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EPISODE 160 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Today, I’m just going to share with you my revelations that I have to massively change  my patterns with how I’m approaching my goals, my challenges and my daily actions  with things. 

You see, I have gotten comfortable in some areas of my life that I have stopped doing the  things that are necessary to grow to the next level. 


Where in your life have you gotten comfortable?   

Is comfort getting in the way of the results you want? 


“Comfort is poison.” – Trevor Crane

Comfort is poison.


Ask the questions  

Where in your life are you feeling that comfort is holding you back? 

What do you intend to do to change that? 


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Comfort is poison. That’s the subject of today’s daily dose of greatness quest.  

I hope you love the show. 


Alright, today’s episode is not one that I love to share with you because on my  morning walk and talk this morning, I did a little coaching with myself. I did a little  meditation and a little voice inside me rose up and use this phrase ​“comfort is poison”.

And basically told me that this is the challenge. This is going on in my life right  now, that I’m too comfortable with things when it with certain things in my life. And that  my medicine is to tell you what’s really going on. And this is not happy. Oh, great. Look at  what I get to tell you. 

Like I like coming to the podcast to give you my insight of awesomeness. But  instead, today i’m going to share with you my insight into my own challenges right now.  And I’ve got a couple.  

One of them is that I have not been taking action with my daily plans. So if I have  something scheduled on my calendar, I’ve just been completely breaking whatever I’ve  got scheduled. And if I’ve set goals and for like doing something for my business or for  marketing and I set a deadline that it needs to be done by Friday that and he’s done by  Wednesday that I’m gonna you know, I’m just not keeping my word to myself on those  things. 

And I came up with the realization that this is maybe a few weeks ago that I’m  pretty meticulous and pretty pretty good with keeping my word to other people. Like if I  make a commitment to you if I make a commitment to my wife of making commitment  to another human that I have something done by a certain time. I typically keep my word.
But I’ll just move heaven and earth to go ahead and make sure I keep my word.  But I haven’t been keeping my word to myself. And this is a realization that I thought, oh  my god, I’m really selling myself short and and being disrespectful to myself, and it is  time to change that.  

It’s time to be impeccable with my word with myself, and I love to be able to report to you that oh my god, I have just figured it out today. The habit I love to tell you  that I’ve been impeccable with my word and my commitments to myself across the  board.  

And I haven’t now I can give myself props, like today’s Pat podcast episode is 160  in a row. That’s every day I’ve recorded a daily podcast. This is a goal I made to for  myself, and it was a goal that I shared with you and one of the reasons that I know that I  do that is I know I have a little formula that I use to get things done and I make a commitment. 
I know I’m good at doing things daily because I don’t know I just, I’ve, I’ve created  that habit and pattern if I do it daily and I commit to it publicly and now I commit and  I’ve got other people counting on me than I do about whatever it takes to get it done. So  that’s kind of my formula. 

However, I need other formulas in my life and I’m studying them right now doing  so many things that are amazing and I can give myself props but that’s not what today is  about. Today is about comfort is poison. 
I heard this from one of my mentors. He was talking with someone on a coaching  call and I was listening in because if you’re not doing that I highly recommended and  suggested you shouldn’t just get coached by your mentors. Personally, you should listen  to the coaching calls and sessions with other people. 

I think you’re going to find while some things are not relevant to you, you can find  bigger epiphanies in the group conversation when you’re just a fly on the wall, and when  you’re listening to someone else, work with someone else.  

I’ve seen this so many times. It’s not even funny. The epiphany is you can get  when someone else is going through something that you’ve seen that you might think  initially has nothing to do with you, whether it’s a man or a woman, and it’s going over  something that is completely irrelevant to your world, your life, your challenges. 

I have found that is some of the deeper insights you might find anywhere are  those when you’re watching someone else, discover their own lessons about a situation  that has nothing to do with you and is not relevant with your challenges whatsoever.  

And then all of a sudden you realize, oh my god, this is me. This was my lesson. 

This is what I was supposed to get. 

What I got the other day is that comfort is poison. I’m comfortable with my wife.  I’m comfortable with my life. I’m comfortable with the amount of money I’ve made in my  business. Now, I’m also not comfortable with those numbers. 

I know that I want them to change. but because I’m living in comfort because I  can buy what I want to buy, because I can do what I want to do, because I can go where I  want to go. I’m finding that I’m not doing the things that are necessary to grow to the  next level and that the comfort is poison.  

So I guess I’m going to give you a daily challenge. Then I’m going to ask you a  question today so that you’ve got something. I’m not really trying to come to you as your  teacher around this. Today, I’m just going to share with you my revelations that I have to  massively change my patterns with how I’m approaching my goals, my challenges and  my daily actions with things. 

And I’m asking this question Where am I lies? Is comfort getting in the way of the  results I want? And for me, it’s in my business. There’s not a shadow. There’s not a  shadow of a doubt. I have big goals with my business. I want to help 10,000 authors  become 10,000 people become authors. 

And I created that goal because I originally it was 100 then it was 1000. And then I  was talking to one of my mentors and he was like, you need a bigger goal. And so let’s  just 10X that and make a 10,000 like why why can’t you help more people like for fuck  sakes? Like how are you going to do it?  

And so we came up with the plan and we’ve got a new offer and epic author  Academy and we adjusted our price and deliverables and tried to make everything so  frickin crazy irresistible. It’s insane and to throw in everything that I can possibly do to  help people follow through and get over their fears. 

And it’s just it’s an insane package it’s an insane offer. And I’ve got a great training  to so many trainings around it and I have yet to to launch it and it has been months now  I’d like to say it’s been week it’s been months, months that I haven’t done the things that I  need to do that I’ve just been like slowly cooking.  

What’s that reference to the frog. You throw a frog in boiling water, and he’s gonna feel the heat feel uncomfortable. He’s gonna jump the fuck out. But if you put a  frog in cold water or normal water, and then you slowly raise the temperature, he’ll sit  there and boil. 

So where in your life have you gotten comfortable? Just like the frog but the water  has warmed up and you’re boiling and you’re cooking yourself. 

And I don’t know if that’s a perfect analogy. But it’s working for me right now.  And I know it is in my goal setting. My goal getting my time management and specifically  around my business and this is frickin insane dude. Like, I am studying goals and time  management and all that. And I’m implementing parts of it. 

And this is just, I’m just being frank with you guys. Like, I’m not, I’m not a master  of this yet. I’d like to say I am, but I’d be fucking completely lying to you. And am I proud  to come to you to tell you that I’m struggling with this, that I I get the ingredients to the  recipe. And I use half and celebrate myself about how cool I am because I’m doing half or a portion. 

You know, I’ve used this example before when I’ve hired someone. Have you  ever done this? You hire someone to do a job and they do part of the job and then they  expect to get paid. You know, like a painter. They come and they paint your day that you  hire them to paint your house. 

And they paint the front of the house and not the back of the house and you’re like  Like hey, can I get paid? You should Promise me thousand dollars. paint your house. I’m  like, Well you didn’t finish painting now. Well you know we painted the front can we get  paid for that?  

No fuck you know what it didn’t make like, what are you gonna hire a roofer to do  your roof and they like strip the roof and then don’t put the roof back on. Like if you  don’t if you don’t do the whole job it’s not finished. You know like if someone’s working  on a car and they’re like hey we’re building this great car but we’re just you know we we  did everything we just didn’t put the engine we didn’t we do. 

We did everything you got the engine and we got everything we just we didn’t put  the tires on we just didn’t have time to put the tires on so now you’ve got this but this  cars amazing and it’s without tires. I’m trying to give myself analogies right here to  discover whatever the hell it is. I need to discover to just push myself over the line. 

But when you’re comfortable what you don’t get up off the couch and go to the  gym. When you’re comfortable. You don’t do what it takes to finish the webinar and the  offer and the funnel and the book and whatever it is. 

And I was told by the voice inside me today that instead of telling you I’ve got it all  figured out, and I figured out the perfect system that I’ve that I found a chink in the  armor pretty freakin gigantic one to not like belittle it like and now wrap it all up with  with perfect finesse.  

Nope I’m in the middle of my own little internal drama and recognizing that the  fat ass that is looking back at me in the mirror. And they don’t say that because I’m  gigantically fat. I’m trying to say something critical to myself to stimulate me to get up  and do the things that I need to do. 

Because what I need is a little bit of heat. I need boiling frickin water and I  negative consequences for that are going to come into play. If I don’t do what I say, I’m  going to do some changing things dramatically today. Part of it is to acknowledge to you  today on this podcast that I’m going through the challenges versus telling you I’ve gotten  it all figured out.  

Not what I wanted to do much prefer to come to you and I’ve already figured  something out and it’s awesome and I’m like, Oh my god, here’s the formula. This is what  I’ve done today. I’m not doing that. 

I’m just telling you to ask the questions where in your life are you feeling that  comfort is holding you back because you can delude yourself and lie to yourself that  everything is going fucking peachy keen and it’s just totally fine. 

And I asked questions about what rich people think and and what rich people do  as opposed to poor people and then you and I can come up with all these great insights  into what we learn or what we think and rich people buy that and poor people buy that  and this is it. 

And money’s not important and this isn’t that important and all this stuff or we  can tell the truth about what’s going on in the cracks and I frickin just think this is a truth  is that comfort is poison.  

If we don’t put ourselves under pressure, you know, my daughter doesn’t want to do something. She doesn’t want to go to the gym. She doesn’t want to run harder. She  doesn’t want to do this. She doesn’t want to do that. Like if you don’t put your body under  pressure. If you don’t stress your muscles, you know, you turn into a fat ass. 

I’ve got someone who works for me. And she said that her father eats like a little  kid that he eats, you know, chicken fingers and mac and cheese and you know, and he  doesn’t ever go to the gym and he doesn’t end he’s just comfortable and he works all day  and then he gets home at the end of the day.  

And then he so exhausted he eats shit food, and then he just goes to sleep. And  then he gets up and he’s like he doesn’t He’s just living in comfort and easy comfortable  apparently fucking not apparently he’s fat haven’t sent met him but apparently he’s  really fat and unhealthy. He doesn’t have any energy and he doesn’t, you know the  energy. It’s like the self Records as the cycle right?  

He doesn’t work out he doesn’t go to the gym. He eats like shit. He works hard  and, and get stressed out about it then comes home and repeats the fucking cycle and I  have energy to fucking spare.  

I will say that that’s not one of my challenges. And part of the reason is that I  exercise every fucking day. I mean, I that’s not a habit that I have to change for myself. I’m fucking kicking ass on that. And I can brag about it until you look at me. 

I’m nearing 3000 days in a row row have exercised every single day and I can  focus on that and completely ignore the areas of my life where I am letting myself down,  breaking my word to myself, and it sucks. 

So I would challenge you to look at your own life and say Where are you? What  are you ignoring? And are you getting by because it’s comfortable? And you can be  getting by and have it be comfortable and be broke in like a.  

We can get accustomed to anything where are in your life is the water fucking  boiling but you recognize you were the frog and you’re not happy with the circumstances  but the water was the temperature raised just a little bit at a time.  

Is it in your relationships? Are you in a relationship that sucks or has no passion?  Are you struggling with your health or your weight or your business or your money or  your connection with your inner voice, with your connection with your spirit and soul?  

I’ll go to you again with the four categories that I’ve been focused on lately. And I  just think they’re completely brilliant. Body, being, balance and business. 

Or you’re not connected with your spouse, your kids? Do you have people that you  hate or dislike or tolerated during the day? Like where, what are you just fucking  accepting in your life? 

And my guess is that there’s some areas that you need to look at. Or they’re gonna  sit there and fucking poison you and boil you.  

They are for me. I don’t think I’m unique. I guess maybe the gift in this is at least I  get to share with you something that’s truly frickin going on for me, and I don’t like it and  embarrassed to talk about it. Not really embarrassed. I’m just challenged to do it. I just  doesn’t make me feel powerful and helpful. Makes me feel shitty, like a loser.  

But at least I can tell you the truth of what’s going on and that it’s not all fucking  roses all the time. There’s a lot of things that are going great but what is not okay and  then how do you raise the heat? 

And that’s what I got to figure out. And figure out what is the stimulus? What is  the thing that’s going to push me over the edge Oakland Today’s the beginning of it and I  will report back to you when I fucking nailed this. I can’t wait. 

I’m not gonna report back to you tomorrow that I figured it out or next week that I  finally fucking got it I’m gonna actually master this. Stop this pattern. Be impeccable to  my word to myself. Own my fucking time management my calendar and my schedule. 

Pick my priorities so that I’m not distracted and then continually put myself into  pressure and under the fire and and uncomfortable situations and put myself into the  uncomfortable so that I can grow just like a muscle under pressure because we need  versus fucking swimming pools and pina coladas and fucking ice cream and all the  happy Dappy shit we’re nothing fucking happens.  

Go watch another fucking movie. Go watching networks, a Netflix special, go read  another happy book. Go to all the same fucking patterns you’ve been doing. And you’re  going to get the same fucking results. And that’s great. Because you have a great life and I  know you’re great, but it’s not even fucking close to where you need to be where you  want to be. 

I don’t know anybody that’s just happy, stagnant where they are like, Oh my god,  this is great. I’m right here. This is the way it’s going. I hope it just stays like this for  forever. Okay, there are times that I feel that way. That’s the fucking problem. 

There are times I’m like, Oh my God is so good. But hey, man, everything ends and  things change. And when the change comes, I want to be prepared. 

So that’s all I got for you today. Longer than I wanted to go, sorry about that. But I  was taking you on a journey inside my own head today, inside of my own heart and  whatever. 

Go out there make today magnificent. I’m not gonna let this be like make have me  have a bad day. This is a great fucking epiphany. And it’s a great step in the right  direction to acknowledge my truth and then to have a plan to go frickin change  something. 

So make today magnificent. I’ll see you tomorrow another daily dose of greatness quest.
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