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EPISODE 177 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Today, I share a personal realization that I’ve living in fantasy land.
The subject for today? Fantasy vs. Reality.

And my RESOLVE to start living in ​reality​.

For me, this means knowing the ​numbers​ and ​math​ and ​specifics​, having the courage  to look the truth in the face.
Even when it’s difficult. Even when it’s hard. Even when I don’t like what I see.


Look at your life, whether it is your body, your being, your balance, or your business, whether it’s your relationships: personal or professional. Whatever it is for you.

What are you turning a blind eye to and ignoring?
What’s a PATTERN that you’re running TODAY, that has shown up in the PAST that if you’re not careful could BURN things to the ground? 


Where in your life do you feel like you’re living in fantasy land?

“What’s measured improves. What’s measured ​and reported, improves exponentially.” – Trevor Crane

What’s measured improves. What’s measured ​and reported, improves exponentially.


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Welcome to another episode of greatness quest. This is Trevor Crane. And every single show is trying to help you take your life and your business to the next level.

And today’s subject is this fantasy versus reality. My trusty inflatable unicorn.  Here is my visual representation of how oftentimes we are confused and live in a fantasy  world. When the truth is, we need to be spending some time with the hard reality of  what in the hell is going on. This is my representation of hard reality.  

I know you’re going to love the show. Alright, see in a sec.

Okay, so where did so where did this come from? Why am I talking to you today  about fantasy versus reality? 
So I had a coaching call last night with one of my mentors. And the conversation  was around how I could and should be improving my marketing.  

And we wanted to look at the numbers and look at the metrics and say, Look at  the marketing that we are doing, look at how much money we’re spending too much  money we’ve made, or not made. And let’s look at how much money you’ve made this  year. Trevor, let’s look at your expenses this year.  

And the truth is, is I didn’t know the answer. I’m not tracking the metrics for my  own marketing. I’m not tracking the metrics than looking at the facts and the numbers of  my own money the way that I should.  

And so instead of having some really proud answers, and being specific and  looking at the reality, all I could really do was tell him about what I thought about what it  was like to live in fantasyland. And this, again, is my representation of fantasy land. 

And I could tell him about what my goals were, I could tell him but what my  dreams are, I could tell them about all these things that I hope and wish for real, like unicorns.
But what showed up for us was the conversation evolved into where else has this shown up in my life, where I’m not looking at the specifics, and how not looking at the  details, not looking at the metrics, not measuring something, it’s almost virtually  impossible to to win, and to succeed. 

And to look at your results, to test something, look at the metrics and evaluate and  then improve instead of just living in a world of hope.  

And where this came up for me, was the times in my life when I had built  something up when I had a dream to create something great. And I built something up.  And it was beautiful and amazing, like an inflatable unicorn, and I was able to feel good  about myself and and that I created a dream.
And then I brought it into fruition. And then I burned it to the ground. And I  burned it to the ground two times in my life very specifically, where I lost almost  everything at one point. And then I’m everything and another were filed $2.2 million  bankruptcy. And the patterns were the same.
The patterns were not being comfortable looking at the reality of what’s going on. Not having a pattern or a habit or a ritual of looking at the specifics of look of looking at  the hard truth, not the happy pappy shit, see, because I am happy to spend time in happy pappy shit. 

I got no problem spending time looking at what I want. And painting a pretty  picture about how excellent I can make it that I got a problem with. And I got no problem  with the hard work. I don’t mind working. Looking at the hard work, I will do that. 
And I always focus on that. And I think that that is the key. But what I haven’t  done is looked at the fucking hard truth. And that’s not exactly accurate. But I don’t have  the consistency of doing it.  

And when I ignored my marketing and ignore my metrics, and I’ve ignored even the tracking and looking at the numbers, then what ended up happening is that I lost everything. 
And it didn’t just happen once it happened once. And then I built a more  successful business the second time and I was more proud of it. And then I chose to not  want to look at the reality and tell the truth. 

So my coaching to myself. And my observation to give you the gift of today is ​you  can’t manage what you don’t measure. You can’t improve what you don’t measure.  

This is something that I have given lip service to, but I have not been functionally  doing in my marketing or in my money for a long time. See, what also ended up  happening is that when I went through my bankruptcy, and I had creditors coming after me, it felt uncomfortable. 
And I didn’t want people talking to me about money. So I changed my phone  number. And then I tried to avoid it. And basically, I couldn’t even look at my credit.  Because why would I want to look at my credit when it’s like a two and this was my logic  at the time is like, I’m gonna just not look at it. 
Because it doesn’t matter. I should just be focused on the dream and doing the  hard work, which is cool. But it was making the mistake of not being able to improve to  the next level. And mistakes will be repeated until lessons are learned. 

This is one that showed up for me when I filed the $2.2 million bankruptcy. I slowly burned down the house. I had a mentor at the time who tried to get me specific about the metrics and I didn’t want to look at them, it was starting to get uncomfortable. 
So I didn’t want to look at what was going to be the hardest thing for me to look at  the reality in the facts and the figures of what we’re going on. And the other way of  looking at this as this is called a lie. 

I was lying to myself spending all my time focused on the happy Pappy floating  unicorn who’s lost a little air because I’m out here doing some repairs today. 
And so I was gonna play them back up spending all my time focused on the happy  path, the unicorn and the dream. Instead of looking at the reality and recognizing that in  my own life right now, I realized that it is a pattern that could burn down everything I’ve  created. It happened once it happened twice. And it could happen again.
And so the gift of having these types of conversations with mentors and with  coaches is that we didn’t get to find these truths inside ourselves. And I had a friend of  mine who helped he and his dad actually his dad had this, this saying that mistakes  would be repeated until lessons are learned. 

And that’s what I’ve not said here a couple of times. And so my observation and  recognition is that I needed focus on the specifics and the reality and just not on how  happy things are when they’re not to focus on the truth.  

The underlying core problem and and that was going on here is that I wasn’t  willing to tell the truth that I wasn’t willing to willing to look at and control confront the  facts and the feelings that I had around this stuff that was uncomfortable, it was easier to  focus on the happy shit and ignore it.
And I don’t know about you but I get caught up in distractions today from the new  thing that’s going to happen on social media, or on the YouTube video, or the next email  or the next tweet, I’m not really a Twitter type person. But on the next Instagram post. 
And I am much happier to focus on comfort than I am to look at the specifics. And  they see that that is something that can burn down the whole house and everything that  we got. And so sharing with you that you need to look into.
My challenge to you today is to look at your life, whether it is your body, your  being, your balance, or your business, whether it’s your relationships with his personal  professional, whatever it is for you. What are you turning a blind eye to and ignoring?  What’s a pattern that you’re running today that has shown up in the past that if you’re  not careful could burn things to the ground? 

And today is not a day where things are in jeopardy and that I’m scared. But that  scares the shit out of me. See, because challenges come hurricanes come lightning  strikes. I know that personally.
And when the shit hits the fan, where am I going to be? And if I am not using now  when things are going well as the time to go ahead and build new patterns and new  rituals and new habits. I this this is the beginning of the end if I don’t learn the lesson  from what I had what is shown up in the past.  

So today’s not mount be telling you something. It’s asking you to remember  something a time and the lesson and the mistake that you made that you are blind to  now living in a fantasy world. Instead of looking at the reality in the facts of where you  are. When you do the math and numbers don’t lie.  

I had a conversation with my wife this morning. It is time for me to take an active  role. And looking at the math and the numbers every day in our household income and  how we spend our money and everything. And I’m taking control of that now. 

But I’m taking control of that by saying that, that that we we forgotten the  conversation. And then number two is that I look at the marketing and the metrics of  what I’m doing. And for me, it’s uncomfortable right now.  

I don’t want to look at it. I don’t know what the numbers are. They could be. Could  be could be not good. But it’s insane for me to not know what the most dangerous things  ever like is playing Russian roulette. just guessing and hoping. And that’s not the way to  build a business. not proud of that.  

But I’m not here to tell you things that I’m only happy about and proud about. This  is about me sharing with you truths that I discovered that can help you take your life and  business to the next level.  

So look at that. Take a look at your own life. And find the lessons that are there  and then do something now don’t beat yourself up about it too much. If you need to.  That’s fine. Slap yourself in the head. Okay, pick something hard. Slap yourself in that a  few times. You know, feel bad about it. Okay, beat your ass. That’s good.  

Now you got some negative energy there. So go ahead and fuel your forward it’s  that’s the carrot and the stick and look at the reality and then shift your pattern. You  don’t have to repeat the same freakin bullshit today. 
I’ve got this new ritual, I wear this wristband around my wrist. And every day I  decided to turn it inside out. And then right side out and inside out then right side out  after other done the discipline that I commit to for the day. 

And I’ve also decided that as a turn this wristband inside and out, inside and out  that it’s each day that I am reborn. That the guy was yesterday. as amazing as he was  died. He doesn’t exist anymore. He’s not alive.  

He has all of the greatness and all the lessons and everything that he’s learned.  And I get this. That’s my new start from zero point. Everything from that moment on is  me building a new, bigger and better man.

So I’m just trying this out. I’m like in day three. But it feels good. Because it feels  like I get to create who I am recreate who I am every single day. And so part of that is me  sharing with you the process and what I’ve been going through. And hopefully this will  be valuable for you. 
So that’s all I got for you today. Don’t live in fantasyland. Look at the reality and  make sure that you’re looking at the facts and the figures and you’re tracking your  metrics. You’re tracking your money. You’re tracking your marketing.  

And this for me is all coming down to numbers and math and having the courage  to look in the truth. Even when it’s difficult. Even when it’s hard. Even when I don’t like  what I see. 

I guarantee you there’s some things that I don’t want to see. Don’t want to look at.  Don’t want to focus on. I like this type of stuff. I want to play like a kid and play with my  dog, my dog, my dog, I play with my dog in the pool. That’s all I want to do. There’s the  swimming pool and that’s all I got for you today.  

By the way, I don’t know if I mentioned this the beginning episode. If you only  listen to this on podcast, you should go check out the YouTube channel ​trevorcrane.tv  and then you can see this on video and all of the other videos we’ve got for you.
And I will see you tomorrow on another daily dose of greatness quest where every  single day our commitment is to help you take your life and business to the next level. 

I’ve got some new things I’m going to share with you that are also scary  uncomfortable stories that I did maybe have never shared before so you want to see me  suffer you should show up bc some of the next episodes back the same. 

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