“Trevor, I’m just being totally honest. I can’t see myself doing this. I think that (perfect webinar template) looks very salesy/feels the same/even gimmicky… not sure it fits with my audience.”

That’s an email I got this morning from a client.

It was in regards to the email I sent to her yesterday, advising her how to adjust her webinar.

I smiled when I read her email, because her response – used to be my response.

Look – I get it.

It’s scary.

Changing the way we communicate, and try to influence or “sell” others feels… “weird.”

But, let me ask you a question:

The first time you try something new, what’s the likelihood it’s going to feel a tiny bit uncomfortable?

Especially, if you’re say… 20 or 30 or 40+ years old?

Is it possible you might not feel normal, or “right”?

Or is it PROBABLE it’s not going to feel normal, or “right”?

Again – I get it.

It feels:


But don’t forget, above all…



Well what happens if you (or we) don’t change?

What can you (or we) expect?

Let me ask you another question:

If someone (not you, but someone else) kept doing the same thing over and over again… what’s the likelihood that they will create new and incredible results?


I “sucked” at sales.

I don’t think you really get it.

I hated sales.
I hated trying to sell.
I even hated accepting money.

It felt wrong somehow.
Especially, if I enjoyed doing the work.

I thought, “How is it right for me to accept money for doing something I love?”

I dropped my life-savings (plus loans) into my first watersports business.

In the first 12 months, I made $89,000.
Awesome! Yay!…

But I had $100,00 in expenses.
Not so awesome… Boo!…

My boat mechanic put it this way, “Well Trevor, what did you think would happen? You take an engine, wrap it in fiberglass, and dip it in salt water every day. How can you be surprised you’ve got a couple of mechanical issues from time to time?”

I can still remember fanning my credit cards out like a deck of cards at the grocery store and taking the last couple of bucks off of each of them, so I could buy food.

“Please take $17 off of this card. And $42 off of this one. And $9 dollars off of this one. STOP! NO! I said $9 not $19! I don’t have enough on that card!”

“Embarrassing” does not cut it.

But here’s why I REALLY sucked at sales.

I was scared.
I was judgemental.

Okay, I was stupid.

I literally spent my first 12-months of business pointing at my competitor and telling my clients how the other guys were doing it wrong.

I criticized their pricing, I criticized their… well… everything.

But I was going broke.

Eventually, I got a job to support my business habit – as if I was a freaking heroine addict.

So every day, I’d shower on the beach at the end of my work day and run across the street to work my night job as a waiter.

After 6 months of running my boat all day, and waiting tables all night, I thought I was going to die.

That was the turning point: DESPERATION.

Finally, I was ready to listen. And learn. And try new things.
And get out of my own way.

Eventually, I earned my first million dollars running that business.

No, not all at once.
No, I was NOT a millionaire.

But I did finally make that business a success.

How did I do it?

The SHORT story, is I got help.

I hired a mentor.
My first mentor taught me how to sell a t-shirt.

That saved my business.

Then, I hired another mentor.
Then, another.
Then, I kept hiring mentors even after the people I cared about teased me.
Then, I kept hiring mentors after my mom told me I was wasting my time and money and energy.
Then, I hired another mentor.

To date, I’ve invested over $1 Million in mentors and coaching and support and help, etc.

Worth every penny.

Then, when I want to take my life or my business to the next level, know what I do?

I hire another mentor.

Know what I’ll do next month?

Hire another mentor.

Next year?

Hire another mentor.

Does it still freak me out?


Every time.

I doubt myself.
I doubt my mentor.
I doubt I can do it.

Do I still get scared?


Every time.

I’m scared I’ll screw it up.
I’m scared I hired the wrong mentor.
I’m scared I’ll fail.
I’m scared I’ll look stupid, or that someone won’t like me.

Do I still feel uncomfortable?

I think you get the pattern by now… but YES.

Doing new things FEELS uncomfortable.

But today, I embrace it.

I “like” feeling scared.
I “like” feeling uncomfortable.
I “like” freaking out.

It lets me know I’m alive.
It reminds me that I’m pushing myself.
It is confirmation that I’m doing something RIGHT.

Only two things are going on all the time:

ONE – You’re either growing.


TWO – You’re dying.

I know which one I want to be doing.

Often times, growing is painful.

All I can say is, “bring it!”

**Here’s my reply to my client this morning:**

Dear Mrs. Client,

I get it.
But TRUST me.

Your webinar doesn’t need to be “gimmicky.”
This is about a psychological journey your person needs to take.

The “stack” of the “value” and offers is just a way to ANCHOR the value.

That webinar template has probably generated over $100 MILLION DOLLARS IN SALES.

Don’t get caught up on the stuff that you don’t like.

Seek to discover HOW you can use it.

What the template is doing is showing you the SEQUENCE of information.

*Look at my webinar. I use this template.

I’m extremely proud of my webinar because it HELPS people.

People love it.

Everyday, I have people coming to me, raving about how just my webinar training has helped them.

I don’t use it because I’m trying to be a salesy, gimmicky prick.

I use it because it helps influence people to make choices that will serve them.

It just so happens, that I think people are served when they choose to work with me.

But the webinar helps people REGARDLESS of if they choose work with me.

Mrs. Client, go to my website, and sign up for my webinar and see how I’m using it EVERY DAY to help people.

Signup here: epicauthor.com

Be great,


“Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway.” – John Wayne

Signup for my webinar here: epicauthor.com

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