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EPISODE 97 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


What area(s) of your life, are you focused on ​improving ​​EVERY DAY​?


Here’s the PROBLEM:

Most people will SUCCEED in one area of their life…

And STRUGGLE or SUFFER in other areas.  

Successful in business? Your health or relationships suck. 

Great relationship, or connection with God? Your business sucks. 

What is it for you? 

On today’s show, I’ll give you a little formula you can use to HAVE IT ALL. 


But it is badass.  

And you can START using it TODAY. 

Think about this question for a minute: 

Do you want to HAVE IT ALL? 

Do you? 

If so, what would that mean to you? 

Guys, I don’t know ANYONE, ANYWHERE that has created such a SIMPLE SYSTEM to help  you achieve the dream of… “having it all.”

I hope, for your sake, that you LISTEN to this podcast, and PRACTICE the SIMPLE  discipline that I share inside of it. 

If you don’t?

Well… you’ll REGRET it. 



In today’s episode, I’ll give you the “how to” HAVE IT ALL Formula. 

For SIMPLICITY sakes, here it is in FOUR words. 

(*WARNING:Don’t dismiss this because of its SIMPLICITY.)

BODY​ – Are you taking care of your body?

BEING​ – Do you meditate? Do you have a journal where you can record your thoughts?

BALANCE​ – How well do you communicate or connect with your loved ones?

BUSINESS​ – What did you discover and declare in your business? 


“It’s simple: Do what’s REQUIRED, to get what’s DESIRED.” – Trevor Crane

Do what's required to get what's desired


Try using this formula for 30-days.

Make a checklist.

Try if for 30 days, and see what changes.

You’re welcome. 


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Welcome back. On today’s show, we’re going to talk about the formula of how to  have it all. It’s going to be a tight show today, We’re gonna do it really quick. I know  you’re gonna love it. 


All right, I am in the process of getting ready to go to the Bahamas. So we gotta  make this really fast. And I’m going to go on the Bahamas for an adventure trip. A trip  with my family, but also trip with some of our clients. Years ago, I had this vision that I  wanted to take my my coolest clients, the clients that I love working with, you’d like to  work with my wife and I for 12 months or more. 
And we take them on a retreat with us when we go someplace fun. And I used to  live in the Bahamas for a little while. So I’m on my way there. We’re going to do a bunch  of fun stuff. We’re also going to mastermind about our business and businesses and help  each other It’s pretty cool. Can’t wait to go ahead and go back there and we’ve got some  fun things planned.  

Now that’s a part of having it all like what does it mean to you to have it all and I  just was realizing that there’s a formula that my buddy gave me. Garrett White, who  started the Wake Up Warrior movement and I’ve been talking a lot about this. I wear his  wristband every day but there’s something going on for me that I feel like I finally have a  formula to have it all. 

See, in the past I’ve had a decent business from time to time when I was up or  down I’ve had a good body your physique or health from time to time but it also had a  bad on both of those scales and then I’ve got had the ups and downs in my relationships  as I’m sure you’ve had as well. 

And I’ve heard this a lot about how people will tend to focus on one part of their  life and the other one falls apart and it happens all the time like somebody good in  business with their relationship sucks the relationship is great and they suck at business  and there are great father but there are businessmen or there there’s a lot of these. 

So at any rate, what I’m sick of is the fact that there seems to be this is recurring pattern that if we noticed that we have a weakness in one area then you focus on it, you  give it more attention. And you know what, it gets better. But then when you forget about  your body, you don’t go to the gym, you start eating like, you know, it gets worse. And so  there is a formula and I’m really grateful I was journaling this morning before I getting  ready for this trip and finishing up all the stuff we got to do.  

And I was realizing how honored I am to be part of this movement called Wake  Up Warrior. And one of the it what it what it started with is a man who came up with this  vision of like, how he wanted to have it all in four areas of his life. So write this down. Its  body-being-balanced-in-business, body-being-balanced-in-business.


And he found that he told the truth about where he was really at in those places  and stop being too scared to be authentic about his challenges and vulnerabilities in  these areas and was authentic about where he was and where he wanted to go.  

And he gave it a regular focus if he can insistently and daily had a focus on his  body and consistently in daily to focus on his business consistently and daily focused on  his, on his balance, which for him is his family, any focus on improving each of those  everyday and also his contribution, his connection with his creator when it comes to  being, any sense of well being, and a sense of peace, and whatever it is for you that if he  did this consistently, and he worked on it every day in each of these four areas, and came  up with simple rules to go do it, that he could improve his life.  

Now, I have seen this, I brag to you about how many days in a row I’ve exercised  every day, like over 2000 days. And I have found that it has a ripple effect. Like if you  improve one area of your life and you have consistency with it. Like I said, that I exercise  every day that it has a ripple effect and it starts to change other things in a positive way.  

But it’s not like I really had it all I was not channeling myself and pushing myself  and being honest with myself and all of these areas all the time and it’s actually a harder  discipline than you might think.  

It sounds so easy okay that makes a lot of sense to every you know what I’m going  to focus on working my business every day done and the focus is working on my health  everyday done we’ll focus on being a better spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend or  whatever it is everyday done and I’m going to thank god everyday done really easy really, you know. 


Are you doing it every day? Are you doing it every single day? Now the old me  would have basically just said yes not really look at it that closely and absolutely and  totally man I’m on. Are you really? Are you really on it every day?  

Like yesterday I talked to you about lying, cheating, stealing from yourself and  others. I talked about how I had done this in my life when I was 18 and I went to jail and  I got something on my personal record for being a I was lying and cheating and stealing  and I found I still do this to myself today. And I don’t even realize it half the time. 


So there are areas where we hold ourselves back. So in our body being balanced  business, let me give you the little formula that I’m currently using that Garret shares  very widely. Now, He also has a wake up warrior movement for women. And that is just  beginning.  

So this is for everyone. And it’s very simple. But I listen to motivational videos all  the time I’m on YouTube and I’m looking for things that motivate and inspire me and I go  to Instagram and I I looking for more mentors to lead me and show me the way that I can  get to hang out with because when I watched the videos, I get to hang out with them.  They talked to me, I talked to them, it’s pretty cool.  

But it seems like I don’t know that any of them have this kind of formula where  they’re focused on having all four areas to becoming a four dimensional man or woman  a four dimensions of like, what is most important for you every single day that you can  control so I’ll give this to you real briefly. You should totally go get Garrett’s book called  them The Warriors Way things was called the The Black Book go to blackbook.com we’ll  check it out you can even find it wakeupwarrior.com you’ll find all of this. 

So here’s the thing. I’ll give you the four things now body we have actually two  things that attract every single day now he’s got this really cool app that I use and a little  checklist but I’m gonna give it all to you right now and and if he doesn’t like it then I’m  sorry Garrett that I me off but I don’t think that’s case I think he’s going to be very happy  that we’re sharing the message because I believe in it and I’m grateful to be a part of it and I want you to have the joy. Experience what I’m experiencing by focusing on this  consistently. 


So here we go. Every day I focus on my body. And what does that mean? It’s a  time where I’ve got to do something for athletics I’ve got it I gotta sweat and I’ve got to eat  some good food. And I have this is a little checklist on my app. Now that I because I’m  working with Garrett I’m in his Warrior movement and I can just track it on that like, did  I do it or not? Did I drink my green smoothie? 
That’s the one thing that he says is really important is like healthy raw food like a  live food do I did I have my supplements? My green smoothie? And if I did it, yes, I get to  check it off. Like that’s one point day or half a point and how we work it in the  movement. half a point. Yay.  

Did I sweat today? Did I do something that I do yoga? Did I run? Did I stretch? Did  I did it work out with weights that i did i sweats today those are the two things if I did  them I get a half a point on each two that’s my body and I’ll tell you what I’ve been doing  this now for over six months and sometimes as easy as this is I don’t do it I don’t get them  do my green smoothie. Why? Cuz I’m on plane Why? Because I got lazy Why? Cuz I just I  got busy and then I failed.  

Now check this out. Like it’s so easy to fall down the path and not get this done. So  this is the accountability and the brotherhood and the sisterhood or the community that  you have around you the hold you accountable to these things is really really really  really important.  

Holy baloney me telling you these things it’s gonna be so simple you’re not gonna  do it that’s the worst thing about me giving you today’s formula is you won’t do it but I’m  going to get a good anyway so maybe you’ll do even a little bit of a little better than  nothing.
And when you realize that you won’t do these simple things these four areas of  your life every day when you realize that you’re going to guide design needs help me  you’re guaranteed income somebody and you’re seeking help me and would love to help  you. I love to support you. I love you. And part of that movement. I love to have you in  my life so that I can go ahead and help you become rich and happy. 

That’s my job is I help people basically build wealth and become rich and happy  and and to find that in different ways. We’ll talk about that on another show. So that’s  my body. Go check it off. Did I sweat and get a drink my green smoothie and then I did  my body and then what does It mean for balance, I could go on a lot longer than the  whole training.  

There’s a whole book about all this. When it comes to balance. It’s about two  things, my significant other, and then another member of my family that I’m trying to  connect with, in some way. Now, Gary did this with his son, he and his wife, he had a  relationship that was a strange with his son, to put it mildly. And he was in a situation  with his wife, where he was being a and a.  

And they weren’t happy. And things were pretty rough. And instead of just having  these grand gestures, and doing date nights in a variety things, which are all cool. His  wife didn’t like that. Now, she didn’t love all that stuff. He likes the gifts and she liked the  fun and all that, but it was his consistencies lacked in his consistency suck. And his son  thought he sucked.  

And so he’s like, how can I take responsibility for this and just connect with them  every day and just put deposits into their emotional bank account every day. And if I did  this consistently what would happen regardless of what or not I get in return or whether  or not my son tells me I’m cool. So he just decided to every single day, reach out to them  and tell them what he loved or appreciated about them is it it’s a consistency of doing it  every day.  

So using the technology of today, he started sending his son text messages. And he  did it for a month for two months and do it for three months and nothing happened.  Some basically had written them off from the off and just never responded. So after 90  plus days of sending consistent messages to a son about him, taking responsibility for it  not been for the father that he had wanted to be for just telling what he loved and  appreciated, loved or appreciated about him every day in the consistency. 

He got a phone call from the son at one point and when I met Garrett at his event  in November last year, for the first time I met his son Son stood up on stage and talked  about the difference that this had made in his life. And now he saw his father in a new  light, because he never stopped the regular connection and communication with him. And even though he got nothing in return, he did it so consistently that his son couldn’t  ignore that his dad character, 


I’m getting teared up about it. Because it was powerful to see this transformation  and to see a man who committed to the daily discipline and just trying to improve the  relationship he had with somebody in his life.  

That was a strange he wanted to be better and I heard man after man after man.  This is a conference we’re middle of men so women can do the same thing of messaging  and talking to and just connecting and communicating with your family every day and  having a be a discipline on your checklist.  

And I talked to husband after husband who had had this experience with their  wives, and it just made a regular connection and communication with him by leaving  them love notes or doing something special for them every day, something that they love  their appreciated about them with no expectation of return just deposit after deposit  after deposit day after day, a quick text, a quick Skype message, a quick photo and  Instagram, whatever it is use a technology of today. 

I leave sticky tabs around for my wife. I try to do special things that take a  moment out of my day to make sure I make a deposit. Okay, that’s balanced body a beat  balance being for being there’s two simple things meditation and memoirs. 
So meditation just sit down and take a moment to just breathe and listen. It’s your  chance to connect with your Creator with God with spirit to just listen for the voice inside  of you to give clarity about what you should go do sometimes, to speed up the we need to  slow down and it’s a daily practice.  

See, again, this seems so simple, spend five minutes 10 minutes meditating every  day just being quiet silently sitting there. And there’s all kinds of cool different types of  meditation. I’m sure you’re probably better meditator than me by far, but it’s just a  moment. Are you doing it every day? Because most people will say, dude, I already heard  this already. Do this. Really. every day.  

You’re making a deposit in someone’s life that you care about. Is your mom, your  dad, your son, your daughter, a friend, business partner that you need to contribute to every day? Are you really doing it? And I’m not saying hi man. Hi, how are you? I love  you. That is not. It is something different, something unique. It is something that shared  with them, how much you appreciate them and love them every day. 
When it comes to meditation. Are you doing it every day? And if you do you get  yourself half a point to meditation. And then did you pull out your journal and did you  write something down? Did you journal every day you journal every day because this is  your legacy. 

This is your what Garrett reminded me of. And which was a truth that I heard  like, holy you ever heard somebody share with you something and you recognize that it’s  not. It is just the truth like your shared with me that our words that we write down is  gospel. 

It is our gospel with the men and women who contributed to this. The Bible was  the word of God right like it was written by men with their hands. They’re just dead men  but our words matter if he means one thing when I read it, it means another thing when  I hear it, it means everything when I say it, so your message matters to you. 

And so I journal every day. I pull out my phone and I jotted down it The app that  I’ve been given in one of the different types of technologies so I use Evernote, I write  down in my journal every day. And sometimes I do an audio file on it and it just  transcribed my word. So that goes in. And that’s my journal for the day and even briefly,  and then I meditate every day. That is body being balance.  

And let’s talk about business and in business. The way that we are taught this and  wake up warrior is that it’s a focus on what did you discover? And what did you declare  these are the two elements of business. Did you do something today to learn and grow  your marketing your sales or your leadership, marketing, sales and leadership,  marketing, sales and leadership?  

What did you learn today? What did you discover today, a study in marketing,  sales or leadership, marketing, sales or leadership? What did you discover today? And  then what did you declare, declaring means you teach what you learn. 

I am today teaching you things I have learned this is my declarations is one of the  places that I now teach what I learned. I learned a few things about leadership today and  yesterday. And I’m sharing those things in a declaration to you in my own unique way about having it all. And yesterday I told you about jail and being in jail because I decided  to learn something and then share it with. 

You know, I typically share with a smite my combination of stories about me my  experiences and the people that I know love and care about or have had positive  experiences with their negative experiences with because I like story because I think  storytelling teaches and helps much better than me just giving you content I’m too much  and I need to improve this I taught probably tell you too much content.  

I need to be giving you more stories that teach and prove to me that that’s it.  That’s the formula you can have it all but I think it’s also a decision that you need to  make it. Look in the mirror and decide to You deserve it all decide that you want it all  decide yesterday talked about telling the truth then maybe you don’t have everything  that you want to have I talked to so many happy Pappy past positive positive people that  me and themselves and everything is fine it’s not fine.  

There are things in your life you wish you had more of or things in your life you  like you wish you had less. And you’re not having it you’re not experiencing it and it is  time to own it and decide you know what, I can’t have it all. I’m not just going to win in  business. I’m going to win in life. I’m not just gonna have a great relationship on another  break body, I’m gonna have energy, I’m gonna have health I’m gonna have vitality I’m  gonna have a connection with my Creator that empowers me and moves me and pulls  me. 

I think it’s amazing and I think it’s so cool that somebody like this Give it to me in  simple terms man that I can go ahead and follow so again buddy Did you sweat today  and You have a green smoothie being all of those at balance. So balance Did you did you  connect with another human that you love and tell much love and appreciate about him  today? And was it as fat?  

Was it your significant other and then someone else in your life to cheer about  that’s too that’s where your two points and then for your other for the for the for the  being one did you meditate and did you write your memoirs did you pull out your  journal and then for the what’s last one business did you discover something today and  then declare it. 

Now this is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a lot more to it I wish I wish you would potentially join this movement wish you would potentially should join the  movement should become a warrior for yourself for your kids. Why am I even  pussyfooting about that? You should be in she get the book to reach out to me and say  that you want access to this community. 

And I’ll give you an invitation whether you’re a man or woman or whatever, and  I’ll figure it out bring you on here and share it with you. Proud to be part of this  movement called wake up warrior and proud to share with you the formula of what I  think I’m blessed to have been given. And it sounds so simple. It’s that’s a problem. It’s a  recipe that most of you will follow.  

My challenge for you is to try it. Do a 30-day diet. Try a 30-day challenge of just  sticking with this for 30 days, like a little checklist for yourself. I just gave it to you make  a checklist for yourself and just do this for 30 days and see what changes. 

What I love about this discipline is it’s something that you can control and  something that you can measure. And it’s something that you can see the results for in  your own life and that you are 100% responsible for and this is 100% doable. 

And most of you if you try will fail in some way, shape or form. And if you don’t  believe me, try it for 30 days. You’re going to find yourself that it’s a little bit harder than  you might think. And I don’t know why it is. It is it isn’t hard. It’s just that I think it’s  tough to just go out and do anything consistently over time. 

A buddy of mine and I used to say that if we told someone we give them $10  million and all they had to do was to tie and untied their shoes every day, 10 times a day  that they wouldn’t do it but we pick the thousand people and said I will give you $10  million in 10 years if you just tie and untied your shoes 10 times a day every day for a  year so they wouldn’t do it but they fail they think it’s they give up they quit they forget  it’s it’s not that important. 


So I don’t know if you’re gonna do it or not I do care about you though and I do  want you to go ahead and have it all so hopefully you can decide what that is for you  unisys daily discipline to go ahead and hook you up. 

I can’t wait to see you tomorrow for another daily dose of greatness quest. I’m gonna be shooting the episode in the Bahamas. I’m excited about it. We’re gonna have  some new adventure stuff for you. I’m not gonna come up with what the content is yet to  teach other sees you about is going to be bad asked is renewed in the Bahamas. Maybe  we’ll do it as a video but if you liked today’s show, please go to iTunes and give us some  love and then share this with someone else that you care about.  

And if you do not leave us a nice review shoot me an email to  support@trevorcrane.com​. Share me with me a screenshot of this bad boy so I know you  did it and I can give you some love and I’ll shoot you my free book I’ll give you a link to it  so you can just go grab it, scoop it up have instant access to the digital download. I’ll send  you the free copy if you want the physical copy. You got it it’s badass. I can’t wait to have  it. You get it. So please share this share with me your amazing review on iTunes. Take a  snapshot of that. 

I can’t wait to talk to you tomorrow. Make today magnificent. 

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