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What I learned from Dave Asprey,
#1 bestselling author and
founder of BulletProof Coffee

EPISODE 36 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Q1: What area of your life are you “walking your talk,” and living the principles you believe in and talk about?

Q2: What area of your life are you practicing, the opposite? As if you’re basically saying, “Do as I say, not as I do.”


“Don’t say, act. Don’t talk, walk. Don’t promise, prove.” – Trevor Crane

Don’t say, act. Don’t talk, walk. Don’t promise, prove.

“You can preach a better sermon with your life than with your lips.” – Oliver Goldsmith

You can preach a better sermon with your life than with your lips.

“You can say you love someone – but unless you demonstrate that love through your actions, your words become meaningless.” – Stephen M. R. Covey, The Speed of Trust

You can say you love someone – but unless you demonstrate that love through your actions, your words become meaningless.

“I like spending time with healthy people whose brains are turned on.” – Dave Osprey

I like spending time with healthy people whose brains are turned on.


1. Make it a goal to become bulletproof – or indestructible!

2. Try bulletproof coffee.

3. Practice communicating with authenticity. Be REAL, RAW, RELEVANT and share your RESULTS with the people you care about most.


On today’s show, I make BULLETPROOF COFFEE, and share simple strategies that will help YOU become bulletproof.

I am continually impressed by people who WALK their talk. A couple days ago I had the chance to CONNECT with Dave Asprey.

He PLAYED with little 2-month-old, Maverick, for about 10 minutes. (Pictures below)

On today’s show, I share my personal BULLETPROOF COFFEE recipe. (Meaning I bring you into my kitchen, and follow instructions for brewing it. Wow.)

I also share my experiences with Dave Asprey, Garrett White, and Tony Robbins. And how, in my experience, they have demonstrated a powerful and bulletproof beliefs and behaviors of conviction, congruence, confidence and certainty.

Plus a great WARNING example.

And of course, I give you some secrets to improve your communication skills and how to connect with people (and yourself) AUTHENTICALLY.

Dave Asprey was every bit the guy I met when I listened to his audiobook, HEAD STRONG.

I enjoy the book so much, I then went out and bought a PHYSICAL copy of the book and over $300 worth of coffee, brain octane and supplements.

Dave has a vision and a mission that is BIGGER THAN HIS BOOK, or his coffee or his business or his brand…

The book was just a tool for him to CONNECT with me. But they’re so much more BEYOND the book. He gave me a PRODUCT buy.

Not once but over and OVER again.

He created a PODCAST for me to listen to. He FLIES all over the country and all over the world to connect with people and share his message.

What I have found is that the more successful the person is, the more humble and KIND they are.

I also met a BILLIONAIRE (worth over $8 billion) who has a vision to change the quality of life of every person on the planet.

Seriously, any OLD beliefs I used to have about rich or successful people being assholes is just NOT TRUE. What I have found is, the more successful the person is, the freaking NICER and cooler they are.

It gives me something to ASPIRE to. To have a BIGGER vision and a bigger mission.To work HARDER than ever to help as many people as I can. I LOVE the times we live in. We are truly BLESSED.


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How to become bulletproof.

Today I’m going to bring you into my kitchen. We’re gonna make bulletproof coffee. And I’ll tell you a story about how I met Dave Asprey, the founder of Bulletproof Coffee. And some strategies you can use to become invincible. And about how you can change your beliefs and behaviors, so you can face anything.

Alright. So we’re going to start making the coffee.


All right. I never would have thought that I would be a coffee drinker. I know a lot of people love coffee. Myself, I always thought that coffee was unhealthy.

So when I read Dave Asprey’s book called HEAD STRONG, I was pretty surprised. Because basically he’s done a lot of homework and a lot of science to find out that if you drink the right type of coffee with butter, if you would believe it, like this is a non-salted butter. It’s called ghee, pretty.

Anyway, you blend it all together in a little blender here. And then you mix in some of these different oils that he talks about, Brain Octane, MCT Oil, and you blend it all together. Sounds really odd like you wouldn’t like it. And sounds a little crazy but what’s great about it is that makes your head strong, it gives you more mental capacity.

I think the mission Dave Asprey has behind his company, Bulletproof, is that it creates, he wants to enhance mental performance.

And so when I was at a Tony Robbins event months ago, I saw Dave Asprey speak on stage with a lot of conviction about this process. I went and bought his book and this was a pretty cool thing. I bought his audiobook because I listened to a lot of audiobooks. And then I was so blown away by it, by all the cool things that I learned, I went and bought his physical copy of this book. And then I bought over $300 of coffee and supplements that I could go ahead and add to it as well.

So here’s the thing. When I met Dave Asprey that I thought really stood out to me. And what I think can be a strategy that you use to improve your beliefs and behaviors into becoming invincible or to become bulletproof. Those kinds are synonymous, if you look them up. And that is, that he walked with conviction.

Like the guy really, what I read in the book and what I’ve met on stage and what I met personally, when I shook his hand and he and I play with my baby for a little bit. I’ve got a three- month-old baby named Maverick and we got a chance to hang out just a little bit. He just, when somebody is speaking their truth and they have conviction behind what they say and do, you just believe them.

I remember when the first time I went to a Tony Robbins event and I was surprised by what I heard, because I felt like I was hearing truth. Things that I wish I would have learned years and years ago but didn’t. And it wasn’t because he was making shit up. It was because he was talking about what I believe are these absolute truths. And he had confidence, conviction and he was congruent. Like the guy, you could tell, Tony Robbins, Dave Asprey, some of the most successful people that I’ve ever met. They walk their talk. And I think that’s the strategy about what it takes to become bulletproof or invincible.

And if you’re watching the video here in my kitchen. I just added boiling hot water to my French Press with grounds of bulletproof coffee about 2 tablespoons of bulletproof coffee. And then I let that steep, cook whatever the hell you call it for about 5 minutes. I think you can do that for 2 to 5 minutes, depending on how strong you want it. And then I’m about to add all of the little oils and butter and stuff like that to my NutriBullet. And I love my NutriBullet. I have two blenders, one is a Vitamix that I like a lot and then this NutriBullet which is great for a single serving of something. It’s pretty easy to use and I love it.

So going back to coffee making real quickly. And then I’m going to give you some things that you can do or to help you improve your conviction. Your, the way you communicate with others, that’s the confidence that you walk with, the certainty that you communicate in, because like let’s say that you’re in sales or influence and I think we all are. Hold on, I was gonna tell you about the coffee, haha.

Okay I’m in the kitchen and I just put a tablespoon of this MCT oil into the NutriBullet and I don’t even know what that’s made of. I think that Brain Octane oil is basically like a coconut oil but it’s a really high grade. If you want to read all the science about what is actually in it, go to the website bulletproof.com or go check out the headstrong book or the bulletproof diet and there’s a bunch of stuff in there. But I put a tablespoon of each of these oils in and then I mix in. If you haven’t seen this before, this is gonna be really weird, a tablespoon or two of ghee or this grass fed high quality butter. I think it’s salt free and then you’re gonna as soon as the coffee’s ready. I’m going to blend that all up and then this creamy deliciousness. It’s a little different than like the French Vanilla coffee ice cream stuff that I or the creamer that I typically pour in.

Let’s talk about this real quickly. When I met Tony Robbins, when I met Dave Asprey, when I interacted with some of the most successful people I’ve ever known, what I felt is that they spoke with their truth. So the strategy to go ahead and, I believe, become bulletproof in your communication and in your world is that you go ahead and just need to learn how to be, how to have conviction and basically do what you, BE YOU. It’s just about authenticity.

And I’ve got a little strategy to help you with that, when you go out to communicate because I started mentioning sales and influence. Because I work a lot with business owners. I work a lot with coaches, consultants and speakers and service professionals that I have to go out there and and help other people and and talk with them and influence them to buy their products and services.

And I think we’re all in the business of influence. And how do we operate so that we’re bulletproof? So that we’re not upset when somebody doesn’t buy our stuff or we’re all we’re not we’re not on like like this emotional roller coaster of celebrating when we get YES. And being fearful and scared and sad when we get a NO. And I think the answer is, is that we communicate with authenticity and I’ve got a little strategy for you that I’ll give you here. And I think that it can help.

So I’m shooting this video in my kitchen. I’m not, this isn’t a scripted training or anything. I wanted to shoot this for my YouTube channel and for my podcast. And I’m just being very real, raw and relevant with you, hopefully. These are the three things that I want to share with you first.

And this is, these are the three things you can use when it comes to your communication. I think we’re in a world where being too perfect and trying to be all polished and trying to make things look to snazzy actually robs the authenticity behind your communication. So one of the coolest things you can do is just be real, just be you, you know. Be you, when you’re even not at your best.

You know, I’m wearing a T-shirt right now with superheroes on the front of it in my kitchen. I didn’t clean my kitchen. I’m being real. I’m just connecting with you. I’m being raw. I will, oftentimes my communication share some of the scariest shit that’s ever happened to me. I’ll scare, I’ll share with you the mistakes I’ve made. I’ll share with you the challenges I’ve gone through. I’m being raw and being authentic.

And what that typically does is some people are going to judge you. Some people are not going to like that you, that you have lied and cheated and stolen and made mistakes. But those assholes aren’t going to go ahead and care about you anyway. That I can listen to your message. So you want to go where you’re celebrated not where you’re tolerated and too oftentimes people and business owners and are trying to others that you know.

I remember when I was in the network marketing industry. And I think it’s a phenomenal industry. There’s many people that are amazing there but there’s a lot of people that actually say “Do as I say, not as I do”. I joined a network marketing company that did really well in for a short period of time. And one of the gentleman that was my mentor and leader basically said, “Follow me and then I will show you what to do.”

And so it was interesting. He said one thing but then his behaviors did something entirely different. And it was incongruent. I felt like he was a liar because he would say this, but then do that. He told me to go do this and go do that. And I decided I didn’t want, I didn’t like this guy anymore. I didn’t want to follow him. I didn’t trust him. And there were several other things that happened after that. they showed up where he was being inauthentic. And so I think one of the coolest ways you can just be you is be real, raw and relevant.

Now the relevant part is that you tie in your message around coffee or around your vulnerability or whatever it is that you’re communicating about. That you give people the context of why they’re listening. So today’s podcast and today’s YouTube video is about you becoming bulletproof. And how do you do that? And I just shared with you some stories about Tony Robbins and network marketing and Dave Asprey about how I have seen their them walk their talk and communicate this pattern.

And then I gave you a little formula, that is real, raw and relevant and then what I also like to share with people are results. Okay results. Nobody can argue with if you have results. They can’t people can’t call bullshit on you and they can. It’s really difficult for them to see you as somebody who is lying and then you have to I don’t want to argue with somebody if I’m in a position of influence or I’m trying to influence someone.

By the way, I’m just taking the coffee now and finishing it up so I just pressed the French press with the coffee and I’m going to pour it into my little NutriBullet blender. There was one more point on you becoming invincible. While I do that you’re going to hear the blender kick in. So hold on one second. I’ve got all that oil and butter in the coffee.

That’s it. I wanted to give you a challenge today to do what it takes to become bulletproof, to discover your own authenticity, by communicating with people in a real, raw and relevant matter.
And ideally, I’m gonna show you my coffee cup here. Those of you can’t see it, it says “Best Dad Ever”. It’s really nice. I think my daughter gave that to me.

So to finish up this show. Today, I want to ask you a couple of questions. The first question is what area of your life are you currently walking your talk and practicing the principles that you believe in? I’ll give you a second to think about that. What area of your life are you currently representing what you believe? And the second question is – what area of your life are you doing the opposite? where you’re basically saying “Do as I say, not as I do.”

And then my challenge for you today is to become bulletproof. That means for you to decide to become bulletproof or invincible when it comes to your communication and connection with others.

And then I that I challenge you to try bulletproof coffee.

And then when you’re going out there and communicating with other people, do your best to be authentic and real and raw and relevant. And share the results that you create for yourself in your own life and that you help others create, share those results with the people that you care about mostly want to help and serve.

That’s all I got for you today. If you liked today’s show, make sure that you like it and subscribe. Leave a comment if you would, and maybe share this with somebody else who you think might love it because every single day the daily dose of greatness quest.

I can’t wait to see you again tomorrow. Make today magnificent.

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