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EPISODE 20 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


What’s your BIG goal this year?


My challenge to you today is to set a new 90 DAY TARGET (or goal)?  Then go take ONE ACTION towards its attainment.


“​80​% of ​success​ in life is ​psychology and 20​% is mechanics​.” – Tony Robbins

80​% of ​success​ in life is ​psychology and 20​% is mechanics​.

[When a business is struggling, most business owners shift their entire focus to ​strategy​.  But ​80​% of the time, the chokehold on your business is actually your ​psychology​. Yes,  the ​strategy​, the skills, the tools — these are all critical components to creating real and  sustainable growth, but knowledge alone is not power.]– Excerpt from an interview with Tony Robbins


It’s April 2018. How are you doing with your 12-month goals? ​A QUARTER of the year is  gone.​ ​Today we’re going to talk about WHERE YOU ARE you are with your goals for the  year, and how are you SHOWING up.

Plus, we’ll discuss a strategy you can use to ​MAKE SURE​ you hit your goals by the end of  the year – ​even if you’ve a fallen behind just a little bit! 


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Hey guys, one of my favorite slogans of all time is the Nike slogan, “Just do it,” and I don’t  know if you noticed yet, but this is April 2018.  

That means we’re in our second quarter of the year, so today we’re going to talk about  where you are with your goals for the year, and how are you showing up.  

Then, we’ll discuss a strategy you can use to go ahead and make sure that you hit your  goals if you’ve a fallen behind just a little bit, talk to you in a sec.  


All right everybody. Welcome back. Here’s the thing.  

I admit… I have made progress towards my goals, but I did not hit them and I would love  to go ahead and share with you that I had and then I’ve met them and exceeded them  and that’s actually the dent, right? I set these goals, I set these targets and I actually like  to look at them like they’re targets. 
If you ever shoot darts at a dart board, you know you don’t always hit the bulls eye.  Every once in a while you hit the bullseye and that’s pretty awesome, but most of the  time you’re just trying to get the darts towards the center. So I’m grateful that I made progress, but I’m also pissed off that I didn’t hit the goals and I’m not going to get into  that deep here about how close I got on which ones, but if I’m just to own it, I didn’t do  what it takes to create the result and as I was looking at my goals for 2018 and I’m  looking at the activity that I took or excuse me more accurately, what has to happen in  order for me to hit my goals by the end of the year. It’s not confusing. It’s not  complicated. It’s actually pretty easy. In fact, I realized the challenge is I just didn’t do  what is required to get those results.  

You know, I had different actions that I needed to take and I didn’t get them. You know, if  you eat ice cream and don’t go to the gym, you’re going to get a certain result. So here is  my big, gigantic, really impressive epiphany around this and it’s that you just gotTa do it.  You know, Tony Robbins says that the success is 80 percent psychology and 20 percent  strategy. You see, I got the strategy that’s really not the problem, but I’ve invested in a  few different mastermind groups where I’m part of to have a little bit of accountability  into by the right strategies to get the next level results that I want. And then I absolutely  was busy. I absolutely took action. I absolutely made progress. I feel good in a lot of ways  about where I’ve gone. But I can’t Brag to you today about my results.  

I can make excuses. You’ve heard me say that. You’ve heard me say that you can have  one of two things, either get results or excuse me, neither have results or you can make  excuses. And right now honestly, I’m making those excuses. And here’s the thing. I was  looking at, Gosh, what am I going to do differently? You know, making my life more  complicated than it really needs to be. By the way, one of my mentors sent me a message  recently and he has been working with a lot of seven figure earners lately and he said  across the board, all of the seven figure earners that he’s helped scale to multiple seven  figures, all of them, every single one. And then he repeated himself and he said, I want to  be explain it really explicit here, like pay attention, like what I’m about to say here.  

This is everything. Every single one, they did less. It wasn’t about doing more. See, once  you have a profitable path to monetize your mission, he’s basically saying to oftentimes  we’re spending a lot of our energy and resources in areas that aren’t giving us the biggest  result.  

I can’t remember the, uh, the, the who it’s from, but there’s a saying that 80 percent, or  excuse me, 20 percent of your energies create 80 percent of your results.  

There’s a study in business that was done years ago by this dude, I can’t remember his  name again. Then went over to Japan and he was working with the Japanese on  efficiencies after the war and got on, what’s his name? Maybe I’ll come up with it, I’ll put  it in the show notes so if I can remember it. Um, and he went in and then there’s also the  strategy of focusing on the 20 percent of the 20 percent. 
Like if 20 percent of your effort creates 80 percent of your results, what if you only did  that?
But what about the [inaudible] of that? If you took that new [inaudible] and you just  focused on the smallest activities that created the greatest amount of results. And so  that’s just, that’s just the way that things work. And I was looking at my past CEO. One of  the ways that you can learn how to create new results in your future is to look to your  past. I love to reverse engineer success. I’d love to use other people’s recipes for success  and then employ them. Like, I don’t need to learn how to make a chocolate cake because  I don’t have to figure it out because I can just follow the recipe. However, in this case,  there was a recipe and a strategy to get the results I wanted. And Lo and behold, I didn’t  do the work. And what happens, you get the result, big frickin surprise. So my, my  message today is to myself as much as it is to you, just do it because quite frankly, you  probably already know what you need to do.  

You’re just not doing it. And I’m thinking about the different times in my life when I look  back, when I have created the biggest results, something that I’d never done before. Let’s  say that I was trying something I’d never done before, but then I just was coachable. See,  one of the things that I’m looking for when I want a new client and there’s a lot of things  I’m looking for. One. Number one, I got to figure out that I’m, I’m available to help them. I  don’t have little buy now buttons for a whole bunch of little bullshit on my website. I  typically handpick my clients and I and I invite them to work with me and I defend the  gates of my business more like I’m defending against fucking invaders that are coming  into rob me. My buddy talks about it a gulliver. Giles talks about it, you defend it with the sword of truth and the sort of truth has two edges to get into that now, but one of the  things I want when I’m meeting someone is can I help them trying to see, you know, do I  have is, you know, are they in a position where I can help them massively, but let’s say  that this is the perfect person that I can totally help them fill three criteria.  

Even if I can help them. It doesn’t mean that necessarily want to. I’ve got to believe that. I  got to think while I’m communicating with them. Are they cool? Like I get to choose who  I hang out with and if they’re a dick or I don’t like communicating with him, then I don’t  want to work with them. They’re not cool. Are they committed like odd? Do they want  the result? Do I think that they’re going to figure out a way to do whatever it takes? Like  would they try to. They find a way to get it even if they didn’t like how committed are  they? Because I have had clients in the past that would hire me and asking me to help  them with stuff and they were not that committed. They didn’t have strong reasons why I  charge a decent amount of money for what I do so that if people pay, they typically pay  attention, so they’re going to get a better result because they paid a little bit of money for  it.  

They’re going to go ahead and get you. This is serious. I better take his advice. I better do  these things. I better just do it. Like Nike says. So are they cool or they committed  because I don’t want him to quit. In the past that had people that would pay me decent  money and they quit. And like as if that’s my frickin fault. Like if they just decide to stop  going to the gym, they’re like, well, I didn’t do what you said to do, but uh, this kind of  socks. I quit. Or they just frickin bail. Like they’ll bail and disappear and I don’t even  fucking get it. By the way. I don’t to get that at all. But let’s just say that you know that  said, maybe I’ve done it, I’ve probably done it because you don’t get a result in this world  from other people and you can’t recognize something in somebody else that you can’t  already see in yourself.  

That’s what I believe. And I’ll say that again. I don’t believe you can recognize another  behavioral emotion or whatever and somebody else that you can’t already and also see  in yourself. So imagine that. That’s like. I think that’s why we cry when we see somebody  do something amazing. Like when you see somebody do something, when you’re  watching the Olympics and you see and you see somebody, you get so emotional when you see them do accomplish greatness because we see the greatness in ourselves. But I  think we also see the bullshit and other people, our own bullshit and other people. And  this was a hard lesson for me to learn because I was hanging out with somebody and I  thought he kind of sucked and I was feeling very judgmental. And then I thought about  this quote that you can’t recognize something in someone else that you can already see in  yourself.  

Also seeing yourself. And I was like, Ah Shit, I’ve been that douche-bag. He was being  douchey. Let’s not get around it like he was being douchey. But I. The truth is I’ve been  that guy in the past and I didn’t like it so I didn’t want to be him. So the three things when  I’m looking for a client, are you cool? Are you committed? And the third one is, are you  coachable? Because there’s some people that are cool and some people that are  committed to the result, but the two fucking smart for their own bridges, like they just  don’t want to shut the hell up and actually be coached. They just think they’ve got it  handled. And then I can’t help those. If they’re not cool, they’re not committed, not  coachable. I don’t want to help them. And as so those are just my criteria there on  something. 
You have to have criteria for when you, when you choose to work with people, how to  make sure I can 10 x their result so they think they’re going to make a million dollars.  I’ve got to believe that we can make 10 or I don’t think it’s going to be worth them to  work with as a client. OK. So real briefly, I just want to share with you how it coded this.  I thought about when I was a teenager and I wanted to gain weight. I was like 12, 13  years old and I want them to lift weights so I could, uh, joined the football team and start  on the football team. And I was too skinny because like a hundred and 10 pounds,  hundred and five pounds or 15 pounds, whatever it was I was, was I weighed a way, are  they anything? And my dad got me this book from Arnold Schwarzenegger is like the  Encyclopedia of bodybuilding.  

Awesome. This, I don’t remember exactly this gigantic, but in there he gave me this  workout routine and he gave me a diet. And so when over the summer I would go spend  time with my dad and for two and a half months I would shoe horses every day I would  go to the gym and lift as many weights isn’t my little body could lift and then I ran and I ate as much as I could possibly at age five plus meals a day. And that strategy, you know  what? I followed his instructions and every summer I gained weight, I gained weight, I  put on muscle and I got better and stronger. When I wanted to learn to be a boat captain  and went to boat captain school, had no idea how to do it. I went to a c school and they  taught me how to become a boat captain.  

I passed the test. When I grew up in Arizona, I wanted to become a scuba diver and then  a scuba instructor. Lo and behold, you can sign up for a class. I did the homework and I  became a scuba instructor, first diver, then an instructor. When I wanted to buy my first  house, I went to the library. Actually that was it. I didn’t know I didn’t want to buy my  first house, I just wanted to look into it, so went to the library and I got this program by  Ron Legrand who taught me a little strategy about how you can walk into a house that’s  for rent and offer them a lease to own and get them to sign a little one page agreement.  And I did this. I took the first part of the program from the library. I took some notes. I  walked across the street where were the community I was living in and just one house  over and this house was for rent and I asked the homeowner whether or not they’d be  willing to lease it to me in a lease to own.  

And then negotiated deal right there. And within three days I also get the AH, in the  contract I asked for the, uh, option to be able to sub lease it. I didn’t hide that from them  and share it right up front and over the weekend I ended up getting a contract that day  with just within an hour or a one page contract. I gave them a $500 deposit, which was a  check that didn’t even clear. I ran an ad in the local paper and I said, who wants to lose  to find a roommate? And I rented out the two other rooms in the house. I ended up  having living in the master bedroom off of the swimming pool off of, uh, on a, in a house  right off the, out of Benita Springs, which is just north of Naples, Florida. That was on the  a Ha. It was a waterfront property.  

And I ended buying that house or getting a contract on that house for $500 by the way.  That was a Friday. I ran the ad over the weekend. By Monday I had more money in my  bank then they hadn’t. I began because I rented the other two rooms out to two different  dudes and then they gave me the down payment plus a deposit. I was up like 1500 bucks  overall and now I have a positive cash flow every single month. I got paid to live in the first house I bought. I ended up selling that house for like a three, $400,000 profit down  the line, tax free. How did that happen? I got the program and I just did it. I had the  courage to walk across the street and take action. I just did it and this has been in every  case in my life. I went to become an author and I find, and I did it myself on that from  getting sucked.  

I couldn’t figure it out. I failed to publish my first book for 20 years. I hired a mentor. He  told me what to do. He told me to do some homework, come back to them and pitch my  new book idea. I did that to him. He vetoed number one, he’d be to book number two. He  vetoed a number three and didn’t talk to me personally because was a group program. It  was the feedback I got from him and the community that helps support me in such a way  that made me realize book number one, two and three roll cool book ideas, but they  were not the book for me. Book number four passed all the criteria. I wrote that book in  24 hours, it was my best stuff. It was the coolest results I’ve ever created for people and  that was how to make high ticket sales like anything over a thousand bucks.  

And then when I followed my mentor’s formula, lone behold I became a best selling  author and I tend next might income. So if you like that, then that might be something  you want to do. You want to follow instructions? Obviously I have, I think you know this,  I have a publishing company now and I help people publish books because I thought this  was a cool thing, you know, for years I struggled to do it. I figured out how to do it and  then now I share it with others. I wanted to go scuba diving for years I learned how to do  it and then I thought this was cool enough. I want to learn to share with others. I became  a scuba instructor. This has been my pattern and in this case guys, I didn’t do it. My  mentors gave me my instructions, my marching orders on how to get x, Y, z.  

In the first 90 days of this quarter, and I missed my targets, but guess what, I’m not shit  Outta luck and neither of you, if you haven’t hit your goals yet, then you still can re target  your goals. Come up with a new 90 day plan. Like I’ve got goals that I got to hit by the end  of the year. So I’m not missing those fricking goals. And I know what I gotta do to make it  happen. You know, one of those I got into simple daily things that helped create the  result. I’ll give you one example. Um, I, one of my targets was to be completely, excuse  me, rehabbed. I told you I wasn’t going to tell you all my goals. I’ll just give you one. Don’t want to brag because I made progress, but I want to be bitch or not bitch, but like own up  to it that I didn’t create one result.  

And is that I got a nice. I had a knee surgery recently. I wanted to make sure out of full  recovery that I was at rehabbed my knee so I could go and do stuff. Fun stuff that I  wanted to do and I just got back from my run today. My knee is rehab, you know, by the  hundred. I don’t know if it’s a hundred percent, but it’s as close to a hundred percent I  think I’m going to get and I still need to do my exercises. I still need to do the things, keep  it rehab, but I’ve also had an injured elbow. Elbow was injured and I wanted it to get  completely rehabbed and I did not do the actions and activities that would rehab that  arm and so it’s still bothering me. Every time I hold my son brand new little baby boy, it  hurts and that’s just because I didn’t do what I was supposed to do.  

Some I’m getting back on the horse and climbing up. I’m not like shitting on myself too  much and I don’t you to get down on yourself…
But on my challenge to you today is to set a new 90 day target or goal and then go take  some action towards its attainment. All right, that’s it! 

Can’t wait to see you tomorrow on another daily dose of greatness quest. If you liked this  episode, please like it. Please go to itunes and give me a, um, a nice comment or review.  And if you would like to enter the karmic that, of sharing this with somebody else, please  do share this with somebody and make sure you make today magnificent. Later! 
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