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EPISODE 186 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Oftentimes the person whose the hardest on us, is… ​ourselves.

Cut yourself a break today. Don’t be too hard on yourself.  

We all need to remember to not take ourselves so seriously… 
Sometimes what we need is just a little CELEBRATION and GRATITUDE.

YES!​ We all need to push and challenge ourselves.
YES!​ I think it is our DUTY to take our lives and business to the next level.
YES!​ It’s important to find “the gift,” and to, “celebrate your awesomeness.” 


Where do you deserve to cut yourself some slack?
Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Often we say things to ourselves, that we’d never say to our kids.

Well… there’s a little kid living inside of all of us.

And sometimes (ALL THE TIME), that little kid need a little TLC.

“We all have a little kid inside us who needs some nurturing, care and love.” – Trevor Crane

We all have a little kid inside us who needs some nurturing, care and love.


Remember to be nice to yourself.

Celebrate the accomplishments you’ve made.


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Welcome back to another daily dose of greatness quest. It’s your boy Trevor Crane. 

Today, the subject is DON’T BE TOO HARD ON YOURSELF. I’m gonna wish you  happy thoughts today. We’re gonna have a good time. So enjoy the show. 


Okay, I’ve been doing a lot of work lately on myself, on some changes in my  business, on some changes in my daily routine. And I’ve had this pattern lately of really  pushing, really trying to challenge myself, really using a lot of energy around how I need  to do better, how I must do better.  

And I’ve had some podcasts around fear of heads, I’ve recorded some podcasts  around failure and admitting and acknowledging lies that you and I might be telling to  ourselves on a regular basis, really just push, push, push.  

And I had a question the other day that I posted. And there’s this cartoon image of  a guy trying to chase a carrot, like a carrot on the stick in front of them dangling. And  then beneath him. Or behind him is this this guy with a pitchfork trying to skewer him  from behind.  

And I recognize that you and I need that stick. And this is what I’ve been applying  a lot lately is the stick, is the fire is the the stick in the ass to go ahead and jump up and  get up and do that thing that I have not been doing. And then I’ve been sharing some of  that with you.  

But I realized that we can’t always do that. I have the last few years I’ve been  living most of my life focused on gratitude and the gift which is the book that I’ve  recommended to you guys several times, ​What’s The Gift? ​ That’s a book that I wrote,  where I focus on finding the gift in everything.
And I am absolutely a creature that likes to say, to be excited about what I’m going  after. And we all have a little boy or a little girl inside of us. That’s our unconscious mind  that needs the that needs the carrot that needs the compliments and needs the boys. 

Just like my son. My son is eight months old, just just turned eight months old.  And he’s learning. Yes, he’s learning all kinds of things. Right? One of the things he’s  learning by is is the word no. 
So when he’s crawling around on the floor, and he’s actually taken a couple of  steps. So we do have somebody who’s he’s walking a little bit, if you call, taking a few  steps, and falling down walking, then he’s walking, which we’re counting.  

But as I’m training him to learn what is safe and not safe. We are definitely  teaching him the word No, but I don’t want to be upset by the No like, there are some  dangerous things in our house.
Let’s say the electrical plugs are there. He’s got these little vacuum plugs that are  in the wall. And I don’t want them into those. Or he is not supposed to get into the dog  dish, which he just thinks the dog is fascinating. And when the dog is eating, especially,  he’s got to go over and try to get in the bowl. 
And so I’m teaching him the word NO. Now, I’m fascinated that he’s able to  understand it. Now, I changed my voice and I bark at him and kind of a harsh voice  because I want them to hear it. I want them to do what I tell them to do so and pay  attention.
And so I’ll use his name. And then I’ll say very harshly the word no. And when  first couple times I did this, he actually responded really fast. So it was combination is  like the the tonality in the volume that I use for it. And it doesn’t sound like I’m Mr. Nice  Guy. And so I did this first couple times.  

And he responded, and he just stopped what he was doing. Because I said “Mav, NO!”. And they gave him that firm NO. And then I might repeat, no one’s are a couple more times if he’s not doing what I asked him to. 
But what’s pretty cool is he’ll just stop and what he’s doing one time though, I  think is the third time I gave him a NO he, he thought he did something wrong. And he  started to cry. And so I think I had done this before the first couple of times, but I  definitely did it. 
Then, like what I did next, after he said after he adhered to the NO, what we did is we celebrated we went ahead and my wife and I will clap our hands and be like, Yay.  Yay, Mav. His name is Maverick. So we call him Mav or The Mav oftentimes.
And so we’re like, Yay, we clap our hands. And what’s really cool is this moment,  the third time that I told him, NO. And he listened. But then he got really sad. And he  started to cry, and his whole face turn sad.  

And he thought he was totally busted. And he was just shocked. And when we  started celebrating and clapping our hands, this big smile came over his face.  

So now what’s really cool in our family is that every time my son gets a NO, and  I’d say not every time but like 98% of the time, he’s getting a NO we are not only do we  celebrate him afterward, but he is happy and clapping his hands and proud of himself.  

He’s proud of himself for understanding the NO. And adhering to the NO. And he  will stay out of the dog dish. Now he needs to be reminded now. And then he’s only you  know, he just turned eight months old. So it’s pretty new for us.  

But we all have a little kid inside of us. It’s our unconscious mind of how we talk  to ourselves about ourselves. And lately I’ve been jumping all over my own ass because  I’ve recognized some patterns I wanted to shift.  

This is not mean I’m a bad guys does not mean a whole bunch of things. But we  have these harsh ways of describing ourselves or talking to ourselves. And I don’t think  I’m the only one. 
So my challenge for you today is to remember to be nice to yourself. to not just be  nice to yourself, but be overly complimentary.  

And to the title for the episode today was to not be too hard on yourself. But I go a  step further and celebrate yourself, the accomplishments you make, the strip the strides  that you’re making, how you decided to shift something even if you haven’t shifted it yet. 

But remember that there’s a little boy or little girl inside of each of us and it needs  that nurturing and care and love.
And I was talking to to my friends recently, really great friends of mine. One was  one of the best man at my wedding. I say one of because I had like four groomsmen at  my wedding. And but he’s definitely one of my best brothers. He lives in Hawaii. 

And talking to him about what I’m about and do it lately and what he’s doing  lately. We touch base few times a year and pick up like we never left off.
And what was interesting is he’s commonly advised me to stop being so hard on  myself to stop like to not just push, push, push and always be focused on on more but to  give myself a break. And he said it and I was like dude, but I’m trying to go get some and  I hardly listened even though he gave me the love and the props. 
And then I was talking to another friend of mine just the other day and he said  something similar in a different way. But he was just he was just talking to me about  what he was what he appreciated about me. I asked him a couple questions about a new  program that I’ve got.  

And he just was he was coaching me about a few things. But he was also  extremely complimentary. And it just reminded me like, what was interesting is, these  two conversations made me feel like that little boy sitting on the floor near the dog dish,  clapping his hands and proud of himself.  

And as I was on my morning, walk and talk this morning, I realized that I’m just so  happy and so grateful for so many things. And in even when I am trying to push myself  and challenge myself and look deeper and all of that, I still just have to take the time to  remember to not be too hard on myself and just celebrate and be grateful.  

And this is something that I learned from Tony Robbins years ago, is one of my  biggest distinctions when I was working with him is that when I was younger, I was  always trying to push, push, push, push, always trying to get more they sounds very  similar to what I just told you the pattern I’m running today.
And and I was never satisfied with what I had. I took the word satisfaction out of  my vocabulary. And I thought the only way to succeed and I was very 16 oriented and  achievement, or it was to grow into expand into achieve into and it was exhausting for  probably everybody around me. 

And I very rarely felt emotions, deep emotions of joy and happiness and  celebration. And so my primary question changed from How can I have more which was  my focus all the time into how can I know what what’s the gift to find what’s great and beautiful and amazing and special in the right now. 

And that’s what I want to challenge you to do today is to find the gifts and to  celebrate your awesomeness. And to give you the carrot give yourself the carrot because  we I think we need to use our own leverage the the carrot and the stick like I mentioned  before. 

But today I’m focused on just the happiness and joy and gratitude and want to  make sure that you’re nurturing that part of yourself self as well.  

So that’s all I got for you today. I just walked to out of my house this morning and  the sun is coming up and I’m looking over overlooking this beautiful lake it’s like Karpen and just phenomenal right now, so I’m going to go just be silent for a little bit, do a little  meditation. 

And see you tomorrow on another daily dose of greatness quest. 

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