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EPISODE 154 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


How do you get rich? Or poor? Answer? ​Habits​.

Today, I’ll share 3 habits rich people have, and poor people don’t.

I didn’t create these. One of my BILLIONAIRE mentors came up with these. Enjoy! 


What habits do rich people have, that poor people don’t?


“Beliefs + Behaviors = Bank Account.” – Robyn Crane

Beliefs + Behaviors = Bank Account.


Read the story of THE RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON. 

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Welcome back. Today we’re going to talk about the three habits that rich people  have that you and I can implement today.  

I know you’re going to love this show. I’ve been doing a lot of research lately for a  new book I have coming out and I’m going to share with you some of my newer insights  with a new billionaire that I have been connected with and communicating with on a  regular basis. I look forward to giving you the secrets.

Okay, so welcome back. What are the habits that rich people have that poor  people don’t have?  

And you know, I’ve been talking I said I’ve got a new book coming out it’s about  goal setting and goal getting at the new 30 day challenge that I’m I’m giving away for  free. If you guys want to join, you just gotta download my app. And then you got to click  the little button to join the 30 Day Challenge. And then there’s another app and there’s  some cool stuff for you, but it’s how to set and get any goal.
And as I’m doing research for this, I’m trying to find the most successful people on  the planet to interview and study from so that I can go ahead and improve the system  that we have. And then when this book comes out it’s going to be because it’s got the  most stellar information about setting and getting goals ever.  

Alright so that’s it. Let’s get into these the success habits here because poverty is a  habit. See, they’re being rich and wealthy is a habit. Having good health is a habit. It’s not  an event. It’s not a belief system. It’s a habit of like how what is the habitual way that  what was it that you put in your mouth every day for food, right?  

Are you are you eating processed frozen dinners every day? Are you eating you  know, are you eating ice cream every night? Are you exercising every day? Or you’re not  like these habits will create certain results. And so will wealth, so will happiness, so will  poverty.  

And so I was talking to this billionaire. He’s actually coaching me and I and I say  this through his his videos and stuff we didn’t jump on the phone together I want to brag that he’s in my my speed dial yet he’s not there yet but anyway he was talking to me  about the three rich and a half three habits rich people have. 

And I want to share them with you and the ones that I have used in the past and  then I can’t say that with like total integrity that I’m practicing these today. So I always  want to share that one like I’m sharing with you a strategy that I have I’m not using right  now I want to be in integrity with you that I’m like, inspired by him to start doing this  with more discipline. Alright, and I’m sharing it with you from that place.

So habit number one is that ​rich people count their money​. And I know this  seems pretty silly and obvious when it doesn’t seem obvious. It seems obvious to me. 

My wife was a financial advisor when we first got together and started dating.  She’s a financial advisor and she grew her business from scratch. And just starting in  that industry to being pretty successful as a female financial advisor.
And she did through through did sell through non conventional ways of growing  her business one of those things that she created was called Money Coaching and it’s  something that she’s actually going through a certification. 

Or she’s creating a certification program now with one of our business partners  Elisa testing and they are wanting to help the women that they work with and they might  extend it to men I’m not sure with this money coaching element. 

And my wife used to call it Kim Jim hate ky n GYN and it stands for Know Your  Money to Grow Your Money and let my wife sound is instead of just like doing 41 K plans  for her clients talking to them about investments and wills and protection and all that  stuff that the industry typically talks about that she came up with a little formula that  your beliefs plus your behaviors equals your bank account​.

And she realized that oftentimes she needed to shift the mindset of her clients and  the behaviors of her clients and that that was more important than like whether or not  they had the right 41 K and then she did that stuff too. 

But she focused on this thing called money coaching and to break that down into  real simplicity. She helped them count their money. She gave them a dashboard. And she  said it’s really important for you to know your money or specifically what’s coming in  what’s coming out. And and if you do that, you can grow your money.  

And this was phenomenal as people would pay her a really healthy chunk of  money as a money coach to go ahead and get her guidance which oftentimes work with  women and and like with couples but she heard two core client was typically the wife of  the family and then typically like help the husband wife like communicate a better about  their money and understand her money and she go over it with them with their  dashboard. 

And what happened across the board I don’t think she had a client ever who  didn’t grow more money like make more money. When they started counting their  money it was insane. I was actually quite impressed because she charged in a healthy  chunk of money just to help them manage their money and in this case not even produce  all the 41 K and financial advisor himself that was something on the side it was just as a  money coach, just helping them know their money, help them grow their money.  

It was insane. The results that she got for her clients out of this world. The  testimonial she got for clients out of this world. For a while she was calling people it’s  called her the like a better better like advisor to them then like a relationship coach and  she was the the death of the marriage financial advisor or something like it was like  some kind of weird like name that they gave her for a while because she was this  relationship coach to them. 

Because money is a very emotional subject, most people don’t look at their money  hardly ever. They don’t look at it until they do their taxes at the end of the year. And  what I have found is the more often that you look at the metrics, what gets measured,  you can actually look at results.  

Rich people often are looking at their cash flow and their money every single day. They are going over their books with their bookkeeper at least every single week. They  want to see the metrics of where they are in their investments in their companies. And  wherever it is on how they’re spending money on how cash flow is. I’m not talking about  living in scarcity. I’m talking about living in abundance.  

But understanding that you got to manage your money you’ve got to know your  money coming in and out. And I thought this was a brilliant secret of rich people. That is  a great reminder for me because my wife and I had a conversation about this this week  about how we have to start looking at our money with more clarity again, because we fell into bad habits frankly, poverty habits which were not happy with or like, Oh shit,  we gotta stop that we gotta get back to looking at our money. 

My wife spent an hour or two doing exactly that, going through our financial  dashboard to just look at where we’re at. And this is definitely an area I need to improve. I’m not gonna brag to you and say that I’m phenomenal at this now have done really  good at this in the past. This is one a coaching I’m going to take myself.  

Okay, let me give you rich habit number two. This one is phenomenal. This one  you may have heard about before as well. But the question is, there’s a big difference  between Are you living it? Or are you just saying, Oh, I know that I’ve heard that if you’re  not living it, then you don’t know it. And then I think the next level of mastery is teaching  it. What is the secret?

Rich habit number two is to ​pay yourself first​. Now if you haven’t done this, you  haven’t read this book before I challenge you. That’s my daily challenge today is ​to go  find and read the story called The Richest Man in Babylon​. And if you’ve heard that  before or read that before, then you should read it again.
So my same coaching to you. I’m reading the same book right now for my fifth  time. Going through the process so I can master what’s inside of it. And Richest Man in  Babylon. I’m going to take that on as well. Because now that I’m saying that to you as a  challenge, I have to do it myself.  

So I’m going to read that book. Again, it’s a quick read. So it should be pretty easy  for you. And if you’ve not read it before, I’ll give you the lesson is basically which I just  told you is that you pay yourself first.
And in the story it walks through, like the challenges of what happens for you if  you don’t do that. And then the benefit that can happen and you can become the richest  man in Babylon is the title of the story. If you follow this discipline and it doesn’t mean  that you go splurge on things. It doesn’t mean that you go buy a new car. 

And it doesn’t mean that you go buy the new iPhone. And it doesn’t mean when  you pay yourself first. That doesn’t mean that you go get a massage. It’s not that what it  paying yourself first means that you take a percentage of your money every single month  and you put that aside for you. Pay yourself first.  

Then when you pay yourself first. That means you say that there’s two steps here.  You save it and then you invest it. You save it and then you invest it. 

One of the things that my wife and I’ve been focused on a lot lately is educating  ourselves around crypto currencies and bitcoin currency and things like that. So that we  understand this marketplace. So that we don’t get left behind. I’ve done a podcast  episode on this just recently called The Bitcoin Secrets. 

And I’m not here to tell you that I know everything about bitcoin cryptocurrency. That’s not it at all. I am saying that it’s something that you need to educate yourself on  and look at. And I highly recommend that when you look at your money and you’re  trying to think about okay, what percentage am I saving? 
Paying yourself first. You now need to look at where you’re going to invest your  money where you’re going to keep it. There’s no secret that there are people who bought  bitcoin at the very beginning who now it’s worth like a gazillion times more than it was  when they first when they first invested in it. 
And a cryptocurrency is an amazing strategy for people to implement if you’d like  to know more about that you should reach out to me and ask because I have a mentor or  a few that are coaching me around this subject. And I’d love to give you the the insight  that they have. I’m not going to go ahead and preach about it because I know or teach  you that because I don’t know that’s not my specialty.
But I do know how important it is okay, which is kind of a little bonus here. I  guess I didn’t really mean to talk about that. What I wanted to share with you was the  secret that this new billionaire mentor of mine gave me. He goes, remember the book  The Richest Man in Babylon. Remember that you have to pay yourself first. Remember  that.  

What exactly that means is taking a percentage of your income out. I think in the  book they say it’s 10% among my mentor told me that that’s not even close to what you  need to put in the bank based on what you’re making. But at the very beginning, that’s  and that’s better than nothing.  

Even if you make $30,000 a year take 10% out and pay yourself first and then not  only do you save it, but now you have to look to investing it. 

So I’m just going to move on on that one because it’s pretty obvious not giving  your homework on this it’s not to go for it. Just go get the book The Richest Man in  Babylon and read it like read it quickly you can get it done in like one setting. It’s really a  fast stuff on lead.  

Okay, the third secret that rich people practice the third habit that rich people  practice that poor people do not is ​rich people are constantly trying to improve their  ability to earn, their ability to to educate themselves on new and better ways to  improve their performance when it comes to earning an income.  

And this is across the board from personal development to to more information  about investing in stocks and whatever it is, it’s like, how to sell how to influence their  content there though rich people are typically some of the best students on the planet  because they’re voracious. They had an appetite to learn so they can grow. 
They know that the purpose of their life is to expand and not just to expand, not  just the words of the not just to consume information, but to consume it so that you can  implement it. If you don’t see the fruits of your work, then you’re not actually getting that  result. 
So my mentor again, reminded me of this and this is one that I’m actually pretty  good at. This is one that I’m constantly focused on. He’s like you did a good job, but that  does you you need to implement more. And so he basically kicking me in the teeth like I  get to have a mentor I mean, they will celebrate with me, but they also challenge me. 

Like an important thing about a mentor I’m going to give you this is just an aside  because I think this is really key when I coach with people and when I’m helping  someone or when my client my mentors are working with me. there’s basically three  things that they do.

Number one is ​they helped me get clarity​.

Even more crystal clarity about what it is that I want, what does I need to do what  does then it stopped doing? Help me with clarity. They give me coaching and support  court with their celebration in there. There’s like, they work with me. They give me their  advice. They say, hey, stopped doing these things, start doing those things. And that’s,  that’s an invaluable resource. And I love being this person for my clients.  

And then the other thing that they do is ​they challenged me.

And this is a really important one because they don’t just listen to my willy nilly ideas. One of the this guy’s not a billionaire but he was really close and we had a  conversation. In fact, when I met him, I asked exchanges information, and he sold me his  business card. I paid $200 for his business card because he said, it comes with a call with  me and I’m going to spend some time with you to really support you.  

And he goes, I want to know about your goals and dreams and to share them with  him and to get his feedback and get his insight on stuff. And he It was really frustrating  because I was pretty proud of my my vision up until that point.  

And he actually said, you know what, I think we need to do another coaching  session, and he rescheduled with me and gave me. Here’s the deal, I want you to get a lot  out of our time together. What I’m gonna do is I’m going to challenge you to think bigger.  And then let’s do this call later. 

It was awesome. It was like what I didn’t even know these are big goals. But I  didn’t. Okay, so rich, seek the rich habits, count your money, pay yourself first. And then  the most important one in the end. Those are both that I don’t which is the most  important. 

But this last one is make sure that you are consistently and constantly and right  now this very minute looking for new ways that you can increase your capacity to earn  and what is it that you can do to improve. 

This is great because you’re in control of all of these things. I love it when you can  take control and when you are responsible for your results in that things are broken  down in a really simple terms so I can’t go out and credit that I’m the one that came up  with these three habits.  

That would be ridiculous. I’m not sure Not not saying that I am saying that they’re  phenomenal. They came to me from somebody who is killing it and hopefully you’re  going to get a lot of value from them when you implement.  

Please do yourself a favor. Follow these habits. Please go read the book, The  Richest Man in Babylon.
And please comment below or leave us a review on iTunes if you’re liking our podcast and I’ll see you tomorrow on another daily dose of greatness quest. 

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