Decisions... What Happens When You don't Make Them
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EPISODE 127 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Today I talk about DECISIONS. And more specifically, I talk about not making a decision  and what that means and what the consequences are.

We have to recognize that not making a decision is still a decision. This vacillating in  between YES’s and NO’s is hurting the people that we love most.

And if you allow people in your world to give you MAYBE’s and wishy washy answers,  you’re not going to live the quality of life that you deserve. And you’re not going to be  helping those people.


What area of your life are you stagnating? And are you just choosing not to choose?

“Not making a decision is still making a decision.” – Trevor Crane

Not making a decision is still making a decision


Make a decision on something that you’ve been putting off.




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Welcome back to another daily dose of greatness quest. 
Today we’re going to talk about decisions. And more specifically, we’re going to  talk about not making a decision and what that means and what the consequences are. 
I know you’re gonna love the show.

Alright, I’ve been constantly thinking about the best content to bring you to help  you take your life and or business to the next level. And I think it’s really an important  distinction to know this about decisions.  

Because I used to think and it still will happen from time to time, I have options.  And I’m like, I don’t know, if I want to do A, B, or C, or D, or all the above. And sometimes  when we have so many options and opportunities, we are analysis paralysis. 

And I used to think that not making a decision was like a good thing. And, you  know, if you’re in sales, and I, I help people invest in their books, in their business in  their brand, and I help my clients figure out how to influence others and create the same  results. 

And we’re constantly collecting decisions and sometimes we’ll collect the yes,  sometimes we’ll collect the know and sometimes we’ll collect them maybe. And by the  way, you should know this already that the death the worst response you can get from  someone is MAYBE. It’s complete bullshit. 
They’re just avoiding and here’s the thing, we fail to remember that when you’re  not making a decision, you’re still making a decision. And this will happen time and time  again in your life when you just fail to make a decision and but that decision is still a  decision is just you’re choosing not to act. 

And and this is a really incredible thing for you to consider. So where in your life  are you not making a choice? Where your life? Or is it time that you finally make a  decision? Are you in a relationship that you should get out of? his their relationship that  you should get into his they’re a business that you should start or is there a business that  you should quit?

You know, I don’t know what it is for you. But I know for me It happens even  though I’m trying to buy something from Amazon and I’m in there and I’m like, I don’t  know should I get this T shirt or that T shirt this backpack or that set of underwear  whatever it is and not making a decision is still a decision. 
It’s just you’re choosing not to choose and this is of sabotaging more people’s  success than you can possibly imagine. I’m not sure what my cover should be. So I’m not  going to publish my book. I’m not sure what email I should send I don’t send it.  

Like fuck, it drives me insane and I do it and you do it and we do it and it sucks  and it sabotaging your success decisions. The decisions you make will define your  destiny, that the food you eat today will define your destiny. Nah, I’m not challenging you  about whether or not you should eat more ice cream or exercise more go to the gym  maybe you should do all of those things. 

But my my advice is that you look into your life and you look at where you want  to make the most progress and where you if you can improve any area of your life we  were where would it be which is the area of your life that you would like to improve. Is it  your money? Is it your business? Is it your brand? Is it your health? Is it your  relationship? And then what is the decision that you have not yet made. 

There’s a great book what’s the book here remember there’s this guy named how  more these really famous battlefield commander a battlefield leader I think he was an  army was definitely um, services. And I think his book might be called Battlefield  Leadership.  

And there are these core questions that he will that he faced and he asked  continually every single day. But he was on the battlefield he calls the battlefield  leadership and the one of these questions is basically, what am I doing right now that I  should not be doing? 

And then the reverse of that question, or like almost the opposite of that question  is, what am I not doing that I should be doing now? I’ve got these is freedom questions up  on my wall?  

So I’ve got questions like, who must I become? How can I work less? How can I  have more? How can I have live a more rich life? How can I have it all?

I’ve got a whole bunch of cool questions that I keep up on my freedom, like on a  big whiteboard in my room. But up at the top right underneath the title is what am I  doing that I shouldn’t be doing? And what am I not doing that I should be doing?  

And my question to you is, what area of your life are you stagnating? And are you  just choosing not to choose? I have a client I worked with years ago and she was choosing  a new partner and they were deciding to get this party started with what they’re doing about business.  

And I said, Well, I highly advise that you you put that that agreement in writing,  even if you write it on a cocktail napkin, just like write it down what is what is going to  go on this agreement and she didn’t want to do it. It made her feel uncomfortable.  

And in she wasn’t she was scared about how it would face the relationship and  blah, blah, blah. And after two or three months I was working with her and guess what  happened the relationship devolved and their agreement that they originally had just  talked this friends failed. And they started to be at odds with one another.
And because they didn’t have things written down, they were both in jeopardy  and they chose to not make a decision they chose they weren’t sure what to put on there.  So they put nothing on there.  

And that is still a decision. It was a decision not to move forward and it is causing  you harm is causing me harm is causing the people that you love most harm when you  choose not to choose. So choose wisely. 
And I hope this has been valuable for you today. I’m not going to go on and on  about this. I just think it’s a cool little concept like recognizing that when you don’t make  a decision is still a decision. That was a tough one for me Daniel because I don’t want to  make the wrong choice.  

So sometimes I make no choice but there’s still a decision if you’re trying to make  sales and somebody like a little move will give you maybe gives don’t buy that shit. You  give them a yes or collect them. No one or the other.  

But this vacillating in between yeses and noes is sucking your soul out of your  eyeballs and it’s hurting the people that you love most. And if you allow people to get  away with that shit and you allow people in your world to give you maybes and wishy washy fucking answers you’re not going to live the quality of life that you deserve and  you’re not going to be helping those people.
You do not help them by allowing them wiggle room to go ahead and I don’t know  I got a friggin Think about it. Or whatever nonsense figure out your marketing figure out  your levels of influence, find ways to support people and making a decision yes is rock  knows or even better.
Because there’s more stuff that you and I should say no to then we should say yes  to so it’s totally perfectly cool. There’s somebody if you’re there making a decision of  whether or not they should work with you to take the note I love knows I celebrate  knows even more than I celebrate. Yes, as soon as I get it. Yes, I got someone that I might  have it that I have to help them fulfill their dreams and their destiny.
And I’m excited about that. I’m inspired by it. But I want to make very damn sure  that I don’t let people in the door that are going to suck my soul’s out of my eyeballs that  we’re going to quit either people quit before either people not take action before I let  people who I work with that like just fail on themselves and and and make it.
I just I can’t stand it and I won’t stand for it any longer. I love yes as I love no. I’m  not everybody’s freaking flavor of ice cream. Some people don’t like my directness. Some  people don’t like my inappropriateness. Some people don’t like my language. Some  people don’t like freaking way I sell. 

I don’t know they don’t like my face that’s totally cool if you’re listening to me, you  must have connected with me in some way and maybe you still like my face just a little  bit cuz you’re doing on the soccer they’ll be getting value from this brother sister.
I can’t wait to connect with you tomorrow on another daily dose of greatness  quest. Take on the challenge and like freaking make a decision on something that you’ve  been putting off.
That’s all I got for you today. Make today magnificent. 

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Decisions... What Happens When You don't Make Them