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(Lessons from an 11-year old girl)

EPISODE 51 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


“Fear is not real. It is a product of thoughts you create. Do not  misunderstand me. Danger is very real. But fear is a choice.” – Will Smith

Fear is not real. It is a product of thoughts you create. Do not  misunderstand me. Danger is very real. But fear is a choice.


What’s an ​old fear,​ that you used to have, that now you realize wasn’t real?

What’s a ​fear you have now​, that’s holding you back, that might not be real? 

Write down your thoughts in your success journal. 


Think of a ​fear​ that you used to have, that you used to be really scared of but is now  non-existent. 

Write it down in your journal. 

Then think of something that right now you’re currently scared of. Ask yourself the  question about whether that ​fear​ is real or not. That you should face your ​fear​ and act,  even though you might be scared.  


On today’s show, you’ll hear ​how to deal with ​fear​ from my daughter, 11 year old,  Phoenix Rose Crane who is also a 10x bestselling author.  


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Welcome to another daily dose of greatness quest. This is Trevor Crane and I am here  with my co-host today, Phoenix Rose Crane.

Trevor: ​Hi, Phoenix.

Phoenix​: Hi, Phoenix.

Today’s episode is about ​overcoming ​fear​. I know you’re gonna love this show…


Trevor: ​All right. We just got done climbing through the mountains in Yosemite. And we  went rock climbing a little bit. And Phoenix, talk to me a little bit about what you were  scared of today.

Phoenix​: I had been dead.

Trevor​: Really?

Phoenix:​ Yeah.

Trevor​: How’s your scared of?

Phoenix​: Yeah.

Trevor:​ Okay, now tell what we’ve talked a lot today, about the different things you’ve  been scared of and how you said you didn’t like to be pushed. Tell everybody like what  you learned today about ​facing your fears​.

Phoenix:​ I learned that, let me think. I learned that you don’t hold on to the branches  when they’re dead. 

Trevor:​ I thought you’re gonna share, like, a really amazing lesson but that is a lesson. If  you’re climbing and you grab a dead branch and it starts, you start to fall down, don’t  keep holding on to it. That’s an amazing lesson. How about, and by the way, this is  Phoenix, she’s 11 years old. She’s a 10x number one best-selling author.

Phoenix:​ And I climbed with the cast on. 

Trevor:​ Oh, that’s true. She has a broken arm right now so she was climbing. Now  Phoenix talk a little bit. You said that you didn’t like to be pushed outside your comfort  zone. But then we just established that all the fun stuff you’ve done in your life is  typically because we pushed you to do something fun. So tell everybody a little bit about  what you think about fear. Is it real or is it pretend?

Phoenix:​ It’s real in the moment, but once you look back on it, it doesn’t seem that bad  unless it happened like an hour ago, then it kind of does. But if you look back on it later  in your life, then it doesn’t seem like it’s a big deal. So you shouldn’t make a big deal out  of it until, well you shouldn’t make big deal out of it so that you don’t have to be  unhappy.

Trevor:​ Right. And so, when you are doing something new and you start to experience fear​.

Phoenix:​ I almost died today. I’m a survivor.

Trevor:​ You did not almost die today, but that was the ​fear​ I think, is that right?

Phoenix​: Nope, it’s the fact.

Trevor:​ That’s a fact. At least it’s only an hour ago, so it’s still pretty fresh. But what did  you establish? Like should you ​face your fears​? Are they real? Should you just not worry  about it. What do you think?

Phoenix​: If your ​fear​ is dying then don’t face it because then you die.

Trevor:​ Really?

Phoenix​: Yeah.

Trevor​: When they’re scared of dying, they’ll just die? That’s what you think?

Phoenix​: Well if their ​fear​ is of doing anything that’s dangerous because you might die.

Trevor:​ So that’s really important. This is important, important distinction. You get  scared of a whole bunch of things because you’re thinking you’re going to get hurt or die.  And then you just told our audience that you look at it later and you go, “Well that  probably wasn’t that big of a deal.”

Phoenix:​ I didn’t. 

Trevor​: Yeah, that’s pretty much what you said

Phoenix​: Let me tell a story. Before I heard this story, I thought that I just wanted to ride  a bike and it was no big deal. You know, no big deal. I want to ride a bike but he’s evil. He  forced me to ride a bike. I like riding bikes now.

Trevor:​ Okay, so that’s a very confusing story.

Phoenix​: I was scared then. But now that I look back on it, riding a bike is so easy. And  it’s like a life lesson and he forced me, which I’m happy for but also not happy for at the  same time. But, yay.

Trevor:​ Okay. So I think what you’re saying is that you thought riding a bike would be  easy. Then you found out it was a little bit hard. Then I help you ride a bike, even though  you were scared. And I forced you. That’s great, sounds like a great father. And then you  figured out how to ride the bike and now you love it and it’s one of those life lessons and  you’re glad you did.

Phoenix:​ Yeah.

Trevor​: Now, did you ever crash your bike?

Phoenix:​ Yeah.

Trevor​: And what happened when you fell off? Did you get hurt?

Phoenix:​ Sometimes.

Trevor:​ And ketchup your hands or something like that? Did you get hurt? Sometimes?

Phoenix:​ I squished ketchup on my hands.

Trevor:​ Really?

Phoenix:​ Yeah.

Trevor: ​Squished ketchup. Okay, that’s really yeah, I don’t think that’s what happened.  But what happened, what did we talk about before you went on that bike ride? Did we  talk about what the..

Phoenix:​ I don’t remember.

Trevor:​ You don’t remember? Are you kidding me? You’re telling everybody the story about when you learn to ride bikes.

Phoenix​: I’m not telling them. I’m telling a story that you told me. I’m saying that, Robin  just said that I won’t remember riding bikes so easily because I was scared and you forced me.

Trevor:​ That’s right. So you had a friend or a father, in this case, who was your mentor, who helped you push you past your ​fear​ and then we talked about how you might crash  your bikes. I asked you at the time. I said, “Phoenix, it is the first time you’ve ever ridden  the bike and you’re about to ride without my help, what is the likelihood that you’re  going to crash?”

Phoenix​: 100%. I don’t remember but maybe that’s what I said.

Trevor:​ That’s pretty much what you said.

Phoenix​: Did I say 99?

Trevor:​ Nope. You said, “Daddy, of course, I’m not going to be very good at it. Of course  I’ll probably crash.” Then I asked you a question before we even rode the bike. And then  I asked you question about if you’re, if after you crash, you should stop riding your bike.  You know, because if you want to just quit, you might want to quit. And I asked you  whether or not you were going to quit or if you wanted to get back on the bike you  remember that at all?

Phoenix:​ Nope.

Trevor:​ You know what you told me?

Phoenix:​ Nope.

Trevor:​ You said, “Daddy, of course, I need to get back on the bike or I’ll never learn to  ride.

Phoenix:​ Did I say all that? It doesn’t sound like me.

Trevor:​ You were, you lectured me about it the way that I asked you so.

Phoenix:​ Weird.

Trevor:​ You’re always pretty much weird out. So here’s my challenge to you today. So if you’re still listening to this amazing podcast today, then what I want to challenge you to do is to​ think of something you used to be  scared of, a big ​fear​ that you used to have that now is like something that is almost  non-existent.​ It’s just you’re not even scared of it you do it really easily.

Trevor:​ Yeah?

Phoenix:​ Like that butterflies.

Trevor​: Really? You’re scared to death of butterflies? It doesn’t make any sense  whatsoever. Hold on. Let me just give everybody a lesson so they can go have an  awesome day, okay?

So I want you to ​think of a ​fear​ that used to be really real to you, something you  should be really scared of.​ And then think about like how it’s just not, just journal it.  Write it down in your journal about like how that is, what that memory was that you  used to be really scared of.

And then I want you to ​think of something that right now you’re currently scared of.  That it triggers a lot of ​fear​ inside of you​. And ask yourself the question about whether  or not that ​fear​ is real or not. And it might be real, like my daughter just said in the  minute, in the moment, but if you move through it and get past it, then you’re gonna be  fine and maybe that it’s just nothing, you know.
That’s it. That’s my, that’s all I got for you today. Very interesting, very interesting show  today. So make today magnificent. Make sure you write down in your journal the fear  that you used to have. That you used to have that you’re really scared of. And now,  maybe one that you have right today that you should face your fear and act, even though  you might be scared.  

All right, that’s all we got for you today. See you tomorrow on another daily dose  great quest. 

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