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EPISODE 91 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Today’s episode is about taking care of your teeth.
Beware of corn nuts! They can kill you.  

I also talk about rekindling the dreams you may have forgotten. Don’t you think it’s time  to make it happen?


“You don’t have to brush all your teeth–just the ones you want to keep.” – Unknown

You don't have to brush all your teeth, just the ones you want to keep


LESS can be more… Where in your life should you have a little “less?”
And… what’s a DREAM you maybe forgot about?
And it’s REKINDLE?



(Actually, it’s okay to eat them. Just… Take care of your teeth! ​And your gums!​ ​And if you haven’t done so yet, VISIT A PERIODONTIST!


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Welcome back. This is Trevor Crane and every single day I am bringing you  something to help you take your life and business to the next level. I realized that it has  been since 2002. But that has been my focus virtually every single day. Today’s subject is  a little weird, but stick with me here. Beware corn nuts! They can kill you.  

Sit back and relax and enjoy the show.  



Alright so I just left the periodontist office and if you don’t know what that is, a  periodontist is a dentist for your gums. I didn’t even you know when I was growing up I  knew that we had a dentist and he was supposed to brush my teeth and supposed to floss  and you go to the dentist and then some time in my 30s I found out that the dentist will  prob into your domes and the probe down and they’ll try to see how far the bacteria that  you know accumulates in your mouth like digs into your gum that’s why you’re supposed  to floss to bring up that bacteria.  

Now unbeknownst to me, I have a genetic condition. At least that is what they tell  me that says that my mouth, my teeth my gums are not as good a shape as they should  be. So I found myself freakin with being my 30s and the dentist told me that my gums  were that of a 60 year old or something like that and I was I was like what? Like I brush  my teeth you know and I did a friends sometimes somebody that I have bad breath man I  would brush my teeth and brush my gums I brush my tongue but apparently it was the  decay that was deeper in my gums and I couldn’t get you.  

So if you don’t know that and this is new information for you, man, you got to take  care of your teeth. That is today’s challenge. Take care of your teeth. Take care of your  gums. And if you haven’t done so yet, get yourself a periodontist. You can check out  what’s really going on because apparently the dentist I was going to wasn’t really do  always do and what father supposed to do so I ended up going to my first periodontist.  

And one of the things that they told me I should maybe it wasn’t the first  periodontist I needed to go for some period is period devoted to surgery. gum surgery is what they had advice to go ahead and take care of my gums because I had some stuff,  some funk in there that needed to be taken care of. And I couldn’t brush that away.  

So this is years ago. And I went to my first periodontist for this assessment of what  they had to do. And the first periodontist I talked to, was this galaxy and a gorgeous  office young gal, kind of a pretty gal and she sent me down in the seat. She She x rayed  me, she asked me questions and at one stage she asked me if I had diabetes.  

Now I’ve been always bringing a healthy guy I thought diabetes with something  more like a death sentence. I really didn’t know what it was. But I was just scared to  death and I was like, What the we should talk about. She also said that she was that her  advice to me was to pull eight of my teeth that my teeth are not good shape and they  should need to pull them out of my head and it was either 14 or 18 or something. Extract  my teeth, put an implants and do like this whole thing.  

And I screamed all this literally when she made that she said do you have  diabetes, diabetes and I screamed really loud. She’s like, calm down. Calm down. I was  like what the, as I said, your advice is to pull my teeth. Like if you’re me, you would pull  out eight of your healthy teeth that are inside your mouth right now. And she said, Yes, I  started the out of there. Like I was so off at this gal. Like it didn’t make any sense to me  so I saw another opinion.  

In fact, I went to periodontist after periodontist, and I come to find a guy named  Dr. Feldman, Stewart Feldman. I think his name and he will this when I was living in  West Palm Beach, Florida. And he was a professor that actually taught a lot of dentists  and periodontist, what they do. We invented a few different things is a pretty cool guy.  

And he said Trevor, that person should be busted for malpractice. That’s  complete. What you need is you do need some surgery but we can take care of this. You  can save your teeth. Your teeth look fine. It’s just you have a little bit of gum disease and  it’s not your fault. 
Everybody I had gone to before had said it’s up because I hadn’t floss right and  brushed right it wasn’t taking care of myself right and this guy was like No dude The  issue is that you’ve got a genetic predisposition to this challenge and he goes we can  clean it up so over the next six months or so he cleaned it up we did a surgery every little  bit and and my teeth are frickin awesome now all that to say that I still go to the periodontist today. And I go in for cleanings about every three months now what the hell  does this have to do with corn nuts? And why are they dangerous to me?  

So here’s the thing I brought this up because just like full three weeks ago I was a  crunch and encore nuts now I don’t know if you’ve ever had a coordinate that they’re  hard light hearted rocks and I just remember these little kid thinking they were  delicious. I don’t think I’ve had a cor nuts in a decade. 
And apparently I am at the age and the stage where I’m not supposed to eat don’t  turn nuts anymore because the next day my friggin mouth My teeth hurt. My mouth was  all swollen on one side of my mouth. I have this one tooth and has had a root canal. I  little things done to it. And that felt like I’d practice out of my frickin head. And so for  two weeks my mouth was my teeth were off and I thought I had up my teeth crack my  teeth messed him up.  

So here’s my challenge for you today. Take care of your teeth and don’t eat corn  nuts. If you do eat corn nuts, suck on them for a while. Actually, here is the question I  have for you why this came up. You know, when I I still I’m 46 and I think this year is the  best year of my life. Everything is going great in my life.  

But that doesn’t mean that I can do all the same I used to be able to do when I was  when I was a teenager when I was 20 when I was 30. And it’s just a fact. Like, I run  around and I do things and I and I and I sometimes get hurt. Sometimes I’d crunch on the  wrong food in my frickin mouth without any even know was possible, ladies, gentlemen,  that you could do that.  

But what I would ask you is what in your life should you consider maybe doing  less of or kind of tone it down and maybe just taking care of your body. Like maybe it’s  drinking, you know, for the next 90 days, I’ve taken out alcohol out of my life. Now, I’ve  never been one that I’ve never, but I hadn’t lately been a drinker, like over the last  decade or so. Like, I’ll drink every now and then I’ll drink with friends. It’s like kind of a  casual thing. 

I don’t have an addictive personality when it comes to alcohol. But it wasn’t good  for me. And I know it’s not making me younger. I know it’s not making me healthier. I  know some making me live longer. So I took it out. I didn’t even know that I should be  taken out core nuts or suck on them. It’s data crunching on them. But that’s not my my. That’s my stuff.

My question for you is: ​What should you lay back on and have a little bit less  of?​ And then at the same time, I’m going to ask you another question which is: ​What is a  dream that you have that you have maybe forgotten that it is time to rekindle? 

Because when I am at the dentist or periodontist I repeat this incantation that I  have about the gift and it’s focused on the gift it’s this poem I have I have a book about it.  If you want me to send you the book, I’ll send it to you for free. Go to ​whatsthegift.com  and you can check it out. Go to ​whatsthegift.com​ you’ll get a free copy of my book. Shoot  me an email if that is confusing in any way, shape or form you know, and I will help you  get it but like I repeat that incantation because reminds me to focus on what’s great and  what I love. And I also go on this little journey. 


I’m talking about a lot of stuff that ain’t corn, nuts and and dreams and whatever.  But this is important because on this vision quest that I go on live somebody’s trying on  my mouth. I don’t wanna stay focus to some a dentist or Hi Janice with metal hooks  poking at my teeth and digging around it is not happy place. So instead I go to my happy  place, which is this poem I read called what’s the gift and I and I say it over and over to  myself.  

And then what I also do this is really important is I imagine a time in my life that  is coming up in the future that I’m going to be grateful for. And I used to do this about my  kids and daughter and wife that I did not have and I used to celebrate and be grateful for  them even though they hadn’t shown up yet.
And just recently I remembered this dream I had about landing a helicopter on  the top of the villa and overlook the mountains on one side and the ocean on the other I  got this picture that it’s in the Mediterranean somewhere on the Caribbean Sea and I  don’t know where it’s going to actually happen but Atlanta helicopter on top of the villa  or a house and then I walk down the stairs and as I’m going down the stairs My two dogs  screaming on the stairs now I only have one dog right now.  

And I’ve been having this vision for like the last 15 years at least a made up this  vision and it just came to me again today and I want to rekindle that I want to make it  happen. And I was thinking about it. I’m walking down the stairs, greeting my dogs walking into the kitchen with my two kids. Now I have to give his dominion he never  wife so when I first came up with this, but kissing my two kids on the lips and tasting the  strawberries on their lips from the strawberry pancakes that they’re having.  

And then as the nanny takes the kids out of the room, I ravished my wife in the  kitchen and I am committed to making this dream come true in fact I expect within the  next few years I can make this dream come true now I have to get no and now I have I’ve  remembered this so that I can try to make it a reality but what dream do you have that  you want to rekindle? And what is it that you should maybe you a little bit of a little bit  less of?  

That’s actually the real challenge for you today. I guess the first challenge was  take care of your teeth but the secondary challenge is to look at what you might want to  live it less of and what dream do you have that you should rekindle? 

Okay that’s what I got for you today and I’m sure you one more dream that just  came up for me that I want to rekindle and it is the dream or the thing that I used to do. I  had an adventure tours company. And while sitting in that high genomics charities, she’s  cleaning my teeth and digging through my gums.I started remembering the most  amazing trips I would take I would hire a boat and we would go to the Bahamas or we’d  be in British Islands and Turks and Caicos separate Galapagos Islands.  

And every year I would take an adventure tour and adventure trip with friends.  And this year. In fact, in a few weeks, I’m going to go to the Bahamas with some clients.  This is the first time In years that we’ve made this happen, and I’ve been wanting to do it  and bring clients with me to some of these amazing trips that I took when I was 20, and I  started traveling, I was that I want to travel with my loved ones.  

And when I started back in business, and I was doing my own thing where I’m  trying to lead people in business, and in life, I thought, let me take them on an adventure  trip. So here’s what’s going to happen in the future. I’m excited about this I want to start  just Renton chartering a boat again, and taking people out with me and doing cool things.  

So that’s and that’s one of the specific dreams that I am going to rekindle. It’s  something that I used to do, I used to love didn’t make a lot of money at it. That wasn’t  the goal. The goal was to improve the quality of my life and have more fun and do it with  some of the coolest people I could find.  

So follow me. If you are listening to this. You might want to stay tuned because  sometime in the near future I’m going to be talking about the new trip we’re going to  take to someplace school doing something awesome and you are invited. 

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That’s all I got for you today. I need to give you a daily quote. I will come up with  something cool to put on the PDF and on the website to come up with our daily quote for  today. 

But make today magnificent and thank you for your time. Don’t let corn nuts kill  you or whatever it is you’ve got caught on in your life that you might be able to do a little  less of and I know there’s something that it’s time a dream you’ve had in the past that it’s  time to rekindle and make it happen. Make today awesome. Talk to you soon. 

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