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Happy Flippin MOTHER’S DAY!

EPISODE 43 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


How do you show to the women in your life, how much you love, care and appreciate them?


“You never know what day could be your last day.” – Trevor Crane

You never know what day could be your last day.

“Tell the people you love what they mean to you, before it’s too late.” – Trevor Crane

Tell the people you love what they mean to you, before it’s too late.


1. Tell the mothers in your life how much you love, appreciate and respect them.

2. Continue this EVERY DAY. Pick someone you care about. Your spouse, your mom, your dad, your kids, etc… and commit to a daily discipline of reaching out to them and tell them how much you love, care and/or appreciate them. Don’t expect them to message you back. Just reach out and tell them. Do it every-single-day, in a cool way, so that THEY FEEL GOOD. (This is NOT about you. It’s about them.)

Don’t wait. You never know what day could be your last day.


This show is for the mothers. It’s a day to celebrate the most important people in the world. Today being Mother’s Day, I talk about two of the most important people in my life: My wife, and my mom.

I would be here, without them. (obviously)

The two ladies have always believed in me. Even when I didn’t believe in myself. They are both amazing mothers and they deserve to be appreciated every-single-day.

How do you show to the women in your life, how much you love, care and appreciate them? Today’s show can help you.

To all mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day!


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Happy Mother’s Day. That’s right. It’s Mother’s Day.

And if you haven’t yet told your mother or maybe the mother of your children how much you love, appreciate and respect them, that’s my challenge for you today.

And today’s show is dedicated to the two women in my life that made my life what it is today, my mom and my wife. If you don’t want to hear me talk to my mom and my wife about how much I love and appreciate and respect them, then you should not listen to today’s show. If you want to hear all that, then stay tuned.


Alright, welcome back. I’m going to go ahead and talk about my love, appreciation and respect for my wife and my mom. I’m actually gonna do it in that order because I know that my wife has very little patience. And I better go ahead and talk to her first because we just had our little bouncing baby boy.

So, honey, Robyn, and by the way to everybody else, I’m about to talk, I’m going to tell my wife all these little sweet nothings. If you don’t want to hear this, don’t stay tuned. And then I’m going to go into all the details and yucky goofiness about my mommy, alright?

So that’s what I’m doing right now. And maybe you want to listen because you want to be inspired and come up with something that you might be able to share with your mom or wife or significant other, whatever it knows. Significant other, yes do that too. But this is Mother’s Day. She deserves your love and you’re not regularly communicating how much you love, respect and appreciate them. At least take this day to do that.

All right, back to Robs. Robyn, Robyn, good job, Robyn. You know I love you so much, honey. First of all, I love how good of a mom you have been, you know. Since you and I first got together, and I introduced you to Phoenix when she was two years old. You know, I always wanted you to be her mom from the beginning. And not to replace her mom but I always want, I knew you were so loving and caring and nurturing and I wanted you to be a part of her life.

And I think from the very beginning, my goal was to always treat your word just as honest or just as important in my daughter’s life as mine or her and her birth mom. And you’ve been a great mom to our daughter Phoenix. You read to her all the time since she has been a little kid. I know that was more your doing rather than mine. That virtually every night, it was book reading and still to this day.

Very seldom does my daughter requested me to put her down and go to sleep. She definitely wants you to go and put her to sleep and read to her. I know I win sometimes but typically 70% of the times, she’d rather do that with you. And I know that’s because she’s been able to feel your love since she can barely remember.

And now, I’ve gotten to see you with our son, Maverick. I know he’s only three months old, but this little dude is an amazing dude. He smiles all the time. And you’ve been so amazing with him, you know. And I’m going to go into that a little bit more in a little bit. But you know you’re an amazing mom to both of them.

You know, I know that you’ve been what I wanted. The things I love about you is how you’re up at all hours. You know, taking care of that kid. I know, for those of you don’t know my wife. She needs her sleep. If she doesn’t get eight hours or nine hours sometimes, she has a tendency to have less patience and be sometimes grumpy with those people that are closest to her. And guess what? She typically sees me around.

So, what I am really impressed by is that with this little boy being in our lives. She’s up at all hours feeding him and taking care of him when he needs to be changed and whatever else it takes. And you’re just dealing with it in such an amazing way. I love you, honey. You’re doing an amazing job. I love that you’re a singer and you play the guitar. And that you’re so musically talented.

You know, when I made a list before I even knew you of what I thought an ideal woman was, that I wanted to be with, I basically described you to a T. You know this. I’ve talked about it before, but it is so true. And sometimes I know I take you for granted, honey. And it’s not fair. I love you and I love everything about you.

You know, one of the things I appreciate about you. I don’t know if you remember this, when I made your first DVD for you when I saw you at that live show. My wife and I celebrated her first date when she played a live show at the Tin Angel in Philadelphia. And we never even set at that stage, but I got to film that show. And then I made a DVD out of it. I made an album out of it. That was my way of trying to show her how much I cared about her.

But what I realized is that no matter how many hours I spent editing that footage and listening to you and watching you. I love everything about you. And the same thing remains today. You know, when I did that video for you, for your 40th birthday last year, you know. Again, I got to revisit your entire life. And I love everything about you. I interviewed your family, your brothers, your parents. I went through all your old photo, albums or boxes of photos that I could find.

Honey, I respect and love everything that you went through, you know. And let’s just talk about that when it comes to the mouth, you know. For those of you who don’t know, we struggled to have a baby for five years. And when Robyn was trying to change her health and her nutrition and her diet and her patterns to go ahead and make sure that her body would make a baby.

She changed everything. She went on a weeklong 7 to 10-day meditation retreat, where she didn’t speak. She was silent for like a week and then she kept meditating and meditating. She went to a retreat in Peru, where they did more of the same on the spiritual retreat. You always challenge yourself. You went under surgery and medical procedure after medical procedure to try to do whatever it takes. All these invasive things to get that baby here.

I respect that you had traveled the world before we even met. I knew that the woman that I wanted to be with, somebody who had similar passions and desires. And then I remember meeting you and dating you, I remember being blown away. You and I had both had some of the same experiences as far as our travel and I felt like we had been looking for each other. And I’m just sorry it took so long for me to show up.

Honey, one of the things that I appreciate most about you is that when we did meet, and I was at one of the low points in my life where I wasn’t feeling very confident about myself. And I had lost everything and all my money and I was bragging that I was home free when I was truly homeless, you know. You still saw me for me and believed in me when I had a hard time believing in myself. I know also that you’ve heard me say that before but it’s very, very true.

I remember telling my good friend Peter that you’re really special because I felt like you liked me for me when I was at one of my worst, when I was one of my lowest, I guess. So, honey, I love and appreciate that you’re a great coach. And that you are a great trainer and that you’re great, you’re coachable.

When you find a mentor that you trust. That you will do whatever they tell you to do, you’ll jump off the bridge and you, even though you’re scared, you will believe in them. Like you believed in some of your coaches and mentors over the years. And you’ll adopt their beliefs until they become your own.

And I guess, one of the last things I want to talk about as far as what I love, appreciate and respect about you is how much I appreciate that you care for other people. And you have such a deep love for other people and serving others and helping others.

I’m just honored to be on this journey with you. You make every day of my life better. And I’m recording this right now and we’re not in the same house. I’m recording this right before it’s Mother’s Day, because I wanted to have this ready for you when the podcast came and it went live. That you could, I could give this to you as a gift. But I miss you, right now. I’m carrying all this.

And now I’m gonna transition to my mommy. Mommy, I’ll probably figured this out. I don’t call my mommy, mommy anymore. But I thought it sounded more silly to say it that way so I just would transition to my mom.

So growing up, Mom, come on, I was a mama’s boy. Let’s face it. I would like to say that I was amazed I was a mama’s boy. And I, it was I grew up with you always believing in me. There’s some commonalities here with what I feel like I have in my wife. And that you believed in me when I was a little, little, itty bitty baby. And not everybody was raised by parents who love them unconditionally. But I always felt loved.

And I always felt that you stood up for yourself in what you believed in. I know that you went through a lot of hard choices when, you know, there is the divorce or the divorces and the different stepkids and different things. But I always felt like you were somebody who could do anything.

You know, my mom went out and she decided she was going to be an airline stewardess. She went to an airline stewardess school. She decided that she was going to reinvent herself and become a cop. She went to, in her freakin’ 50’s, she went to become a cop and go through their version of hell, whatever that is, for becoming a cop. She decided to become a realtor and she made it in real estate. She decided to become an investor and she started to invest in different properties. She started her own bed and breakfast.

My mom became, decided to become a nurse and she went back to college. Like that you have always been somebody who was just like, you will do it. You’ll go do the work. You’ll go sacrifice. Whatever it takes. And put your time and energy into it.

And I know that you put family first. You know, when Stephanie decided to move to Alaska. Stephanie’s my sister and she has two sons. My mom said, “Well, I’m going to go live near one of my kids, one of my kids with babies.” And so she moved to Alaska and started. And in order to do that, she went to New Mexico for a couple of years to get her nursing degree. So she would have a job when she showed up. And she could go ahead and live where she wanted to live. And then she started her own bed and breakfast in Alaska.

And then, you know, I love and respect and appreciate you so much when you have gone to help me when I have gone through my transitions.

When I was moving from Florida to New Jersey, my mom flew out from Alaska to help me drive all my stuff from Florida to New Jersey. She did this several times over probably three, four times she will show up. She will come and help. And help us move and help paint the rooms. And she painted our baby room for Maverick. And she flies across the country on her dime to go ahead and be part of everything.

And it meant a lot to us and to Robyn when you showed up when Maverick was born. And you’re so flexible with your schedule saying you’ll show up whenever it was appropriate for us with all of Robyn’s family. And that was just you’ve always been really great with us and with, obviously with Phoenix and with Maverick now, especially. I keep thinking about how you’ve come now twice to come see us. Just so you can be part of his life.

And by the way, for those of you who don’t know, my mom has been threatening. That’s the way we, the term we use in our family. And she’s been threatening to move to Florida. Or at least to buy a property in Florida, so she can be near my daughter and Maverick as they grew up in this next phase of their life. My daughter now being 11 and maverick being three months old.

But mom, when I was a little kid growing up, you used to challenge me to do all the stuff on my own. I didn’t appreciate it at the time. I wanted mommy to tell me, you know, how to spell a word or how to define something or what’s something meant. You best do something better for you. I wanted to go ahead and call the teachers and tell the teachers or write the teachers a note that I could do something.

My mom made me do all of that stuff myself. I had to pick up the phone. I had to make the phone calls. Either go into the to do the end of the dictionary, but this is pre-internet everybody. And use the dictionary and encyclopedia. And do my own work. And learn to learn. And learn to act in the face of my fears. You know, my mom has always been that for me.

And I remember when I was growing up, there was a time when my mom was commenting about the President at the time. There was election going on. This is back when Jimmy Carter was president to date. But Jimmy Carter was about to go out of office. And my mom was giving this amazing advice to me in the car and probably my dad and my two sisters. We were so old, so young back, in diapers. My sister probably still then.

But I remember thinking, since my mom hung the moon and my mom knew my mom’s word was law. She still tells you to this day, that it still is. And that I’m supposed to do whatever my mommy tells me to do. But I just thought it was so silly and such a sad thing that President Carter couldn’t hear from, get my mom’s advice because she told him how he would have been able to do this or that better during that time when Reagan took over.

And you know, mom, you’ve been amazing to me. You’ve always been fun and funny and made my life lighter. And you’ve been there for me when I’ve needed you most. You loaned me money when I needed it. And you believed in all of my new ventures and enterprises when it came to, when I was in college starting my ventures, with my campus calendar I put together. And when I was in business and start to launch things, you always believed in me and took care of me.

And my final thing here for everybody. This is going to transition now to just talking to anybody who’s still listening, besides my mother and my wife. is that, you know, I think it’s really important that we show the people that we care about most that we love and appreciate them and respect them on a regular basis.

And I have it on my to do list. So everybody has an idea of how important I think this is. It is on my daily to do list. My daily action of daily discipline is for me to pick somebody in my life that is really important to me and to focus on showing them love, affection, appreciation. And just to have me take a moment to appreciate them and then to just do something, to reach out and communicate with them as well. And if you haven’t adopted that daily discipline in your life yet, I strongly advise it.

Like as we get caught up on a lot of different stuff. And yeah, we take the time off on Mother’s Day and on Father’s Day and on Christmas, some holidays and stuff. But I think it’s our duty and responsibility every day. Because you never know what day is going to be your last and you don’t want to let something go unsaid.

And so I’m doing my best to adhere to this new discipline of a regular communication of love, appreciation and respect for those people that I care about most. And if you haven’t done that yet, then try. And that would be my challenge to you.

Hey, don’t forget it’s Mother’s Day. Go say something nice to your mom. Give her a nice card or something.

But then, see if you can come up with something for a week or two, to be consistent with your communication with the people that you care about most. That’s my challenge to you.

And then commit to a daily discipline to pick somebody that you love, care and appreciate and tell them every single day and do it in a cool way. Doing the same thing every day is kind of boring. Come up with something cute and fun.

I leave my wife and daughter sometimes a sticky tabs. At times, I send them a video. Sometimes I will customize a photo for them. And I just want them to know how much I care about them. These little deposits that I feel, like my wife and my mom, have made in me different times in my life. That helped make the quality of my life amazing today. So I’m richer than I’ve ever been before my entire life.

So, I hope you all have an amazing Mother’s Day. Go tell your mommy and the mothers that you know around you, how freakin’ amazing they are.

And make today magnificent.

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