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EPISODE 102 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


As a kid, I always loved the, “Choose Your Own Adventure Books”.

Today, we’re having our own adventure in the Bahamas, as we go SWIMMING WITH THE PIGS! 

And today’s episode is about Choosing Your Own Adventure. 

When things get hard, are you the type of person that holds everybody up and helps? Or do you get upset? Do you complain? Do you bring everybody down? 


When things get hard, are you the type of person that LIFTS everyone up? Or brings everyone DOWN?

Look closely… Because you choose.

You get to choose your own adventure even in times of challenges.

You can either pull everybody down or lift everybody up.


“Make your life an adventure.” – Trevor Crane

Make your life an adventure


Pick an area of your life where you need more adventure. And go on one! 


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Welcome to another daily dose of greatness quest. Today is a video episode. and  make sure you check out the video, go to ​trevorcrane.com​. The subject for today is  choose your own adventure.  

We are having our own adventure over the Exuma in the Bahamas. A lot of fun. I  know you’re going to love today’s show. 


How are we doing today? If you are still listening to this on audio, I want you to  imagine me walking along the coastline in crystal clear blue water telling my wife and  my son along in an ocean kayak. And it’s this it’s bright pink ocean kayak. With my 11  year old daughter snorkeling behind us actually, I think I’m towing her. And if you’re  wondering like, why is this dude walking? You’ve got a kayak, why not paddle that?  

That’s what you’re going to learn on today’s show is why I’m actually walking  along the coastline. Alright, so you remember those books that used to get when you’re a  little they’re called choose your own adventure and like you’re able to turn right or left  or should you? Should you slay the dragon? Or should you be a friend with something  like all these different things would come up? 
Well, my wife and I decided and decide on our vacations to drive, try to do things  a little bit out of the world and choose our own adventure and how much fun it is when  you do. So for example, on this trip to the Bahamas, we’re here for about a week. Maybe  we have about nine days, honey. 

Okay, we had we’re supposed to be an eight day trip. But we got delayed day with  all these delays at the airport. We have a seven day trip in the Bahamas. And half of that  is being spent in Nassau right of the all inclusive resort. And it was really nice, all the  food was covered with your main feet. One fee all your drinks. We hung out there with  our legacy mastermind group. And we had a lot of fun. We went on a coordinated tour to  go swim with the dolphins. I think I already shared that with you.  

And yesterday’s episode or day before or something like that. It was a lot of fun.  But my wife was just saying how much more she enjoyed today when it’s just our family. And we did something crazy and out of the ordinary.
So what did we do? I’m not sure if you’ve heard of this before. But there’s this  thing in the Bahamas where we can go swimming with the pigs and and Nassau, we  thought about chartering a boat and taking it over to the island. So we could pigs because  it’s not done there and Nassau you have to go to like the Exuma or Eleuthera something  like that.  

But as we looked into it, it’s like 2, 3, 4 hundred bucks a head 500 bucks a head  charge it cost you about four to $7,000 just to rent a boat to have somebody take you  over.  

And what we decided to do instead was to experience the swimming with the pigs  on our own and we rented we didn’t rent Yeah, we got it found out we took a flight from  Nassau to the Exuma us to stay here for a few days instead of going on all these guided  tour to do our own thing.  

So we rented a house on the beach and it’s just this gorgeous beautiful beach and  house we rented has access to see kayaks. We’ve had a couple of experiences on kayaks  that are make our trip like amazing because we can go anywhere we want. And what we  did is they say hey, you can just go over to the islands over there.  

And for those of you who are listening, listening, I just shifted the camera so you  can see about a half mile maybe a mile north of open beautiful crystal clear blue water  where we basically kayak from one island to the other to go out with these pigs.  

And instead of doing it in a tour with like 50 other people or 300 other people or  whatever it is, it was just us in the pigs and we fed them bread and they jumped in the  water with us and then we had to fend them off and we just had this really cool  adventure.  

It was like our own private island and we had a choice you know just like we do  and we’re a little kids and we’re reading the Choose Your Own Adventure novels that I  used to like so much like what you’re going to do. 

This came up yesterday because my daughter scraped her knees and we jumped  in the kayaks to just go out to sunset and it didn’t go well for her because her knees were  skinned up than the saltwater stronger knees and she was on the boat crying and having a bad time. 

And I talked with her about how she can make this trip something that she suffers through because of moved on the same ocean and we were having we could have had a good time we had a bad time and she just was choosing for own adventure to make us all  suffer all suffer while she was crying because her and you can see that she’s snorkeling  behind you. Hopefully you can you’re watching this on the video.  

Like it wasn’t that bad. You didn’t take off that much skin and I get it she was hurt.  knees hurt. But how often do you or your spouse or your kids like go ahead and  contribute to things around you pulling everybody down. 
I asked my daughter some questions about what type of person she wants to be.  And she’s reading this really cool book series called Warrior Cats. I started reading it  with her so I know what she’s going through. But in this war, your cat storyline because  my daughter is addicted to cats. There are the hero cats because I was like good versus  evil in a lot of these stories.  

And my I asked my daughter, what do you want to be? Do you want to be the type  of person that holds everybody up and helps when everything gets hard? Or do you want  to be the kind of person that brings everybody down? And that we all get to choose our  own adventure, whether you are going to take you own kayaks over to swim with the  pigs or whether you skin your knee or whatever version of that you get. Are you gonna  be upset? Are you gonna complain? Are you going to bring everybody down?
Alright, so we are finishing up today’s analogy here of choosing your own  adventure. We just had to pause because we need faster break and my daughter has had  enough snorkeling and little Maverick is waking up high level math, math.  

So the whole point for today is that my wife said, we’re having so much fun on a  Choose Your Own Adventure day.

And that’s my challenge for you is to ​try to choose something in your life where  you can go ahead and instead of just doing the normal thing that you choose to have  your own adventure​. And yeah, I mean the adventure stuff like doing something fun, go  into the Bahamas, do something crazy, go swimming with patients, go. Go make your  own adventure. Go have your own private island.  

But I also mean just how you’re going to deal with adversity. Because if you get  hurt and you want to bring everybody down or do you want to be the type of person that  lift everyone up and if you’re wanting or lights everyone up and it and just to go ahead  and wrap up today. The reason why I started telling us down the beach is the wind blew  so hard he looked at the palm trees here. They’re kind of all blow in this direction.  

And since I was telling my wife and son and my daughter we flew too far down  the beach so it just became easier to walk us along instead of kayak paddling along and  so you can tell that we’re choosing to make the best of it even though we blew a little bit  out and I think you’re hungry an adventure of complaining not yet.  

Alright, hope we see you on another episode of greatness quest tomorrow. And if  you like this, make sure you go to iTunes and give us a great comment.
That’s it. See you tomorrow.
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