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EPISODE 151 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Like it or not, Crypto Currency is here.

Are you positioned to take advantage of this GIGANTIC shift in our global economy? ​Or are you going to miss out?  

Today, we’ll discuss a little bit about, what’s coming and how to make sure you don’t miss  out. ​To be totally clear, I know very little about cryptocurrency and bitcoin. But I do know  how important it is that we educate ourselves and that ignorance is not bliss.


What do you think of crypto-currency? Do you own any bitcoin? Should you be buying  bitcoin?

“Change is coming. If you don’t take advantage of new opportunities and trends, you will  miss out.” – Trevor Crane

Change is coming. If you don't take advantage of new opportunities and trends, you will  miss out.


Read the book, ​The Internet of Money.

Educate yourself. 

If you already have some cryptocurrency, then good for you. But educate yourself and learn about what’s going down, funky town.


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What do you think of crypto-currency? Do you own any bitcoin? Should you be  buying bitcoin?  

The subject of today’s episode is bitcoin secrets and I know you’re gonna love the  show.  


Okay. Now, this is not going to be your traditional show for me. I’m going to talk to  you a little bit about the value of, how important it is to make sure that you’re seeing  what’s coming on the horizon ahead.  

I’m not necessarily on today’s show to tell you seven bitcoin secrets that you need  to know so that you can buy bitcoin. In fact, I don’t know hardly anything about  cryptocurrency and bitcoin to be totally clear, but I do know how important it is that you  educate ourselves about this space and if you don’t, you will miss out 100 percent. Like  this is just a fact of the matter. 
Now, I don’t know if you’ll like bitcoin or not like bitcoin, but it is happening in cryptocurrency, has been something that’s been going on for a while and I don’t know if  you’re playing a big game in this or a small game or no game, but by just closing your  eyes and think and hoping that it goes away and then paying attention and calling it a  scam and whatever else you’re going to miss out. 

Now, here’s one thing that showed up for me recently that I discovered this year, so I’m 46, within the last 12 months, I don’t remember exactly when it was, I discovered  that I had a, a great, great, great, great grandfather. I don’t know exactly how many  grades there were some, some of my past. I had a great, great, great, great, great  grandfather who made a whole bunch of money.
And see, I grew up with being broke or, or feeling broke and having my parents  fight about money and there’ll be challenges about money and being broke and not  having any money in whatever was was like an identity that I had. That was a real tough  one to master.  

Like scarcity was like a way of life. I didn’t have enough money to pay the electric bill living in Arizona and we had all these challenges and when I was seven years old or  eight years old or nine years old, something like that.
I went into my parents bedroom one day they called me and my two younger  sisters night when my parents are still together. They called us in and we sat on the bed  and they said, we’d like to tell you we’ve got some sad news. Your great great grandfather  just passed away. 
Now. I didn’t even know I had a great, great grandfather, but we were little kids  and so we cried. We were really sad that we lost a, a great-great-grandfather we’d never  met and they lived in Iowa and he was apparently rich. Now this blew my mind. I was  like, how, what, what do you mean he’s rich? 
Like we’re broken poor. Like my dad was a horseshoer or like I said, we had all  these challenges and my mom made my clothes probably because she was all hippies  and thought it was cool, but my association was that we didn’t have enough money for  real close so she had to make mine and I was embarrassed by my clothes. 

I was embarrassed by my shoes and I was just like the brokest kid. I knew. I was  like, what do you mean we, there’s a rich grandfather, like, where the hell is he? Like,  this was like, I thought in some regard I might’ve just won the lottery now. I was not  happy that great, great, great granddad had passed away.  

But this was news to me. Where was rich? Where did the richest come from now?  I never really found out. Now we went to my grandfather’s grandfather’s funeral and it  was in Iowa and we walked through this big old mansion and he had a maid and all this  stuff that I thought was like so crazy cool.
I’d never met him and he had this big house of stuff and he didn’t do really good  with his asset management and allocation and trust and whatever, and so there was all  kinds of challenges with probate in his house and all kinds of crap that I didn’t even  understand and still don’t to this day. 

But I do know that they split up the family assets, what we’re ever left and what  was left were a few million bucks, whatever it was, and apparently this grandfather had  pissed through a whole bunch of money and let’s go back. 

It was a couple of generations is his dad was dead before that. Adapt. Before that, somewhere in my lineage, somebody had made a whole bunch of money and I never did  know where it came from. Until this year. Somehow I finally was asking my dad. I was  just curious and I never really figured out was was great. Great, great. Great. Great. Granddad, was he a businessman? Was he a tycoon? Was it in oil? Was slaves like I had  no idea.  

And so I discovered that he was an investor and he had invested in something  called gypsum. Now I didn’t even know. I wouldn’t even know the gypsum was. I just  looked it up on the on the Internet, on the good old google so that I could figure it out, but  it is a use that can be used in the manufacture of wallboard, cement, plaster, Paris soil conditioning. 

It’s a hardening retargeter for Portland cement, blah blah blah, and there’s all  these ways that it can be used. So apparently he invested in either the mineral or  whatever it is or he invested in a company that owned it or a patent on it. I don’t even  know. I don’t know what happened went down. 

But basically he was one of the early adopters and investors in gypsum and made  a bazillion dollars. I don’t have any clarity whatsoever about how much a bazillion was,  but that’s what created this, this family fortune that in subsequent generations was  pissed away until it was basically worth nothing. 

And there was hardly anything left over at the very end and it ended up getting  pissed away when it was handed down to the last generation of, of, of trains in my  family. They got someone that was to my dad and his brothers and sisters and then the  money was lost.
So like whatever was made was gone, but almost seven years old I made a  decision or whenever this age was that I, that I met that I learned about this stuff with  my grandfather before I knew what a gypsum was, I the decision that I wanted to win  back the family fortune when it back, earn it back and set my family up for life. And this  was a goal I had from a little boy.  

Now why am I bringing up gypsum, which I don’t even understand. Really what it  does is that it was in the context of bitcoin and cryptocurrency, so I don’t know how  amazing a bitcoin and cryptocurrency as I don’t have all the insights around it. I’m not  invested in Crypto and bitcoin up to my eyeballs were.

I understand the whole dang thing, but I do know this is something that you  should not close your eyes too and just imagine that it’s some kind of hokey pokey  fricking thing and I, and it is you owe yourself the, um, and you owe your family to the. 

You have a duty and responsibility to look into it and make sure that you are not  left holding your undershorts. My grandfather invested in gypsum and it one my great  grandfather, he was anyone out and it paid the family dividends for generations. And if  you don’t take advantage of what’s new and up and coming of smart technology of you  learning how to put your business online and generate leads and sales. 
If you don’t write your book, if you don’t look into the new trends, you are going  to miss out. You know, the, we’d. Nobody uses a horse and buggy anymore except for  some of the Amish, right? 

So it’s just, it has gone the way of the railroad and the automobile and the airplane  and rocket ships to Mars. Like it is happening, changes happening and you shouldn’t hide  from it. My secret today for the secrets is to make a commitment to yourself to do some  research and educate yourself about a subject matter that is going to become extremely  important in your life. 

It is going to, it is, it is a fact. And that is gigantic. And there’s a book that I’ve been,  I’ve got a mentor that talks to me about cryptocurrency and bitcoin and talks to me about  how I should or shouldn’t invest because it’s a dangerous potential place to put your  money and energy and attention if you don’t know what you’re doing.  

So I don’t suggest that you just go out and try and buy yourself some bitcoin from  the person down on the corner. That is not what I’m saying to educate yourself. And he  gave me a book to read called the Internet of Money. And I’ve got it on my audio book list  and I have not yet read it, but I’m going to read it.  

And that is my challenge for you today. Read the Internet of Money. Educate  yourself about something that you maybe don’t know much about any. If you already  have some cryptocurrency, then good for you, but you need to educate yourself and  learn about what’s going down, funky town. 
And what I will invite you to do if you would like to send me a private email  message. You totally can. We just say you’d like to know about, um, let’s go ahead and say about cryptocurrency. Just email me or send me a facebook message. Say you want to  know some bitcoin secrets, whatever. Just send me a message. Reach out to me on social  media, reaching back to me. Send me an email message, find my website, send me a  message.
And I don’t mind educating you about what it is that I know and maybe  introducing you to my mentor and the people that I know that are trading. And, and  working in this space to educate, um, to, to give yourself some education so that you  know what’s coming and I’m not here on my podcast going to tell you the secrets about  awesome bitcoin. 

This, that’s not my place. I don’t know enough about it, but I do know that you  need to educate yourself about it. You can’t just put on blinders because cryptocurrency  is happening. It is in reality. And there’s a lot of things that you need to educate yourself  about. And I don’t want you to miss the boat.
So that’s all I got for you today. Make sure you check out the show notes. I’m going  to include some kind of really cool ass quote about bitcoin and whatnot, and make sure  you get the internet of money and educate yourself a little bit and reach out if you have  any questions about crypto and bitcoin and whatnot.  

I would love to share with you what I know, but this isn’t the time or the place of  the channel to do that. But I would love to go ahead and connect with you if you have  any questions, you would like some guidance around this because you don’t want to do  the wrong thing, but don’t make the mistake by doing nothing. 

That is absolutely the wrong thing. Not Making a decision about this is still making  a decision. You’re just making a decision to put up your blinders and say, I don’t know.  It’s too confusing. I don’t want to do this bullshit. You need to educate yourself and you  need to make sure you are not left holding the bag and left it behind. 
My great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather apparently invested at  the right time to go ahead and take advantage of a massive boon that ended up paying in  his family for generations. I was just a couple generations to too late to be any part of  pissing away family fortune. I gotta go make my own. 

So hopefully you do as well and I can’t wait to help you tomorrow on another  daily dose of greatness quest and make today magnificent. 

And I’ll talk to you soon. Right later.
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