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EPISODE 124 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Today I talk about the coolest way to deal with failures.

Let’s face it, you walked through fire and yet you’re still here… CELEBRATE your damned  failures, and OWN THEM, instead of hiding and burying them like skeletons in your closet, and… ​you can set yourself free.


How do you handle FAILURE?

“When you CELEBRATE your failures, you set yourself FREE.” – Trevor Crane

When you celebrate your failures, you set yourself free


Pick a failure from past and turn it around. CELEBRATE it. Tell the world about it. Stop  hiding it, or apologizing for it.

Do you want to be a victim, or victor?


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Welcome back to another daily dose of greatness quest. Today’s show is about celebrating your failures.

Too oftentimes we want to hide from them. Today we’re going to talk about a  much better way to deal with your failures.  

I think you’re gonna love this show. 


Alright, so you know the lesson today, I think he just kind of get in the title. It’s  about celebrating your failures. When I filed my bankruptcy that’s kind of miserable. I  didn’t like it lost a bunch of money. I could tell you my sob story about it. I probably have  before I’ll tell you again. 
But I felt miserable and during them what Lala was going on. And my woman left  me and she took our kid and I ended up losing our my house and then and then my car  and it just suck. I didn’t want to acknowledge the truth.  

Just yesterday I recorded an episode for you about a coaching call. I was on this  stuff and I didn’t want to acknowledge the truth. I had a Lightning’s another yucky thing  that happened to me one time or when I was around is it lightning struck and lightning  hit two kids that I was pulling around in the parachute is my first week of business and  in basically lightning struck like it what who does that happen to what happened to me  and it’s a really tough thing to celebrate the your failures in while you’re failing. It sucks  yesterday’s show it took me over a dozen times trying to record it. It sucks.  

So I don’t know how fast you can actually jump into celebrating your failures. But  I will share with you that the sooner you do it, the better. The sooner you do it. The  sooner you acknowledge it. The sooner you say, whoops, I screwed up. I am sorry I made  a mistake. The faster you can get to the learnings and the lessons and the upside. 

And you can go ahead and apologize for it all you want. Like let’s say that you’re changing something in your business you change Well, my wife was going ahead and  transitioning from California to New Jersey was where we were moving when we first  started dating.  

And she wanted to join me in New Jersey where I was trying to build back my life. And it’s not like I had dreamed of like, Oh my god, you know what, I want to live in New  Jersey. And my wife wasn’t like, I can’t wait to go to New Jersey. 
We actually love to New Jersey. I’m very grateful that we went there. But what she  wanted to do is she, she, she was moving her financial planning practice from California  to New Jersey. And the temptation that she had was to apologize to her clients at the  time.  

She wanted to say, hey, ladies, hey, families, hey, people I know have been serving  you. She had hundreds of clients at the time. And I’ve been helping you here in  California for years. But I’m now going to move and I need to apologize and say I’m  sorry. And and you say how can I help you and all of this.  

And what we did is instead of instead of apologizing the move, we celebrated it  instead of saying, oops, I’m sorry. And I’m leaving we said. I’ve got some good news. And  we celebrated with them saying that she is going to find a way she is she’s moving to New  Jersey. And that means she’s going to serve her clients at a better level. That is you made  her realize that there’s better ways that you can help them and serve them. 
And so here’s what she’s going to do. And now it wasn’t an easy thing to do. We  looked at it and said, No, no, this is a bad thing. She’s moving far away. But instead of  that, we looked at it and said, Hmm, is it a bad thing? Or is it just a thing? And can we  how can we find a way to make this good for people and all of our clients that she cared  about instead of bad? And at the core level what we just decided to do was to celebrate it.  

When I was interviewed by Grant Cardone on power players. And I had my  greatness quest podcasts and TV show on the Grant Cardone network for a year so  recorded about 50 episodes was interviewing experts every week instead of a daily dose  of greatness quest like this, where I’m just showing you a lesson about life or business  and something to take your life in business to the next level. I just interviewed experts  every week. And it was a great show. I loved it.  

And when I was first interviewed by Grant Cardone, when we started the show, he wanted to interview people that were going to be honest network and he positioned to  be on a show called power players. And he asked me questions about how did I create  some successes in my life and he gave me a great a really nice introduction. 

And here’s what happened. We talked about my biggest challenges we talked  about my bankruptcy we talked about growing a me growing up poor. We talked about  bad decisions I’ve made and this blew my mind. I want you to hear me most of the time  we spoke we only talked about my challenge. 

And you talked about me growing up in Arizona had the father son and the son of  a horseshoe where my my stepfather was a roofer. He did you know, I had challenges  with my stepfather challenges with my dad, I wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box. I  struggled going to school a combination of just failure challenge failure challenge. 

And instead of me crying about it or bitching about it Grant Cardone and I  celebrated it. We laughed about it. We said, Oh my gosh, we had fun with it. And here’s  what happened after that show. I I got a dozen or my I got, I can’t. I added new clients. I  had people find me from Arizona.  

So I last saw that show. I loved it. Thank you for being so authentic. Can I hire you  if people just sending me money? Not exactly. They had a quick phone call. And they  reached out with me and they connected with me first.  

But because I had the courage to share with grant and his audience and our  audience in an authentic way and I celebrated my failures. I learned a very valuable  lesson.  

One of the coolest ways to connect with people is not to share with them how cool  you are, but it’s connect with them about your vulnerability and your challenge story  more so than how badass you are. You know, most people come to you and they’re they  book a phone call with you because they have something going on within their lives.  

They they find you on a website and they reach out to you. They meet you to  networking event. They your kids come to you with issues, whatever it is and they come  to you because they have problems or challenges or they want some help. They already  perceive you as being someone who can serve them. They’ve invested time, money and  attention or one of those with you.  

And all too often I think we try to just position ourselves on our website and in  our stories and things about how cool we are and and about how amazing we are and  will have a tendency to share with people all of our celebrations. Look at me at  Disneyland and this is cool. Look at me doing something else. Cool.  

And I think what actually connects with people better is when we choose to  celebrate our challenges and I’m talking about frickin celebration. I’m not talking about  apologizing when I am talking about a massive successful happy.  

Celebrate one of your worst fears and your biggest challenges and if you share  them authentically, not to manipulate people, but just to connect and just to be authentic  and real. We’re a new world we are in a world where that sings loudly that get  somebody’s attention. They trust you. And people will buy things from people they know  like and trust.
And if you lead with your vulnerability first if you leave like I love seeing the  America’s Got Talent videos, I won’t go to YouTube and I watched the golden buzzer  moments I think you’ve heard me talk about this in the past but I love seeing people who  come out and give their heart and soul and do their best. 

And then the audience just loves the shit out of them and oftentimes the people  that come out that are cocky and confident say I’m so cool are the ones that give frickin  ridiculed and ripped up and those people who just come out and authentically share  from their heart are the ones that are praised and Love and worship and it’s inspiring. 

And all too often I think we’re scared to share or biggest fears. My challenge for  you is to try to take some failure some challenge something that you had happened to  you in the past and try to turn it around and choose to celebrate it instead of apologizing  for it. Don’t be a frickin victim. Take something that used to suck. 

I just did it yesterday. I’m doing it again. Today I’m taking things that suck and I’m  choosing to celebrate them. Thank god my dad beat my ass when I was a little son of a  bitch like I have a whole story about how he jumped on me and beat me up at one stage  for being a little shit. 

But thank God that happened not because I’m happy you went through it not that he probably should have slapped me around like he did that time and it wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t this frickin whole bro. Horrible child abuse. You probably wouldn’t have  wouldn’t have gone over well on on primetime network TV, but it wasn’t that bad.  

Okay, I’m not I’m not using this as a as a tactic of Oh, woe is me what I am saying  is saying God that should happen to me because it helped me create the man I am today.  

And if you can go ahead and look back at your failures and your you the things  that have happened to you that you had you walk through fire and yet you’re still here  and you can own them instead of burying them as skeletons in your closet you can set  yourself free. 

So that’s I got for you today. Make today magnificent.
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