How to Make Your Dreams Come True — Part 2

In my last blog post, I explained to you about the power of the mind and how you can accomplish anything as long as you believe it. It was true when I was 11 years old and trying to break my personal pull-up record, and it is true today.

Now, for the next tidbit you need to know to make your dreams come true—and my challenge to you.

I want you to become so obsessed with something that you start dreaming about it. I want you to try something that pushes the boundary of what you’ve accomplished before.

Let go of any limitations.

First, go out and dream so much that you can get excited and then obsessed by your DREAMS.

Second, use the SEE IT, SAY IT, FEEL IT formula. For the formula, read the first part of these two blogs.

Third, use the formula all week until you BELIEVE it. Condition your mind and body for success for the rest of the week, every-single-day.

See what you want ACTUALLY happening. Say it over and over and over again (with conviction.) And finally, feel yourself not just doing it, but how great you will feel after you have gotten it.

Pick out something so cool, so big that it makes your palms sweaty!

Something so great that it wakes you up, like my daughter wakes up…in the middle of a dream, believing that it’s real. Pick something that scares you. Pick something that is so big, so bold, so brave, so amazing, that when you wake up, you’re PUMPED to go out and do whatever it takes to make it come true.


On your journey to become your best, let’s face it…

You have a choice.

But, if you do what you’ve always done before, if you dream the way you’ve always dreamed before, and you set your goals the way you’ve always set them in the past—what will be different this year (than all the years past)?


Nothing’s gonna change.

So, instead of doing nothing, the first challenge I have for you, so you can have the greatest year of your life, is just to DREAM BIG.

That’s the discipline. That’s the challenge. In fact, I double-dog dare you to take that on!

I believe you can live out your dreams. I’m telling you, you can dare to be great, you can become your best in your own quest for…


The fact that my daughter believed she could fly is because of the:

  • Books we read and
  • the stories we tell her, and
  • that she has a family that adores her, and believes in her, and
  • because she has the sweetest unlimited power (and innocence) of being a kid…

And what matters MOST is that she believes.

We should never abandon the child in ourselves.

My daughter still believes she can fly. Oftentimes, she’ll tell me about how she had dreams about it, and about how good it felt when she was doing it.

We all deserve to become obsessed by things that light up our life. We all need to dream, to see and to feel ourselves in the reality that we design. Without that, what else do we have?

Average? Mediocre? A life that we settle for, that bores us?

I say, hell no.

One More Thing:

My wife, daughter and I just got back from Disney World. We saw these words on a huge sign in the sky: Disney World—Where Dreams Come True.

It’s true.

I believe you can fly.

I believe ALL your dreams will come true.

Do you?

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