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EPISODE 101 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Today I’m in the Bahamas, on an island called, Exuma. And today’s we’re going to be  talking about how if something’s worth doing, then it’s worth doing BADLY.

(At least at first.) As you can see from the title, the “secret” is to, “Dare to Suck.”

If you want to be great at anything, you must first get started and be willing to do badly or poorly at it. Dare to SUCK at it.

Just don’t stop. Don’t quit.​ Then soon, one day, you’ll find yourself not just getting  better, but eventually mastering it. 


What’s that something you’ve been “scared to do,” that it’s time for you to start doing POORLY today?


“If you want to be GREAT at something, you must be willing to be BAD at it first.” – Trevor Crane

If you want to be great at something, you must be willing to be bad at it first


Do something TODAY… that you SUCK at. Play a BIG game and…​ “Dare to suck.”

If you’ve already once, and sucked at it, do it a second time. If you’ve already done 10  times, and sucked at it… keep going till you’re freaking awesome.  


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Welcome back to another daily dose of greatness quest. I’m Trevor Crane and I am  recording this in video format. For those of you listening on podcasts, if you want to  check out the video should go to YouTube or you should go to ​trevorcrane.com​ to check  this out. 
But the subject of today is how to dare to suck. And how important it is, if you  want to be great at something that you’re willing to be bad at it first. I might even  demonstrate that today on today’s video. I know you’re gonna love the show.  


So welcome back. I’m shooting this in the Bahamas. I’m at an island called Eleuthera. We just finished up a legacy mastermind trip with some of our clients and  working on our businesses and our goals.  

And this morning I just had a beautiful walk on the beach and I used to live in the  Bahamas. And what I was thinking of this morning when I was having my little  meditative walk on the beach is how things, so many things have changed since my first trip to the Bahamas.  

When I first moved to the Bahamas, I just become a scuba instructor. And I was a  brand new scuba struck instructor and I was basically bad at everything. But I was  willing to learn. I was willing to be taught. I was willing to do things very poorly.  

At first I went out with my friends, my new friends and my job on the island and I  could barely do all of the tasks that they wanted me to do. And most of the tasks that we  actually that I can remember struggling to actually do where the fun ones we would go  breath hold diving all the time like the spear fish to be to to go underwater and spear a  fish in the Bahamas.  

You have to do that on a breath hold dive and I could barely hold my breath for  like less than a minute. I would like freak out. I go underwater right now. If you’re still  listening to this on on podcasts instead of watching this on the video I want you to  imagine this beautiful little lagoon that I’m sitting in front of. And a little coconut palm  tree here that I’m going to when we’re done with this, I’m going to eat one of those coconuts by the way.  

But when I first started off spearfishing, I remember my buddy was underwater. And he watched me shoot my first spear at a fish and I suck miserably at it. He laughed  out loud, I could hear him laugh at it because of such a ridiculous shot. I didn’t know how  to use this little bow and arrow that you have to use underwater, which is like this. It’s  like you slingshot a spear at a fish.
And this is the Bahamian rule. Unless you have a commercial fishing license, you  can’t go down underwater on scuba to spear fish. But I was, I wanted to get good at all of the things that we were doing on the island. I wanted to learn how to drive boats. I  wanted to learn how to become a better scuba instructor. I wanted to be great at my job.  Like I’m sure you want to be great at what you do. And how important is it to dare to  suck well. 

You know, if you don’t get started, you’re never going to get great. I was walking  on the beach this morning, and I was thinking about how it takes 10,000 hours. I think it’s  Malcolm Gladwell, who says it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert are really good at  anything and how important it is that we just get started and we’re willing to suck. 

Like I started my first video, my first podcast when I just went finally like had  enough and I was like, dude, I just need to do it I just need to do it even though I know it’s  going to suck even though if you go back to my first greatness quest podcast. Do you see  that there I’ve got these cold sores on my face. 
And it wasn’t like it wasn’t it wasn’t my best but it was my first one and I had to I  had to begin and I had to begin on my first coaching session had a beginning my first  consulting session one my wife and I teach events oftentimes will have people help  create their videos.  

So for creating their videos for their website, or for their sales funnel or  something, we will always do a dare to suck episode like or will dare to suck, take like we  do the normal one where everybody practices what they’re going to say.  

And then we do one that’s dare to suck where that’s what we did we just go a little  louder, a little bigger, a little more crazy, a little more raw. And what happens nine times  out of 10 is the ones that are more raw are the ones that we use.  

Now, right now, I want to go ahead and make sure I show you some of this off  awesome beast that I have in the background. So for those of you watching on video,  you’re in luck because I’m going to take you to the beaches here of Eleuthera.  

So here’s my challenge for you. Is that if you haven’t, you know know if there’s  something that you want to be great at. You’ve got to be willing to suck at it first, and I  want to be great at doing as a speaker and as doing more video and so instead of only  doing my podcast in such a way where I’m only doing audio which I’ve been pretty good  at.
This is a 101, my hundred and first daily podcast. And now I’m realizing, Dude, I  need to challenge myself on this dare to suck thing. I thought you know what? What if I  just start shooting video not every day because it’s going to be a little bit crazy for how I  run my life and I and but but to do a lot more to do a lot of video to dare to suck. 

If I’m going to become great at it if I’m going to become a great youtuber video  blogger if I’m going to create I’m going to become a better speaker I need to have the  courage to get out and just suck at it so I apologize if you’re on this journey with me and I  still suck monkeys I don’t suck as bad as I used to. 

But my challenge for you is to find something that you want to be great at and be  willing to go do it badly first.  

My daughter scared to do stuff too. She doesn’t want to look stupid she’s scared  just try sports. It’s just want to be bad at soccer or bad at baseball or whatever. But what  happens is the center she goes out and does stuff. She’s one of the most athletic kids I’ve  ever seen. She does really well right at the beginning. 

Now to her. it’s not as good as she’s going to be after she gets great at it. But if  you’re going to do anything and you want to be great at anything, you’ve got to go out  and do it the first time and then the second time and be willing to suck at it. I used to  suck at it. Most of the things I did out here in the ocean I used to not be over the breath  holding thing and the spearfishing thing let me bring that back.
So after a couple of years I lived out on this island or in these this island chain for  about a year and a half. So within a year I was holding my breath underwater for about  two minutes. I dove down to almost 100 feet in depth. I could go ahead and I could catch I could I could stock or kind of like lower a fish towards me and oftentimes come back  with dinner. 

So like I was able to get really good at it but I think I had to be willing to go out  and suck at it and choke on the salt water and figure out how to make all this happen  because I’m just avoid that grew up the son of a horseshoe are in Phoenix, Arizona. Like,  what in the hell do I have any business being asked here on the ocean? 
Well, I think the Bahamas is one of the most beautiful places on earth. And I love  bringing my family and friends here. Like I’ve done this a few different times now. Now  we’re doing it with clients. And I hope that the sound isn’t too bad with the wind up here. That’s why I didn’t start recording here.  

But my challenge to you is to do something to dare to suck. And if you’ve already  done it the first time to do it the second time and if you if you’ve already done it the 10th  time then do it the 20th time and maybe there’s something that you’ve been scared to do  that it’s time for you to start today and that you just go to dare to suck at it.  

I think I told you this before, but my wife did this with one of her clients. She  made a video it was like a two minute video she put on our website and we created that  at one of my wife’s events. She made $6 million on the back end of her dare to suck  video. 

So I challenge you to go ahead and do something to dare to suck. 

And that’s all I got for you today. hope you’re having a beautiful day and if you’re  still only listening to this on a podcast I think that’s going to be great but please go ahead  and check out the video. Go to ​trevorcrane.com​ and you can always see all my videos  where you can go to our YouTube channel and subscribe and looking forward to doing a  lot more cool stuff for you and being really bad at it until I get to be great. 

Alright that’s all I got for you. Make today magnificent and I’ll talk using lights  much better than this.  

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