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EPISODE 6 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


“The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for.” – Zig Ziglar

“Learn to be thankful for what you already have, while you pursue all that you want.” – Jim Rohn


Q1: “What are you grateful for?” (we share 3 things)
Q2:​”What did you accomplish today?” (we share 3 things)
Q3:​“What makes you feel loved?” (And what do I LOVE about you?)


Come up with your own END OF DAY questions that can become daily discipline for you. If you’re in a relationship, do these with your sweetheart.


Every day for the last 7 years +, my wife and I have asked one another “end of day questions” at the end of the day. We started this habit following a training we did with Tony Robbins about creating the ULTIMATE relationship.


Q1: “What are you grateful for?” (we share 3 things)
Q2:​”What did you accomplish today?” (we share 3 things)
Q3:​“What makes you feel loved?” (And what do I LOVE about you?)


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Well all right, all right, all right. This is Trevor Crane and welcome to another Daily Dose of Greatness Quest.

Today, we’re talking about some life mastery stuff.

Today is about your ​relationships​: and “end-of-day questions.”

The reason why this is important to you is that so you can have more passion in your life with your intimate partner. I know you’re going to love the show.


All right, end-of-day questions. What are they and how can they go ahead and impact your passion with your lover? So, I don’t know if you guys know this, but for the last 2,600 and some odd days in a row, I have exercised every single day. And that was because of years ago, after I filed my bankruptcy and lost everything, I decided that it was necessary for me to set up a daily discipline of something that actually served me, served others, and served the greater good.

And crazy enough, I made the decision that that was going to be exercise. I thought that would be good for me. I need some energy, and then that would serve others and serve my family and so forth, because if I just had the consistency to do it for even just 90 days, that I would commit to it. And then I thought it would kind of be stupid to quit after that.

Now, right around that same time, it was within a week or two of that, I thought the same thing about my relationship. And I don’t really talk about this much, but I’m gonna talk about it today. And it’s that my wife and I were going through, not a challenge in our relationship, but things were good, but we wanted them to be better.

At the time we’d already been married a year or more, I’m not sure exactly how long, and we were taking Tony Robbins’ program called The Ultimate Relationship or Ultimate Passion or something like that. It was an amazing program. If you haven’t gotten an Ultimate Relationship program, you should totally pick it up and get it. And I love watching the videos and the trainings and everything.

I actually spent a week on an island with Tony in Fiji with only 25 couples, and it was him and his wife Sage, and my girlfriend at the time, who I did not marry, and spend the rest of my life with, but it was a phenomenal experience and I’ve taken his Ultimate Relationship program not just one on one with him at that event, but I’ve done it now several times in this course and this program.

Another, by the way, I’m dropping a little hint here, that you should have your own event if you are an entrepreneur, because you can give transformational experiences, and then you can transform those events into courses and programs as well. And those people like me, who will go to those events and take those courses and programs, it can change people’s lives.

So if you want to change someone’s life, you might want to figure that out, if need some help, you can always come to me with what we do with Epic Author Publishing, I can help you with your book and business and all that, and this isn’t supposed to be a sales pitch for that shit, but I went ahead and said it. Give me a message if you want me to help you with that.

But, let’s talk about what happened for the relationship. So in my, this program I was taking with Tony, one of the questions he asked in the program is, “What makes your spouse or your intimate partner, whatever, feel loved?”

And there’s this great book and program, it’s called The Five Love Languages, and Tony talks about it a little bit in this program, about different people have a different love language. And you know, you and I might like one thing, and your partner might like something else. Like, maybe they like someone to compliment them, and tell them how beautiful they are and how amazing they are. And they like words of affirmation that make them feel loved. Okay, that’s what they like.

But maybe you like a touch, physical touch, because some of the love languages that people might have. And then there’s different love languages, I’m not gonna go into that right now. But as my wife and I were going through the program, we thought, “Well, what if we were to commit to a daily discipline of asking each other these questions, that actually would help us learn more about one another, and show us how to love one another even more?”

Because as much as my wife and I are alike in many ways, we’re different in many ways, thank God. Because I don’t want to marry myself. Or to marry someone who’s got to create some polarity and passion with. And so these end-of-day questions have been something my wife and I have now been doing.

Also, for almost the same length of time, I’ve been doing this daily discipline of working out. Maybe we missed one day or something like that. And by the way, if we’re traveling, and we’re in different cities, at the time, my wife and I, with relentless discipline, will go ahead and text message each other or leave voice mail about our questions. We call the questions in every night and we do them.

So let me give you those questions now. And I want to give you a daily quote and the only daily quote I could think of about relationships is that, “If you love someone, set them free. If they don’t come back, hunt them down and kill them.” Now [inaudible 00:05:24] my daily quote, I thought it was a funny quote, that’s about it. But I don’t actually think you should kill anybody.

But I do believe that we should not be in a relationship with people who are holding secrets, and we feel like we need to control the other human. I think that one of the coolest things about my relationship with my wife is about how we are completely raw and authentic with one another, and we share virtually everything. I don’t have a secret from my wife. I’ve shared everything with her.

They’ll never make a romantic comedy about my life and my relationship with my wife because we’ve got no bullshit and no skeletons in the closet, and like I have friends of mine that are like, “Oh my god… if I masturbate, I couldn’t tell my wife.”

Well. I’ll tell my wife anything. I will share with her every sexual fantasy that I might have, every dirty secret. Everything.

Sure, not every minute of every day, because that would be completely crazy and not being very nice to my wife about different things. But like in proportion.

Okay. So let me give you the end-of-day questions here so you can use them and then hopefully implement them in your relationship, whatever that may be, so that you can take your life to the next level when it comes to passion. Okay, and connectedness.

So the first question that my wife and I will ask each other every single night is, “What are you grateful for?” When we ask that question, one of us will ask and the other one will answer, and we take turns. And we typically come up with three things we’re grateful for, a minimum of three. Now, what this will sometimes stimulate is a  conversation about cool things we’re grateful for in the day.

Now, the thing that we will also answer when we’re doing the same thing is, “What did you accomplish during the day?” Now my wife and I don’t tend to ask that question to one another, it’s just when we say “What are you grateful for?,” our answer will be three things we’re grateful for, and three things that we accomplished during the day.

Now the reason that we like to do that is that it helps us learn more about one another about how we spent our day, like what was that thing about the-the-the [inaudible 00:07:23] The Honeymooners, when like … What’s the guy’s name, he would come home and he would be like, “Lucy! I’m home.” No, that was Ricky Ricardo. “Lucy! I’m home.” Like when, you know, the wife or the husband asks one another about how was your day. Instead of just that boring, “How was your day?,” we want to know what it is one another are grateful for and it reminds us to celebrate gratitude.

And oftentimes, she and I are grateful for the same things, but sometimes we’re grateful for different things. And then our personal accomplishments also allow us to celebrate our different professional or personal things that we accomplished during the day. This also will be one of my daily check-ins of “Oh-oh, did I work out today?” Sometimes I’ll say it was an accomplishment to work out today, it was an accomplishment to do my Core Four in the morning, it was an accomplishment to do this and talk to a client and make a sale or do something difficult or whatever.

It could be personal or professional, but that’s the first part of our question. What are we grateful for? And what did we accomplish? And we always do a minimum of three, and then we switch, so the other person will then ask. And then also, like I said, it’ll stimulate conversation so it’s typically not just a one-sided thing. And sometimes those questions might take an extra 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes. And sometimes we’ll be exhausted and we’ll go through it real quickly. But that’s question number one is, “What are you grateful for?”

Question number two that we ask, is “What makes you feel loved?” And in the same way with the first question, we’ll sometimes answer more than that question, we will give two answers. The first one is “What makes us feel loved?” Like when, what did the other person has to do, or when they do this, makes us feel loved?

And this could be from sexual things, it could be fun, it could be funny things, it can be, let me see, one of mine is I like it when my wife says nice things about me, and she says it to me directly, or I hear her complimenting me behind my back to someone else, that makes me feel loved and appreciated.

And then I reminder of that, so she can remember to do more of it. And then vice-versa, she’ll do the same thing. And then, the second thing that we will answer, that we don’t typically prompt, is something that makes, what is it that we love about that other person?

So when we answer the question, we go beyond the question, so like a double question, we’ll answer what we love about the other person. So for example, my wife is a phenomenal singer. My wife is a great cook. Or maybe I’ll see her playing with my daughter, and I’ll say, “What I really love about you is,” and then I’ll fill in the blank, “how you’re so great with our daughter Phoenix.”

Or since you just gave birth to our son, Maverick, I’ll say, “You know, what I love about you is how great you were with the whole birthing process.” Or, how she was so diligent about her diet and her health, or things like that. And then she knows that I appreciate those things and love those things about her. Again, these can be really flippant, small things, I mean, just kind of fun and funny, or they can be deep and romantic and passionate things that make you tear up. But these are how we practice our end-of-day questions that helps my wife and I improve our relationship day in and day out.

And sometimes, by the way, I’m gonna let you know, these questions will trigger some challenges, and maybe I’ll say that I love something about my wife and she’ll hear something different and think I just criticized her. So, maybe sometimes they’ll stimulate an argument, I’m not saying it hasn’t happened, it has happened. But what this also does it allows us to have this authenticity and connectedness and communication, and we will  not go to sleep unless we do questions.

And if I pull an all-nighter and I’m up or on a red-eye flight or I’m in another town, like I said, she and I will send one another our questions, so we can review them, each day.

I hope you like that, that’s end-of-day questions.

My challenge to you is actually implement this. If you like that, try to implement it and come up with some kind of daily discipline for you to connect with and communicate with your significant other, and call it whatever you want. If you want to borrow our questions, please do so. My brother-in-law actually uses this all the time with his spouse, and they love it. And it improves their relationship every single day.

Hope you guys enjoyed that as well. It’s one of our daily disciplines. And this has been a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest. If you like this episode, please share it with somebody that you care about, and please subscribe to us on iTunes, and leave a review. Can’t wait to see you on the next episode of the Daily Dose of Greatness Quest.

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