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EPISODE 119 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Today, we’ll talk about 4 areas you need to focus on DAILY, so you can get better in every  area of your life. It’s called the Core Four: Body. Being. Balance. Business. 


Often times, we succeed in one area of our lives at the cost of something else. 

What is the area of your life you’ve been focused on THE LEAST?  

Is it your health? Is it your business? Is it your relationships? Is it your connection with  your creator? Your spouse? Your kids?  

What needs your attention right now? 


“​A life worth living is a life worth recording​.” – Jim Rohn

A life worth living is a life worth recording


Take on the challenge doing just a little-bit to improve your life EVERY DAY, in these 4  areas. Your: Body. Being. Balance. & Business.

The discipline will change your life. 

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Welcome back to another daily dose of greatness quest. This is Trevor Crane. 
And today we’re going to talk about something about your personal life. Our show  is dedicated to helping you take your life and your business to the next level.  

Yesterday, we talked about a little bit of business and clarifying your message and  making sure your message makes a difference. That’s more in your professional life. Like  how to clarify your message that makes a difference.  

Today, we’re going to talk about the CORE FOUR. Four areas of your life that if you  focus on them, you can get better in every area of your life, your relationships, your  spirituality, your body, your business, your being. 

And we’re gonna have some fun today. 


Alright, welcome back. I had my sister call me on the phone yesterday, I was out  in a jog. And hold on. She called me twice when I was exercising. I was running and she  just called me out of the blue. My sister lives in Alaska, and we were chatting while I was  jogging.  

And I was jogging, pushing my five month old son. In fact, he’s gonna turn six  months here really quickly. He’s almost six months old. And he was a little fussy in the  morning or the afternoon when I went running. And I was pushing him in a stroller,  because I know that movement and sometimes up to sing to him.  

I know that you don’t really want me to sing. You’ve probably heard me do  something like that in the past. And I’m not going to torture you with that today. But my  son will fall asleep when I sing to him a little bit silly songs that I make up. I add new  words to old songs like Happy Birthday. I don’t make it all about my son, Maverick.  

But my sister and I were talking and she gave me a compliment and it was really  sweet. She said I want to she goes I’m really impressed Trevor with how you’ve been so  discipline about exercising every day. And it’s really something I wish I did because I’m  not in good shape right now.  

And I’ve done it for a period of time you inspired me in for a little while I did it.  But she’s had different injuries. She injured her wrist and shoulder and her knee and  some of this and some of that. And she hasn’t stayed consistent with it. 

And the cool thing is, I accepted the compliment. It’s been over 2000 days that I’ve  exercised every day. But I realized that the discipline I came up with over 2000 days ago,  that exercise every day has had a massive impact in my life.  

And it’s it’s improved every area of my life because of the ripple effect. Like when  you drop the pond and river or on enough more and more accurately the lake like you  can see the ripples like go all the way to the end of the pond, let’s say. And I’ve seen that  in my life. Like just me, committing to the discipline of of exercise every day. 
And I don’t make that just a meaning for my health and vitality. I thought that me  making the commitment to exercise every day also made a difference to my family. And  then it makes a difference for to my clients and the people that I have the privilege of  connecting with and helping. And so that reason behind it. The why has been much more  powerful a fuel to help me consistently stick with this.  

And I was talking to my sister and I said, You know what, as much as I except that  it was awesome. And I am proud of myself. I’m doing it right now. And I honestly did not  want to be exercising yesterday. Oh, sore and tired and lazy. And I didn’t want to do it.  And it’s hot outside. But I didn’t. I didn’t even though I didn’t want to. And that’s what  I’ve been doing for a long time.  

But I had to acknowledge that there’s four areas of my life that I need to focus on  every day. And I can’t tell you today that I have been meticulous in my commitment to  doing this every day. I do it some days I did it. I did. I’m going to get it done today. I’m  partially done with these four things.  

Today I’m going to talk to you about those, the CORE FOUR. And I didn’t create this  CORE FOUR. I mentioned them to you before. If you listen to some of my podcasts, I’ve  been following a gentleman by the name of Garrett White, who started a movement  called Warrior. It’s actually called Wake Up Warrior if you want to look for details. And  up until this year, it was for men only. And I’ve been following Garrett for years seeing  this evolution.

He started telling me the story initially. And I started following him. I was very  proud of him. But he’s kind of loud. And the guy was like, I wasn’t necessarily all that  into the message. I was like, I’m very proud of him. I always love to see marketing. And I  can see this guy was passionate. But it didn’t call to me.  

Except over the years I saw this dude with so much consistency start to change his  life and others. I find that couldn’t ignore any longer. I couldn’t go ahead and just call  him loud, obnoxious. I’m allowed them noxious. So like, I could only handle so much  loud, obnoxious through my life, and deliver on these like gonna listen to this sucker.  

And so he’s leading me and a group of men. And now he’s opening it up to women,  and helping transform their lives in these four areas of your life. And he calls it a four  dimensional man. At least today call it a four dimensional person. 

Someone who’s not just focused on their business, which is one of the elements of  life that’s cool, not just focus on their body, which is one of the elements of life that I just  mentioned where you have had such a phenomenal success with over the last couple of  years, or 2000 plus days. 

And not just about this, your being in spirituality and connectedness, about your  mission and vision for what you have in life, but also one that is connected with a  balance with family and and your connection with your immediate family, maybe your  significant other and the people you care about most. And these are the four areas b​ody being balance and business.  

And I mentioned these briefly to my sister and I may have mentioned them to you  before on a different podcasts, like I said, but I was going to give it to you today in like  the simple things that I’m committed to doing everyday. So you can you can just steal  what what I now know about the CORE FOUR and you can go and implement them.  

If you like this formula for yourself. They’re very simple, I highly advise that you  get some help, go check out wake up warrior. go follow Garrett White. Join the warrior  movement. I’m not part of it in the commissionable way. And yes, I think that would be  awesome too because I’ve read promote and recommend the hell out of this program.  

But you can also take my advice right now. Just implement it. You know, I don’t  think Garrett White cares if you go ahead and improve your life regardless of whether or not you give him any money or go buy his book but you should do that too. 

Okay so here they are. Body. What he does in these four areas, body, being  balance, business, we’ll go through that order – is he basically broken each of those are  the two things you need to do each day. 2 things for your body, 2 things for your  business, 2 things for your being and so forth. 
So the 2 things work quite simply for your body number one is that you sweat.  Sweat every day. Do something, you know. When he goes into more detail with this is  videos and trainings in the end the community there’s a lot of accountability here to help  us make sure we do this every day. And it’s lift something heavy and lift something light.  

You know, like, what are you gonna do you gonna do? Some cardio this day,  you’re gonna go surfing today. Like, what’s going to be your something to do? Like, are  you sweating every day?  

So for me lately, it’s been running because it’s been a while since I’ve been  running consistently. So I’m just trying to run every day. But it could be any other kind of  sweat. Like, I just what am I doing to work up a sweat, it’s my fitness each day. Just if I  get it done my check it off. It’s worth half a point. I’ll make four points a day. Each of  these things is like half a point. Half a point for working out every day.  

And half a half a point for doing something about my nutrition. And what he  recommends is just a green smoothie, which is pretty cool. You know, I could throw ice  cream in a blender with some spinach. Not exactly., you know, but like green stuff like  live, green stuff. Just put it in a blender and blend it up.  

And you know, it’s basically going to include your vitamins and whatnot that you  do with that. But you might eat ice cream, you might have bacon, but it doesn’t matter  about that. He’s like, hey, there’s a lot of stuff you could change. It probably should  change about your diet. But in this case, it’s just drink a green smoothie. Did you get it  done in the day? When I get it done, that’s half a point. 

Okay, that’s it. Body done to tick, tick, tick. Now, this is simple shit. I’m not telling  you something so magnificently challenging.  

But here’s what happens is it’s simple to do. It’s all simple not to do when you  don’t do it. Guess what you got? You’ve got obesity and you’ve got the unhealthiness and you’ve got like you’re not working out each day.  

So for me, my exercise is 20 minutes a day. Sometimes I do a lot more. Sometimes  it’s just stretching. But I do something each day. That’s body.  

So it’s getting the balance or excuse me a business. So business, I love the business  one. Like I spend a lot of time there. I don’t necessarily even feel like I work when I’m  working. Because I typically love what I do. Especially when I’m coaching consulting or  creating something it’s like I’m just like, I do it for free. I pay you for the privilege of  helping you do it. I mean I don’t sometimes maybe. But I love what I do. But it’s about  discovery and teaching.
So every day I have to learn something and teach something and that’s it. And in  the learning scale of this since there’s only a few different parts of business. You have  leads, sales and marketing and fulfillment. You have leads, sales and leadership, really.  

So it’s when you learn something. Did you learn something in marketing? Did you  learn something in sales? Did you learn something in leadership? Like it marketing sales  influence, whatever. I gotta learn one of those things.  

And then you don’t know if you can’t teach it to someone else. And so right now,  I’m teaching to you what I learned and it’s part of my curriculum. I learned it, now  teaching it to you. So boom, I can check out cool things.  

And I have a daily podcast now to make sure I get this shit done. And I will might  tell you about something about my life. But I typically and trying to tell you about some  lesson I just learned in leadership, sales or marketing. Okay, so that’s business. I gotta  cover that. I taught. I learned something. And that’s all it no no.  

Next thing is this word, balance. Balance is family. So typically this and I’m what I  do is there’s two elements here. One is my significant other and the others, my extended  family like my, my daughter, my son, my mom, my dad, my sisters and other people in  my life that I might consider my more immediate family or people that are other  relationships that I need to nurture.  

And I put those into two categories: wife and everyone else. So what I do is, I  basically do this every day. This is something that I do to contribute to my wife. And I  have not been impeccable with this. I’d be lying to you if I if I did it every single day because I frickin said I would. And I didn’t and I got to change that. 

I was bragging to my sister all cool that I am that I did it with with them. I exercise  but not with my wife. And all I gotta do is send her a message each day that shares with  her something that I love or appreciate about her. That’s it. And it can be a text message.  It could be a note that I leave on a sticky tab. I could leave her long love letter. 
I remember Keith Cunningham, who is the rich dad that I keep. Okay, you ever  heard of the book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki in that he has a rich dad low  rich dad was a combination of three men that Robert Kiyosaki knew in his life. And one  of those gentlemen was named Keith Cunningham, who is a pretty successful  businessman and trainer and amazing guy.
And he shared with me that he found out that the love language of his wife, one of  the things that she needed and wanted to feel loved and appreciated wasn’t “Oh, baby”  was a letter every day. And he’s like, what’s like this was far from his love language, or  needing to ever get a letter from her in response, but it that he would reach out and leave  her a letter every day, there was something he loved her appreciated about her. 

In this in the same context today, we can use Skype, we can use boxer weekend,  make a video, whatever, I just leave a quick message to my wife. It might take 30  seconds, but I get it done every day or I fail and don’t get the point.  

Next thing family or the or everybody else, right. So I’ve done this with my dad  have done this. My sister, I’ve done this with my mom, I’ll reach out and start a  conversation on text. And I’ll just say something that I love her appreciate about them.  And then I’m done two points or to have points. So that’s body being balance, business  being. 

We didn’t cover being, excuse me. Being is also very simple, not complicated. But I  can’t, this is this blows me away when I first heard about these four things. And I really  decided that they were important for me to do. I thought, I’ll do them every day.  

Man, look at me. I’m so cool. I can do I can exercise every day I can I’ll do this shit  standing on my head. No problem. I started off who all inspired and getting it done and  feeling good about it got up a little earlier in the morning nailed this shift started feeling  great about myself.  

And then I went on vacation and jacked it up. I forgot and stopped and then  started back. And then sometimes I do some of it. Sometimes I don’t do the other  someone you know, that’s an accountability and some joining the warrior movement.  Joining a mentor like myself or somebody who can lead you I mean, I need a mentor to  help me stay accountable for this, you might like that too.
But being real quickly is simple. It’s meditation and journaling. Did you take a  time to have a silent moment during your day and just meditate? You know, could be for  two minutes could be for 20 minutes, whatever, whatever floats your boat. But it’s just to  listen. To listen to the voice inside into your spirit and God and the universe or whatever  it is.  

And just take a quiet moment. And you know, I have a doing a confession that  sometimes I call it sleep at station because I will lie down, sit down, get into the lotus  position, whatever it is to kind of take a moment to breathe.  

And next thing I know I’m like a little bit in La La Land. And I started I mean if I  slow down out sometimes fall asleep. But the thing is, is that I take a moment to just  breathe and listen.  

And then whatever I learned from that silence from the voice then I just jot down  in my journal. And I have an audio journal and I’ll keep sometimes when I have a  written journal and I want on my phone that I’ll just writing into Evernote but that you  wrote it down.

And that’s it. The CORE FOUR – ​body, being, balance ​and​ business​. And if you are  not focused on any, if you’re not focused on these on a regular basis, guess what  happens? It gets worse. 
Look in the mirror. If you’re fat, then you know why. Why? Because you ate too  much and didn’t move enough. And your business success because you weren’t  educating yourself and you weren’t really living it because you weren’t teaching it to  anybody who didn’t really know it. So you didn’t implement it.  

And then your business sucks or your relationship sucks because you’re not  consistently telling the people that you care about most how much you love and  appreciate them. And this isn’t one where you’re asking for anything to receive in return. This is just one where you strictly give. 

Or you have no sense of purpose and mission because you’re not listening to the  voice inside of you to God or the universe to talk through you and say hey frickin jackass.  Listen, go this way. Stop that shit. Start this shit. And then your your written word. If you  know. 

I remember Tony Robbins told me years ago that, “If your life is worth living, it’s  worth capturing.” It’s worth writing down and your words become Gospel to you. It  means one thing one other people say it means everything when you say it. And that’s  CORE FOUR. 

That’s all I got for you today. I would challenge you to take on the COUR FOUR  every day. And if you like that definition, then my description of them, then go for it. 

If you want a better one, go check out Garrett White’s Wake Up Warrior  movement, and then join us. I think it’s freaking awesome. I don’t know anybody else in  the world who’s teaching those four areas to focus on them every day.  

One is living it every day, and starting a movement that will change the world. I  really do think so. I’m proud of the dude. I’m grateful to be part of the movement. And  I’m also freaky geeky about it. 

And like, I worship the guys like I think Tony Robbins is Jesus. And when I met  Richard Branson, I wasn’t like, Oh my god, and I’m not a super fan that freaks out. I get  nervous. And I might have I talked to Richard Branson or Tony Robbins. Like I get  nervous about that shit.  

But what I’m sharing with you is that I am proud to be part of this movement. And  so I highly advise it to check it out. And that’s it. I tried to do the CORE FOUR every day.
Get that discipline and I think it’ll change the quality of your life. These are the  four areas I’m very proud to be focused on every day. I hope you join me and us. And I  can’t wait to hear about your success. Reach out give me some love here very soon.  

And I can’t wait to see you tomorrow on another daily dose of greatness quest. 

To get even more awesomeness, which means all my best stuff, download my app  by texting ​Trevor​ to 36260​. It will show up right on your cell phone.