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EPISODE 137 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Today I talk about the FIRST STEP to publish your book. And here it is…

You have to DECIDE to do it. 


Are you bored with what you’re doing? 
Are you looking for something else? 
Do you know that inside of you, you are a total utter freakin badass?  

Because if you do, then you probably need to get your book done.

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the FIRST STEP.” – Trevor Crane

You don't have to see the whole staircase. Just take the FIRST STEP.


DECIDE to do it. Get your book done and published.
Come up with your reason why. What is your one reason? 

Are you’re bored? Are you broke? Are you badass?


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Welcome to another daily dose of greatness quest. I’m Trevor Crane. And today  we’re going to talk about the first step to publishing your book. 

I’m excited about today because of a new program coming out called Instant Book  Money Machine. I made a quick video for yesterday.  

I know you’re gonna love this show. 

This is going to be a great programming course. And I want to give you the first  step today. Just a quick message to you. So enjoy! 


Okay, so welcome back. I want to take you upstairs into my war room, into my  office and training zone where I’m actually creating the program.  

And so if you’re listening to this on podcast, I want you to go aren’t just on audio, I  want you to go and make sure that you check out the video for this. Go to  trevorcrane.com​ to check out all of our episodes, or go to​ trevorcrane.tv​ to check out the YouTube channel. 
So real quickly behind me, I have a top 10 reasons why I think you should publish  a book in today. Let me do this. I’m going to set up my camera here. 

Today, I had a conversation with a new potential client or new client actually. And  he’s really excited about getting his book done. He knows that the time to get it done is  now and that’s actually the most important first step.  

So recently, I had some people requesting on my podcast that I started giving you  more tactical things that you can use in your business, and to help you promote and  publish. So that’s what we’re going to be going over.  

And I’m really excited because Hold on one second, let me grab some really  excited because over the next 10 days, we’re creating this new program called Instant  Book Money Machine. And you’re going to get access to this really quickly.  

So today, I’m going to tell you about the conversation I just had. So my friend, my new friend and new client called me up and he basically everybody is facing three different circumstances where you might want to write a book now went into these top  10 yesterday. But I want to give you the context of whether or not you are one of these  three, you can go ahead and decide who you are. 
So I asked him three questions. When we do a quick conversation on the phone  call. And he had 15 minute call with me. I do very few of these right now. I only have a  few spaces each week where I do a phone call with someone. And in this case, we talked  for 15 minutes to turn into 30. This is why I’m not doing a lot of live calls or our free  coaching calls like this.  

But we did a free coaching call and I asked him where he was at why it’s so  important for him to get a book done now because that’s what he wanted to focus on. And then where’s he going? Like, what does he want next? 
These are the three core questions that we cover in our 15-minute session and  basically he’s two out of the three that I’m about to give you right now we found out  where he was like he’s doing really well he’s already a total badass at what he’s doing but  he’s also bored. 

So it isn’t the industry doing really well but he’s not inspired. Like everything he  does professionally to make money and get paid is boring him. And he’s like it’s good and  it’s paying the bills. I have this big house. And I want to go ahead and do it but the next  level of my business. And my brand needs to be something that I am passionate about, I am really great at. And he started acknowledging it. 
So here’s the three things: are you bored? Are you a total badass? Oh he was both.  He was bored with a little bit of what he’s doing and he knows that he needs to get his  book done now because he knows he’s a badass but it’s time to unleash his badassary on  the world.  

And so I was giving him, I was trying to ask him questions to find out why it’s so  important to get started. Now I’m going to give you the one first step of getting your book  done and publishing before render before I’m done with this.  

Okay, so my first question for you is, Are you bored with where you are right  now? What’s your reason? Why it’s so important for you to get a book done, and get a  book done now?

And he knows that what he’s doing right now is not firing up, the firing him up. It’s good. It’s not great. He wants his life to be great. And so he decided to take his first  step in working with Epic Author Publishing and having us help him create his plan and  get his book done. That’s the goal is to get his book done and his message out there. 
But my question for you is, Are you bored with what you’re doing? And are you  looking for something else? And do you know that inside of you, you are a total utter  freakin badass? Because if you do, then you probably need to get your book done in a  way that will do this.  

And I gave him these three things I talked about it yesterday on this top 10 is that  what getting your book done can do for you, is give you clarity around the message that  connects with the core audience around a core purpose that you have that you want to  get out there into the world.  

So he’ll get he wants to get clarity around the message that will connect with his  ideal target audience. And then it will help him convert them into such a way that he can  make a difference in their lives and, and make a difference in his own life. 
And so are you bored? Are you a total badass? Or here’s another potential mover  for you. And we covered 10 reasons why you might want to do book right now. But I’m  giving you the most important first step today. And I’m giving you the categories of bored  badass. Hurray.  

Are you broke? Are you in a situation where maybe you’re not broke, you get you to be broke, or you could just be not happy with the amount of money that you’re making  right now?  

It’s time to sell the course and the program and the coaching and the consulting  and the speaking and the launching your new business and brand is going to help you  make new income. So maybe it’s a money issue and you want to make more money.  

And if you followed any of my stuff, you know that the money I don’t believe that  the money is in the book itself. The book is a tool. It’s the first step. It’s one of the things  that opens the door for you to go ahead and give most of your awesomeness.  

But learning how to write the right book fast. And the right book is the key here,  which is another one of my books I wrote called How to Write the Right Book Fast. But it’s the core of what I hold your hand with. 
And the first step in helping you publish a book is one word and it is to DECIDE. It  is to decide to look in the mirror and say, that’s it, I’ve had enough I’m going to do it.  Whether you’re bored, broke, or a badass. I don’t know which one it is. Maybe it’s a  combination of all. And you are not broke but you want to make more money. I don’t  know who I don’t know who out there does not want to make more money. 

I had one of my clients hired me one time. And he had 100 million dollar  company. And he told me that he only wanted to hire me to help him with his marketing  and get his messaging, right and build his brand. But he didn’t want to make money,  which we ended up finding out. It took us like two and a half months to figure it out was  a lie.  

He didn’t know he was lying. He thought that’s what he wanted was to just get his  message and brand out and everything. But everything we talked about if it didn’t  actually monetize, and he wasn’t making a profit, he wouldn’t approve it. There was  something inside of him. They said, yeah, we could do that but I’m gonna lose money. I  don’t want to do things that are Jackie, just his business. He couldn’t take his business hat  off and just say, I wanna I’m going to do this in lose money. Like, who wants to do that?  

So maybe you’re in a position where you want to create new income? Well, then  writing a book is what’s right for you. Your message matters. And your message matters  to other people to the right people that you want to help that can help you forward their  mission and your mission. So have you decided I did see most people never published  because they don’t decide most people don’t write their book. Most people don’t finish  their book. Most people won’t get it done because they fail to do this.  

Now I’m about to create a program. And this was phase one of like, just an  introduction and bonus video for it. And if you saw yesterday’s podcast, you see I did this  live. Or I did this just right here in my studio. And I wanted to give it to you as a bonus on  10 reasons why you should publish your book.  

But right now, my action step for you now is to decide, are you bored? Are you  broke? Or are you a badass. And maybe it’s a combination of all maybe you’re not really  thrilled with what you’re doing? That’s the bored part and you will know you want to  make more money. That’s the broke part or the part that says, You know what, I do want more.
Because like I said in my friend with the hundred million dollar company wanted  to make a quarter billion dollars, he wanted to turn that into a billion. And there’s always  another level of your growth and as an end of your giving.  

So are you bored? Are you broke? Or are you a badass and then just decide that  for two today and yesterday’s podcast, I asked you to write down your own top 10 of of  why I think it why you believe it’s important for you to publish a book. But today just and  making sure you make the next step. The first step of getting your book done giving you  an insight into the instant book money machine is that you ​decide to do it​ and you come  up with your reason why. What is your one reason is you’re bored, you’re broke, you’re  badass. 
And for my new friend and client, like I mentioned names right now, I’ll give his  first name. His name is Chris and he’s totally kick ass. And he just invested in himself to  go ahead and get this message out to the world. And he said, he talked to a lot of other  publishers and a lot of other people to get help him put his message down in a book form  and get it to get get a message out.  

But he doesn’t want to have 10,000 books sitting in his garage that he doesn’t  know what the frickin hell to do it. Instead he wants to get the right book out the  positions the next decade of his life that he is passionate about. And that’s what he sees. I  asked him a question about where he wanted to go a year from now. And he talked  about how he’s living his purpose.  

And now he’s starting to make the amount of money he’s making now doing  things he likes, but doesn’t love. He wants to start doing things that he loves and building  that ideal business so that he can live his ideal life. And for him, he said it was about  having the flexibility to and freedom to spend time with his family. 

But what a phenomenal definition of success to be able to create enough financial  abundance to clarify his message to make a difference in into monetizes message in such  a way that he can spend time doing what he’s passionate about. And then make enough  money to have the freedom and flexibility to do what he loves doing which is hang out  with family and make a difference and feel like he’s living his life’s purpose. 
So I don’t know which of those that is for you. But please make sure you’re tuning in here every single day on a daily dose of greatness quest so that you can find out the  next level of publishing and marketing and other things cool. I’m not my daughter  contribute to one of my next podcast, whether it’s this the next one or the next one.
I’m not really sure which one is going to be but she’s going to talk to you about her  steps and what she thinks you need to get done to publish your book and get your  message out there and make a difference. My daughter’s 11 and she has 11 number one  best know she has 10 number one best selling books.  

We have two more books coming out. We’re teaching another workshop this next  weekend. She’s going to write another book. My daughter is 11 years old. And before she  turns 12, she’s going to the least 13 number one best selling books.  

So you can probably learn a few things from her. She’s really cute and funny is I  think you like that podcast. But tune in here. tune back in give us some love on iTunes.  Give us some love on YouTube make sure you leave a comment if you got any questions  the instant book money machine is going to be completely cool I can’t wait to give that to  you.  

And if you’re enjoying this podcast new getting any value out of it whatsoever.  We’ve created some karmic karmic debt to you and I I am giving to you and giving you  everything I possibly can. I’m going to show your every single day and do that for as long  as I can take it and I would love for you to go ahead and share this with somebody else  who could use this and value this I could have done today’s episode on an audio which  was my plan.  

But I figured I would look you in the eyeballs and connect with you and let you  feel my passion even though I’m wearing a gris walls family Christmas shirt today. Okay,  I’m not trying to make this perfect. I’m just trying to make this frickin awesome for you  to help you.  

So look me in the eyes. Connect with me. Give me some love. Give me some love  on social media. Give me some love by sharing this with somebody that you think would  benefit from it because they’re going to get nothing but awesomeness here for as long as  I can stand to do it. 
Alright, so I’ll see you tomorrow on another daily dose of greatness quest. 

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