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EPISODE 132 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


In today’s episode, I share with you some insights I learned from a new friend with over a million followers on Facebook who has built a tiny little a hundred million dollar company.

Today, I’ll give you 2 tips for branding and marketing. 


Q1: Consider for a minute… what are you best at?

Where would you consider yourself an EXPERT?

Q2: What’s your PLAN to share your message with the world? 

“Monetize your mission.” – Trevor Crane

Monetize your mission.


Q1. Establish your EXPERT status.

FYI – And the fastest way to achieve expert status is to write a ​BOOK.

Q2: Then you get EXPOSURE by ​BROADCASTING​ your message to the world.


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Welcome to another daily dose of greatness quest. Today I want to give you two  little strategies that are going to help you with your branding and your marketing. 

The title of today’s episode is branding badassary. I think you’re gonna like it. 


Alright. So for the last week of Family camp up in northern San Francisco, north  of San Francisco, actually with my wife and her family, and it’s been something she’s  been going through since she was six weeks old. And this year, I’ve actually been going  now for on and off for about eight years. My wife introduced me to this group, and it’s all  the friends and family that her she grew up with, really.  

And so she introduced me to them right before we got married to make sure I  passed the test. But I’ve been going up there on and off for about eight years. And this  year, I wanted to do something a little different and just ask more questions and get to  know some of the people that are at this camp. 

Because I played softball with them up played volleyball with them, but I haven’t  really like gotten to know them that well. We hang out for about a week. Then we go  home and I just thought I wanted to spend my time a little bit better and I really liked  people. So I was just asking some questions. 
And there’s this one guy who really intrigued me he’s a he’s got tattoos from head  to toe. He’s completely jacked and ripped. Like he’s just, he’s got the best physique you  can possibly imagine. And he’s always been the biggest sweetheart. His name is Jim. And  I was walking past him. And I was like, dude, like, what do you do?  

And so I come to find out, he is an absolute rock star. He started a supplement  company that is doing really, really well. He’s like, Hey, man, I don’t need to brag. But  since we’re talking about stuff, like he’s doing over 100 million dollars a year in a  supplement company, like 100 million bucks.  

So what I’m about to share with you is a little piece of the conversation that he  and I had, and I just want to give that to you is context because the dude knows what he’s  talking about. I also I’m gonna interview him for my podcast secrets of social media superstars where I’m interviewing people with significant reach on social media. 

And that’s what he told me he actually created is it is able to build a niche and a  list of a gigantic following of people. He’s got over a million fans and followers on  Facebook. And I was like, Damn man you qualify for, for me to interview you about this  book, because I really want to know, like, like, how did you get this done?  

So he and I chatted about it just for a little bit, we’re going to go into more depth  later. But I wanted to give this to you, because he and I talked about how important it is  to to create an audience and then have to find a way to monetize that audience. And so I  want to give you the two little things the two strategies that I feel like I just summarized  from our conversation.  

The first one is in order to go ahead and like build your own personal brand and  have a social media following and build something that’s going to last ​you need to have  expert status​. Like Jim is a doctor he has his he’s a nutritionist, he he was a scientist and  he was working with Joe Weider and started writing for Matt Muscle and Fitness  magazine and whatnot. 

Like, and he worked with these guys for a long time. He is the expert in nutrition  for those people that are in Muscle and Fitness and and bodybuilding. And he just really  carved out this niche for himself of like being THE GUY and he’s obviously it looks to me  like he practices what he preaches. 

Like the guy that has a physique you can see on the front cover of a magazine I  mean it’s awesome. I think he’s actually 50 years old he looks he looks really young but  uh, the guys the guy had to establish his expert status.  

Now today, the truth is, authors oftentimes get more credibility than doctors. So  one of the fastest ways for you to create expert status is to become the writer is to  become the author about your subject.  

And when you written a book, which is one of the cool things that I learned about  from my own business is when I wrote a book about a subject people automatically  believe that I am the expert in it. So if you want expert instant experts status, write a  book.  

And if you’re using my program with Epic author publishing, I’m going to help you leverage the power of that before you even write your book that you can start to do  that right away.

So the ​number one​ tip for branding that I have for you is to​ ​establish your expert status​.​ Like how do you do that? In my opinion, the fastest way to do that is to  write a book. That is the way to get it done, and you get it done really fast. Okay, so that’s  number one.

Now ​number two​ is if you’re missing number two, you’re really SOS because I  have a lot of people to come to me who have written books. That’s really not a challenge.  A book is words on paper. So you know, you need to get over yourself. If you haven’t  written the book yet, you should absolutely write a book. Your message does matter. You  need to figure out what the right messages though and how to share that with people.

Because if you don’t get the second thing, which is ​exposure​. If you don’t get  exposure, if you don’t broadcast your message out to the world, then how are you going  to create any kind of audience? 
Most authors will write in a vacuum. They will quietly go off into the corner and  they will create their expert manuscript all by themselves. They do it at home they do it  in their office and they don’t actually test their messaging. They don’t test that their  messaging connects with their core audience. 

It was really cool when I was talking to Jim is he and I were he was saying okay  well as what I do and I was sharing with him a little. He goes, man I’ve written a couple  of books he was, one of them is New York Times bestseller he’s like I co authored it with  LL Cool J. 

And I was like dude I must be really cool like what you should you could probably  leverage that significantly because he said he built his entire following with an unpaid,  free, yes it just social media they didn’t eat it zero paid advertising up until a certain  stage. I’m sure he he told me that he’s now there’s plenty of advertising. 

But at the time he grew his following by exposing by eight by by having exposure.  He started writing for them that for magazines. He’s he started publishing his own books  and the incredible thing about it though, is as I said, Hey man, why don’t you borrow the  celebrity status of some of the people that you know through LL Cool J and whatnot. And  like, I’m sure you can leverage that into something big.  

He goes, here’s the challenge. When you are communicating with your core  audience, you want to make sure you keep talking to them in the way they want to  receive. He’s like I could do that. But a lot of them might think I’m going to be a sellout. 

And he’s like right now I have over a million fans that are following me and then  he’s got a big Instagram account as well. And he’s like, well, if I start talking to them in a  language that isn’t that isn’t consistent with my brand and innovation consultant see me  as a sellout. 

And like he goes I think it offers to put my product in Walmart but that’s going to  make it as a perceived value very low. Like right now you can buy the product on  Amazon and you can buy it through GNC. He has to keep a very high standard and  quality and he can’t just go ahead and partner with Katy Perry.  

No, that’s not the conversation. We had I don’t think that’s what he would do but  he can’t sabotage that his his broadcasting out to the world has got to be a consistent  message with with what he believes is that is the most important. So here’s the second thing ​number one is expert status,​ ​number two is exposure.

And those people who typically say okay I get that I’m going to do that I’m going to  write a book but now what are you doing for your broadcasting message? What are you  doing to get it out there? 

Because you could do a podcast. You can do a variety different things that you’ve  got to put some time, energy, effort and honestly paid advertising because you know that  social media landscape has changed. And if you want to grow your audience and grow  your list you know you pay for it.
One of my mentors and someone I’ve learned from a lot on digital marketing is  named Frank Kern and he has in past only done direct response marketing like is big  things if you pay for advertising and you get a lead and then you can control your income.
He’s like the the fastest way to profit is to learn how to run an ad and generate  and generate a lead that wants to buy yourself. He’s like once you understand that you’ve  got complete freedom because now you can just you can create whatever income you  want.

But he just recently started doing new content marketing with no real calls to  action or direct response. What he shared his recent broadcast is he just put out great  content he just wanted to get more exposure help more people with his content and he  put it out there and I’m sure he did a little bit of paid advertising to promote it so that  eyeballs could see it and from that he had two people call him up and they became one  on one clients.
So here’s the thing you need both the expert status and you need some kind of  exposure and other does to reserve with ego. I think that’s kind of cool extra status and  exposure. You could also look at it as to where to start with the letter B. You need your  book and you need a broadcast.  

What are you going to do to share your message with the world on a consistent  basis so that you can grow some fellowship? And I’m going to be sharing a lot of  strategies with use with like this with you here in the near future.  

So that’s all I got for you today. This is brand badassary. I learned a lot from this  great conversation I had with Jim and I can’t wait to go out and share with you some cool  stuff tomorrow. 

I will see on the podcast world makes you have. Make today magnificent. 

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