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EPISODE 47 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Where in your life could you use more CONSISTENCY?


“If you want to become great at anything, all you need is CONSISTENCY.” – Trevor Crane

If you want to become great at anything, all you need is CONSISTENCY.

“If you don’t get started you’ll never finish.” – Trevor Crane

If you don't get started you'll never finish.


Look at the mirror and decide. 

Get started today on something that you can be consistent with.  

Come up with a strong reason why you’re going to follow through when the going gets tough.


Today, I talk about a three-step formula that can help you become great at anything. 
Step #1: Decide.  
Step #2: Get started today. 
Step #3: Stay consistent.  


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Today I want to share with you the one secret that can help you become great at  anything and the three little steps you gotta commit to, to make it happen.  

I know you gotta love today show. 


Alright, so this is going to sound overly simplistic, but I have been doing a lot of  thinking about this lately. And I see it show up so much it’s driving me crazy that we  don’t all do this. So if you want to be great at anything whether it’s soccer or marketing  or making love or whatever it is. All you need is ​consistency.

Because here’s the thing. When you begin something new, if it’s riding a bike,  playing the flute, I can ride a bike but I can’t play the flute, all you need is just  consistency​. But when you start doing something at the very beginning, you are going to  suck. 

Now I work with a lot of different people, mostly entrepreneurs, service  professionals, business owners, coaches, consultants, speakers and people that want to  be. And I’ll oftentimes talk to them about things they could and should be doing for the  business, when it comes to marketing and sales. Like they should write about their book.  They should do a podcast. They should do a Facebook Live. They should write a blog. 

And always we adults, for some reason, and certainly when we were kids, we get  scared of doing something new. And we think, “Oh, you know, if I write this blog post or  if I make this Facebook Live, I’m gonna suck.” And you know what? You are gonna suck  at the beginning. It’s just kind of the nature of it. And I’ve seen it happen, time and time  again. 

I have had countless mentors of mine that I saw get started with, let’s say a  YouTube channel for the first time. And I see how they begin and it typically is not that  great. It’s okay, at best. And I’ve seen the same thing with books and podcasting and marketing. And I’ve seen myself begin something and then I suck at it initially. We all do.  When you haven’t done something before, you’re gonna suck.

The magic formula here is that you need to be ​consistent​. But I want to give you  the three steps that you really need to get this done. So number ONE is ​you’ve got to  decide​. I did a podcast episode recently or someone asked me, like, “Hey, how do you  write a book? How do you do this? How do you do that? How do you get the best seller?  How do you make money?” And the first thing I said, “You know what? You go and sit  there stare in the mirror and make the decision that you’re going to do it and not quit.” 

Because too often times people will get started with something, but that they quit  because they haven’t gotten clear that they’re gonna follow through no matter frickin’  what. So you gotta decide. Number one. And I highly advise that you come up with a  reason why you’re going to finish no matter what. Because it’s gonna get frickin hard.  And you’re gonna fail. And you’re gonna suck. And you’re gonna suck at first. And you’re  gonna want to quit. I want to quit all the time. And so if I don’t have a strong enough  reason why then I’m basically sucked from the beginning. So you gotta start. That’s step  number one. 

Step number two, I’m sorry, step number one is that you decide. Step number  TWO is that ​you get started​. You’ve got to take that first step, you got to go ahead and  put your ass there hanging on the line and just go ahead and dare to suck. If you don’t get  started you’ll never finish.

And then step number THREE is​ ​consistency​.​ And I recommend an everyday  discipline. You know, I recommend that you plug in your cell phone every day or it’s  going to go dead. I recommend that you hang out with people that are, that you can plug  into. You get to read their books. You get to listen to their podcast. You get to do this stuff  on a regular basis. And if you’re consistent with who you plug into and what you’re  listening to, what you’re paying attention to, then you can win. 
That’s the three-step formula. Decide. Get started today. And then stay consistent  and try to get as many reps as you possibly can. 

A buddy of mine runs a watersports business in the Bahamas and he’s right in the  process of trying to sell it. You know, probably sell it. You’ve got someone put an offer  and they’re going to give a half a million dollars. And then you still gonna sit there and  run the business, going to get a salary and it’s going to be, you’re going to pretty cool good.  

When he started running that operation, he was, he had so many challenges and  struggles. The reason why he rock and rolled with that thing is he’s inconsistent. He  hasn’t gotten in a lot of reps. He’s currently now, and I’m really jealous of this, he’s got  this motorized paraglider that he flies around in the Bahamas. And he and I were talking  about how he has progressed with his training. He had to go to training at the school to  learn how to do it. Then he learned a lot by just doing it because his instructor didn’t  teach him everything.  

And then we talked about whether or not he wanted to take up a girlfriend so you  could do a tandem flight. Imagine this parachute above you and then a little motor on  your back and you can fly around. And it’s just really, really, really super cool. But the  challenge is he doesn’t have enough reps. He’s like, “I wouldn’t feel comfortable that  somebody’s life is in my hands.” He’s like, “I’ve thought about starting a business for  this.” And he and I talked about that. He thought what a pain in the ass to go ahead and  do all the marketing and sales and run the business needs, like that’s going to cease to be  fun.  

So he and I came up with a simple strategy to help him become phenomenal at  flying this paraglider. And it was that he’d go get a job someplace just for like a month to  just get trained, to get the reps in. Because we figured once he’s done 100 reps of he’s  taken 100 people up. And he gets the extra training and gets that in as fast as possible.  Then he’ll become a freakin master.

There’s my challenge for you today. ​What is it that you need to commit to that  you do consistently?​ Dude, chicken wallah, whoever you are, you know, you got to go  ahead and pick something. Look at a frickin mirror and decide. Take the challenge or  pick something. Get started on that thing that’s been scaring the frickin pants off of you. And just get started today on something that you can be consistent with. And when you  look in the mirror and decide. Come up with a strong reason why you’re going to follow  through when the going gets tough. 

That’s all I got for you today. Make today frickin magnificent. And I can’t wait  to see you tomorrow on another daily dose of greatness quest. 

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