Trevor Crane is passionate about what he does: to help 1000 writers become epic bestselling authors. Truth is, everyone is a writer and has an important message that will change someone’s life. In today’s complex world, with so much going on, too often we actually become disconnected. Too many people have become disenfranchised from the world, lost in their own insecurities and doing the very things they should not be doing.

We all need help in one way or another, we can not do it alone and to think you can is just deluding yourself. You may not personally know the very person that can turn your life around but there is certainly a book out there that will.

There are incredible stories out there including famous people like Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey and others who’s life turned on a dime to success because they read a book. A book with your message may very well be the message someone needs to read to be saved from their own downturn.

81% of Americans want to write that book and only 3 % do. There are many reasons why people convince themselves that writing is a bad idea. What are yours. Truth be told there are only 2 reasons and each is easily solved. First reason – lack of clarity of what it really takes to write the book and secondly, you must have professional help.

Not all professional help is made equal! That is where the genius of Trevor Crane, as he humbly admits took him 20 years to figure out – even though he will not admit its genius. Trevor understands how to the get the book out of you and most importantly – how you can create significant wealth even before the book is written.

What a novel idea! Making money before the book is written. Most people do not understand the business that must be built in conjunction with the book. As Trevor puts it eloquently, “build (write) the book – and they won’t come”.

The actual process of writing does not make you the money. Just publishing the book at best gets your book collecting dust on the coffee table. His own daughter of 10 has written 9 bestselling books since she was seven and her business has reached six figures. Best part, her mission is to help 100 kids become bestselling authors.

If a 10 year girl, and as much as all kids are super creative, you too can reach inside and have your own bestselling book, the wealth that comes with it, and the best part, change a life.

Learn How To Write A Book & Grow Your Business:

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