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EPISODE 146 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


If you want to ​have it all​, then you have to listen to today’s episode.

Because I talk about the HAPPINESS FORMULA and the core questions that will change  your life, ​for the better​. ​Today, I’ll share 2 formulas with you. One I learned from Tony Robbins, and one that just I’ve been practicing for years.

Tony’s Formula?​BP = LC.Mine?​ ​G+G+G+G = FREE

Learn them both today. 


Here’s my little HAPPINESS FORMULA, in the form of 4 Questions:

1. What are you GRATEFUL for?
2. Where in your life do you want to GROW?
3. Where are your greatest GIFTS?
4. How can you GIVE those gifts away?

“The secret to living is giving.” – Tony Robbins

The secret to living is giving.


Ask and answer these questions: 

What are you grateful for? Who do you love? Who loves you? What are the areas of your  life, your body, being, balance, and business, where you’re really grateful? Where in  your life do you want to grow, body, being, balance or business? Where do you really  want more and want to expand? What is your superpower? Where are your greatest  gifts? How can you give your gifts away?


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Welcome back to another daily dose of greatness quest. Today’s subject is about a  formula for happiness. I’ll call it THE HAPPINESS FORMULA.  

And I’m not sure that this is the right title for this episode. But it’s the best thing I  can come up with this morning. It’s about 5am have enough for about an hour, maybe a  little bit less than that.
I’ve had a great conversation with myself this morning. I will talk about that a little bit. But I think you’re going to love today’s show. Because it’s going to give you a  formula about how you can have more. Maybe we could also call today HAVING IT ALL, not really sure. 

I know you’re gonna love the show.

All right. I just mentioned I’m I got up a little bit early this morning. And getting  up around 4am. And I have what I call ​a walk and talk in the morning ​ .I didn’t come up  with that title. I heard from Garrett White that he gets up in the morning, talks to himself  in the morning and coaches himself.  

So I’ve been doing that lately to try to find insights into how I can get more out of  my day have Ivan I want my life. And a couple things came up to me this morning. And I  want to share with this little formula with you. 
So Tony Robbins gave me a formula years ago about like having like, what it was  to be happy. And he gave me this formula. And it was like, have these simple letters with  an equal sign to it. So I’ll give it to you. It is  

blueprint = life conditions

And in order to do that he put blueprint in the two letters ​BP​ ​=​ ​LLC​ life conditions. And it goes on to talk about how when your blueprint is your way you see the world your  blueprint is your your formula for what needs to happen in order for you to be happy in  this example. And then he said, your life conditions is whether or not that showing up. 
And lately I’ve been walking and talking to myself. And every morning, I focus on gratitude. And I’m thinking about all the things I’m grateful for my life. And that is my body​,​ being​, ​balance​ and business​ for four simple categories to look at.

And I’ve got a great family, and everybody’s alive. And everybody’s healthy. And  that these are life conditions that I really enjoy. You know, my wife is amazing, my  daughter’s amazing, my new son is amazing, my health is good, I want to come to my  body like, and I look at these different things. And the freedom that we have with our  finances, and how we’re able to spend time with family.
And I look at all these in like, I’m grateful to the nines. And that has not always  been my pattern my life conditions. And sometimes then where I was broke or struggling  or not in great relationships. And so my blueprint equals life conditions, definitely those  things are in play right now. Now, that said, there’s a significant amount more growth  that I want to accomplish.  

So when I look at and measure my life conditions, and my blueprint, I really want  to grow and expand those. I think that is our purpose of being here on this planet to grow  and give and contribute. And I want to share with you a little bit of an extension of this  formula.  

There’s four words that came up for me today that I think are really powerful in  in, I guess, expanding Tony’s definition, for simplicity sake that ​BP = LLC​ or not, if your  blueprint does not equal your life conditions, you might be struggling significantly right  now.  

And so then you got to change one of two things, either your blueprint, which is  your formula, what has to happen in order for you to, you know, be happy. And so it’s  really shifting meaning. That’s one of the most powerful things ever learned from Tony is  you can change the meaning of circumstances and what has to happen in order for you  to feel a certain way.

Because God, if you’ve never been to Tony’s ​A Date With Destiny Program​, you  guys should totally go. It’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever done to help me reprogram  my mind. And my results of this just frickin amazing, you’ve never bad. Tony’s initial  program, by the way is called ​Unleash The Power Within​ that’s one of this interview is  first intro program.  

You gotta go like you guess gotta go invest the time and money to go spend some time with Tony Robbins. It’s just it couldn’t, you couldn’t have a better coach and mentor  and whatnot. Amazing. Amazing. Like, you got to check out Tony will transform thing. So  let me give you my extension of this. There’s a lot of pre game and just sharing with you  what Tony gave me rather than my insights.

But here’s what I realized. I started off this morning with ​gratitude​. So these are  four words that all start with the letter G. And so I started off in the morning with  gratitude. And Whoa, does that just frame things really nicely.  

Like I was a little lethargic, I got up for something. And I was in bed with my son  was a little bit fussy just this morning for a moment or two. So I cuddle with him. And I  didn’t want to get up out of bed. And so I got up.  

And by the time I was a few minutes into my walk and talk, and I’m talking about  my gratitude and everything that I’m grateful for. Like, it shifts my walk in my tone and  my purpose. And even when I filed my bankruptcy. And when I had lost a lot of things, I  stayed very focused on what I call ​the gift ​ and focused on what is great about this, what  is the gift in this situation.  

And just that focus, a shift of meaning just everything like everything is kind of  happy, or just because of focus about that so that I give this formula to you. Because it’s  really helped me like live a great quality of life this up this gratitude piece in the  morning. And then when I went to immediately there is like, what am I? How do I want to grow? 
So gratitude is a great place to start. I’ve been focused on that for a long time, and  learning how to get better and better at being grateful for everything in my life, even the  challenging stuff. 
And then I want to focus on growth, like, what am I going to do to grow where I’m  at right now?Like, I’m not satisfied with the relationship I have with my wife, I wanted to  be significantly better. I’m not satisfied with the success I have in my business or my  body. I wanted to be significantly better.  

And so that also makes me feel good, because I’m setting new goals for myself that  I can go ahead and how can I push myself to grow to become more so that I can give  more which we’re getting to the next thing, which the next G or that I’m going to come up  with is to find my my gifts are for you to find your gifts.  

So it’s ​gratitude​, ​growth​ and ​gifts​. Like what are your gifts? What is your story?  superpower? You know, what is it that your greatest at and I think it’s our responsibility  to discover that I feel like in this sequence, it seems to this come to me. 
Now I’ve got this pattern of being grateful. And I’m like, okay, where do I want to  grow? And then what are the gifts that I have that I can give away? So I guess that third,  the fourth g here is, what are my gifts? And then how can I give them How can I give  them away.
So this is my extension of Tony’s blueprint equals life conditions or when it  doesn’t equal it, you know, you’re you get to shift the meaning of of things, you can either  change your blueprint or you can change your life conditions, right. It’s sometimes easier  and more media to change your meaning of the circumstances that you’re facing, than it  is it takes a little bit of time to often change your life conditions. 

Like it takes a little time to lose weight to fill time to make money, you know, if  you’re if that’s your challenge. So I like to shift both. And my focus on adjusting my  mindset and beliefs and behaviors is definitely this series of G’s. I just gave g words I just  gave you. 
And the focus of shifting my life conditions are these G words, I just gave you  gratitude for someone a great place focusing on how I want to grow and become more  searching for and discovering my greatest gifts, that sure I’ll sell some things, I need to  make sure that I make a profit. And then I am abundant.  

But truly my my focus is about finding the gifts that I have. And giving them away,  giving them away to as many people who are looking I was looking for. And this lights  me up and fires me up. And anyway, that’s I could go on.  

There’s a few other things that I’ve been focused on lately that I love to share with  you. But we’ll do those on other episodes of greatness quest. So my challenge for you  today, though, is to write these formulas down the blueprint equals life conditions and  that equal sign are not equal sign in the middle there, you know whether or not you’re  happy or not happy with your life condition, whether you’re happy, or you want to  change them.  

And my guess is that you’re pretty happy with some of those things in your life. And that you probably want to change some of the others and probably anything that  you’re really good at right now, you probably like to expand that and become even better  at it and have more abundance there because you probably love that stuff. And you want  to do more of it.  

So hopefully, my little extension formula here of gratitude and growth and gifts  and finding a way to better give your gifts will support you and to write those formulas  down and turn them into questions. Because really our conversation and communication  oftentimes a sequence of questions that we ask any answer.  

So the first thing I challenge you to do is, you know, ask the question of what are  you grateful for, you know, who do you love? Who loves you? What are the areas of your  life, your body, being, balance, and business, where you’re really grateful? And what  could you be grateful for? And then where in your life do you want to grow body, being,  balanced or business? Where do you really want more and want to expand? 

And ask an answer these questions, and What is your superpower? And what are  your greatest gifts? And like what? How can you find them? in an ask an answer these  questions and then the last one is How can you give it away? 

I keep looking at my offers of what I have created in my business and and what  I’m what I want. I’m giving the marketplace I keep trying to find better ways to  communicate my gifts and to give the things that I think are my superpower. My  awesomeness come away. We tend to give give, give, like, how can I give better and  sharing it with more people? 
And sometimes we ask the question, really big questions. You don’t get the answer  immediately. And that’s okay. Like you can spend some time actually asking this  question like, ask these questions and keep asking them and ask them day after day, week after week.  

And I think what happens is when you dig deeper, for better answers, you you just  what you find, like you will seek and you shall find. So keep asking these questions about  these gratitude and graphing, giving gifts and see what you find.  

And I am just loving the simplicity of simple language and a simple focus to go  ahead and become more when I created the whole idea of the greatness quest podcast  and TV show. It was because I believed that when my grandfather passed away the meaning of his life.  

And what was most important and impactful when he was laying on his deathbed,  which, you know, that that he never got out of, I want it was 92 that he was reflecting on  his life. And he said, Trevor, here’s a formula for living a great quality of life. There was a  92 that’s that’s pretty good longevity there. And what he gave me was a formula of like,  how I can become more.  

So the whole idea of greatness quest started with just three simple words BECOME  YOUR BEST, like, how can you become your best? How you can compete with you? How  you can push yourself and how or more specifically because this means more to me  about me is the word I how I can become my death.  

And that’s what I wish for you, I want you to become your best. I think by asking  these, the series of four questions will really support you in getting it and if you give me  some feedback on it, I love it. 
So if you actually practice this, and you get some insight and you find that this is  valuable for you, please share with me the benefit that you get. That would be really  fantastic.  

So with our social media today, you can do that really easily reach out on any of  the channels. I pretty much monitor Facebook more than anything but you can also find  me on LinkedIn and YouTube and Instagram going to put a lot more energy towards  Instagram here soon.  

And so at any rate, that’s about it, reach out give me some love and and share with  me how this may have helped you are served you that’d be really valuable. And the only  thing happy today is to go out and make today magnificent. 

And I can’t wait to see you tomorrow on another daily dose of greatness quest. 

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