Going cheap is costing you
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EPISODE 128 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Going cheap is costing you. 

In today’s video episode shot from Phoenix, Arizona, I share my experiences about trying to “save money,” but ending up having it COST ME so much more in, TIME, AGGRAVATION, & MONEY.

Plus a lot of stress.


Where in your life are being CHEAP? And if your HONEST with yourself, it’s costing you  time and money and aggravation?

“Going CHEAP costs you MORE in the long run.” – Trevor Crane

Going cheap costs you more in the long run


If you’ve got money, ​then invest a little bit extra to BUY the best, and HIRE the best.

It will save you time and resources and give you a MUCH GREATER RESULT.

If you don’t have money, then be smarter about where you spend your time.


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Welcome to another daily dose of greatness quest. Today’s episode is shot in  Phoenix, Arizona. It’s a video episode. I’m carrying around my little baby on my chest  like a mini me and we had a layover on an airplane last night. 

And I wanted to talk about today’s episode is going to be about going cheap. And  what actually when you’re when you’re when you’re trying to save a buck and go cheap,  how much it cost you in the long run.  

Alright, I know you’re gonna love the show. 


So like I said, I’m in Phoenix, Arizona, I’m carrying around my mini me with me. I  keep calling them that as if anybody understands what that means. It’s, he’s, he’s six  months old, not today. But like a few days ago, and I’m sitting in front of a place I’ve  never been actually. It’s the Arizona lottery.  

And I remember growing up with the idea of the Arizona lighter lottery and every  once in a while i’d i’d convince my parents are when I finally had some money myself, I’d  buy a lottery ticket for $1. And being back in Arizona reminds me of the I mean, I was  never more broke than when I was in Arizona.  

Maybe that’s not true. When I have found my bankruptcy. That was the most  broke I’d ever been. But I grew up in Arizona and we grew up poor and I ended up  always trying to find a way to have what I wanted. When I was a little kid I started  stealing because that was my my path.
And by the way, I ended up in jail for doing something like that. So don’t do that.  That stealing kind of sucks and I there was a good thing I’ve told that story before. For  those people who have been to real prison and I spent one night in jail, they laughed at  me like oh my god, I can’t believe that you actually cared that much about it but I was  such a wuss that is scared me straight so it’s like the best thing that ever going to happen  to me.  

But it’s reminding me of VM back in Arizona and being on this layover like I we  flew in from Tampa, to we’re going to San Francisco and instead of going direct, because oftentimes, the flights there don’t go everywhere. Direct. We had to fly on a layover, we  had to have a layover in Phoenix, and we had a delay with the plane in Tampa. And then  we had a cancellation of flight in Phoenix. 

And then they put us up in a hotel. And this is the second or third time we’ve had  delays on American Airlines here lately where we’ve had to spend a long time in the  airport or we’ve had to be just massively inconvenience about a time we lost a day in the  Bahamas we would have spent because of just airplane delays and on that happens. 

But it makes me realize we just set this down for a second makes me realize how  often I still use the pattern or still run the pattern of trying to save money and go cheap.  And I realized that every time I’m doing that and I’m going cheap or trying to save money  it cost me in the long run. 

And they just started doing the math and all the different things where it cost me  just to do this trip we ended up we have to hire a rental car so to save a couple of bucks  we pre paid I think it was like we saved $18 to prepay the rental car which makes total  sense because everyone we were delayed here. 

It ends up costing us more. Because now we are having to pay for the rental car  for a day that we actually can’t use it. And this has come up time and time again. Like,  what would it have cost us an extra hundred bucks to fly direct. I don’t know, I don’t  know exactly what the flights are. Sometimes you can’t do that.  

But time and time again, I used to, and I still do will spend a lot of time trying to  save a buck. And that’s cool. Like, I grew up with that mentality. Like we I didn’t have a  buck.  

So if I was going to buy a new pair of shoes, or if I was going to buy this Baby  Bjorn or whatever it is that I’m going to buy. I want to get the best deal on it. But all too  often there’s a significant amount of time that I spend definitely, in the past trying to do a  workaround and save a buck. 
And if you think about how, like I did an episode recently of me cutting down my  palm trees are cutting the palm fronds off my palm trees. It’s took me five hours to do the  job by myself and I’ve have grown up with this mentality that if something needs to be  done I can do it which I think is really cool because I can do it you know and and but is it  the best use of my time. 

And I have found like, if you hire a cheap coach you get results you know, you get  result Well, you don’t get results is kind of the thing if you when we when we hire the  cheap car, it’s the car that breaks down and when I’ve tried to it’s not like everything is to  spend a bunch of money on but it is important to make sure that you buy quality instead  of just trying to always get the best value. 

And how oftentimes I will still run the pattern of trying to just save $1 and have it  cost me a significant amount of time and money just to go ahead and work hard to save  money and how much better it is oftentimes when we buy the best and how much better  it is when we when we’re willing to pay a little bit more to save time which is our most  precious resource I mean to oftentimes I’m I think I don’t want to spend the money on  the item the thing and it would be the smartest thing to do. 

So my quick question for you today is to consider where in your life are you  actually trying to go cheap and are you do you have this cheap person’s mentality  looking at the Arizona lottery there to go ahead and try to gamble to go ahead and say  you know what? Because I think I think the lottery is the biggest frickin ridiculous scam  ever. 
Here’s why I think the lottery is a total scam see you can do absolutely nothing to  control your destiny it’s built on the premise of nothing but hype. Look at this look at the  science behind me nothing but hype of you. Political Crazy, he went up to $50,000, the  entire premise, the entire money making scheme is built on, put a couple of bucks in. 
And then hopefully you’ll get lucky and you win is exciting. You can do nothing,  control it. And it’s based on the premise that most people will lose. And look, this whole  building is dedicated to it. And I think that it is a a lie that we need to constantly be trying  to get things as cheap as we possibly can. 

I’m not saying that we should waste our money. That’s not it. And when you’re  broke, and I’ve been there, you know, it’s something like it’s easy to say, it’s easy to say  when you’ve got money that you should be able to do to spend it like that is very easy. 

I would just challenge you if there’s not a money if you’ve got money, then invest a  little bit extra to get the best and it’ll save you so much more and give you so much more  result if you don’t have money and figure out where it’s smarter to go ahead and spend  your time and that’s my challenge for you today.

Whether you got money issue or a time issue you’ve got both. By the way, we all  do just where you can better spend your time and, and don’t and and look around to see  where you are potentially gambling or using a scarcity mindset. I don’t know what the  stats are. But I think almost every lot of your lottery winner, not every but the huge  percentage of people who win the lottery end up blowing all their money.
And I’ve seen it personally. I’ve got friends actually I’ve got family members of  mine that have inherited money. And then because they didn’t earn it, they ended up  losing it all. 

So I think that happens with lottery winners that happens with people who just  who don’t understand money, and quite frankly, I’m just here to share with you and  acknowledge that I just I still run the pattern of wanting to try to save a buck and go  cheap and I think it cost me massively.  

We’re going to spend a day in the hottest place on Earth, which is Phoenix,  Arizona. It’s hot out here right now. Okay it’s not the hottest place on earth but it’s hot.  All because we wanted to save a buck. 
I don’t know if that’s exactly accurate. My wife would probably tell me know  Trevor, we we pick the best flight because we live in Tampa. We can’t go direct  everywhere that may be, I don’t know. Let’s see where you can properly invest your time  to get their greatest results.  

So that’s all I got for you today. I’m trying to keep this baby up. He’s been with me  since about 5AM. I trying to try to maybe put him back down. Make today magnificent.

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