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EPISODE 92 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Today is July 1, 2018. Know what that means? ​We are HALF-way through the year!

How are you doing?

Where are you – in terms of your ​GOALS​ for the year?

When you look in the ​mirror​, do you have the ​BODY​ you want?

If you look in your ​bank account​, do you have the ​MONEY​ that you want?

If not – it’s okay. 


You still have the 6 months left. Time to really FOCUS and make things happen.  

Today’s show aims to GUIDE you, and help you GET ANY GOAL you want. 


“If you can look up, you can get up.” – Trevor Crane

If you can look up, you can get up

Eyes up! Chest up! Step up!
And make the rest of your life the best of your life.


Step 1​:What’s your goal?
You don’t have to know how, you just have to know what! 

Ask yourself these questions: 

WHAT DO YOU WANT to accomplish? 

What would you do if you knew it was IMPOSSIBLE TO FAIL? 

What would you do if you knew this was your LAST CHANCE? 

What are your strengths and weaknesses?  

What sort of situations do you thrive or fall apart? 

Step 2​: ​Where are the FACTS about where you are right now?
Carefully examine where you are right now in terms of your goal.

Are you willing to do the things, ​you may not want to do,​ in order to reach your goal?

Now, be honest about the ​FEELINGS​ you have about – where you are right now. 

Step 3​: ​Get Help

Find a mentor. ​What do you need to do need to do in order to get where you want to go? 

They will help you formulate an MAP (Massive Action Plan) And tailor it to YOU!! 

Broken down into: daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly benchmarks. 

The goal that you set in step 1 may take a long time to reach. Perhaps months or even  years. Set short-term goals to keep you motivated throughout this time. Achieving these  goals will give you feedback on your progress towards your ultimate goal. 

Step 4​: ​Be Accountable

It is easy to say you’re going to do something. Actually doing it is another story. ​You must commit! ​This is why your goals should INSPIRE you.
Step 5​:Celebrate!

There will be a​ million small wins​ along the way to getting your ultimate goal.

Reward yourself along the way. ​Oh, and – HAVE FUN! 


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Welcome back. It is July 1, 2018. We are halfway through the year. And today I  want to focus on a goal setting workshop. I’m not sure where you are with your goal so  far this year. But let’s have some fun. And let’s make this a guide to you getting any goal.  

I know you’re going to love the show.  



Alright, I have just spent the last 20 minutes talking about goals and pre recording  this podcast and messing it all up. It was way too long, way too boring. And I want to  make this short and sweet for you. And really fun.  

So where are you so far? You’re in July, you’re halfway through 2018. If you look  in the mirror, do you have the body that you want. If you look in your bank account, do  you have the money that you want? Have you made the difference in this world that you  want to be gone on the vacations just measure up? Where are you? And it’s okay, if you  haven’t hit them your goals yet. Let’s go ahead and really focus the next six months and  make it happen. And let’s jump right into it.  

Okay, number one, one because we’re going to jump into this goal setting  workshop and make it just just dial it in. And you can jump off this you actually you can  pause today’s audio if you need to, because I’m gonna ask you some questions. And I’m  going to share with you a few of my goals. I’m not going to go into it for 20 minutes, like I  did on the last recording. It was just kind of ridiculous. So here we go. 
Step number one: What’s your goal? And maybe you want to look at your goals  from the beginning of the year and kind of do an assessment like how well did you do?  That’s what I already asked you.  

But let me ask you some core questions to challenge those goals. And see if you  want to make them a little deeper. Ask yourself what you really want to accomplish. And  what would you do if you knew it was impossible to fail? What like, what goal would you  set for yourself? What would you do if you knew that this was your last chance? 


And this is an important question. I just recently read about a girl who passed  away at age 27 from cancer. And I’m going to do a podcast about it here soon. But it was  horrific. I mean, just to imagine that you know, this life, we think we’re going to live  forever. We think that we’ve got all the time in the world. And we don’t.  

My mentor, my first book mentor didn’t write his first book himself until he was  going through chemo treatments. And he found himself sitting on this cancer bed with  his hair falling out, vomiting into a bucket every day, not sure what his life was all about,  and the legacy that he was going to leave behind.  

And you know, if you knew it was impossible to fail, and you knew this was your  last chance, what would your goals really be? How do you need to adjust your 12 month  goals to try to hit him in the next six months? And maybe you want to consider your  strengths and your weaknesses. Like one of the situations and the things that you do that  you thrive in love? And what are those things that you don’t want to focus on? Will you  just fall apart and I think you should focus more on your strengths and less on your  weaknesses.  

You know, if somebody else do that, or just not get that done, and do what you do  best and delete, delegate the rest. So get clear about your goals. Like what do you want in  my life, I have four areas body being balanced in business. In business, I have a financial  goal. I also have a goal of how many authors I’m going to help that’s 100 authors before  the end of the year. And I got a lot of work to do.  

So if you are an author and you want to do meet it gets get your book done, then  talk to me because I’ve a new program is going to be awesome that I’m just about to  launch. Maybe it’s launched by the time you’re listening to this podcast, that gives you an  opportunity where I’m going to do most of the heavy lifting for you. Because I want to  help you tell your story. Your message matters.  

And we can, I can help you write your book and make it a bestseller in 90 days or  less. And there’s a financial component to that as well. But it’s one where you will benefit  massively. And then I’ve got my 12 month goals broken down in the 12 week goals. So I  know the next three months what I’m trying to accomplish in all of these four areas body  being balanced in business.  

So what is your goal and business? Pause this audio real quick and write it down. If you don’t already know? Or if you need to revise it based on these new questions. And  then what are your goals about your balance? In that case, I’m talking about your  relationship with your spouse, or your girlfriend, or your boyfriend or your family, your  kids? What is it? What are your goals? You want to take a trip with them? You want to  have a certain number of date nights with your significant other I know that’s what I  want? Are you planning an analogy?? 

I don’t, man. What are your goals? What are they? For you? You know, what are  your goals when it comes to your being your sense with your your, your connection with  your Creator, and the purpose that you have in life? What is that for me, I want to make  sure that I finished all of the family yearbooks that my wife and I had gone and not  finished every year we like to keep a little your book full of pictures. And we didn’t finish  2017, 16,15, whatever ones were missing from 2011. Till now I’m going to fill in the gaps.  And this will make me feel connected and grateful.  

So that’s one of my goals before the end of the year. What are yours? And what  are your goals about your body? I know that I’ll be 47 before the end of the year. And I  want to look like one of those models on the cover of frickin magazines. I’m not talking  about, I’m talking about like Men’s Fitness. I want to be chiseled like this is this is it.  

Like you know what I don’t have this is my last chance. Like how much longer do I  have to look. And this is going to be this. I’m hopefully a hell of a lot longer. But I have a  plan that in 12 weeks, you’re going to be able to see my abs and I’m going to take a  picture with my son to prove it instead of the love handles I’ve got right now. And I  already recorded an episode about that. But what’s your goal?  

Now let’s jump into step number two. So once you have some clarity around  where you want to go, and this is a guide to help you get any goal. What are the facts  about where you are right now. And I’ve shared this with you on several other podcasts  you’ve been following along with me to help you carefully examine where you are in  terms of your goal, you know, rd Are you doing well? Or do you need to make some  massive progress?  

And don’t let’s be honest about what that is. Let’s what are the facts and I shared  this with you on one of my podcasts that I noticed I have back fat not awesome. That’s a  fact. And I’m not making it worse than it isn’t just talking about the way that it is. Where are you financially? Where are you and then how this is real important. Because this  one’s fuel is how does that make you feel the honest about the feelings you have about  where you are right now this is powerful.  

Now number three, I want you to get some help. You know, you do not have to get  there on your own. I have many mentors around me. And you need to find a mentor.  And what they can do is help craft a plan to help you get where you want to go. And I like  a massive action plan. Or what I like to call on that, you know, map is a massive action  plan. And a mentor can help tailor it to your activities. And it can be broken down to in a  daily, weekly, monthly quarterly benchmarks.  

Because the goal that you set in number seven, number one may take you weeks  or months or even years to achieve. And it’s important to set little short term goals to  help you along the way. And you shouldn’t figure out this plan all by yourself. You know, you got yourself to where you are. And yeah, you’re going to get yourself to the next  level.  

But why not borrow someone else’s blueprints, map or plan will help people with  the book. I don’t just tell them hey, and go off and write. And so they’ll see in 60 days. No,  no, I work out day one on working with my clients. As soon as they commit to working  with me, I help them work out a blueprint for exactly what their business plan marketing  plan, money making plan and publishing plan are all going to be I sit down. 
And that’s phase one. Like if you’re going to build a dream house, you need the  blueprint first before you start like going to Home Depot and buy and wood and you  don’t go in your backyard just start nailing together. That is not dream house. It might be  a birdhouse But ain’t gonna be a dream house. So number the the third step yours either  mentor, get their help and have them give you a plan.   

And step number four is to be accountable. The nice thing about having a mentor  is that you get the chance to commit to them and you’re accountable to them, then maybe  your mentor is not going to be your mommy. Right. And they’re not going to hold your  hand wake you up in the morning make you do all of this. 
But you’ve got to commit. And when you commit to other people. I like a big bold  claim to the world. And I like another human then knows that I’m doing what I’m  supposed to be doing. And they’re going to ride my if I don’t do it. I’m part of a brother that right now. And that’s their job. And I specific men in that environment that are  they’re here to hold me accountable to whatever it is that I say I’m going to do.  

And then step number five is that I challenge you to celebrate along the way. It’s a  long journey. And there’s going to be a million of small wins between here and where  you ultimately want to go. And I highly of guys that you reward yourself along the way.  And make sure you have a ton of fun in the process. You know, life is too bloody short.  And to just, you know, to always be living a life where it sucks and you’re and moaning.  You’re not happy. What you got is just not enough. 


You know, I think that people are always looking for the next level. And if they’re  not, you’re in a dangerous place. Comfort is a very dangerous place. You know, I think  that whether you are already living on top of the world, and you’re a badass, you need to  be looking at, what from next level because there’s another level of badass way beyond  what you think is possible. And then if you are just comfortable, you know, and you’re  bored. You know, that’s a dangerous place because you are that is right on the cusp of  like putting a in your mouth.  

And I know that might seem like it’s. But I met a guy recently who who said he  was so bored he wanted to put a in his mouth and pull the trigger and swallow the bullet.  Amazing but it’s a very dangerous place to be. It’s near broken, broken, but then bottom  is definitely broken or broke or above. And I’ve been there I’ve been in all these places  and there’s always you know, I have a belief if you can look up you can get up. 

And I’ll leave a daily quote of the day. I don’t know where the hell that came from,  will call a quote unknown but “if you can look up you can get up”. So eyes up, chest up  and step up. And make the rest of your life the best of your life. Make the rest of 2018  everything it needs to be so you can get your goals.  

That’s all I got for you today. It’s a quick goal setting workshop about a guide to helping you get in go. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow for another daily dose greatness quest.  

And make sure you please give us some love and go to iTunes. Give me an  amazing review. Share this with a brother or a sister who needs this podcast because  we’re going to be here every day helping you take your life and business to the next level. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow. 

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