but a year later she did 150 grand, not bad. The year after that she did over 500 grand, so within two years she went from $500 to $500,000, and last week she had four client conversations, and those clients, each one of them chose to hire my wife, and all for over a $10,000 price point. Let’s just do the math on that.

My wife, being nine months pregnant, was able to make four sales, let’s just call them $10,000 sales. That’s $40,000 that she made last week, or that she generated for her business. Here’s the crazy thing, not only is she pregnant, but she is not stressed out [inaudible 00:05:36]. When they make a sale and they have a new client, especially if they’re in the service business, this is a pain in the ass. What they did, especially if they’re a thought leader, a coach, a consultant, a speaker, something like that, they now have to go fulfill on that client, and that client will cost them time, and money, and energy, and resources that they can never get back, and they have to trade that time, and money, and energy, and resources in exchange for that money that they got paid, that high paying client. My wife, however, has two important variables.

Write these questions down, because these are the two questions that you need to ask yourself about your packaging and pricing, and these are two variables that you want to consider when you’re going to improve your packages and your pricing. That is, number one, is once you have sellable, and I remember … My wife obviously has something that’s sellable. Meaning, that people will buy it, that people want to buy it. It means that you have sold it. You have something that people want and the proof of that is that they actually buy it from you. In order to make this happen, is your stuff sellable? Years ago I hired a consultant and it was the most money I’d ever paid a consultant at the time, and I dropped him $10,000 for my first phone call.

I had a phone call with him and he said, “Trev, I’m going to make this really simple for you. There’s all kinds of stuff you could waste your time on, and it’s not like you have any problem of being busy, but my job is to help you bypass all the bullshit and get right down to it on what are the most powerful things you can do that’ll grow your revenue.” He asked me two questions, “What do I have … Is what I have sellable and is what I have … “ Then question number two, “Is what I have scalable?” Is it sellable? That was the proof he was looking for. Did I have something that anybody had actually bought, or was it all an idea in my head that somebody … That I’d created and I just hoped, I thought for sure someone might do it, there was a big difference. I wasn’t congruent in that case and I needed to go ahead and meet that criteria. Now that’s my question for you.

Here’s the question, is what you have, is whatever it is that you sell, is it sellable? Meaning, someone has already bought it, the packages, and products, and services that you offer. Is what you’ve got sellable and is it scalable? Is when you make a sale, like my wife, who’s super pregnant right now. We’re hoping for her to burst. In fact, I could get a phone call in the middle of what I’m doing right now and she would say, “I’m going … My water broke and I’m going to have a baby.” Are you selling things and in such a way that it does not stress you out, that you can add one client, or two clients, or 10 clients, and you have the capacity to be able to fulfill them? Now, by the way, if you haven’t heard this from me already, I’m going to go ahead and state it again. There’s always two businesses that you’re in. Again, on my show I’m always talking about things that will help you improve your life and your business, but there’s always two businesses that you’re in.

There’s the business that you’re in today that you need to make sure that you do all the things that you’ve got to do to operate that business, and that you fulfill on your promises, and that you make people happy, and you got to run that business. If you forget about running that business and you only build your business in the future, that’s business number two, the business that you need to become, if you’re only working on that business that you’re going to build in the future, then you’re not running the business you have today, and you don’t make enough money today, and you don’t be able to fulfill on your client promises today, and you’re going to go bankrupt, or you’re going to go … You’re going to get thrown in jail, or you’re going to go out of business, because you’re not taking care of current business.

The second business you’ve got to consider is, what business are you becoming? What business do you need to become? Because if you don’t become this business, this future business that you need to be, you’re going to be out of business. Ask Blockbuster Video, they didn’t transition into the new generation, into the new times. They were a pretty phenomenal business for a while. Those people who were in the pager business. That wasn’t a business that lasted. If you ask Circuit City, that’s a company that isn’t around anymore. The big boys of business need to consider this just as much as the little guys. You’re always building two businesses, so if you don’t … If your answer to the question today was, “What you have isn’t necessarily as sellable as you want it to be and what you have that you’re currently selling isn’t as scalable as you want to be,” that’s totally cool. You just need to tell the truth today about what that is for you and then you start to build a business of what you need in the future.

Now what I promised you today is I was going to talk to you about why it’s so important that you have high paying clients. Also, how you can go ahead and increase your fees so that you can attract and get more clients. [inaudible 00:10:15] and talk about that real quickly. If you don’t have high paying clients, then that means that you need to sell low ticket shit, and that’s fine. You can make a lot of money selling low ticket shit. You just got to sell it to a lot of different people. You got to get a lot of marketing out there that’s going to sell a whole bunch of your stuff, hopefully automatically, so you can make a million bucks selling a $1 item, or a $10 item, or a $100 item, or anything that I would call a low ticket item is anything under 1,000 bucks, okay? If you do like my wife did or like I just did the other day, I sold … I have a consulting session that I sell for $2,500 and I gave it to a friend of mine at a discount, and it was because it was a fast action thing.

I said, “Hey brother, I want to work with you. I want to help you,” and he really needed my help, and I made a sale. It was 1,500 bucks and I’ll be able to deliver that on one phone call, deliver the value of what I promised him on one phone call. One phone call, 2,500, it’s okay for me to trade time for money, but that is also my call that I will give him a strategic session, like a blueprint of what he should go do next, and the results that he should go create in his business, and exactly the action steps he needs to go take, to go ahead and kick it into the next level for both his book, and his business, and everything that we do. Then my upsell to him will be, “Hey brother, do you want my help with that?” That’s my big sales process of how to do it. I guess I gave you an insight into how to sell too, okay? Hopefully, you got some value there.

By the way, if you haven’t done this yet, I’ve got a book I wrote on high paying clients, and how do you attract them, and what not. You guys can go check that out. I guess we’ll put it in the show notes here. Go to TrevorCrane.com/freebook. Real complicated. TrevorCrane.com/freebook and you can go get that book for free, High Paying Clients. You can learn how to attract them and all that, but I want to give you something you can use right now. How do you increase your fees? Hopefully, you get it that you don’t have to go sell low ticket shit only. It’s cool if you do, but you just got to sell a whole bunch of them to be able to make big money. I like helping you make big money. Hopefully, you got the power of doing that, and selling that, instead of trying to sell a $300 item to a whole bunch of people, and you sell it to 10 people, and you made 300. You made $3,000, awesome.

This can be harder to do that sometimes, especially if you sell something for 10 bucks. You got to sell a whole bunch of stuff. Okay, so how do you increase your fees without being a jackass? I’m going to tell you two stories real quick and it’s going to be fast. I was also working with a gentleman by the name of Frank Kern. If you don’t know him, he’s pretty badass. He asked me some similar questions, as my other consultant I mentioned to you, but he was talking to me and he said, “Trev, how much do you charge?” My first consultation with Frank and he goes, “How much are you charging?” At the time, I was charging 2,500 bucks for one of the things I did for coaching and consulting. He goes, “All right. Let me help you make more money. Is that what we’re going to do here?” “Yeah.” He said, “Okay. Let me ask you a question, could you raise your fee?” Well first of all, he said, “Trevor, do you offer a massive transformational value when you charge that for people? Do people pay you that?”

I said, “Yes, they do. They pay me 2,500 a month.” He goes, “Cool.” He goes, “Would you be … ” He goes, “Are you … Do you deliver some cool value for your clients on that? I’m like, “Absolutely, they freaking love it. They can’t wait to get some more.” He goes, “Awesome.” He goes, “Let me just ask you a question, could you charge $2,870? Basically, can you raise your fee $370 and not really do anything different, but could you just … Would you feel congruent, and do you think it’s worth it, do you think you could sell it?” I had a little conversation with my wife and said, “You know what? I think we could.” Me and my wife, when he was on the phone with me at the time, and we said, “Yes.” Here’s the thing, he said, “Trevor, how many clients are you currently getting?” I’m like, “Ah, we get one, two, three clients a month.” He goes, “Let’s say … ” He goes, “How often do you get three clients a month?” I’m like, “Ah, almost pretty much all the time right now.”

He goes, “Okay, so if I need … I just made you … If you can increase your fees this month, what’s three times $387? It’s basically 1,000 bucks.” In one phone call with him, and in one conversation with him, he just made me an extra $1,000 a month to just increase the fee that I have of what I’m currently selling. That’s one of your challenges. I challenge you right now to try to raise your fees, or come up with a new package that you can offer that’ll add even more value. I want to give you a strategy of how you can make what you sell even more desirable, because maybe you think it’s not fair, and you don’t think it’s congruent to be able to just raise your fee, okay? Because you could, but if you don’t believe that, then you shouldn’t offer it, because that would be cheating someone. Instead, what I want you to do is I want you to think of doubling your fee right now. Just do this exercise with me real quickly and we’re going to finish this up.

Write down whatever the amount of money is, or imagine in your mind what the most … What you charge right now for your core offer of what you think is cool. All right. I want you to double that fee, whatever that is. If it was 100 bucks, I want you to charge 200. If it was 1,000, I want you to charge 2,000. If it was … Now you went from 1,000 to 2,000, double it again, and go to 4,000 bucks. Now here’s my question for you and here is another challenge to you. There’s two challenges today. Actually, just do this homework real quick and then take the challenge and increase your fees and offer a new package. Here’s what you do. Your next step, here is your homework. What value would you have to add to make what you currently offer worth $4,000, like when you double your money and double … Or double your price and double it again. What would you have to add? Here’s my challenge to you.

Instead of it being your sweat labor, instead of you having to work your ass off in order to make this happen, try to find things that you could add to this that would be a massive transformational value for your client, that it would give them more value. Don’t just screw people by raising your fee, but what would give them an amazing value that you could give them that did not cost you time and money? Think about scalability again. Do you have something that you could give away that maybe a course, or a program, or another partner that you might have? Or let’s just say, you have a friend of yours who’s a chiropractor and you think they’re completely badass, or a massage therapist and you would like to bring that value to your client, and you thought, “You know what? If you hire me, you get a free massage.” You talk to that massage therapist and you say, “Would it be okay with you if I gave away a free massage for all of my new clients?”

Try to come up with something cool that you could add to stack the cool … This is also something I learned from Frank Kern, that’s a term from him and it’s pretty badass. What could you do to stack the cool in your package so that your value is worth that four grand? Whatever your number became. Then you can go ahead and charge whatever you think is appropriate for this new thing. See, that’s your homework. Find ways to add more value to people so that they think, “Holy shit, this would be a really cool thing to buy.” Make it so compelling that they would feel stupid not to get it. Because there are certain people out there that really would love to buy your stuff. I would say, try to make your packages even cooler. Try to give people more. Then make sure that you charge what you’re worth.

See, when you devalue your products and services, and you only charge 10 or 20 bucks, or only 100 bucks, and you charge low ticket shit for your stuff. You can go to the Dollar Store and buy shit for a buck and it’s really cool, except you know that that stuff is crap. You know you’re buying crap. But when you go to some place and you spend over 1,000 bucks. See, when people pay, they pay attention. I had to learn, this was another that I had to learn in my life and in my business, is that when you sell shit for a low price point, people actually value it for what they pay for it. If you give away stuff for free, they value it based on what they pay for it, which is nothing. They’ll go, “What was this worth? Well, I paid nothing for it, so therefore it’s worth nothing, or I paid very little for it, so therefore it’s worth very little.”

You can give your best advice, and this is one of my challenges is giving away awesome freaking nuggets for you every single day on the Daily Dose of Greatness Quest, is that you might accidentally value what I’m giving you based on what you paid for it, which is nothing because this is a free show and [inaudible 00:18:17], but you’d be doing yourselves a disservice. Instead, I would want you to pretend like you have now invested $10,000 a month to work with me. If you did … See, if you paid, you’d pay attention, you’d take action with what I gave you because you’d have to. Because if not, you wouldn’t just keep flushing money down the toilet with somebody.

That’s my challenge for you today, to go out and actually raise your fees, find a way to make a package, and don’t wait. Go ahead and make that offer to someone. If you got some value from today’s episode, make sure that you like this podcast, that you leave us a great review on iTunes, and then you share it with someone that you love, and you care about, and might value it. All right. Guys, I’m going to go ahead and talk to you later. I will see you on our next episode of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest. You have a great day.