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EPISODE 57 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


”The temptation to quit is the greatest just before you’re about to succeed.” – Chinese Proverb

“The road to success is through the swamp.” – Robyn Crane


Q1:​ Are you making the amount of money that you currently want to make? ​(Yes or no?)
Q2:​ Are you helping the number of people that you want to help? ​(Yes or no?)

If you answered NO to either question… what are you going to do about it? 


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I dedicate today’s episode to my wife, Robyn, who is celebrating her birthday today. (AGE  UNKNOWN.)
On today’s show, I talk about getting through the swamp. Information from the LAST  chapter in her book, and I share some INCREDIBLE and INSPIRING stories that will  BLOW YOUR MIND. 
To get a free download her book, ​Make More Money Help More People, go to: ​robyncrane.com/freebook



Get a FREE COPY of my my wife’s #1 International Bestselling book at: robyncrane.com/freebook


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Today’s show is probably going to be the best show I’ve ever made. It’s because  today’s my wife’s birthday. Happy birthday, Robyn. This show is dedicated to you.  

But for you listeners, I’m going to talk to you about how you can make more  money and help more people. And you’re also going to get a free book. On today’s  episode, I’m going to give you a link because my wife’s book MAKE MORE MONEY HELP  MORE PEOPLE is the, basically the basis for today’s show. I know you’re gonna love it.  You’re going to get a lot out of it. 


Alright, welcome back. Well, happy birthday, Robyn.

So everybody, if you’re going to go ahead and get this free book, ​Make More  Money Help More People ​ . And I’m going to share with you some cool stuff today about  how you can get through some of your biggest challenges. And how you can get past the  swamp is what we’re going to talk about today. I’m gonna tell you some stories that my  wife shares in her books. You can create real results in your own life right now. 
You’re going to first have to listen to Happy Birthday. So “Happy birthday to you.  Yeah! Happy birthday to you. Robin! Happy birthday, dear Robyn” bringing it home  “Happy birthday to you.” Honey, I love you. I love you so much. 

Everybody who does not know my wife has it, has always inspired me from when  we first met. She accepted me when I was at one of the lowest times in my life when I was filing bankruptcy and having a lot of different challenges. And she saw greatness in  me when I had a hard time seeing it in myself. And my wife inspires me every day. 

Her third book, fourth book, I think it’s our fourth book, fifth book, I can’t  remember which one now because she’s written many. And by far her best book is called  Make More Money Help More People ​ . And quite frankly, that is the mission that she has  had working primarily with finance female entrepreneurs now for years. She works  with men too or has in the past. And she’s still get some that will want to work with her.  And I think if you are a dude today. Hey man you can learn some cool stuff today from  today’s episode. But this book is phenomenal and the gift to you is actually I’ll give you  the link right now so you guys have it. Go to robyncrane.com and that’s Robyn with a “Y”  R-O-B-Y-N ​robyncrane.com/free book​. And I don’t even think she knows that it’s still an  available option for you guys to go get but you can download a free copy of this book. 

And I think you really are guy or gal, whatever it is, you should read this book. It  does nothing but share stories with you and real things you can do to meet the mission of  the book, make more money, so you can help more people. You know, the best way to  help poor people is to not be one. And so this book is dedicated to that vision and  mission. Yes, it’s going to have the whole spin on it for female entrepreneurs. But I think  you can you get a lot of value out of it anyway. 

Alright, so let’s talk about the, I looked at my wife’s book. And I was reading  through it. And one of the last chapters in your book is a call is about being in the swamp  and what happens when you’re in the swamp. So I’m gonna share with you a quick  Chinese proverb right now. That is at the beginning of chapter 10 in my wife’s book, and  this chapter is called Success Is Through The Swamp. And the Chinese proverb is this,  “​The temptation to quit is the greatest just before you’re about to succeed.”

I have several clients of mine that just recently shared with me, actually one in  particular, who sent me a private email and said that she’s really stressed out. She’s very  confused. She’s not sure that the progress that she’s made so far is the right progress.  And she thinks she might need to stop, delay and move things back. And she’s very  concerned.  

And the cool thing about this confusion piece I’ve shared with you on previous  podcasts. If you haven’t heard me talk about confusion, you should go back and look at one of the other podcasts where I go into this in detail with Tony Robbins.Because  confusion means you are prepared to learn something. Get excited when you get confused.

And when you get into the swamp, which basically means ​the swamp is  something that’s an emotional feeling where you want to quit.​ And if you never find  yourself in the swamp, then that just means that you’re not growing. And 9 times out of  10, that means that you’re avoiding things that are putting you on the, and avoiding those  things are putting you on the wrong path so that you don’t grow and you don’t  experience your own, the growth that you need. 

When you find yourself in the swamp, I’m going to take this from my wife’s book,  “When you find yourself in the swamp, this actually means that you are making progress  towards your ultimate goal of expanding your reach and increasing your income.” That’s  a Robyn quaint Crane quote for you. I’m gonna say this again. If you find yourself in a  challenging situation, and you’re stressed and you want to quit, or you’re not sure, or it’s  getting difficult, or it’s getting hard, that means you’re getting closer to success.

And I’ll read my wife’s quote again, “​When you find yourself in the swamp, this  actually means that you are making progress towards your ultimate goal of  expanding your reach and increasing your income.”

And this happened for my wife. And in the book, she shares with you several of  the awkward and painful stories that happened to her and experiences that happened to  her. And I think it was on yesterday’s podcast, I was sharing with you how my wife had  gone out. And when she first published her first book, she gave a presentation in front of  the Tony Robbins Power Team in New York City. And there are about 50 people in that  room. And she had just gotten her book done. So she felt like she had so much credibility  and authority in the eyes of the audience that she sold 13 people in the room who bought  strategy sessions from her. 

I shared the story with you yesterday. But I didn’t have the specifics with the  math. So I wanted to go back and share this with you now. Because those 13 strategy  sessions that she sold for $200 apiece, made her $2600. The follow up at the end of those  conversations that she had with those the people from that event, she made $35,000 in  the next couple of weeks. 

Now, here’s the thing that you don’t know. That sounds really good and like, I’m  just bragging. You’re like, “Dude, what about the swamp? What are you talking about?”  My wife was petrified to go do that talk.
See, previous to that, my wife had actually not been doing well in her personal  coaching business. My wife had a 6-figure business on the side. But for a while she’d  been working on growing her personal business, the Robyn Crane brand and the Robyn  Crane coaching business. And she wanted to work with women and the previous 12  months up until that event, she had only made $500. 

So this is a really big thing. We invested in a lot of things to try to help my wife  with her business, her brand, her clarity. And she was scared to death. She needed help  from her mentor. His name is Jeff. She needed help from me and the community that we  had around us to support her, to help her believe that she could do it. Before that event  came up, she actually didn’t even want to go. She was trying to cancel it. Now, maybe I’m  not giving you every little detail of what happened. My point is, she was scared to death.
She found herself in the middle of the swamp. And you can read about it for  yourself in her book. Again, I’m gonna remind you to go download it, you go to  robyncrane.com/free book​. Very well thought out domain, by the way. And get this book  while you still can. And go read this for yourself. 

Because the thing that scared her most was to go stand on that stage, speak to that  group of people and make them an offer. One of the transitions she was trying to make is  she had become overwhelmed with one-on-one clients. See, she still had her financial  planning business. And that business had gave her a lot of one-on-one clients. And the  problem was, is yes, she had a 6-figure business but it wasn’t giving her the quality of life  that she wanted and that we wanted to live.  

So she needed to build that business from scratch. The first year that she built that  business again, she made $500, not very impressive. The year after which started from  this event where she made the first $35,000, she made $150,000 in the second year. In her  third year, she made over $500,000.
So if you’re talking at all mastery question, and actually this is the question of the  day. ​Are you making the amount of money that you currently want to make?​ Yes or  no. And my second question for you is, ​Are you helping the number of people that you want to help?​ Yes or no.

And if your answer is, you know, you want more money or and you want to help  more people then I am thrilled that today’s birthday present for my wife and for you now  is to go ahead and get this book because your success is probably through one of the  things that scares you the most. Your success lies through the swamp.  

Well, my wife talks about in this chapter of this book is that oftentimes people  freak out about it. And they want to get out of the swamp, they don’t want to go through  all that scary stuff. And part of the reason is, they don’t have a support network around  them to support them. My wife’s entire business is now designed to help people. We give  them the mentorship and the community and the coaching to go out and help people  move people through the swamp. My wife needs needed that help when she got there. I  need that help when I get there. 

My entire business has modeled what my wife has done, because it wasn’t enough  for me to only work with people one-on-one. When I got started, my first book is called  High Paying Clients ​ .And I was really good at working with people and companies  one-on-one and me working with them, helping them get high paying clients.  

The challenge was, and my fear had been that I only knew how to work with  people one at a time. The much more powerful transition that my wife and I have made  in our business has been to help give people a community and start serving more than  one person at a time. Part of the reason I’m doing this podcast just so I can connect with  and help more people. The gift of figuring out how to make more money so you can help  more people is delivered in this book. 

And I want to share with you just a couple of stories that you’re going to learn  when you read this book. These right off the back of my wife’s book, you’re going to learn  how Lisa went from losing money every month to the tune of $300 a month. minus  negative to making over $40,000 in just six months. How Bree went from $4500 a month  to over $23,000 a month. How Allison was able to increase her hourly fee from $200 to  $1,000 an hour. And one of my favorites is how one of my wife’s clients, Denise was able  to make $6 million from a one minute video that my wife helped her create. 

So our gift for you today is to just go download the book. And that’s our challenge  for you as well. Download this and read it and apply the principles in your life. And if you want to give us a present back, leave my wife an amazing review. I know you’re  going to love this book. 

Whether you’re a dude or a chick, I know you’re going to love it because you and I  have responsibility to make a difference in the world, to find ways to help more people.  And honestly, when you make more money, you have an opportunity to help more  people. They go hand in hand. They are not one and then the other. 

I hope you have a great day. And I can’t wait to see it tomorrow on another  daily dose of greatness quest. 

To get even more awesomeness, which means all my best stuff, download my app  by texting ​Trevor​ to ​36260​. It will show up right on your cell phone.